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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Manchester Apollo


    Date September 06, 2009
    City Manchester, UK
    Venue Manchester Apollo


    Main Set

    • Give
    • Caught a Lite Sneeze
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Pancake
    • Space Dog
    • Lust
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Welcome to England
    • Northern Lad

    Lizard Lounge

    • Take Me With You
    • Mother
    • Putting the Damage On

    • The Power of Orange Knickers
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Big Wheel
    • Tear in Your Hand


    Give (posted by strongblackwine)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posted by strongblackwine)

    Cornflake Girl (posted by strongblackwine)

    Icicle (posted by strongblackwine)

    Pancake (posted by strongblackwine)

    Space Dog (posted by strongblackwine)

    Lust (posted by strongblackwine)

    Jamaica Inn (posted by strongblackwine)

    Welcome to England (posted by strongblackwine)

    Northern Lad (posted by strongblackwine)

    Take Me With You (posted by musicmad2020)

    Mother (posted by strongblackwine)

    The Power of Orange Knickers (posted by strongblackwine)

    Fast Horse (posted by strongblackwine)

    Precious Things (posted by strongblackwine)

    Strong Black Vine (posted by strongblackwine)

    Big Wheel (posted by strongblackwine)

    Tear in Your Hand (posted by strongblackwine)

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    1. Lyndon says:

      Just got back (and its my 7th Tori gig) and I have to say it’s been unbelievably disappointing. No atmosphere (despite being 4 rows from the stage) and a real lackluster performance. I didn’t even notice the Lizard Lounge section because it wasn’t announced. No interaction with the audience, basically a lazy performance, and that pains me to say that. I think that its a poor tour performance that reflects a poor album. Absolutely gutted to be honest.

    2. Darren Robbins says:

      Wow what a fantastic show – Tori was on top form last night. Great energy and fantastic vocal gymnastics on display, good lighting – everything was great, possibly the best Tori concert I’ve been to!!

      She was wore a red dress over black leggings.

      Set List as follows (hope I got the right order).

      1. Give – strong opening performance
      2. Caught a Lite Sneeze – great performance
      3. Cornflake Girl – reminded us that she was up north and that her hubby is Arsenal fan (Grrr – I support Man City – she even wore Red – she called herself a slut before introducing the band – very funny).
      4. Icicle – highlight for me, great lighting and good with the band
      5. Space Dog (y’aye!!)
      6. Pancake – loved this
      7. Welcome To England (was expecting this one – grrrreat!!)
      8. Jamaica Inn -intense piano playing and again better live
      9. Northern Lad – really strong vocals.

      Lizard Lounge
      10. Take Me With You – nice surprise, better live
      11. Mother – exceptional performance

      12. Putting The Damage On – crowd loved this!
      13. Lust – first time live for me and was a cracker and one of my faves from Venus cd – brilliant.
      14. Power Of Orange Knickers – defintely prefer this live to the CD version – no Damien Rice though
      15. Fast Horse – one of my faves from the new cd
      16. Precious Things – truly amazing, better than Posse tour.
      17. Strong Black Vine – very passionate and strong – another big highlight for me…loved the MotherF*cker at the end.

      18. Big Wheel (don’t you forget – yes!!)
      19. Tear in Your Hand – lovely ending. Tori sang ‘Time to wave Hello now and time to say goodbye (just for tonight)’ – she then lost the words – said “feck” and carried on!!

      Apologies if I have the order wrong, I could have missed a song – but I was so in awe – a truly fantastic opening to the European leg of the tour – this will be my only show unfortunately, but left extremely happy indeed!!

      I managed to video a couple of tracks and will try and upload later today, my photo’s were a bit rubbish though unfortunately.
    3. Northern Lad says:

      Tori looked stunning. Absolutely stunning. Red dress, black (?) leggings, huge heels…
      Amazing show, one of the best I’ve seen, she was on fire. Precious Things incredible, Mother beautiful…
      Here’s the setlist as I remember it (though maybe not completely exact order):

      Caught A Lite Sneeze
      Cornflake Girl
      Space Dog
      Jamaica Inn
      Welcome To England
      Northern Lad
      Power Of Orange Knickers

      Take Me With You (Solo)
      Mother (Solo)

      Putting The Damage On
      Fast Horse
      Precious Things
      Strong Black Vine

      Big Wheel
      Tear In Your Hand

    4. Rachael says:

      This was my 5th show, and WOW… Tori rocked last night!

      We got to the Apollo at about 12.30, and straight away Tori came off the bus and about 5 minutes later the meet and greet happened. This is the first time I had ever gotten to meet Tori and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience… usually I get pushed to the back and don’t get anywhere near the front, but Tori had time for everyone. I told her I came to see her in New York and then I got a picture with her (it’s a really bad picture though I’m so upset!).

      The show itself really was amazingggg! Tori had a pinky/red dress on, black leggings and black heels. I can honestly say this was the best setlist I have witnessed so far… especially Take me with you (which my friend requested). Even the usual suspects (Precious things, Cornflake Girl and Icicle) have been reworked and now sound so fresh yet so original at the same time, you can tell Tori still loves playing them.

      Strong Black Vine was pretty interesting as she went into a crazy lyrical improv about something something “Motherfucker!!!”… (in a playful manner).. to which everyone cheered her, and it was a lot of fun.

      I think tear in your hand had a few lyrical changes when she forgot the words, again using the F word but it was very playful and funny!

      I just have to say that this show just rocked, totally. Tori seemed refreshed and upbeat, and really looked as if she was having a great time. She also received a standing ovation from the front section when she walked on… and everyone I spoke to was just blown away by her performance.

      Definitely one of the best days of my life, despite the dodgy picture!

      P.S: Perhaps the only negative aspect was the security. Not only was one guy stood in front of me clearly showing his boredom (although I did catch him having a giggle when Tori sung “M-I-L-F”)… But during the encore they all appeared out of no-where in a sudden frenzy thinking that people rushing to the stage wanted Tori for dinner or something… that’s not the case! I saw a few people get shoved and told to sit back down in quite a nasty tone… so maybe security need to be briefed about this sort of thing, that fans rushing to the stage in the encore is not an aggressive thing (especially when people are waving their arms and singing along!!….)

    5. Joshua says:

      I can’t believe it’s over =[

      Meet and Greet.
      Chris and I arrived at the Apollo at around 1.00 and we saw a group of people standing in silence near the stage door. So we walked over. And OH MY GAWD. There she is!!! :D

      Anyways. We’re queueing and a really annoying person with a camera was trying to push in. So Tori’s security guard told me I was next _

      So it was my turn. And what do I say? NOTHING. =|. I completely lost the use of my mouth. I think I managed “Could you please sign these?” and “Thanks a lot”.
      I also requested a song. It didn’t get played. Boo.

      We met loads of really really nice people too :D

      The show.
      I have to be honest with you. I was half dreading the show after seeing the Youtube videos of all the rude and drunk American people leaving to get drinks, walking round, talking, shouting, and generally being obnoxious.

      I’m HAPPY to say that this audience was one of the most respectful audiences I’ve ever been part of.
      The security stopped people from walking in front of the stage, there was hardly anyone walking. People only cheered and shouted between songs. And they were silent for the rest. I was so happy. As was everyone else.

      We were third row. And we stage-rushed, lol. What lolz.


      OMG. What a show.

      Standard opener. She appeared in a long pink/red dress with black leggings about a minute after the band had started playing. She bowed before the audience, then, placed one hand on the piano, one on the synth and started to play. I got goosebumps on my goosebumps on my goosebumps in the high parts.

      Wow. That’s all I can say. From our seats, we could see her hands moving all over the keys. “Pretty hate machine” was fierce.

      She then introduced the band and said “I’m being reminded that I’m up north. My husband is a northern lad. And he supports Arsenal so I’m wearing red” then something about her being a slut.

      This was actually rather good. The solo still gives me goosebumps.

      I took a minute during this one to look around at the crowd. Every single person had the eyes on Tori, sat there in silence. It was an amazing thing to witness.
      Although this song is rather dirty, it was quite touching.

      This was IMMENSE. When she went to the piano for the normal “Oh Zion …” bridge, then back to the keyboard, I thought she was going to carry the song on. But she ripped into the Ohio bridge and it was amazing.

      She was having so much fun during this. Jumping up and down and laughing. It was ace.

      This was SO GOOD. Best version I’ve ever heard!

      This is where I got all misty eyed. And Chris buried his head in his hands =P
      I thought it was a really good performance. Very strong but playful at the same time.

      Wow. I wasn’t sure how this would work live because all the youtube videos I’ve seen have all sounded a bit messy. Even the TV performances didn’t really seem like the instruments were mixed right.
      Oh my GOD.
      Seeing her hands dance up the keys before the “Bring your own sun” part :D!
      She was dancing so much between the chorus and second verse, she almost missed her cue haha.

      AAAND the tears started. Haha. Lots of people round me were sobbing. It was such a good performance (:

      -==-=-=-=-=-LIZARD LOUNGE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

      This was b.e.a.uuuutiful
      If you remember, we were robbed of this last year because some Irish dude wouldn’t stop shouting for “Merman”.
      But it came this year. And it was lovely.

      Awh. This was requested at the meet and greet. I’m so glad that she played it!
      It was a little too long for me. But still, always good to hear something from Little Earthquakes.

      Yay!!! There is never enough Boys for Pele. This was lovely :)

      -==-=-=-=-=-Keyboard is switched for the Hammond-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

      Woop! Another Beekeeper song. This was amazing live. She was really hammering the keys hard which made it quite exciting.

      One of the best songs from Abnormally Attracted to Sin and it worked so well live :D

      Never gets old. The interplay between piano and drums was intense. Tori was shaking her head and flinging her hair everywhere.

      It was a little messy live. But it was still good. I loved the part on the Hammond. And the improv at the end =P


      Hmph. I’d rather have had Beauty of Speed from American Doll Posse. But this got everyone clapping.

      YES! She changed the lyrics to “…time to say hello. Just for tonight, time to say goodbye…”
      Then forgot the lyrics to the “haze all clouded up my mind …” part and said “oh FUCK. There are wwords in me you’ve never seen. Give me words …” It was rather amusing.

      And then she was gone :’(

      But still. Best night of my LIFE.

    6. Charlotte says:

      I still can’t get over the whole experience of the entire day. Every single moment was amazing

      We got into Manchester at about 11:45 but got so very lost (stupid sat navs) and didn’t get to the Apollo till about 1:15. There was a small crowd outside so I didn’t think Tori was there yet but as we got closer people were incredibly silent. I’d heard so many horror stories from M&G’s but people were so kind, pushing us closer. When it was my turn I didn’t know what to say and turned into a blubbering mess ): But it really was a life changing experience. Although I didn’t dare ask for a song played I was happy cos on her sheet I saw Mother and Taxi Ride and the guy next to me requested Take Me With You. I just thought I’d be happy if I’d hear at least one of them live.

      To the show, I could not believe the setlist. Every single song she played was a favourite and the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. I had 3rd row tickets and most if not all of the people around me were singing and dancing and bobbing heads and it was such a great atmosphere. After Give, Caught a Lite Sneeze got everyone going and even with it being played every night, Cornflake Girl was one of the highlights.

      During Icicle Tori curled over the piano and the lighting was very intimate and it was incredibly beautiful. Pancake was full of energy, with the added verse!! Space Dog was so bouncy and fun and Lust had such an atmosphere to it. Jamaica Inn is one of my all time favourite Tori songs and I was so so happy to hear her play it. Welcome to England, although quite expected was really brilliant. Northern Lad was next and everyone was silent, I was kind of choking back tears.

      In Lizard Lounge she played BOTH Take Me With You and Mother. Both as beautiful as each other. In Take Me With You she sung “Even the rainbow ends dear Tash”.

      Then Putting the Damage On was when my waterworks started. A song that has helped me through a lot and to hear it live was so moving and personal. After it was The Power of Orange Knickers, and she made it quite heavy. It was a good moment because for me and the girl I went with, that was the one song that got us both into Tori :)

      Fast Horse was full of energy, the recordings I had heard really don’t do it justice. Precious Things was great also, she played the piano solo after “facist panties” which she had skipped in 2007. In Strong Black Vine Tori was on fire. She threw in a threw improvs and it looked like she couldn’t stop smiling.

      After that STAGE RUSH! We got right to the front, there was no vicious pushing or shoving and everyone was so considerate. Big Wheel was good but Tear In Your Hand was an amazing closer. Everyone around me was singing “Yadadadadaii” and swaying their hands in the air it was such a beautiful moment and great ending to a great night.

      Although it wasn’t my first Tori gig it was by far my favourite and the best day of my whole life. Tori looked so happy and I think that had such a positive impact on the songs, the atmosphere. Everyone there was really friendly and thoughtful and made it such a great experience, so thankyou to everyone who was there :)

    7. Mrs Jesus says:

      We were early at the meet and greet and when I did meet Tori I nearly died. She asked where I was from because she recognised my accent – i’m from South Yorkshire – and when I told her she said ‘ so you’re my Northern Lad then’ and I nearly died! She was so gracious and the picture I have of me and her is amazing. Now onto the show. What can I say, I thought it was outstanding and a fantastic opener to the European tour. I loved every song and every minute. If I had to pick out stand outs, mmmm, Power of Orange Knickers was great but for me Strong Black Vine was just totally the star of the show!! The only thing I would say that I didn’t like was I had so much fun it went so fast which always seems to happen when you enjoy yourself!! MAGNIFICENT!

    8. Gray says:

      Good gig, but not her best in my opinion. I think that Sunday nights are not the best thing for gigs as the audience seemed a little tired. It was a similar feeling to the Sunday Manchester gig on the “Original Sinsuality” tour as I remember.

      Still, the performance was excellent, even if there was little actual chat to the crowd. But what was lacked in dialogue was made up in smiles and eye-contact between Tori and the audience, which kept up the level of intimacy that is usually so high at these shows.

      The set was great, with some top performances, even if Tori did score an own-goal by improvising some lines in “Tear in your Hand” only to forget the lyrics that came after it. Still, she coped with the problem with style and humour and the song still brought the gig to a great climax.

      I personally preferred the Manchester gig on the ADP tour, but that’s not to say that this was a duff show by any stretch, I did thoroughly enjoy it and got home exhausted from it all, as usual.

      Thanks Tori, Manchester will see you again soon!

    9. athena says:

      I’m not sure the 1st person to make comments here was at the same show as the rest of us!! Out of all 9 shows i have been too this has to be THE MOST energetic/happy/buzzing performance i have ever seen. The atmosphere was electric all the way through and many people have said it was their best show ever-most of them have been to way more shows than i have. I didn’t see the smile leave Tori’s face once-she seemed so happy to be there and everyone i saw seemed to be right there with her…..it was a magical night

    10. Muckrel says:

      Second Tori show for me and was very disappointed. Really uneven, over-ballady setlist which just sucked all of the energy and atmosphere out of the evening, and then only 2 songs for the encore. I agree that she barely spoke to the audience which was disappointing (though forgetting the words to “Tear in your hand” was amusing). Tracks from the new album are much better live but overall not a great night.

    11. Suz says:

      What a great show!! Only my second Tori concert and was as great as the 1st (Scarlet's Walk Tour, also at Manchester). We were sat at the middle left and had a great view of Tori and could see her playing the piano – wow! She didn’t stop!
      Some of the songs were a surprise – ones that I tend to listen to less these days but the concert reminded me how great they are and took me back to when I first found her music.
      I was truly hypnotised throughout. Still buzzing 3 days later!

    12. Jo says:

      I agree: was the first commentator at the same concert? It was amazing and I don’t know how anyone could say it was a lazy performance. There was so much energy and drama. Space Dog and Precious Things were so powerful and the new arrangements of old favourites were fantastic – especially of Icicle. I loved the fact I got to hear The Power of Orange Knickers live for the first time – wonderful! The sound was much better than at previous Manchester concerts – everything was crystal clear and the band rocked! Really enjoyed the new songs too – Give, Strong Black Vine Fast Horse and Welcome to England all sounded great live. The only blight was the people right in front of us keep getting up to go to the bar; I kid you not, I lost count at six times! Then there was the talking and clinking of glasses oh and the getting up to go to the toilet because they’d been drinking! Aaargh! So annoying and disrespectful to an artist who always gives her all. Stay at home, have a party and play the Cd instead if you aren’t going to watch! Still a fantastic concert though – just sorry she’s missed out Newcastle or I’d have gone to both! And by the way I know Cornflake Girl is often played as I’ve heard some complain in the reviews elsewhere; but hell, it’s always great live and always seems fresh.
      A great concert – roll on the next tour!

    13. Just me.. says:

      Couldn’t disagree more with the poster named Lyndon – Tori had great energy in Manchester and it was by far the best show of the 5 UK ones this time around, and I’ve been to about 40 UK shows over the many many many years… this one stands out alongside many as one of the best of the last decade, although nothing really beats the early/mid 90s the Tori we get nowadays is pretty damn good :) Fantastic show!

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