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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Sala Kongresowa


    Date October 10, 2009
    City Warsaw, PL
    Venue Sala Kongresowa

    Set List

    Well, here we are, final show of the European leg of the tour. Thanks to @marius558 for keeping us updated live on Twitter.

    • Give
    • Hotel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Concertina
    • Flavor
    • Space Dog
    • Spark
    • Welcome To England
    • Girl
    • Bells For Her

    Lizard Lounge

    • Graveyard
    • Upside Down
    • Gold Dust

    (band returns)

    • Hey Jupiter
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Talula
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine

    First Encore

    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Bliss
    • Big Wheel

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    1. GrzesiuS says:

      Just to correct. It was a special version of Graveyard with very long improv about a guy who she misses perhaps her brother. Second of all after Tear in your hand there was a break and bliss was first song of encore#2.

      About the show I’m absolutely speachless and totally in love with T.

    2. dreamerinne says:

      there was also a special version of ‘strong black wine’

      for the whole time T. and her band was having especially good time, and -in my opinion – they’ve played all the things they really wanted to.
      Finish (starting with “talula” to “big wheel”) was like a bomb of optimism and it was great finale for the tour!

    3. Maciej says:

      Best show ever!

    4. Agata says:

      just wanted to say that it was one of the most magical evenings in my life

      thank you!!!

    5. Grzegorz G. says:

      The concert was the best ever ! I am still thinking of wonderful moments of the show. It was magic ! Thanks Tori and come to Poland again !!!

    6. Beti says:

      OMG!!! This woman is truly a GODDESS!!!!!

      No words can describe the way I felt that night! I’m still somewhere up there…still orbiting, you know ;)

      The best Tori show I’ve been to. For so many reason.

      First of all – she was really emotional. Second of all – she was in her TOP form! She played so many great tracks, the old ones, the new ones. Everything that night was just perfect!

      I adore “Icicle” with Jon and Matt – I think this version took the song to the next level :)

      And I have to mention my personal HIGHLIGHT – “Upside down”…It’s been my request since Berlin gig. She couldn’t play it then ‘cause she had so many request but she promised to play it in Poland. And she did, actually!!! I was in heaven! I was crying all the way through “Upside down” and “Gold dust”.

      “Talula” was amazing!

      “Strong black vine” – the best!!! People were freaking out along with Tori! Total madness :D

      The encores were just mind-blowing! “Raspberry swirl” (really sexy!), “Tear in your hand” (with ‘it’s time to wave goodbye…for a little while’ – we knew she’d come for the second encore!), “Bliss” (amazing and a big surprise) and “Big wheel” (so much fun, for Tori as well!).

      That was a bliss. That day! Probably the best day of my life…

      At the end she said she loves Warsaw. Warsaw loves you, Tori! Please, come back soon!

      Here’re some of my photos.

    7. Maciej says:

      2,5h of pure happiness. My highlights: Space Dog (she was so enjoying playing this and I listened with tears in my eyes), Welcome to England (energetic with long intro), whole Lizard Lounge and encores.

      I think Gold Dust left the most impression on me. When I recognized it at the first sounds I just loudly took air into my lungs and sunk into my seat and stayed like that to the end. When Tori sung the line “I have your photographs” she turned to us with her arms pointing in our direction. It was so nice.

      I also won’t forget Tear In Your Hand. After she sung “Maybe it’s time to say goodbye” ahe made a pause because we were shouting “NO!”, she just looked at us and added to the lyrics “…for a while”. And at the very end, when Big Wheel ended Tori said “We love you Warsaw!” and ran off the stage. Well, we love her too and already miss her. Hope we made her know where she was in the world :)

    8. Jan Sundström says:

      I went for the M&G at about 11am, and spoke to a roadie who said Tori would show up at 3pm. Three girls from Finland, Germany and France were there first. The girl from Finland was active on Afterglow, and had volunteered to text the setlist live. Thanks!

      As I went for lunch and came back at 2.15pm, Tori was already there signing away, and there were 60 or more fans in front of us in the queue. I had no hope that she would hold on, but I waited for one hour, and she finally got to us! Tori was wearing gloves and it was freezing cold, we were all impressed that she had the patience to hang around for so long. A bunch of fans were holding up a home-made poster requesting Bliss. Tori shouted “got that!”, and took a note.
      I also met some guys who had taped several of the Euro gigs with multiple videocams, and had great stories to tell.

      Have to agree that Gold Dust was one of the highlights. Very solemn, emotional, the crowd was totally quiet. Massive hilarious freakout at the end of Strong Black Vine, but I guess she’s been “polishing” that during the entire tour by now?! ;-)
      The only rendition I didn’t like was Raspberry Swirl. They made it into some kind of techno version, the instrumental part sounded more like “No limit” with 2Unlimited, and strangely out of tune.

      Noticed that this was the second longest show of the whole tour so far, with 23 songs (only Seattle was longer at 24 songs).

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