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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Regent Theatre


    Date November 12, 2009
    City Melbourne, AU
    Venue Regent Theatre


    • Lady In Blue
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • Blood Roses
    • China
    • Curtain Call
    • Suzanne
    • Wednesday
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Take To The Sky
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Mary Jane

    Lizard Lounge

    • A Silent Night With You
    • Purple People

    • Scarlet’s Walk
    • Ophelia
    • Virginia
    • Barons Of Suburbia


    • Sister Janet
    • Twinkle


    1. @onscarletswalk says:

      Amazing show. Vocally strong and the setlist was a huge mix to the previous legs of the tour. I can’t see New York is one song I was sure I was destined to never hear live …so when I heard the opening of the solo version I almost fainted, so moving , Tori got quite emotional during it too. Good to have a Midwinter Graces debut, or as Tori called it “Midsummer Graces” , fitting for Australia. To describe how powerful this show was merely requires you to read the setlist , such a mix generated such a wide range of emotions. Definitely at her performing peak right now. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

    2. beetlejuice_k says:

      Wow. I was really excited to see what would come out tonight, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I’ve seen more than a few shows now, this was my 14th since 2005. Out of this whole set, were 13 songs I’d never seen live before. I was jumping out of my skin at the start of just about every single one as soon as I realised “oh crap!” its Blood Roses, or I Can’t See New York! I may have inappropriately woohooed at the start of New York.

      I found there was a huge place – noun theme – China, Curtain Call (China), I Can’t See New York, Cloud on My Toungue (Borneo), Wednesday, Virgina. I was also a very happy chappy that a lot of girls from Scarlet showed up, including Wednesday – very nice.

      All of the keyboards and synths were sounding good, including the change up of the Hammond half way through. Tori was fairly chatty throughout – Saying at the intro – something along the lines of thanks for coming out to see me, even though its just me in reference to the band not coming, “this is your mid-summer (its nearly officially summer here) graces part of the show” before going into A Silent Night With You, and “channeling the boys” on Beauty of Speed.

      Highlights, for me – I Can’t See New York, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Blood Roses, Wednesday, Virgina, Sister Janet. Can’t wait for Melbourne no 2. If you’re thinking about going, stop thinking and go! The rest of the tickets are half price!

    3. BJS says:

      Short, dull and lacking… total disappointment – I’m a huge Tori fan and I can only say I’ve come away totally, totally miffed… shame! I would rather have gone to Britney Spears.

    4. james says:

      I had a wonderful evening and was blown away by how great she sounded and the songs she chose were mostly fantastic!!

      I am not tori’s “biggest fan” but I understand when I see true musical genius at work, and that’s what we got tonight.

      Granted occasionally she can be a little self indulgent, but you can forgive her those little moments for the all round awesomeness of the package.

      To be a solo artist and play a 2 hr show and have everyone captivated the whole time is testament to her greatness.

      My highlights were New york, china, and blood roses.
      Next time bring back the band!!!

    5. Richaod says:

      First ever show… and not too shabby at all! I would’ve liked a few of the big guns, or some Choirgirl, though with Friday’s tickets half-price, I should be set!

    6. toritori says:

      To be honest i was a little disappointed. The show lacked a punch, and i felt that Tori was either jet-lagged, but certainly did not seem to want to be there. I still enjoyed the show, it has just rather flat (especially the last half).

    7. Fiona says:

      An incredible performance, from the opener of Lady In Blue it was clear she was there to put on a show. And how interesting to have that song, a closer on the album, as an opener…! It worked very well anyway.

      Then into SLTS – surprise! Sounded fantastic live.
      Blood Roses – I didn’t pick this up at first but the crowd was going nuts on the first few notes so I knew it must be a fan fav. She played the verses on the piano and keyboard (not sure what keyboard is what…my seats were too far back) and the chorus on the piano alone repeating ‘the belle of New Orleans’ a couple of extra times. To be honest I was glad to hear such a strong song early on as I was a little worried that she would only play her more ballad-y songs while she was playing solo (which I found last time she solo-ed in Melbourne).
      China – ok so this kinda contradicts what I just said and I have heard this a few times live but it wad nice nonetheless.
      Curtain Call – was looking forward to hearing this one and it sounded perfect. Lighting was right on, pointing straight at the audience and just holding there. Really gave some extra emphasis on the theme of the song. Also the best opportunity to take photos without the other background lights bleeding into Tori’s silhouette…if you’re into taking photos. (and might I add the security were quite annoying shining lights way over the crowd to pick photographers out. Please, your torch in my eyes is much more annoying than the odd flash from a camera!)
      Suzanne – another pleasant surprise! At this stage I thought we were really being spoilt having Tori all to ourselves! I’ve only ever heard her version from the bootleg series she released a few years ago but this sounded a lot more intricate and she played on both the piano and keyboard behind her (the one on top). She forgot the line ‘wearing rags and feathers from salvation army counters’ and instead kept playing the keyboard with her right hand saying ‘stay with me…stay with me while I get my cheat lyrics’ or something similar while reaching for the lyrics stashed in the lower keyboard and then also added ‘this is how you know I’m really singing!’ obviously referring to the Britney controversy (beat up) that’s all over the news here. But then she got right back into it finishing beautifully.
      Wednesday – very cool to hear this one and she really played around with her hand movements especially at the end of each verse.
      Can’t See New York – jumped straight into this. It’s a song that doesn’t really grab me and I was starting to drift away, but towards the end she was singing with so much emotion I couldn’t help but be drawn into the elegance and the pain of this song.
      TTtS – always enjoy this one and the crowd really loved it. I jumped a little when I could hear her improv in the middle veering towards ‘I Feel the Earth Move’ because I’ve never heard her play it before (but seen that she does it regularly live) and it was a lot of fun!
      CoyT – I do like this song and appreciate it’s beauty and the fragility of the melody but it’s always a song I try to avoid given the subject matter. But again, like CSNY she played it so masterfully and with such emotion I felt myself being pulled into it.
      Beauty of Speed – I was never a great fan of this one, even when she played it live in the ADP tour, but you know what, it sounds great as a solo! Before she started playing she made a comment about channelling her brothers who are normally on stage with her for this song. And this was one song you could tell she really enjoyed playing! Lots of smiles, lots of bouncing on the piano bench.
      Mary Jane – I love this song so was super happy she played it (especially as I didn’t notice it come up that much during the US and Europe tours). And another one she had fun playing with lots of posing at the audience.
      A Silent Night With You – what a surprise! I was sure she wouldn’t play any somgs from MWG on this tour. I don’t actually have this album yet (apparently the special edition has been delayed) so I thought it might be some kind of improv except that it sounded too ‘together’ to be one. By the time she got to the chorus I’d figured it out. Great song. And what a treat to hear it for the first time live!
      Purple People – Omg! I was planning on going to one of the m&g’s at a later date and ask her to play this song! Now I’ll have think of another request…anyway, so happy to hear this one!
      Scarlet’s Walk – very cool to hear this one. This was the eighth time I’ve seen Tori live, so I was surprised at how many ‘new’ songs she played.
      Ophelia – the melody sounded different to what is recorded on the album, but still beautiful.
      Virginia – loved this song from SW! Super impressed that she pulled this one out, and I thought this was leading to the end of the show, or at least the encore…just had that presence, but there was one more song
      Barons of Surbubia – I’ve heard this a few times before, but it was still awesome to see her play it live, it’s such a difficult song to play, but of course she makes it look so easy!
      Then she took a quick bow, everyone in the audience stood up to applaud and she ran off stage. People (at least in the stalls that I could see) remained standing and clapping until she came out again. I’m actually a little proud to be a part of the Melbourne audience because they were so respectful and appreciative of her, with people actually standing up to applaud when she first came out on stage. Awwwwe…Melbourne loves Tori! hehe
      Then Sister Janet, which works great as an encore song. I’ve always loved the piano work in this one.
      And then Twinkle…so sweet! Lovely lighting of course.

      And finally, she looked amazing! Black (lycra?) leggings, and a bright pink sort of dress that went to her ankles at the back, but only to her upper thigh at the front. I think the dress also had a panel of black from the bottom of the front up to around the stomach area which made the dress almost look like it was an all pink a coat with tails. Not sure if that makes sense. Also had a lot of black sequined detailing on the V neck. And her hair looked great! Looks a lot more natural compared to the ADP look.

      Ahhhh…looking forward to tomorrow night!

    8. Bevan says:

      Well it’s the next day now. The concert was amazing, particularly the setlist – I had several “holy crap” moments – starting with Teen Spirit, Blood Roses, NY … Sister Janet, Twinkle.

      It was about 1 hour 50 minutes so a couple more songs would have been delightful but as it stands the concert was really tight and Tori sounded in top shape.

      Can’t wait for tonight to see how things get mixed up.

    9. Jolene says:

      Tori looked radiant in a hot pink dress over black tights with hot pink heels. During Suzanne, I think it was, there was a cute extended pause in her singing. After the pause, she sang that she couldn’t see her “cheat words”, then she reached over and moved them to where she could see them again and resumed singing.

      Highlights for me were Take To The Sky/I Feel The Earth Move, Lady In Blue and I enjoyed her debut of A Silent Night With You. Great show, looking forward to the 2nd Melbourne show now.

    10. Brian Ward says:

      I was very dissapointed by this show. There was barely any chat from Tori compared to previous tours, and she seemed to be performing on autopilot. This was my 11th Tori show and probably my last.

      I’m not a fan of Sin but 4 songs from her current album is to be expected. But 4 songs from Scarlet (an average album) and none from Choirgirl and none from Venus? And only 1 from Posse? It was an unbalanced and uninspiring setlist.

      Highlights for me were China, Beauty of Speed and Blood Roses. Curtain Call was the best of the new songs.

      Just as Sin is a massive disappointment after Posse, this tour is a huge disappointment compared to the 2007 band tour or the 2005 solo tour (I also saw her in 1992 and 1994 but they are too long ago to compare).

      I feel like I have just fallen out of love and am seeing the world of Tori more objectively (and I don’t like it).

      Also, who invited all the bogans? There were more suburban retards whooping and talking throughout than Tori’s traditional indie audience. Are they playing her on commercial radio now (something I never listen to)? Why would bogans even like Tori?

    11. Alice says:

      How does she do it? How does she put that much energy, meaning and passion into every single phrase? Even the slip-up in Suzanne (“Stay with me…I need my cheat words…at least I’m singing!”) couldn’t make her lose her balance. She just keeps going strong.

      My night was complete after the first three songs – I never thought I’d get the chance to hear Teen Spirit live, let alone Blood Roses! I admit I thought I’d miss Matt and Jon, but it seems Tori has taken the chance to choose songs that don’t always get a look-in. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what she dishes out over the next few nights…

      Even more “staple” songs had me moved. China, in particular, was just gorgeous, and the lighting really added something special. In fact, the lighting throughout the whole show really blew me away.

      Other highlights for me were Curtain Call (the emotion behind this one is just explosive), Tori “channelling” her “wine-drinking brothers” during Beauty of Speed, the utter joy of Take to the Sky and the delicate and devastating I Can’t See New York. Ophelia brought on not a few sniffs from the audience, and the preview of Midwinter Graces was a real treat.

      A fantastic start to our leg of the tour. Thank you, Tori!

    12. Ernestine says:

      I loved Blood Roses it had some real grrrrrr but I must say overall I wasn’t really happy with the list. Cloud on my Tongue was great and Take to the Sky but I felt something was missing or maybe it was just me lol Lets hope tonight’s show is better. The meet and greet was great though!!!!

    13. FC says:

      Tori was in fine form tonight although I think her voice sounded particularly clear and beautiful on Twinkle. I’ve seen many Tori shows here and overseas but this was the first time I’d heard Blood Roses and Virginia live. I like Mary Jane on the album but it is much better live. I have to admit that Scarlet’s Walk for me was spoilt with the Hammond, it didn’t sound quite right to me, like it was just too in-your-face on top of the vocals.

      Tori made a mistake during Suzanne, she sang “stay with me stay with me I can’t see my cheat notes” :) Before Beauty of Speed she said she was channelling the band guys not there and “later on when I’m drinking I’ll be channelling them too”.

      For me there was a kind of dark(?) undercurrent through the show, songs like Barons of Suburbia, Virginia, Scarlet’s Walk and Blood Roses all seemed linked tonight (I was expecting Mother Revolution to come out). It wasn’t one of the better concerts I’ve been to over the years and I’m really disappointed that I can’t go again tonight.

      My biggest gripe is that I paid a fortune through Visa Preferred Seating in the hopes I’d get a good seat (I always get stuck up the back even though I purchase my tickets right away). I got a better seat than I’ve ever had, but people who bought regular tickets were in front of me. Never again!

    14. CH says:

      I agree in part with BJS, there was something lacking, may have been the band, may have been something else. I’ve been a fan since 91, and was sadly dissapointed. There were some great moments…but some just felt a bit tired…

    15. GM says:

      Every bit what I expected (performance wise).
      “I Can’t See New York” really stood out for me. This is the first time I’ve heard it in its solo form (has it been performed solo at other shows?).
      I inwardly weep whenever she sings here lullabies (merman, hey jupiter, bells for her, etc) but Twinkle seems to turn my insides out every time. Also reminds me of Twinkle Little Star.

    16. Signum says:

      Take To The Sky was a highlight for me – it was my 2nd Tori Show, however I’ve been a fan since I was 13 (am 27 now) so you can imagine how blown away I was to see her first with the band in 07, and then solo this year…..Smells Like Teen Spirit, Barons of Suburbia, Beauty Of Speed, Blood Roses, Twinkle, Cloud on Your Tongue, Mary Jane, and Curtain Call were my faves…but the highlight really was Take To The Sky….Tori blew me away and out of all the concerts I have been to in my time, she is the only one who makes me cry like a baby. She’s just amazing. Thank You Tori, you never fail to impress :-)

    17. Nunna says:

      V unpredictable setlist! The triple power of LIB, SLTS & BR was incredible. I was blown away by the opening 2 songs & then when Blood Roses started i lost it! What can i say- just flawless. I never thought i’d get to hear this fave live & her raw power & grunt made it my song of the night- pure bliss. Sister Janet was another stunning treat, as were Curtain Call (which i think is better solo) & COMT. Purple ppl & Ophelia were haunting & dreamy, & the Scarlet songs were moving. Virginia was particularly strong & she seemed quite emotional during ICSNY. (I wanted Pancake so desperately, but oh well!) SilentN was pretty solo- nice to get a MG debut. She really rocked out on TTTS/FeelTheEarthMove & flashed some glorious smiles whilst bopping away on BOS. Twinkle was a cute, mellow closer that i appreciate more now after hearing it live.

    18. Bec says:


      I couldn’t sleep when I got home from this concert. I was just fixated on Tori and how blow away she was. Viginia and Scarlet’s Walk were such a treat! Singing Twinkle to the audience saying that we twinkled was fantastic. She was so fantastic, really amazing!! GAHHHHHH, fantastic show. Simply divine.

    19. Petra says:

      Only my second Tori concert (I had been stuck in Canberra for years and was very disappointed when Michael Coppell pulled a 2003 Canberra show to put it on in Sydney instead!! I fell out of love for a few years there, but when I saw her in 2007 it rekindled.

      I was in the very back row (I got tickets for my b’day, so had no control over that one). The good thing was i could perch up on my seat for a better view without pissing anyone off behind me. It did mean however I could see the ushers roaming up and down shining torches (I even spoke to an usher to ask them to cease, pointing out it was more distracting then the camera flashes!!) I also saw people right in front talking through EVERY song, and many people leaving their seats to go get another drink. I am all for people interacting when they are enjoying the show, but if you want to have an entire conversation, wait til afterwards. And sheesh if you can’t go 1 hour 50 minutes without a drink, people at least wait til the end of the song to leave your seat. I am amazed at the lack of respect for performers (and the rest of the audience) people have. Go home and watch a dvd.

      In saying all of that, I had an amazing night. I loved having Tori on her own for a change, although I do love the elements that the bassist and the creature who hits things brings. The set and lights were fantastic and worked so well with the songs (I even told the lx operators such, because for me it was a part of the whole experience and wouldn’t have been the same without it). I never thought I’d get to hear SLTS live, and it’s every bit enjoyable as I imagined it would be. I nearly cried during China and again in Silent Night With You. They just ‘spoke to me’. (I’ve had a shit time lately).

      Tori is stunning. She is a delight to watch. Normally the band would give a bit of extra energy and really rock out towards the end so I wasn’t surprised it felt a little low. I’ll admit for me the show did drag a little toward the end, though I put that down to not knowing and loving as many of the songs, I’m an early fan and got slack on getting the new stuff. I got into Tori when I was 16 and she got me into songwriting, and seeing her always ‘fills my well’ and makes me feel creative again.
      On the whole, I loved the show. Very different to the last show but I’ve now experienced the rocking out Tori and the intimate session. I only wish I knew about the tickets on Friday night!! ( I assumed they’d sold out weeks ago)

      Thank you Thank you Thank you Tori. You’ve allowed me to breathe again. (And thanks for tweeting the set list. My attempt at jotting them down was very poor indeed!)

    20. Matty B says:

      I was expecting to find this gig slightly disappointing after seeing her with a full band (including guitarist Dan Phelps – why does she stick to just bass and drums so often?!) at the Hamer Hall in September 07. I find that, with the full band, the show just has so many more gears and is far more engaging. I saw Tori solo in London in 2005 and this show was much the same. Great to see her, as always, but somewhat inevitably the show floats along at the same pace and lacks different textures. Great to hear China (second time for me on that) and I’ve always wanted to see her perform Cloud On My Tongue so that was lovely too.

      Personally I am not interested in hearing her play cover versions; I’ve come to see Tori Amos and I want to see her doing her own material, so SLTP and Suzanne were slightly irritating inclusions for me. My wife was delighted to hear Wednesday from Scarlet’s Walk (an album that I frankly love – why do people obsess over Pele and Choirgirl so much?) and Twinkle was an effective closing number.

      I agree that more Choirgirl material would have been good; will I ever get to hear Northern Lad live?!

      Still – an enjoyable evening, just not AS enjoyable as Hamer Hall 07.

    21. Hubrink says:

      Awesome show

      Ending on Twinkle was the icing on the already delicious cake. I don’t know what it is about that song. It is one of her most technically simple songs but has such an atmosphere.

      I saw The Beekeeper tour and that was unbelievable but this went one step above!! Shattered I missed American Doll Posse tour. Only criticism is would have loved to hear something off Choirgirl and Venus but she can't play all my faves as there are too many!!!

      Other Highlights – Blood Roses (WOW), Cant see new york, Cloud on my tongue, Barons of Surburbia

      She is unbelievable

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