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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Regent Theatre


    Date November 13, 2009
    City Melbourne, AU
    Venue Regent Theatre


    As usual, I’ll be posting the setlist on Twitter and this page simultaneously, but tonight I’m also working on something else at the same time, so I may inadvertently miss adding a song title or two to this page. If that happens, just correct me via the form at the bottom afterwards. — Violet

    • Lady In Blue
    • Famous Blue Raincoat
    • Blood Roses
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Concertina
    • That Guy
    • Leather
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Flying Dutchman
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Star Of Wonder

    Lizard Lounge

    • Cool On Your Island
    • Cooling

    • Mr. Zebra
    • Graveyard
    • The Beekeeper
    • Taxi Ride
    • Barons Of Suburbia


    • Never Seen Blue
    • Pretty Good Year


    1. Signum says:

      Well I was lucky enough to get to see the show tonight as well…thanks to my dear best friends paying for the tix ages ago and letting me slowly pay back.
      Well the highlight for me tonight was definitely Cool On Your Island..was sure we wouldn’t get that, but I was in shock when she started playing it…felt all light-headed. Flying Dutchmen, Taxi Ride, Leather, Concertina, Mr. Zebra and Pretty Good Year blew me away. Really happy that she closed the show with PGY. Cooling was just beautiful, and as usual, I cried my little heart out for a lot of songs.
      3rd show..so you could say it was 3rd time lucky to get Cool On Your Island….wow…..just WOW!! If the tickets cost a million dollars, it would be worth it. I must say I really enjoy the solo shows more than the ADP tour I saw in 2007…I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was brilliant, but there’s just something more intimate and special seeing her on her own. :-) And that Bosendorfer is soooo sexy!!

    2. Belinda says:

      Pretty Good Year just made that show the best show i’ve seen yet. I asked her yesterday if she(pgy) wanted to come out this tour and she said she would. It was beautiful.

      Blood Roses – WOW to that song as well. Will be amazing if it is a staple and keeps going

      She seemed pretty sad/down tonight, although by the encores she was smiling

      Loved Flying Dutchman/Taxi Ride/Mr Zebra/Graveyard. All amazing.

      Sorry for the 1 am mixed up thought ramblings here. Loved it :) I am currently uploading youtube videos, the sound quality isn’t great though

    3. Bevan says:

      The lizard lounge started with Cool on Your Island and finished with Cooling – at least the lights did.

      Tori screwed up the last part of Flying Dutchman and was swearing under her breath which was hilarious.

      Another awesome setlist with heaps of surprises. I Can’t See New York (and Blood Roses) is played over four keyboards – really great new sounds.

    4. First timer says:

      This is the first time that I’ve been to a Tori Amos concert, and I have a mixed bag of feelings.

      Well, the first thing that I would say that I was quite disappointed that Tori canceled the Meet and Greet prior to this show. However, this is understandable since Tori stated that she wanted to save her voice for the show.

      What kinda crashed my hopes of meeting Tori is the fact that they mounted the barricades near the door where we lined up with the numbers on our hand. Wish that Tori would’ve notified us earlier that the Meet and Greet would be canceled, since waiting in queue for 4 hours was tiring.

      An upside was that all the Tori fans that had arrived were friendly and quite upbeat. The downside was that some people barged in the line quite late in the afternoon in front of people who had been waiting for hours. Just because you went to Tori’s concert last night and have another friend who hasn’t been to her concert before doesn’t mean that it gives you a higher priority than us who are equally as big of fans of Tori’s music. If anybody going to Tori’s later concerts and is reading this, please be courteous to your fellow Tori fans and don’t barge in.

      Something that irked me was wondering how a lot of the people in the front of the pack of the Meet and Greet managed to get the very front row seats of the show. Spill the beans so that people who are new to this are more aware! ;p

      From an observant point of view, it seemed that a very big group of Toriphiles who were at the top of the Meet and Greet pack (and some of those who attended yesterday) managed to have the privilege to see Tori from the front row. I just felt it was a bit unfair that us newbies were very out of the loop and didn’t get the opportunity to get first row tickets.

      Okie, now onto the performances.

      The support act was okay. I’ll leave it at that. A positive point is that he attempted to interact with the audience, which was a good sign since he is trying to create a rapport with the audience.

      Now for the Tori Amos main show.

      The lighting for the show was very apt for the different songs that she was performing. The lightning provided a nice touch by complementing Tori’s music. However, there were times when there were massive lights flashing in my eyes, which caused me to cover my eyes from being blinded. Overall, the lightning was a very nice touch.

      Acoustically, the music sounded very clear.

      Actually watching Tori live in this sort of arrangement for the first time brings in a real sense of appreciation for the immense amount of talent that she possesses. Holistically, going to the concert provides a much greater experience.

      Tori was missing something crucial today. Whilst I appreciate that she bowed to the audience and all, there was something that was sorely lacking that would’ve excelled this concert to a greater level : interaction with the audience.

      Whilst this is a very bad comparison, I found Dave Grohl’s interaction with the audience at the Foo Fighter’s concert last year a real treat. The man knows how to stir things up and provides an intro to the songs that he’s going to play, providing a bit of insight of why his band is going to play a certain song.
      In Tori’s case, she would play song after song without having any sort of interaction with the audience between pieces. Repeating what a previous reviewer mentioned about yesterday’s (Thursday 12th November) show, it really did feel like Tori was on autopilot. After Tori left for the backstage after the Lizard Lounge part, she came back after like 30 seconds and resumed by playing Never Seen Blue. I wish Tori would tell us as an audience when she was going to finish the Lizard Lounge and if she going to start with an encore. The way that Tori proceeded today seemed like she was in a very big rush and was pushing song after song. After the final song tonight, everything just felt so abrupt. After the song had finished, Tori stood up, took a bow and then literally ran off to the backstage. That was the end. I was kinda expecting her to thank the audience for coming tonight or something along those lines just to make it really feel like that she appreciates us as an audience.

      Perhaps I was expecting too much or maybe Tori has changed?

      It would be nice to hear the insight from other people.


    5. Bek says:

      The show was great. Just seeing Tori perform live is just awsome. We were lucky to be sitting near some lovely people that are Marcel Van Limbeek’s cousins (monitor engineer) extremely lovely people am sure he is the same. They told us that he loves working along side Tori. Also said that they have been working long hours because she wants everything just right. I think that it is awesome after soo soo many performances she still puts in the long hours so we all get THE BEST show possible.

    6. Ernestine says:

      That show was great. I was hoping for Little Earthquakes and Graveyard. Also in The Beekeeper she sang ‘take this message to Michael’ I guess she meant her brother.

    7. Daniel says:

      This was by far my favourite Tori show ever. The set list was perfect. She sounded amazing. Bring on the Adelaide show!

    8. samia says:

      OMG! Truly two of the most magical evenings ever! I thought that the song list was incredible, particularly having never thought that I would hear songs like Virginia (1st Melb concert) and Blood Roses live. I thought that the sound was extraordinary – SO much better than Hamer Hall. I was glad that the so called ‘hits’ were kept to a minimum – at least that kept the singers around me silent for the numbers they didn’t know (of which there were thankfully many). A rockin’ concert – passionate, utterly on her game and musically awe-inspiring. Very, very happy indeed.

    9. Will says:

      The show was AMAZING. I don’t have time for a review but I will try to clear up the Lizard Lounge issues. The songs that she played whilst the Lizard Lounge sign WAS DISPLAYED were Cool On Your Island and Cooling.

      The keyboard was changed to the organ during Mr Zebra but the “Lizard Lounge” sign was NOT DISPLAYED during that song.

      Also, Graveyard was very different and had lyrics such as “I know he’s gone but sometimes I feel him by my side”. It was obviously about Michael… And she didn’t stop between that and the Beekeeper. I would call it an intro really.

    10. Brian says:

      Although I thought Thursday night’s show was unbeatable, I was proven wrong with last night’s amazing performance by T. Sitting so close to the stage was a first for me, which of course added to the amazing experience, but the setlist was definitely spectacular.

      Highlights for me were Blood Roses, Flying Dutchman, Little Earthquakes, Hey Jupiter, Mr Zebra, Cooling, the Beekeeper and Pretty Good Year. I could go on…

      Tori’s voice was so strong and powerful and she seemed to really enjoybeing on stage. I am still in awe of how brilliant the show was, and can’t wait to see what Canberra has to offer. :)

    11. Bec says:

      This show was beautiful and sad. After she finished Beekeeper, I think she wiped a tear from her face. Graveyard moving into Beekeeper was incredibly emotional and finishing on Pretty Good Year was beautiful. This show had a different feel to last night in that it was a little quieter, in a sense. Also, there were less flirtations with the audience. Perhaps a little more introspective. Highlights were Hey Jupiter and Beekeeper. I wasn’t terribly fussed that there were only two songs off AATS as I felt that she was going for a more old school feel. Also, when she did amp it up at the piano, it was magnificent. She was really slamming down on the bottom end of the piano for Flying Dutchman. Thoroughly enjoyable! I did miss the band a little though.

    12. nunna says:

      Well that’s a wrap- wish i could do more Oz shows but 2 will have to suffice. There were a few real gems scattered thru the set which elevated the night & stopped me from dwelling on songs i was dyin to hear-(Pancake, Pandora, Suede, Cruel, Marianne- where were u? Sigh!) LIB was again gorgeously rendered- she was banging away @those keys so hard & built to a sublime crescendo, her voice perfectly sultry & pure. Blood Roses was just as amazing (perhaps even tighter) & so intensely primal i think i forgot to breathe for a bit.Too good for words. More Leonard C love w/Famous Blue Raincoat- a lovely rendition. Little E was a highlight- loved it in ’07 w band &it soared solo, even eliciting some tears.This is the 2nd time in Melbs i’ve had solo Taxi R &this version is achingly beautiful. COYI was exciting to get- a fave &just brilliant. Star of Wonder worked well on the piano. A magical sonic experience came courtesy of Hey Jupiter-after hearing it live w the band &solo in the past i wasn’t expecting it to be this lovely-it was Dakota version but w a different, incredibly rich & lush arrangement. Graveyard (awww) & Cooling were standouts &she included the brambles bit (thankfully!) Zebra was adorable (i just would’ve loved more Pele &some Venus) Concertina was OK &she got really into Leather (as did the crowd, but i felt it was too safe &wasn’t really feelin it.) For Choirgirl to not get a look in was devas. FD was nice live but i wasn’t floored. Beekeeper was commanding & dramatic. She sounded in top form for every song. Shame we only got 2 AATS songs but That Guy was smokin & had me swaying! ICSNY resonated more for me tonite &Barons was much the same as yesterday. NeverSB was an interesting choice for the encore- it was pretty, but not to-die-for memorable. PGY i’d never heard live so it pulled@the heartstrings.She looked resplendent in a black dress & silver leggings &appeared the most naturally gorgeous i’d seen her in years. Thanks Tori, i will miss u

    13. Yvette says:

      “Cooling”, “Never Seen Blue” and “Famous Blue Raincoat” were all amazing treats. Glad I went along to the second show!

    14. mr saint john says:

      tori was in top form tonight.last night’s 1st show in melbourne was good. but O my goodness this show was quite simply mind blowing.and the best tori show i have ever seen with this show being my 12th since 1994.thank’s so much tori.

    15. Jolene says:

      Tori looked beautiful once again! She was wearing a black and white dress with long silver chains over it (part of the dress, I think), white glittery leggings and white platform shoes with some silver details.

      This show was better than the show on the previous day, in my book. Tori just seemed more into it tonight; her energy and emotion were electric. She also seemed to take more risks with her singing, as far as hitting the high notes and holding it out longer. She sounded amazing.

      Highlights for me tonight were: Little Earthquakes, Flying Dutchman, Hey Jupiter, Cool On Your Island, The Beekeeper, Taxi Ride and I looooved Pretty Good Year – she really went for it on that one!! Everything played was great though, I was happy to hear it all!

    16. Shower or a bath says:

      WOW! 10 out of 10! Tori was awesome! Every time I have seen Tori she just keeps getting better.

      Blood Roses, Little Earthquakes, Leather, I Can’t See New York & Hey Jupiter were great! Cool On Your Island & Cooling were amazing, I was left speechless after those two songs. Finishing off with Pretty Good Year was a perfect end to a perfect night. Tori didn’t interact with the crowd like she usually does which was weird.

      Her voice and the talent she possesses on the piano has to been seen to be believed, she is so fast.

      Can’t wait for the next tour. Thanks Tori!!!!

    17. @onscarletswalk says:

      It’s taken me forever to review , but this show was amazing , as it was the night before. To have ICSNY as a staple and hearing the emotion behind it made for a very moving performance. TBK was very powerdful and pretty good year ended with ‘Pretty good here’ ….it was pretty good from where I was too.

    18. Rach says:

      I’ve seen Tori everytime she has toured oz since 92, thursday’s concert was amazing, the regent was a better venue than hamer hall in terms of sound, but I have to say that tonights show was really lacking something.Energetically it really seemed like something was up with Tori, there was no interaction with the audience, which was a shame as I enjoy her witty banter. Her voice was amazing as was the setlist but as a sensitive intuitive she was not in a good space, maybe she had a crap day with the Aussie media, or a fight with the hubby, but she definitely was surviving those 100 minutes. It was still an amazing show but Thursdays show had a better vibe. Maybe she was annoyed that the show wasn’t sold out, and that tickets were discounted to half price when so many paid full price. I wish people would be in the moment more and not take photos it was very annoying.

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