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In Memory Of Violet's Husband, Kim Flint
1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Canberra Theatre


    Date November 15, 2009
    City Canberra, AU
    Venue Canberra Theatre


    Thanks to @Almond87 for tweeting the set to us. It seems like a song or two may not have come through, so if you notice anything missing, just drop us a note via the contact form below and we’ll get it corrected. (Whoops, comments are turned on now)

    • Lady In Blue
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Blood Roses
    • Lust
    • Crucify
    • Toast
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Father Lucifer
    • Doughnut Song
    • Fire To Your Plain

    Lizard Lounge:

    • Boys In The Trees
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Upside Down

    • Mother Revolution
    • Mother
    • The Beekeeper


    • I’m On Fire
    • Baker Baker


    1. Alice says:

      So many amazing moments in this show. As someone said in the last Melbourne concert comments, Tori seemed pretty subdued throughout, and there were some definite moments of anger and sadness. But as my friend said, she was definitely enjoying herself at other times as well, working those keyboards for all they were worth!

      While the overall feel was quieter and more introspective than at the first Melbourne show, Tori was still making the most of every moment. Bouncing off Clouds was just heavenly, and I enjoyed it even more than when she played it as Clyde at her last Canberra show. Blood Roses was again fantastic, and I certainly hope the pattern of having it third continues so everyone gets a chance to see this on the Australian leg of the tour. Wow.

      Needless to say, Toast was as beautiful as it was devastating – Tori was saying Mike’s name at times and it was just so sad.

      Seeing Doughnut Song live was something I’d joked would be amazing but really didn’t expect to happen. It’s probably my favourite and to see it unfold on the stage was ridiculously awesome. Better than I could have hoped for – so passionate. She was simply seething with the line “happy for you and I am sure that I hate you”.

      The tail end of the show seemed to have a strong “mother” theme, running through Upside Down, Mother Revolution, Mother (obviously) and The Beekeeper. All were so moving but during The Beekeeper in particular Tori seemed almost urgent when she said “I must see the beekeeper…”.

      A fantastic show, even if it did leave me ever so slightly worried about what’s going on with our dear Tori! If you’ve got tickets to the rest of the tour, get ready for something incredible – she seems to be pulling out all the stops in terms of song choices (and I’ll try not to be too jealous as I read through them – thanks Undented!).

    2. Christian says:

      The show was AMAZING, such an intimate setting, the theatre was the perfect place for a Tori solo show.

      My friend and I actually sat really close to stage, close enough to notice that there was little to no security and there was nothing stopping us from running up on stage mid-concert……although I don’t know what I’d do once up there (“Hi Tori” then just stand there like a stunned mullet until escorted off lol)

      The crowd was very respectful and I have to say everyone but myself and my friend liked the opening act, I just thought he sounded like your run of the mill Jack Johnson/Ben Harper carbon copies, he was definately talented though.

      The setlist was flawless, and was most impressed to hear Baker, Baker, Blood Roses, I’m on Fire and Upside Down.

      Tori was in great spirits, constantly smiling and seemed to be really enjoying herself, even though she started to tear up during toast and singing her late brother’s name.

      The only time she spoke, though was to thank everyone coming and saying “I know some of you live here and some made the trek, but we really appreciate you coming out for us”, which was interesting as we travelled from Albury for the show.

      Absolutely astounding show, thanks Tozza!!

    3. Katie says:

      There was definitely a family theme going on at this show – Beekeeper, Mother, Mother Revolution, Toast … and Tori sounded strong the entire way through. I’ve also seen the two Melb shows plus one in Sydney but I enjoyed myself here the most (probably because I got second row tickets!). The songs she’s bringing out are stellar, and the different/new versions she’s playing are fantastic (hello Bouncing off Clouds).

      My only real complaint would be the rude fans in the front row who wouldn’t stop talking and being obnoxious the entire time, bouncing up and down in their seats for the two hours. Don’t you realise there’s an entire theatre behind you trying to enjoy the show in peace?

    4. Frank says:

      Well, persistence certainly paid off last night as I was determined to meet Tori Amos.

      I missed the meet’n‘greet by only 20 minutes (damn), so I waited behind the stage door in the hope that Tori would emerge. Tori’s assistant came out and said Tori had just gone into sound check and when I asked if she may still come out the assistant said “it’s not gonna happen”.

      So, then the next few hours of waiting started – it was exciting as I could hear Tori in Sound check.

      There were a nice couple from Melbourne there with me at first – the lady got an akubra hat signed (I think) while I directed the man to a Civic music store so he could buy a Tori CD to get signed. Missed chance one! When I got back I waited in the hot room for almost 3 hours. The 2 nice Canberran’s that won the competition to meet Tori arrived and I hung with them for a while. They eventually were called in around 7.45pm and I could hear them talking to Tori, though couldn’t make out what they were saying.

      They came out and showed me the pictures they had just taken. They said “she’s so tiny” and she was wearing a cool-looking blue dress – very orange straight hair. I I thanked them for showing me the photos and telling me about it – I said “one step closer” and as close as I’ll get – well, so I thought…

      The show started at 9pm and Tori came out in a beautiful green flowing dress, and also had sparkling silver stockings on – she looked fantastic! From the moment the show started with “Lady In Blue” I knew it was going to be great show – and it was everything
      I expected it to be – the set list was excellent, and I was mesmerised by every word she sang and every note she played on her piano and several keyboards at her disposal. What a performer. I do think the heat of the day may have contributed to the more sublime performance however (she was a lot more “lively” in Sydney 2 days later – see this in another review). I did notice she seemed to lack in the energy that I’ve seen in other performances, but I put it down to it being a very hot day in Canberra – even Tori can feel the heat and get tired can’t she?

      After the show I was going to go home – it had been a long afternoon, but decided to wait a while. I decided to hang out the back of the Canberra Theatre – I was the only person there apart from Tori’s crew.

      The assistant came out and I asked her if Tori is coming out here and is it OK to wait. She said yes, but she will only do a signature – no photos as she’s just done a show.
      I was very excited as I now knew I was going to finally meet Tori!

      I didn’t have anything on me for Tori to sign, let alone a pen! – so I ran as fast as I could to the car and grabbed the program I purchased and asked the restaurant on the path of my run for a pen -they gave me a pencil.

      Finally the assistant came out again followed by Tori! She looked different – had the small girl /friendly look on – a big smile is the first thing I noticed. She was actually shorter than me too (I’m not tall by any means). As she got close I said “Hi Tori – nice to meet you”. She came up to me, big eyes, looked a bit tired (understandable) and shook my hand with both hers. She said hello and then said – “OK, let’s get this (thing) over with”. I handed her the program, she asked who to make it out to – I said Frank – she signed it. I said to her “thank you so much for this and “you are really wonderful” she said “thank you”. I said, I’m coming to see you in Sydney on Tuesday”. She said, “oh, great, I hope you enjoy the show”. I did ask her if there was any chance of a photo (had to ask didn’t I?) and she said “oh, no, and waved her hands to her face” – implying her make up etc was not done – then she got into her car. I thanked her again, and thanked her assistant again. They drove away and I walked away quite happy that I finally met Tori Amos.

    5. fleur says:

      this show was nothing short of amazing in my opinion. i was lucky enough to meet tori at the meet and greet before the show and i asked her to play toast for a friend who was a mega fan and had passed away earlier in the year. i said to her “only if it was appropriate for you tonight as well” she wrote it down and gave me a hug and said a few words.

      she played it. i cried my heart out. i was in the front row and i know she could see me. she got a little emotional in the first chorus part and had to stop singing. she said mike’s name also. it was truly the most amazing thing to witness and i feel at peace now with the loss of my friend. thank you tori xx

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