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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Opera House


    Date November 17, 2009
    City Sydney, AU
    Venue Opera House


    Thanks to @sarakthx for tweeting the set.

    • Lady In Blue
    • Butterfly
    • Blood Roses
    • China
    • Siren
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Carbon
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Wednesday
    • Girl
    • Maybe California
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be [Carly Simon]
    • Ribbons Undone
    • Mother Revolution
    • Honey
    • The Beekeeper


    • Take Me With You
    • Etienne


    1. Sara (sarakthx) says:

      This was an absolutely magical show. She was so full of life and energy, even doing an improv about lip gloss before going into Wednesday. It is probably the best show I’ve been to out of the seven of hers I’ve seen.

      Liquid Diamonds was drawn out and beautiful, Carbon was done in the most haunting manner and oh my god, Etienne! So, so beautiful. Love.

    2. Matthew says:

      Great concert. I had amazing seats, unlike the night before, and company too.

      Tori was much more into it tonight too. She was more willing to banter with the audience and also giving us a special improv… about her lip gloss and how it can also be used by boys as lube!

      My personal favourite was “Siren” a rare song but one which I always thought would be awesome live, with the whole electronic feel of the song. Also her “Scarlet’s” songs were very popular with the audience, especially “Wednesday”, and I liked how she kept Little Earthquakes to a minimum, giving me my favourite “Girl”. I’m sort of over listening to “LE” songs live to be honest.

      “Maybe California” was great too, feel privileged to get that song, considering she hasn’t done much songs from AATS.

      Another highlight was with “Honey” and when she sang “TIGHT…….” it was such a long note with her ‘dirty’ throaty part of her voice… she got a huge cheer from me and others then and there.

      The encore was a bit disappointing, but great in a sense that it introduced me to “Etienne” from her “Y can’t tori read” album. Amazing lovely song that one.

    3. Chistopher says:

      She looked so beautiful tonight in a red dress with black sparkling leggings and red shoes. She sounds amazing too, her voice is just in magic form at the moment.

      Liquid Diamonds and Maybe California were outstanding. And the rare Take Me With You and Etienne were surprising and stunning.

      Half way through she stopped to apply lip gloss and started tapping the mic with it and then proceeded to launch into an improv song about how much she loves her lip gloss and wears so much she could keep all the men lubed!

      I have to admit that initially I was a bit disappointed when i found out Matt and Jon weren’t coming to Oz…

      But the real magic is Tori on her own.

      I preferred tonight's show from the previous night, it was more sensual and soft.

    4. liquid says:

      We also got an impro about “LIPGLOSS” before China.

      “It’s amazing what you can do with a tub of lipgloss…boys, I’m all lubed up…all that stuff ‘bout being on a desert island, I’d want my lipgloss, maybe I should have a lipgloss factory”….or words to that effect.


    5. Ellen says:

      She played my request!!! Butterfly!!!!

      It was beautiful. This concert was amazing, possibly the best i’ve been to so far :)

    6. Simon says:

      Firstly let me preface my criticism by saying that Tori’s talents obviously can’t be disputed, but talent alone does not make a good show.

      I was very disappointed with this show, and had I bought my ticket I would have been even more so. This was my fifth Tori concert and will definitely be my last. Tori was uninspiring and apart from a few exceptions (Butterfly, Siren and the encore) the song choices were ordinary. The Beekeeper was an absolutely awful choice to end the main set on. I had a hard enough time sitting through this the first time I saw it live. She ran off the stage so quickly it seemed almost out of embarrassment because the audience reaction was less than rapturous. My friend, who was a Tori novice, said it was like a funeral march, to which I explained that it was indeed about death. My friend also said she only just saved herself with the two songs in the encore, to which I had to agree also.

      As with previous shows there was next to no interaction with the audience apart from the statement “Every day in Australia is a blessing”. I don’t mind that she’s not that chatty as I get the feeling she’d rather let the music do the talking but her audience interaction during the songs was also very limited and extremely contrived. Auto-pilot is a term others have used and is a pretty apt description in my opinion.

      I really get the feeling that Tori is taking her audiences for granted. Tickets to her shows are very expensive and during this financial crisis I think she could have been a lot more appreciative about the sacrifice people have made to see her. Not everyone can afford as many Gucci hand-bags and shoes as their heart desires! I hate to say it but Tori has seemingly become narcissistic and ungrateful, like she is so assured about her own greatness that we are lucky to see her no matter how much we pay! It’s not the Tori I fell in love with early in her career and not the kind of Tori I want to see again, no matter how talented she is.

      After this show I think she’ll be lucky to sell out one concert of the Opera House during her next tour. (She could only sell two this time compared with three in 05 and 07). I have to say the warm-up Ray Mann was also particularly bad. He sang a song about being a toddler that had both my friend and I shaking our heads and laughing!

    7. Chantel Bann says:

      I had the absolute honour of interviewing Tori face to face in the morning at her hotel and it was incredible. I’ll let you know when the footage is up.

      She asked what song I’d like to hear and I requested ‘Carbon’, which she did! Unsurprisingly, I ended up in tears.

      Liquid Diamonds was gorgeous and the improv was hilarious.

      She did seem to be in higher spirits than Monday night which was nice to see – so many smiles.

    8. Bevan says:

      Girl was an unexpected stand-out played over three keyboards with a great switch at the end. I was amazed. I was hallucinating during the Beekeeper but that’s normal, that song is so powerful I always get swept away. Very haunting to hear it over synths and the organ now.

      You should really include “Lipgloss” as an improv song on the setlist, it went for about 3 minutes. Very hilarious. Tori purchased a new lip gloss that made a clicking sound as it unwound and she incorporated into the improv.

      This show had me on the edge of my seat … every song was bam, bam, BAM! A . M . A . Z . I . N . G setlist.

      Really riveting stuff, made last night seem drab in comparison … and we all know Tori is never drab! This was different and really special.

      If only she would play Muhummad for me :( She keeps promising “tomorrow” … fingers crossed for Perth ;)

    9. Benjamin says:

      I went to both shows in Sydney and both shows were amazing, I preferred yesterdays setlist, but today's I was closer and Tori seemed more into it. I wrote up blogs for both shows at Quentin says:

      Tori played beautifully and was mesmerising, although she did not play many personal favourites – but I had that at the Adelaide 2007 concert, so I cannot complain. Mother Revolution and I Can’t see New York were highlights as were Liquid Diamonds and Beauty of Speed – the only disappointment, which I heard a few people say as they were leaving is that there could have been more of her new material – after all, it is the AATS tour. Will be in Adelaide on 19th, so I hope to hear Flavour, Give or even Strong Black Vine – which I am sure she can still do justice to solo

    10. Sacrelicious says:

      ‘butterfly’ was my request too, as it has been repeatedly on the doll posse and beekeeper tours. At the Canberra meet and greet I asked her to play it at Canberra, Sydney or Adelaide, but I think your request might have finally made the difference so thanks Ellen :)

    11. Frank says:

      This was the second show I’ve seen this tour, the previous one being in Canberra. Tori was on fire tonight (and it wasn’t just the red dress) – her performance was full of energy and passion – was a definite contrast from the Canberra show 2 days earlier which was much beautiful but much more subdued (possibly from the heat). My partner and I watched in amazement from the 2nd row centre as Tori went from one amazing song to the next. This was the best set list I’ve seen Tori do and the best show I’ve seen her do. Highlights for me were the songs Blood Roses, Butterfly, Siren, the beautiful Honey & the dreamlike Carbon. Thanks again Tori for such a wonderful performance – I’m still thinking about it.

    12. FrshAir says:

      I appreciate Tori for the precious moments at the meet and greet held on Tuesday. Thank you for the lipgloss.

      Many Bright Blessings Tori. Such a beautiful Spirit.

      V- California

    13. Shazzi says:

      Wow Tori, what an amazing show you did for Sydney on Tuesday night. I have seen your past three tours at the Opera House and Tuesday night was your best! Your voice was so, so beautiful that night. The show was, indeed, magical. Thank you Tori!

    14. Chris says:

      Possibly my favourite show I’ve seen – tied with Brisbane in 2007. The setlist was amazing and unexpected. So many favourites I never thought I’d hear live :-)

    15. Springvoodoo says:

      A dream setlist! I never thought i'd witness a show full of non conventional songs! My absolute ideal Tori show. Highlights were BUTTERFLY, HONEY and Liquid Diamonds and Take me with you!! Absolute magic. i never wanted it to end! Such beauty

    16. Snow Glass Apples says:

      I attended both Sydney shows (loved them both!), but this night was my favourite. Tori’s performance was so emotionally charged – I loved hearing songs like “I Can’t See New York,” “Carbon,” “Siren,” and “Ribbons Undone.” And I was so pleased she played “The Beekeeper,” which is one of my favorites – the PERFECT way to end an amazing performance.

      Tori, please come back to Sydney soon!!

    17. anthony says:

      i thought it was amazing i was speech less all night it was the pivotal moment of my 22 years of my life. would loved to hear horses but blood roses did it for me

      i would just like to thank tori for a wonder full night and the boys i went with for the closer ticket i was graced by all that night

      it was shames didnt get to meet her closest i got was seeing her leave in her van

      as tried to get there early before hand but forgot my tickets in peek hour had to go back and get them

      and used all my save to go it was so worth it

    18. Ocean says:

      Phil and I were still buzzing from getting to chat with Tori the day before and we had really nice seats in row 6 – so we were pumped! We missed the opening act due to last minute fluffing around with mascara and lip gloss back at the apartment, and getting our photos taken with the Sydney opera house – looking a bit rugged with the Australian Idol temporary stage set up outside. I spent a bit of time swooning over the tour T-shirts – and later regretted not buying one when I found out they’d sold out on the pink somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane. Nuts!

      Although we missed hearing the opening act (we caught a few of his songs in Brisbane instead) I enjoyed the choice of Blondie’s greatest hits playing in the lead up to Tori, esp ‘hanging on the telephone’ and ‘Sunday girl’– when’s Tori going to do a cover of some Deborah Harry eh?!

      Me and Phil were cheering like crazy when she came on in a stunning fringed fire engine red robe over black faux snake-skin leggings – his first and my second Tori concert! She kicked funerally opening with “Lady in Blue” – the piano motif (after ‘said the Lady in Blue’) sounded so clear and piercing in the hall.

      After my first concert in Santa Barbara on the Doll Posse tour with the band, this was very different but just as awesome. There were a lot of new songs for me – didn’t immediately recognise any of Butterfly, Siren, and Take me with You. Even Honey and Etienne were a bit off my radar – it’s one thing I love about being a fan of Tori. It’s like a video game with so many different levels of ‘fan achievement’. Maybe one day I’ll be the person who’s seen so many shows that I request “Ultra-B side rarity” from Tori, but in the meantime I am grateful that this space is for appreciators as well as fanatics.

      Highlights for me were Liquid Diamonds, Blood Roses, Wednesday, Beauty of Speed and Etienne. Also I was so chuffed to hear China, as our friend Dan, from China, had also come to her first concert and had gotten tx in the box above us. Although I like the song, the grace note became its own character in this rendition and totally had me hooked. The guy sitting behind us who we’d spied at the meet n greet had wanted to hear Beekeeper, so I was totally buzzing he got his wish (Phil wanted ‘Scarlet’s Walk’ and I was out for ‘Talula’). And it was really beautiful, and indeed, when I heard it again in Brisbane felt like being reunited with a mate.

      Liquid Diamonds was really awesome with the recurrent short trill on keys. Beauty of Speed still pops, even without a band! Etienne couldn’t have been more perfect to end on – the reverb on her voice was transporting…

      The lighting was really cool throughout – loved the pinpoints of light (gems) swarming slowly over the curtains in Liquid Diamonds. Beauty of Speed (“the colours song” as a reviewer here has noted) is ever amazing in flashing rainbow lights during the chorus. Something that resembled a red flower was projected onto the curtains during the chorus of Blood Roses. In Brisbane, where she played Winter, pores of white light – snow – rested on the stage floor (had a great view of that up in the boxes) and on the curtains. And these were just some of the most overt effects.

      All in all – it was all awesome! PS Many thanks to the site host for space to comment, and also to MelindaLu for encouraging me to post.

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