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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Thebarton Theatre


    Date November 19, 2009
    City Adelaide, AU
    Venue Thebarton Theatre


    • Lady In Blue
    • Fire To Your Plain
    • Blood Roses
    • Pandora’s Aquarium
    • Crucify
    • Ophelia
    • Mrs. Jesus
    • Flying Dutchman
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Martha’s Foolish Ginger
    • Doughnut Song

    Lizard Lounge:

    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Another Girl’s Paradise
    • Little Earthquakes

    • Past The Mission
    • Here In My Head
    • Barons Of Suburbia


    • Lust
    • Roosterspur Bridge


    1. Mario says:

      It’s the next day and I’m still freaking out!!

      There was no meet and greet because of the heat, but mindi came out before the show and asked if we wanted to get anything signed to give it to her and get it back after the show. So I got my AATS vinyl signed.

      The show was amazing, despite how much I love jon and matt, this show definitely trumps the 2007 show. She was on fire, there were really no low points for me at all! I was in the second row like 2 seats off centre so I was buzzing.

      Okay so…
      Lady in Blue – amazing! Better than any of the boots I’ve heard. Her voice was so strong, and she was playing the piano so hard it was amazing. She had a series of gestures that she did while she was singing, like for the ‘cigarettes recommended’ bit she mimed smoking, etc.

      Fire to your plain – I was one of the first people to scream bout this, lots of people weren’t sure what it was. Considering the crazy heat (43 degrees Celsius) we thought she would do something heat or fire related. This was pretty good, but then again I love it on the album so it wasn’t hard for me to like

      Blood Roses – just wow. All those keyboards, yeah.

      Then she did an improv about Adelaide, it was so cute and fun, the lyrics were like this
      You dirty girl
      I need to take you with me around the world
      London town could use a little dim sum, then more sum
      You dirty girl
      Teach me some of your moves
      I need to know what is it you got
      In this heat
      You wait, you’re alive
      And I think I believe you are taking over me
      Take my (skin??)
      Come inside
      Make a husband a happy man
      To me
      Let it be
      Mine mine mine

      Pandora’s aquarium – this was really beautiful, really delicate and pretty.

      (I feel like my review is getting a bit saccharine here, but I honestly have no bad words about it)

      Crucify – I was really hoping for something old-school like this or SATY, just because I think they should be something I should hear at least once in my life and I wasn’t disappointed.

      Ophelia – this took me the longest to get into when the album but I slowly grew to love it. I really loved the way her voice soared during the ‘Veronica’s America’ bit.

      Mrs. Jesus – this totally knocked me for loop. Was not expecting this in the slightest. After the show in 2007, I found myself thinking about songs id request if she came back, this was right up the top. But then I forgot about it for ages. Am so glad it came out

      Flying Dutchman – I’ve never really been a fan of it, but now I am, lol

      ICSNY – I’ve never really given this much love in the past, but it was beautiful.

      Martha’s Foolish Ginger – I’m glad we got some beekeeper love, I was hoping for sweet the sting, but I always love MFG

      Doughnut Song – same as ICSNY. My friend requested this in melb for the Adelaide show, it was good to see that she remembered. I do like it now.

      Beauty of Speed – the lights on this were amazing, really complemented the vocals. I know that she’s self-conscious of this song without the band, but it was great.

      Another Girl’s Paradise – wasn’t expecting this either. It was just beautiful.

      Little Earthquakes – this is where they changed the keyboards for the organ. Little earthquakes is always great

      Past The Mission – I love PTM, she did the verses on the bose, and the choruses on the organ,

      Here. In My Head – Same as Flying Dutchman

      Barons Of Suburbia – I know she’s been alternating this with TBK, but im not generally a fan of that one and was so glad to have gotten this. The whole ‘piecing a potion’ section is just insane.

      Lust – amazing, just solo piano, no keyboards, so fragile and beautiful

      Roosterspur Bridge – I love roosterspur bridge, and when it came out on the boots on the US tour I loved It even more, it was an amazing end of the show for me

      Sorry if this review was a bit sickly sweet, but I loved the show too much. I’m sad there wasn’t more Hammond love but seriously, this entire show was just amazing to me. We got a great mix of songs, one from each main album (except for SLG and MG). Lots of LE and scarlet love, which im happy about. Maybe would’ve liked some more TBK. I’m so sad its over now, it’s been building for so long, now its finished.

    2. Dale says:

      What an amazing show!
      This was my fifth show of the tour and Tori was in top form tonight. The Thebarton Theatre is a great venue. It’s an old theatre with wooden floors and little balcony boxes and it felt quite intimate compared to some of the larger venues I’ve seen her play.

      She came out onstage in the green and black dress, black leggings and shiny black heels.

      Lady in Blue was very sultry. The crowd went crazy at the “I can play too…” part when she spun back to the piano to belt out the final section. This song has really grown on me since she’s been opening with it.

      Fire To Your Plane sounded great and was played just on piano. I heard that she had practiced this during the soundcheck.

      I’m loving the version of Blood Roses that she’s performing this tour on all four keyboard. It’s really powerful, especially the drawn out “Come on, come on…” ending. She virtually spits out the “Nothing but meat” line.

      At the end the crowd was cheering and applauding like mad, which led Tori to comment that “I knew Adelaide was rocking, but I didn’t know you were in your leather in this heat ready to go”. (It had been over 40 degrees through the day). She then went into a little improv: “Adelaide you dirty girl, Adelaide I need to take you with me around the world, London-town could use a little dim sum…” “Adelaide you dirty girl, teach me some of your moves, I need to know what it is that you got in this heat…” “And I think I believe you are taking over me…” (Check out YouTube for the full version).

      Pandora was incredible. She was having a lot of fun with it and there was drool-aplenty during the “diagnosed as sound” finale.

      Crucify was similar to the version on the ADP tour with the stretched out verses on both keyboard and the chorus on piano. It sounded really, really beautiful.

      Mrs Jesus was a real treat and was played mostly on the Yamaha keyboard. The Scarlet songs are getting a lot of mileage on this tour (which is a great thing IMHO, especially as that tour didn’t make it to Oz).

      Flying Dutchman sounded really strong – she belts out those chords – although she messed up at the start of the “Keep the boys spinning…” part, just like at the second Melbourne show, but after a couple quick “fuck-fuck-fuck“s she nailed it.

      Martha’s Foolish Ginger was really beautiful. It’s my favourite from The Beekeeper so I was thrilled to hear it live. For the little piano riff that appears in the intro and after the choruses she had a big smile and her hands were really bouncing up and down on the keys.

      Doughnut Song was amazing. This was the one song I had really hoped to hear and I think I may have squealed a little when I recognised the opening chords. She played the into and the verses on both keyboards and then jumped to the piano for the chorus. She sang the “You can tell me it’s over…” bridge on the piano. The “hate you” line was just a whisper. It was really powerful stuff.

      Beauty of Speed was brilliant with her playing both keyboards for the most part. She was really getting into it and at one point was banging out the beat with her heels. The lighting is great for this song, with the colours swirling around for the “colours changing” section.

      Past the Mission was another real treat. She started with a little intro in the higher register of the piano (for a second I thought she was about to play Til The Chicken from the CALS single!). She played on the piano and then switched to the Hammond for the “Hey, they found a body” section, which sounded amazing. I love the little riff during the “Somewhere I know she knows” part and it translated brilliantly on the Hammond.

      Here. In my Head was beautiful with a lot of emotion.

      Roosterspur Bridge was a lovely, sweet closer. I love they way she is mixing up the encores this tour.

      Overall, I thought it was a fantastic, really solid performance. We’ve been really spoiled on this tour by the range of songs she’s been bringing out, with five debuts just in this show alone (Mrs Jesus; Martha; AGP; PTM and Roosterspur). My highlights were Doughnut Song, Blood Roses, Martha and Past the Mission.

      The crowd was especially enthusiastic – lots of cheering and whistling and people responding to the songs – even moreso than on the other shows I’ve seen this tour and I think Tori really tapped into that.

      This was my final show for the tour and I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m already dreading the post-tour come-down. Suggestions for how to ride it out are most welcome.

    3. Gianni says:

      Not going to bore everyone with a song-by-song review, but I just have to say that I honestly thought this show was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen Tori do. Having seen a few shows this year (Melbourne and Adelaide) I thought the setlist was totally magic. I had Another Girl’s Paradise in my head all day and when she started playing it I was totally gobsmacked. Funny how that can happen sometimes.

      Tori also played my request (Doughnut Song) which she promised for me at the Melbourne meet and greet and also when I bumped into her on Chapel St. It meant so much to me to hear Tori playing one of my favourite songs because I asked her to. I explained the story of why I loved the song so much and why it meant so much to me and when she performed it, it felt like she was singing it TO me. I grabbed my friends hand so tight during the song I swear I hurt her! And I teared up majorly, it was just a beautiful version.

      Other highlights included Fire To Your Plain, the I-can’t-believe-it’s-a-staple Blood Roses, Ophelia, Another Girl’s Paradise, Crucify, Little Earthquakes, Flying Dutchman, and the very random and unique but nonetheless beautiful encore of Lust & Roosterspur Bridge.

      Only one show left now! sigh

    4. Margo says:

      WOW WOW WOW…..This is my second ever Tori concert, although I have loved her to death since 97. I cant believe ANYONE can complain that she does not care about her “fans” or that she is selfish…..what other artist cares enough to take time out to meet the people and take requests???? I was really upset she did not meet and greet in Adelaide….but i understand the reasons, I heard she still signed items for people anyway!! The person who said we should be happy just to be her presence, as a complaint (or something to that effect)…is DEAD RIGHT WE SHOULD!! obviously these people were at the wrong concert and maybe should have gone to brit instead!

      This was my girlfriend’s first show…she knew she was talented…but now she too is totally in love and she had no clue on over half the songs…. she says that she would not care what she sang and could have sat there all night… there are real appreciators of music,,,you can tell the ones that aren't and are simply NOT worthy to be in her presence…to me she keeps getting better and better…..if i had to pick a fave it would be Beauty of Speed….my girlfriend now calls it the “colours song” lol

      People should give her a break and stop whinging!! I hope she comes back and I would totally go to more than one show……

    5. Alyssa says:

      What an amazing and magical show!!! I’m so grateful to hear her play live in Australia again.

      Highlights were the Adelaide improv, Here in my Head, Little Earthquakes- she really rocked the piano solo and Blood Roses! After the main set she gave Bose a little pat on her way offstage.

      All in all, it was way more intimate and special than the 2007 show and it was amazing to see her up close (2nd row). I hope more than anything she comes back to Oz because I just want to see her again and again!

      (An honorable mention to her shoes which were also fab!)

    6. Matt says:

      Firstly I’d like to say I was hoping to get on here and talk about my Adelaide experience a lot earlier than this, but I’ve been too busy work wise to sit and reflect.

      As I was a winner of the meet and greet competition, I still had the opportunity to meet with Tori before the Adelaide show. I actually got there earlier in the day to find the signs that the regular Meet and Greet was cancelled due to extreme weather. Boy it was a hot one! 43 degrees!!! Adelaide was in ‘Code Red’ due the extreme heat and fire risks associated.
      Later in the arvo when I returned to meet with Kat, we intended to leave our cars and go and find somewhere cool to have a cold drink before the show.
      When I got there a small group of Tori fans came around the back of the venue, some of which I had met in previous years in Adelaide. We got talking in the shade but still quite hot. Some had asked for me to take items and song request to Tori when I got to meet her later that night, which I was happy to do, but next thing Mindi came out and took items from the other guys to be signed and told them to meet her back stage after the show.
      We then all went down the road for some cold beverages, I shared my photo album from previous Adelaide Tori experiences – Some how I end up with some of ‘That guys’ 2007 photos! Kat and I didn’t stay on for dinner, we went and got Tori a last minute gift. We found a shop that sold battery operated fans that spray water mist and spin. We thought it was fitting for such an extreme hot day! We got some batteries and a posh little bag to put it in! Kat also got Tori some fancy lip gloss too!
      When it got closer to seven we headed back to the venue. We came around the side where the 2007 meet and greet occurred that’s when we came across George and Matt? They had been sitting there for a few hours to get some amazing things signed. George had actually commissioned an Adelaide artist called Danika (hope that is right spelling) to create a large Tori canvas painting including each of the doll posse. Unfortunately it wasn’t completed on time for the 2007 meet and greet. But let me tell you it is a pretty amazing piece of art! They had a print that was easier to show then the two canvases they also had. The prints are of a limited run and appear on ebay (aust) under Tori Amos Goddesses. I’ll post a link if I find one. Anyway I offered to let Mindi know about this during out meet with tori, just as I was telling the guys, Mindi walked past. I called her over to see the work. It was obvious she was impressed. The guys had a huge canvas version to give to Tori to keep. They also had one they wanted signed and a print to be signed for the artist. Mindi took notes on which print was which and for who. I had a list of song suggestions that I was to give Tori from the group of other Tori fans earlier. I asked Mindi if it would be better to give it to her now or wait until we went in later. Mindi questioned us about the competition and told us not to wait at the box office but to come to the stage door at seven thirty. I was a bit worried we would miss out, and as Mindi went back inside I said “Please don’t forget us!” Mindi came out and upgraded the other guys seats. We had side seats in the second row, Mindi insisted in upgrading considering we won the competition. I wasn’t going to say no and I never had had an upgrade before! It was very exciting. Our seats were front row centre!.
      7.30 came and just prior a local security guy was a bit suss on us. Came over an asked if we were waiting. I told him waiting to go backstage as competition winners, I think we surprised him as I think he honestly was going to try get rid of us!!! LOL
      Anyway when the time came he called us in and Mindi was there waiting for us. We were in the dining area. Crew were just finishing off meals and went about their stuff. Mark was there packing a bag beside us but never made eye contact. Mindi came over and gave us an ice cold bottle of water. Which we both needed. She left us there and said she’ll be back soon! We sat there for a while and one of the crew guys talked to us about the heat. After about 5 minute Mindi returned and told us to come with her. She took us around the corner and up a corridor to right outside Tori’s dressing room. We waited outside a couple of minutes then Tori came out and Mindi formally introduced us. It was just the four of us there. It lasted for just over 10 minutes and it was an amazing experience.
      We talked about many things from the heat to where we live, what we do, what songs we like (mentioned our song list – Tori looked at Mindi and Mindi told her she put it with the other gear) anyway we got some photos (However Mindi took the pictures and my camera was on low quality setting and the flash didn’t’ work. So while they are good pictures the quality is very fuzzy and not sharp. I got 1000 Oceans & Spark cd singles signed. And AATS on cd and vinyl and I also had a copy of the tour poster which dated and signed quite large. We mentioned about how Adelaide was in Code Red and how it would be very topical if Code Red turned up tonight since she hasn’t ever appeared solo, Tori agreed, but didn’t sound overly promising. I also mentioned that quite a few really wanted Gold Dust to make an appearance tonight, Tori did seem quite interested and queried that I knew a few others that wanted to hear it. We said our goodbyes and thanked Tori for coming back to Australia and Adelaide. I was trying to find which window backstage Tori did her photoshoot in 2007 in front of. There were quite a few windows where this could have possibly happended. On our way out, Mindi was up for a chat and it didn’t feel like she was getting rid of us as fast as she could. I asked Mindi where the other competition winners were and she told me that I was the only winner. (Strange because the competition online said win one of 3 double meet and greet passes)
      Our tickets were amazing and needless to say it was a fantastic show. Tori really checks out the front row, she continually looked directly at us, I even capured this at least 3 times in the photos I took. During Ophelia Tori and I made eye contact, I gave her a very contented smile and she smiled directly back at me. She then continued to look directly at me a lot during the song and I teared up. When it was completed I leant over to Kat and said I felt like it was dedicated to me. -highlights for me were Past the Mission, Fire to your plain and for obvious reasons Ophelia.
      None of the songs from our request list made it however I really do think by getting it in an hour before the show, the set list would have been well and truly created by then. Interesting to know that Zac happened to get a copy of the set list from the sound desk and it had Gold Dust as the final song – I wonder if this was an addition from our discussion and I wonder why she decided to close with Roosterspur Bridge instead. Either way I’m extremely contented with my experience.

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