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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    PCEC Riverside Theatre


    Date November 21, 2009
    City Perth, AU
    Venue PCEC Riverside Theatre


    We believe this is the correct setlist. We’ve also heard that Winter may have been played after Leather but we’re not sure about that yet. Winter was not played. Thanks to @Almond87 and Lyn for clearing that up!

    Main Set

    • Lady In Blue
    • Pretty Good Year
    • Blood Roses
    • Leather
    • Girl
    • That Guy
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Bells For Her
    • Marianne
    • Frog on my Toe
    • Jeanette, Isabella
    • The Beekeeper
    • Mother
    • Mother Revolution


    • 1,000 Oceans
    • Baker Baker


    Pretty Good Year (posted by LZJoker)


    1. ruv says:

      The show was a great mix of older stuff from LE (Leather, Girl, Mother), UTP (Pretty Good Year, Bells for Her, Baker Baker) and BFP (Blood Roses, Marianne, Frog on My Toe). It was pretty subdued and Tori didn’t say much (except that she mentioned something like whenever she visits Perth she always runs into the same people, from a couple of years ago and a couple of years before that and before that in 1994) – she was also making heaps of faces and smiling a lot. Tori f’d up midway through Snow Cherries from France and she swore repeatedly (which is always amusing!) but didn’t stop playing. The venue was nice and intimate, although it didn’t look like a sell out. All in all, a little quiet, but lovely!

      Btw, Tori was wearing a silver dress (which was cut out at the front and long at the back) with shiny white/silver tights.

    2. DamnDan says:

      This concert was truly beautiful – and I personally believe it was a real treat for many true fans. Tori’s voice was just incredible and the power and strength were definitely there. It was definitely focused more towards the ballad / slower tempo songs, but these were sublime and unearthly. The encore performance of 1000 Oceans reduced me to tears. No matter what is said about her recent albums, her true self always shines brightest through her tours. INCREDIBLE!

    3. russell says:

      1st off the meet and greet was great.it was my 3rd time meeting tori after twice in 2007.their must have been about 100 people there tori was out for over 1 hour.i asked tori for pretty good year or father lucifer and said whatever one your happy with to play.so i was over the moon when pretty good year appeared 2nd song.okay to the show this was my 5th show since 1994.and 3rd time seeing tori solo i had a seat 6th row dead center which was great.lady in blue was such a great opening song.i was quite happy with the set list and i dont really like to complain.like someone else said about another australian show it is such a honor to be in tori’s presence.i just cant believe some of these so called die-hard tori fan’s that complain about show’s all the time.all in all the whole show was pretty much a continual hightlight for me tori looked and sounded amazing.but when does tori ever not sound amazing.thank’s so much tori for your kindness and the meet and greet.and for giving perth a truly brillant show.and hope to see you in perth again in about another 2 year’s.ps i tried to get some great video footage on my digital camera.i got 15 second’s of jeanette isabella before the damm security nazi’s stopped me.

    4. matthias says:

      i loved this show so much! tori’s voice was stellar, the setlist was great and the crowd seemed very appreciative, though a bit shy. but maybe australia’s like that, lol.

      the meet & greet was wonderful. tori really took a couple of minutes for everyone. i was so nervous when it was my turn that i forgot to introduce myself. then we chatted about where i was from (berlin) and how i ended up being where i am now (jakarta). she then asked me for travel advice on indonesia. let’s see if she comes here on her next holiday. :-)
      i requested “baker baker”, and as you can see, it was her final song that night. it moved me to tears. i managed to get quite a decent sound recording of it. as russell says, security was really strict when it came to videos and photos.

      this was my fourth tori concert (after berlin and frankfurt in 2005 and rome in 2007) and definitely my favourite. loved every minute of it.

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