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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    QPAC Concert Hall


    Date November 24, 2009
    City Brisbane, AU
    Venue QPAC Concert Hall


    Thanks to David C. for sending in the setlist.

    Main Set:

    • Lady In Blue
    • Caught A Light Sneeze
    • Blood Roses
    • Virginia
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Siren
    • Cooling
    • Concertina
    • I Can’t See New York
    • Horses
    • Winter
    • Mary Jane

    Lizard Lounge

    • Ruby Through The Looking Glass
    • Playboy Mommy
    • Gold Dust

    • The Beekeeper
    • Upside Down
    • Barons Of Suburbia


    • Silent All These Years


    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posted by annaewf)

    Rattlesnakes (posted by annaewf)

    Siren (posted by annaewf)

    Cooling (posted by annaewf)

    Horses (posted by annaewf)

    Ruby Through The Looking Glass (posted by annaewf)

    Playboy Mommy (posted by annaewf)


    1. SARK says:

      Tori gave Brisbane a brilliant performance last night, though it seemed she had to work hard for every cheer: for some reason, the crowd was pretty subdued and quiet, but definitely not unappreciative! It might have just been the fact that it was a Tuesday night and Tori did not take the stage until about 9.30 pm, 45 minutes after the opening act, Ray Ban (who put in a great effort with the tough crowd), left the stage.

      One thing I can say from experience is that Australian audiences are more appreciative and polite, and less rowdy like audiences in America, for instance. That shouldn’t be mistaken for disinterest!

      During Blood Roses, Tori had to get a bit venomous with her “Come on, come on, YOU F—K!” in oder to get the audience loosened up and cheering. Early in the performance, Tori greeted the crowd and mentioned something along the lines of herself and the crew were happy to be there, and the audience was just as much a part of the show as everyone in the crew. I think she was trying to encourage people to participate – to start screaming and cheering! So I was the fool who screamed “We Love You!!” from the balcony. I think she needed to hear it. :-)

      Gems in last night’s concert included Siren, Winter, Cooling and Upside Down. Lady in Blue, Caught a Lite Sneeze, I Can’t See New York, the Beekeeper, Playboy Mommy and Mary Jane also made appearances. There was a song with lyrics like “doesn’t everyone want to have it all?” that was performed, I don’t know the name. Her single encore consisted of Silent All These Years. There was no real mention of Mid-winter Graces… maybe because we’re almost in summer here in Oz?

      This was my fourth time seeing Tori, and definitely the best. Her talent and skill has become so incredibly refined and Tori was in top form last night; her playing of multiple keyboards and vocal prowess is superb. The band was not missed at all (sorry guys), in fact, I think most people appreciate Tori best when its just ‘the girl and the piano’. I know I did. Thanks Tori!

    2. mario says:

      Okay so here’s my review of the entire day.
      I was originally intending to only go to the Adelaide show, but I knew that I had to go to Brisbane! The meet and great was great, lots of people, but she still signed and took photos and chatted for a while, despite the fact that she came out pretty late.

      When it came to my turn I was a bunch of nerves but I went up and said hi and all that, I thanked her for the Adelaide show, and told her I loved the ‘Adelaide, You Dirty Girl’ improv, she said that she thought it might’ve been a bit crazy but I told her ‘it’s fine, we like that kind of stuff’. Then she said she read my letter and the first chapter of the book that I’m working on which I gave to Mindi to give to her in Adelaide. She said it was compelling and that I was really talented and to keep going with it and keep them posted (I should’ve asked how to do that). When she said all that, I lost it, I didn’t cry, but I think I said ‘oh my god’ like a thousand times. Then I told her how much I love midwinter graces, and how cute tash’s bit is, she told me about the album, why she wanted to do it and that they had fun with it and she seemed really excited that I liked it. She then signed my ‘a piano’ book, and we gave her and Mindi some chocolates.

      We then went to dinner at the restaurant at QPAC which was AMAZING! Then afterwards we saw Mindi and she upgraded not only me, but my friends from Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and melb (slash NZ…Kev.), so we ALL had front row seats, it was amazing, we were jumping up and down and freaking out.

      Okay onto, the show
      Lady in blue – just wow, no boots, can ever capture the wonder of this live.

      Caught a lite sneeze – was great solo, just amazing, blue mermaid on here was the one who requested it!

      Blood roses was fiercer than she’s ever been, almost busted out a pip rant at some point, when she yelled out ‘fuck’

      Virginia – always pretty.

      Rattlesnakes – I lost it when this came on! I love it so much, it was just amazing,

      Siren – although I heard this (and cooling) in 07 in Adelaide, its one of my favourites and was beautiful to see it in a solo capacity

      Cooling – almost made me cry, just so heartbreaking, i’d heard this before, but this was the first time with the brambles bridge

      Concertina – I’d heard bad things about the keyboard patch she’s been using for this song, and although it was a bit much at times I really enjoyed it.

      ICSNY – great as always

      Horses – I love this with all my heart.

      Winter – tbh, I never really had much desire to hear this live, as beautiful as it is, but it was just amazing, so strong and poignant. The bits she whispers are just gorgeous

      Mary Jane – not on the setlist but I was glad to get it, so fun and cute, she was doing some newish piano flourishing on the chorus

      Ruby – my friend chantelle requested this, I could hear her going crazy from the end of the row when it came on, ive never really given much love to scarlet’s hidden treasures but this was simply flawless

      Playboy Mommy – just like rattlesnakes, I went insane when this started, it was so pretty.

      Gold Dust – wow, just wow. My friends in the front row requested this in Sydney and they got it, then one of them thanked her for it today, so maybe thats why she pulled it out. I’m so glad that im able to say I’ve heard gold dust live. Kinda started to tear up here. I know I wasn’t the only one ;)

      The Beekeeper – I’ve never really warmed to this song before, but hearing it live totally did it for me

      Upside Down – not expecting this, was a treat!

      Barons – I don’t know what more I can say about this song, its just stunning, the ‘piecing a potion’ section was fiercer than ever, and she repeated the ‘she is risen’ section twice once replacing ‘boys’ for ‘girls’

      SATY – Her voice was starting to go during this one, or at least, this was where I started to notice, she coughed a few times, and there was a cute fuck up. I’m glad I got to see SATY though, its one of the oldies I wanted to see (so now I’ve seen crucify, winter, and SATY…so yay!)

      She was supposed to do a three song encore of Ophelia/Snow Angel/PGY, but I suppose her voice just couldn’t take the strain. I almost wish I didn’t see the actual setlist after the show because it did disappoint me, I love PGY, and would’ve died if I heard snow angel. I’m sad there was only the one song encore, but the rest of the set more than makes up for it.

      It was a pretty emotionally intense set; gold dust, playboy mommy, cooling, winter, ruby, the beekeeper…i think thats why she threw in mary jane, to lighten it up a bit. So all in all an amazing show, and a great end to the tour. I know my review seems just as saccharine as my one of the Adelaide show, but I really don’t have anything negative to say, except I was sad bout the encore, but I care more about Tori’s well-being than an extra song.

    3. Chris says:

      This was my 2nd time seeing Tori perform. The first being her Brisbane appearance on the American Doll Posse Tour 2 years ago. Although I enjoyed the big show experience of the former she really knocked my socks off last night! Her vocal delivery and control was spot on. The keyboardmanship was flawless. There was a definite ethereal dreamy quality to the show last night( Caught A Light Sneeze, Blood Roses, Virginia, Siren, Ruby Through The Looking Glass, Playboy Mummy, Gold Dust, The Beekeeper). Lots of early tracks with the piano focus. I figured that she didn’t want to work with the guitar & drum blended tracks of the last 2 ablums before MG. I loved every damn track. But my blissful highlights were the reinterpretations of Horses, The Beekeeper & Barons Of Suburbia.

      My only regret is being so exhausted after running around the city all day, and then stumbling upon the meet and greet and meeting the woman herself swoon To the lovely ladies that were in line with me that I met, please do not forget to send that picture to me. I really would appreciate that. It was awesome to meet you as well.

      Tori is just like a fine wine, she gets better with the years. Come back anytime, we love you here in Brisbane :)

    4. heidi. says:

      i don’t think that the fact that everybody in the audience wasn’t screaming their heads off is necessarily indicative of the crowd being particularly subdued or lacking in passion! and nor do i think her passionate performance of “blood roses” was aimed at eliciting screams of support from the crowd. i think she was utterly caught up in the moment and the ferocity and passion that she demonstrated were simply a part of that. i mean, it is possible to show one’s appreciation of an artist’s performance without being obnoxious about it! it is actually pretty damn annoying when, mid-song, some moron feels the need to cheer or wolf-whistle. i’m all for showing your appreciation, but that isn’t really the most respectful way in which to do so! i agree that the show was something quite extraordinary. there is a special power inherent in seeing tori play solo, just a girl and her piano, so to speak. it was an amazing thing to witness. perhaps my favourite show of any of her previous australian tours and definitely my favourite since the under the pink tour back in 1994.

    5. Ocean says:

      Shouts out to the host of this space – I’ve read heaps of responses prior to this, my first post. Thanks for the chance to share my mind. Thanks also to MelindaLu for inspiring me to take the journey, and now to share it.

      This was my third Tori show. 1st was on the ADP tour in Santa Barbara a couple of years ago. Second was Sydney on this tour (the Tues night concert). I must say thank you to SARK and others who made appreciative noise at last night’s concert! I agree that noise is good, but have to say that I thought the Sydney crowd on the 17th were way more conservative than the Brisbane crowd – which I found refreshingly vocal, maybe even in comparison to SB in 2007…

      This was my favourite Tori concert of the 3. Tori’s performance brought tears to my eyes in Lite Sneeze “i’m hiding it well, sister Ernestine” and Virginia “still she’ll lay down her body covering him all the same”. I brought a couple of Tori concert virgins along with me from NZ to these concerts and made a double CD “Tori Dream Set List” for them to study up on before we came :-D Tori played a lotta songs off of my dream set list (which, by the way, is about 39 songs long, not 19) this night! Including Virginia, Silent All these Years, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Horses, Winter, I Can’t See NY…

      …and she played Rattlesnakes!! yeeyah! yeeeee yaah! my number 2!!! (yeah yeah I know it’s not even a Tori song but she still totally OWNS it in my O)

      Tori took us into a different world, a song within a song, after a verse of Cooling. Cooling’s a song I’ve never been so fond of – even in its different live renditions on TVAB and WTSF (WTF! I just noticed that! What does S stand for, sweet?). But this ‘secret’ hidden gem “woman you got too many brambles” totally transformed it for me. Like a bud opening up into a flower to reveal a completely unexpected, darker colour from that insipid pink exterior.

      I loved Beekeeper in Sydney and it was amazing here too – her foot work with the organ is very exaggerated, flamboyant and cool.

      I was amazed that Tori could forget the lyrics on Silent… “how’s that thought for ya”. Her excuse to the audience about all sorts of other thoughts going through her head right then besides “how’s that thought for ya” brought loud cheers. But I thought her voice turned kinda shaky and tentative after that. It’s understandable considering how much energy and passion she put into this show. But I did wonder if she was kinda thrown by that? Maybe if that hadn’t happened she woulda played more in her encore??

      Well, it’s her display and playing through that vulnerability that totally wins me over even more, and had me kicking myself I hadn’t made more dates with her. I was in Sydney on Monday, even made it to the meet and greet, yet only went to Tuesday’s concert. Oh well. I’m bit but real good now…

    6. Dani says:

      Count me as a concert attendee who misses the band, who bring so much vibrancy and much needed back end and energy to the set. Maybe she set the bar too high with Blood Roses so early on in the set, which just kicked my ass. The audience was freakishly subdued; I must’ve been in an extra-quiet pocket so my desire to scream was tempered by that fact. The rest of the set slowly lost momentum, peppered with some admittedly astonishingly great songs. You could tell she wasn’t feeding off the energy of the audience, and I remember her solo tour in ’04 was just as subdued.

      The highlights were Blood Roses, Siren, Horses, Winter, Playboy Mommy, and Gold Dust. Surprised to add Barons to a list of new favorites. Tori somehow has managed to get me to rediscover songs that I’d previously not cared about, and the really energetic extended ending to Barons of Suburbia was just great. I just wish that energy had continued through the whole set though!

      Single encore. SATC was great, but the cracks in her voice started to show. She may have been getting sick perhaps; she started coughing a few times to the side and her voice sounded a little croaky. Maybe why it was only a single encore??

      I took my poor mum and boyfriend (both very, very casual listeners of Tori) last night, and while 1.5 hours was perhaps a little too much, both loved it, and I’m glad they got to see a little bit of why I’ve been so obsessed with her for over 15 years! Cheers Tori!

    7. Paul says:

      Lucky to say this is my third time seeing Tori, all have been in Brisbane, and I absolutely savoured every second of this performance. This was certainly the most entranced I have seen her in the shows I’ve been to. And whilst I love seeing Tori with the band (as I thought her Beekeeper-supporting-solos were, tbh, a bit bland), tonight totally reignited my love for solo mode Tori.

      I went to the meet and greet but got shuffled towards the back of the queue so by the time we got there it was a bit ‘take a photo and go’, but still I’m so appreciative to meet Tori before the concert. I didn’t request anything, it actually felt rude to, and she looked very exhausted. Plus, the millions before me had given her plenty of material.

      The show and the atmosphere was brilliant – very haunting, and very thick. It WAS NOT the type of performance you’d make a fool of yourself in by cheering and yelling and dancing on your seat to – the audience was great I thought – very appreciative support during the songs, and very, very polite whilst Tori was singing. Although I couldn’t help myself but to sing to every word.

      LOVED the setlist. By far the best Australia got on the tour imho. Very long songs, very intense songs, very involved songs. Cannot believe I have now seen CALS live! My most haunting memory is of Gold Dust – a song so very close to my heart, and what I would have requested, so I was in raptures and tears. Winter and Rattlesnakes were also highlights, but the biggest surprise was The Beekeeper. My favourite song of the set – I always thought this song sounded a bit ‘grandma’, but tonight, it was unlike anything else. Couldn’t believe the shivers it evoked in me. Nor the endless sobbing.

      Tori put in a really amazing performance, but the weight of this show, and the tour, I think, did take their toll. I totally understand why the interaction with the crowd was minimal, she was in a zone with this set, but she was inviting us into that same zone with her songs.

      The 1 song encore was a surprise, but I’m not disappointed or upset – look at the set that was before it – I couldn’t ask for more – and to see what the encore was originally going to be – I’m absolutely over the moon that we got SATY instead – and one of the best versions I’ve heard, anywhere.

      Thank you so much Tori for once again visiting Brisbane – some bands totally overlook us when visiting Australia (thanks Placebo) – this concert has totally reawakened passion and love that I thought was beginning to fade. Thank you so much. I will never forget this performance and I’m so glad I got to share it with the person I love the most as well.

    8. Paul says:

      It’s interesting to read different peoples reviews of the Brisbane show last night. I’m glad so many people enjoyed it so much. This was my eigth Tori show and I wonder if I’m a little overindulged.

      I did enjoy the show but i would rate it as my least favourite. It could be due to a combination of many things including the school night and the late start but I did feel the crowd were a little flat.

      Tori wasn’t as talkative as she has been in the past and the short encore was dissapointing (even though I realise Tori was obviously not herself during silent all these years).

      I think different people connect to different songs and last night I just didnt get there. (The Beekeeper I just cant seem to appreciate that one at all) Sorry everyone for being so negative but you cant have all rosy reviews all the time I suppose.

      Let me end positively – Loved Concertina, loved Playboy Mommy, Gold dust was beautiful and so was Tori ;)

    9. Cameron says:

      Tori fans are rather articulate, don’t you think?! Reviews / impressions / videos are a cute above what you see after other gigs…

      In a nutshell I agree with a lot of the above. After the show I turned to my boyfriend and said I thought the mood had been very mellow, and that she’d stuck (mostly) to the pretty yet fierce ballads that let her tinkle at the top of the piano…(that’s one way of thinking about it!)

      Totally echo the comment of Paul above: “Very long songs, very intense songs, very involved songs”.

      Standouts for me were Blood Roses, Concertina (great vibe) and Cooling. I am a sucker for Little Earthquakes so was pleased with the encore. Her voice was giving out by this stage, but that added to it. Brittle / scared / vulnerable – loved it! The husband’s faves were Rattlesnakes and Ruby.

      We were very close to the front and I have to say the crowd did make quite a bit of noise, especially between and at the start of songs. Those of you a little further back need not worry that Tori didn’t feel loved!


    10. Holly says:

      Very late review, I know, but I just wanted to comment regarding Silent All These Years – I don’t believe Tori forgot the lyrics. Her voice went out of key just before she got to the ‘how’s that thought for ya’ part, and I think that’s what she was referring to. She also coughed loudly a couple of times and her voice quavered. I think that’s why she did only one encore.

      It was an amazing, amazing show with a beautiful vibe. I found myself getting very teary in different parts, and sobbed all the way through Gold Dust, which was just unbelievably emotionally poignant.

      Tori, thank you so much for continuing to come to Australia, it means the world to me.

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