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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    The Jazz Cafe

    Midwinter Graces Tour

    Date December 02, 2009
    City London, UK
    Venue The Jazz Cafe


    Main Set:

    • Lady In Blue
    • Concertina
    • A Silent Night With You
    • Dragon
    • Doughnut Song
    • Ophelia
    • Josephine
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Jeanette, Isabella
    • Mrs. Jesus
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Another Girl’s Paradise
    • Star Of Wonder


    • London Girls
    • Pink & Glitter


    1. Mark & Sean says:

      A fantastic evening spent with Tori. She came on stage a bit late at 830pm but must of been on stage an hour and a half which i was very pleasantly surprised at. She walked right by me to get to the stage. I was shocked she was so close. She’s totally adorable.
      I think she was wearing the same outfit that she wore in Sydney on 17/11. Red top and fab gold/black tight trousers.

      I haven’t heard Tori so chatty for ages, she talked many times during the evening.

      The evening felt very surreal, after seeing her many time since 1992 at various venues, this was just so intimate, i had to pinch myself i was there. This is my new top Tori experience (previously it was the Union Chapel gig, SLG era).

      The setlist as you can see was perfect for the core fans present. She didn’t play “the hits,” I don’t think i’ve ever seen her when she hasn’t played Cornflake Girl so tonight was very special. Rattlesnakes,Ophelia and Doughnuts were the highlights for me.

      Tori goes on giving, her talent is amazing. We’re so lucky to have her and her music in our lives.

      Thank you Tori.

    2. Stefan says:

      Two words – absolutely fantastic! Though for those who weren’t there i doubt you’ll get a boot of it – venue security did detailed bag searches on entry and judging by the pile of camera’s on their collection table took a camera off what looked like everybody! So unless audio equipment was hidden down your trousers like in the bad old days i doubt a boot of this gem of a show will surface :(

      Tori was in fine form though, and looked totally stunning :)

    3. Linda says:

      Well worth camping outside HMV the day and night before the gig! And for those of you who didn't make it there is good news. Tori said that the whole thing was being video recorded and will surface on youtube.

      Lots of improvs, ‘fuck us’, drulling and even a tear! All magic moments to a Tori fan. Tori sang a nice improv about those of us who had been at most of the UK or other european gigs which was really special and an improv about Tash wanting to be a bartender and make a drink that would make mummy feel free. The other improv was about toing ecstasy with a friend which lead into a father lucifer story but unfortunately diddnt mean we got the song!

      She looked stunning as always with red patent stillettos and pinky red dress with glittery black/gold leggins. We watched through the glass doors as the guardian photographer took her photo at the piano which was a nice additional extra as was seeing and hearing the whole soundcheck…magic!

      She pretty much grabbed all our hands at the front before the encore which was nice of her as its usually 2 or 3. Generally a very intimate & special gig!

    4. Alex says:

      The show was great. There is a review and gallery on Gigwise.com

    5. Ami says:

      Tori was beautiful tonight and although I’m suffering from 2 days and a night out in the cold it was totally worth it. The stage came to below my waist and she was straddled across her stool only 2 metres away from me.

      She was very chatty and as always, her stories were amusing, I’m only sad that there will probably be no photos from the show.

      Highlights for me were A Silent Night With You which left me in tears, Doughnut Song and Dragon. There was lots of eye contact which made me melt and stop mouthing the words in case I got them wrong whilst she was looking at me!

      There were many improvs because of Tori’s “dyslexia”, wrong verses in Mrs. Jesus yada yada and she looked so happy. She sang to her “Brits” who followed her on the tour and the French lady seemed very happy to get certain lyrics of Rattlesnakes (amazing!) directed at her.

      I think the entire front row’s hearts stopped during the ecstasy/Lucifer story all ready for Father Lucifer coming out, but it never did (NME got it wrong!)… Another Girl’s Paradise came out instead, beatiful for me because Scarlet is one of my favourite records. A special addition of Muhamamad My Friend was played during Star of Wonder and I’m over the moon to have witnessed that.

      The show was a magical christmas present and a brillant end to a very special Tori year for me. =)

    6. Gavin says:

      I would have stood in the rain for eny length of time for such a etherial experience, like Mark & Sean I too have seen Tori many times over the years and also had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, as I was standing 12 feet from her, managed to hold her hand before the encore which just confirmed that last night was the best night ever.

      Tori’s music has been such a huge part of my life for the past 15 years and we are indeed very lucky to have it.

      The security gimp standing with us at the bar end of the stage was oblivious to a woman taking video on her phone and seemed not to care, it was T’s request that no photo’s were taken so what the hell was she thinking, I found it very rude even if Mr Security didn’t !

      (also like to say hello to the girl with short black Lily Allen like hair and light blue T shirt (and dark hoody) on and was also annoyed by the video woman, I think you’re lovely and if you ever want a gig ‘buddy’ say hello here and I’d be more than happy to oblige :o) )

    7. Sister Janet says:

      Just a note on your setlist – she didn’t play “Father Lucifer”, she spoke about it and then played “Another Girl’s Paradise” which was written it seems for the friend she had the Father Lucifer ecstacy trip with.

      Other bits to nore – At the end of the first song, she had a tear run from her right eye, her make up ran and she looked very moved by the whole experience of playing to everyone.

      She perked up though and was really funny in most of the chat – speaking the most since the mid 90s shows!

      The retelling of the Father Lucifer chat was hilarious, as was Tash story and the wine before Pink and Glitter. And as the “encore” gap she touched hands with all the front and then sat down again saying fuck is she doing those stairs again! (To get on to the stage is very steep hight stairs!)

    8. luke says:

      tori was amazing tonight, such a surprising set list, lots of rareities and delights. i've never ever been so close to her. she seemed very happy and chatty, the highlight for me was rattlesnakes. it was superb!

      tori looked stunning in a very xmasy red outfit.

      totally sureal expirience

    9. Jennie J. says:

      I was ill and sleep deprived last night, and it didn’t matter one tiny little bit. I’m not sure there are even words that can describe the experience.

      We may never know where the LiB tears came from, and it’s really none of our business. I just hope that she could feel the overwhelming love and support vibrating towards her from every single person in that room at that moment.

      When you care deeply about Tori beyond her music, and are literally meters away from her, witnessing a moment like that significantly colours the experience, let me tell you.

      Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy myself. It was mind-bogglingly, life-alteringly wonderful. Just not in a euphoric way, but in a quietly overwhelmed way.

      Doughnut Song and Ophelia back to back, followed by Rattlesnakes and Josephine, was one of those set-list moments that is so incredible you almost can’t believe it’s happening. I was so dehydrated by then, I couldn’t physically cry, but I was just staring at her, hand clapped over my mouth, trembling.

      By the last third of the show Tori was in high spirits again, bubbly and talkative, and it felt like a long-awaited chat with a good friend – heart-warming, spiritually nourishing.

      I feel absolutely privileged beyond words to have been a part of last night. Nights like these, you never forget, as long as you live.

      I have loved this lady for ten years now, and every day, I love this lady more. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tori, and I hope you know and could feel last night, the genuine, pure, unconditional love that we all have for you. Until next time, take care. <3

    10. Mart says:

      Wow what a mega long day! Up at 5am to get the wristband, then at work all day, and finally on my feet (yes guys, no seats at a Tori concert!!) from half six to half ten in that hot and claustrophobic Jazz Cafe – but all worth it for a unique (free!!!) concert.

      Tori was on great form, very funny! The show only really got going with Dragon, which we all loved, and it was so cool to hear some of the shorter songs fleshed out. Star of Wonder was great – very piano-y (rather than being smothered by the production, as some of the recent songs have been) and a great Muhammed My Friend bit in the middle of it. Pink and Glitter is such a wonderful song.

      Thanks so much Tori!! (We were so close I swear I could see her dribbling :-o

      The irony of the whole day is that no one checked my wristband on entrance, so I could have had a lie-in. (I was the exception though – the security guards were quite rigorous)

    11. Alicja says:

      Amazing concert. It felt like she invited few people around to play songs and talk to them. Everybody was so excited and she was beautifull and sounded great.

      The wait in the rain was so worth it, every minute of it!

      Hope to see you soon Tori. THANK YOU so much for your songs…

    12. Ryan says:

      This is the Tori we all fell in love with. In such an intimate setting, she felt like she was playing in her living room chatting to her friends!

      The Doughnut Song and Another Girl's Paradise brought tears to my eyes and to see the verocity and emotion in her face as she sang the lyrics will stay with me forever.

    13. Richard says:

      Another amazing evening with Tori and there have been many of those down the years. She looked stunning and the music as ever served to remind us of just how unique a performer Tori is. Great choice of songs for the set list and “Lady In Blue” was awesome.

    14. Christoff says:

      Ok, I’ll try and keep this short.

      Awesome awesome gig on Wednesday. I was in the venue first and eighth in line for the wristbands on Tuesday. It was all so so worth the wait in the rain, the wind, the cold, with the crap tent, wet feet, wet sleeping bag, the wet head, the cold, the snot, the 1 hour search for somewhere to pee at 1am, the rude awakening after 10 minutes sleep at 5am, the mad dash to the venue, the running down Oxford Street, the running through Camden Town, the endless rain on Wednesday, and the panic/stress/butterflies of the whole experience. I would do it all again a hundred times. Brilliant two days, brilliant set list, the best ever Tori Stories I’ve heard her tell in person, the great improvs, the wit, the banter, the eye contact down at the front, the hand holding, the improv about the British fans following her around Europe, the drool, the screw ups, the giggles, the tears from Tori, the tears from the fans, the lack of full stops in this post, the 4 hour drive home after the show in the rain and the fog, dangerously close to sleeping, the 5am arrival at home time, the 8am getting up time, the 9am at work time, the trenchfoot, my friends, my wonderful wonderful friends and the legend that is the T Meister. So many memories.

      What a year this has been. Perfect ending. Just brilliant. Thank you Tori and see you in 2011!

    15. Dave says:

      It felt and still feels feels very special to have been at this gig. There were so many highlights but I think the eye contact with the audience (mentioned by Ami above) and to shake Tori’s hand at the end of the show was magic!

    16. Tomasz says:

      They say that true art comes straight from the artist’s heart. Tori’s concert at Jazz Cafe definitely proved this statement true. There was definitely something personal going on for Tori tonight, and while it’s not of our business what it was, it influenced her performance significantly. She started off with powerful Lady in Blue. As soon as she sat down to the piano it was obvious that she will not let the small venue and proximity of the audience intimidate her. Even more, she sang the first lines as though she was challenging this intimate space. Soon however, it became apparent that there is much more to this performance, a different, very private context.

      Then other songs followed: Concertina, Silent Night, Doughnut Song, all performed in a very strong and at the same time intimate manner. This was my Tori’s sixth concert and I’ve never seen so emotional, for me it looked as if she became a unity with her “girls”. There were many amusing moments too: when she tried to tune the piano and sang how bad she is with the numbers or when she told the story of Tash offering her a drink.

      After tonight’s show I have to say that there is definitely no better way of watching Tori perform that at such a small, intimate gig. The level of connection between Tori and the audience and the impact that she had on us was just unspeakable. It is a nice experience to see her with the band in a large venue but there’s no better way to experience the full emotional charge of her music then like tonight. I stood about six meters away from her but the guys who got there first were just around two meters away. Truly mystical experience.

      To sum up: she just gets better and better. After a bit weaker ADP tour she came back with her full potential this year and finished off with such a powerful show. I’ve seen her three times this year already and I thought it’s enough for a while. But now, being there tonight, I just want more and more. Tori, you are the best, roll on!!!

    17. Rachael says:

      I camped overnight to get a wristband, it was so very worth it! This was my 8th show and I was lucky enough to be close to the stage when I got there… and the setlist just blew everyone away. In many ways I’m glad it wasn’t a predictable setlist, even though every show is spectacular… the song she chose on the night just suited the vibe of the place and the type of show it was. I was also stood next to Marcel throughout which was a rare treat!

      Gavin… I filmed very briefly throughout the show, I hope it wasn’t me you were calling rude, as Tori even said during the show “I bet this will end up on youtube”. It’s not Tori that doesn’t like to be filmed, just the venues… and for alot of my friends who couldn’t be there they really appreciated the footage I got for them (the only parts I filmed was her entering the stage and then the encore, I did not take any pictures either). Plus, if it was me that was bothering you, then if you had said you were annoyed I would have stopped. Thats if it’s me you were talking about, I hope it wasn’t because I would have hated to be annoying somebody.

    18. Paul D says:

      The best Tori show I’ve ever been to! I was lucky and only joined the wristband queue at 6am and still got one, some had been in the queue over 12 hours earlier than me! I managed to keep awake enough to requeue at the Jazz Cafe from quite early on, in the rain – did it ever stop raining?! Those at the very front of the queue could hear the soundcheck, bunching up together to peer through the entrance doors to watch it as well – but Tori’s manager John came out twice to ask them to please go back to their line as although Tori appreciates their support she is finding it off putting while trying to soundcheck! When we all eventually got in out of the rain another long wait until Tori came on stage, but she was in such fine form this really was a show never to be repeated :)

      Brilliant night!

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