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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)


    Summer 2010 Tour

    Date July 21, 2010
    City Bloemendaal
    Venue Caprera


    Thanks to @arjanwelles for the list of songs played and thanks to Everything Tori for the order!

    Main Set:

    • Flying Dutchman
    • Concertina
    • Silent All These Years
    • Siren
    • Leather
    • Spark
    • Caught a Lite Sneeze
    • Take to the Sky (w/I Feel The Earth Move)
    • Lovesong [The Cure]
    • Crazy
    • Carbon
    • Girl
    • Beauty Queen/Horses
    • Honey
    • Northern Lad
    • Bouncing off Clouds
    • Secret Spell (w/Turn Turn Turn)
    • Spring Haze
    • Cloud on My Tongue


    • Space Dog
    • Hey Jupiter

    Additionally, @NicotineLove reports that Tori soundchecked “Opehlia,” Siren,” “Taxi Ride,” “Spark,” ““Spring Haze,” “Secret Spell,” “Beauty Queen,” “Horses,” “Little Earthquakes,” “Honey.” “Carbon,” “Crazy” and “Flying Dutchman.”


    Spark (posted by dikkie)

    Crazy (posted by dikkie)

    Bouncing off Clouds (posted by dikkie)



    1. Bjorn says:

      Visited Tori yesterday in Bloemendaal. Brilliant concert, vibrant atmosphere and a lovely stage set on a near clear blue sky. The setlist was amazing with so many little pearls!

    2. Ciske1 says:

      The best Tori-concert I’ve ever been to! Great setlist, great atmosphere and it was so pure, no band. Just Tori, Bosendorfer and keyboards.Wonderful!

    3. Peter Pijpelink says:

      I have been to many, if not all concerts of Tori over the last years in the Benelux and this one was absolute my top favorite. I been going to all shows when possible, even the early years in the Hague and so on. My girlfriend was with me on the last year shows and she agrees (even not a fan as I am) that this concert was very good and nice.

      What a great place in the open air to listen to Tori.

      Her daughter Natashya (and a sort of nanny/security person) came sitting next to us halfway the concert and she did enjoy also we could see as she made smiles and hand waves to her mum on stage.

      I loved the songs she played, specially Jupiter was amazing pretty, the Birds was also a nice touch, so after Brugge now Bloemendaal and in October going to Amsterdam! What a great Tori concert year.

      I do enjoy her solo on stage more than with the band, she is more powerfull in her songs with just her piano and keys.

      Hope she will return to this place as it is a great area in the dunes next to the sea!

    4. Martine says:

      I’ve visited a lot of Tori concerts over the years, but this was definitely one of the best. Thanks to the setlist, the location, but most of all thanks to Tori who was pure, relaxed en who gave us lots of beautiful songs, some in a way I’ve never heard them before. My highlight was ‘Take To The Sky’!

    5. Maartje says:

      I`ve had a wonderful evening in Bloemendaal; the weather was perfect, as was the setting of the venue. Tori`s voice was better than I expected; the high notes were not a problem at all :) A small tour is good news for her voice so it seems :)

      Highlights for me were ‘Girl’ & ‘Hey Jupiter’, it seemed to me that Tori didn`t want the performance to end because she kept repeating the last few sentences of Jupiter (which was the last song of the evening).

      ‘Secret Spell’ was a pleasant surprise; I don`t like the album version at all, but it sounded great live imo. All in all; a well balanced, musically nearly perfect performance with a very pretty environment as a bonus. I felt lucky to be there!

      Can`t wait ‘till October 8th; Tori performing with a full orchestra, yeah!

      PS those shoes! how is it possible she can wear them while playing ;) ?

    6. Jan says:

      My best Tori concert is still the first time I saw her, in Amsterdam in ’94. But this concert is second best for me, it was really really good. Wonderful place, great atmosphere and a setlist to die for, I loved it.

    7. Theo van Dijk says:

      Yesterday, my mother, my friend Bo and I went to see Tori Amos at Caprera in Bloemendaal. It was the tenth time I got to see Tori play live, and the fifth time she played solo, without her band. Wow, what can I say? The evening was magical. The theatre, which is open air, was lovely, under a clear blue sky, and the show itself was amazing. The seating was general admission, and I made it to the front row, so I was already having a blast even before the show began.

      Tori seemed to be in a great mood, and was looking like she really enjoyed herself of stage. She started the show with Flying Dutchman (as she was playing in the Netherlands) and later on mentioned her sound engineer Marcel van Limbeek, calling him her very own Dutchman.

      The setlist was just amazing, it was like I’d written it for her and she played everything I wanted her to. My all time favourite Northern Lad, a stunning Secret Spell (including Turn Turn Turn) and a wonderful Beauty Queen/Horses. But those are only a few highlights of a night of, well, just that: highlights.

      It’s amazing how Tori keeps getting better every time I see her. The first time was back in 1998 during the Plugged Tour, and since then, I’ve loved every show even more than the one before. When she ended this magical night with an encore of Space Dog and the absolutely brilliant Hey Jupiter, all I could think of was how happy I am I’ve already got my tickets to see her again at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam in October.

    8. Petra says:

      Woooooow! Speechless. What a special, pure, memorable evening! Gorgeous Tori, Bosey, music and location! Bugs flying around in the light and smoke, amazing sky and the weather gods were gracious. Mesmerizing performances and very special atmosphere. Cute Tash dancing with her nanny on the side and nice people all around. Great experience. And thank you nice Mr cookie man for my dinner!! Lost you in the crowd there. A shout out as well to the fake Bjorn Hansen, Jan B and the nice die-hards at the front of the gate and most of all to the South African choirboys and the concert virgin! Can’t wait for the next special show in October!

    9. Tim says:

      OOR magazine concluded that Tori’s performance was impressive and fabulous. I can only agree.

    10. tip_of.yourstar says:

      The venue was beautiful in the outdoor, surrounded by trees and plants. What I didn’t like was the pond between the stage and the audience, which created a distance between Tori and us.

      I wasn’t too crazy about Tom McRae’s set. The best thing was when he covered Rihanna’s Umbrella. Tash was dancing beside the stage during this song.

      Not much later, Tori came on in a red dress and black leggings, she looked stunning and seemed very happy to be there. Flying Dutchman was a decent opener and after the 2nd song, Concertina, she talked about her own Dutchman (Marcel), “who has been a dear friend for 20 years” and that she “even wore orange in Belgium for him. That’s love!”.

      Later on in the show, when she started playing Honey, she mentioned that it was written in the desert, that she loves the desert and that she’s a “lizard lady”. After which she quickly stuck out her tongue like a lizard. :)

      The best songs of the show were Honey, Spark, Crazy, Horses and Spring Haze. Secret Spell had a bigger portion of Turn Turn Turn than when she did it at Bonnaroo. I believe she did 2 verses and 2 choruses of that song. Absolutely brilliant and very fierce!

      I didn’t care that much for Concertina, Leather and Silent All These Years. They weren’t very different from how they usually are.

      All in all it was a very good show, with some nice surprises and top notch vocals

    11. Leonie says:

      To everything Tori, Tori, Tori! :)

      My sixth Tori show and although I thought nothing could top the show in Groningen last year this show did.

      I’m not sure if it was the fantastic atmosphere, the wonderful location (in a Forest!) or just Tori. :) Everything added up to a great night. She played a number of nice surprises like Honey, Spark and Spring Haze. In two songs she referred to her friend Rolf (from Viktor & Rolf) for example during Horses she sang “and threads that are golden don’t break easily, my friend Rolf your threads don’t break easily”.

      It was also nice to see Tash running up and down the venue, dancing and laughing. She really looks a lot like Tori. It was an amazing night. I’m really looking forward to seeing her with the Metropole Orchestra in October.

    12. Astrid says:

      It was years ago that I saw Tori for the last time. The atmosphere was just amazing, the audience was very relaxed and Tori’s voice was perfect. But, I lost attention after an hour because there was no interaction with the audience and it seemed like she was in a rush – she played one song after the other without any breaks.

    13. Eric says:

      The sound and setting did compliment Tori’s show wonderfully. The sound was crisp and clear and the mood was good. In the silences you could hear the crickets chirp.

      I was at the front row mid-right and it felt so personal as she played. The best concert experience for me in a while. I’m still on a music high from last night.

    14. MarianneRose says:

      WOW what an amazing night!!!!! It was the best performance I have seen her ever! It was my 20th concert and I was blown away! I was there around three and sadly got the word she was running late so there was not gonna be a M&G. Fortunately we could hear the soundcheck! SO I did hear Ophelia and Taxi Ride two of my favorite songs! On the setlist there they were supposed to be played before COMT and Precious thing was supposed to be after that song. She also planned on singing Baker Baker but did Leather instead. I should be disappointed coz these are all great songs but I’m not coz the show as it was was so so so so damn good!!!

      The venue was so so beautiful! I think only 800-1000 people fit in it! the water and the trees made the experience really special! I set at row three so i could see her every expression!

      Now for the show..

      Flying Dutchman: great opener! She smiled a lot and we went wild

      Concertina: one of my all-time fave songs so I was glad it came out! It was so lovely done just her and the keyboards and piano! never heard it solo so I was delighted!

      Silent All These Years: best performance I’ve heard of this song! It was so clean! so sharp.. wow

      Siren: HIGHLIGHT! she did this song so clear so lovely and so so beautiful I cried…. I did!

      Leather: heard this one a million times but you know she wanted to play it and you could see that! Man was she having fun!

      Spark: wow wow wow never heard this one… and wow she nailed it! The “how many..” part was fierce! I got goosebumps! wow

      Caught a Lite Sneeze: best version I ever heard! Only heard it with the band before and the was on fire by now!

      Take to the Sky (w/I Feel The Earth Move): love this version with the Feel the Earth in the middle! We were all clapping and happy and she was rocking it big time!

      Lovesong [The Cure]: so sweet so pure… I turned to the hubby and we both had tears in our eyes!

      Crazy: heard this one at the soundcheck and man I loved loved loved it!

      Carbon: this right after Crazy made it even more special! WOW so beautifully done!

      Girl: couldn't believe she sang this! I love love love this song so much and never heard it live! wow great performance!

      Beauty Queen/Horses: ok by now my friends hubby and I could not believe what was going on! highlight after highlight after highlight! WOW this was so so powerful! Again never heard horses without band and man is it sweet!

      Honey: coz she did this one at the soundcheck we were hoping she would do this one! Before playing she said: “Girls, you like the desert? I love the desert, I wrote this song in the desert, I’m a lizard lady” then she stroked her lips with her tongue! Now that was sexy!! The song was very very sexy too! loved it!

      Northern Lad: to play NL after Honey was a real treat! She kept on her sexy vibes and the vocals were spot on!

      Bouncing off Clouds: a bit weird… think this works better with band but we had fun! coz it was so so uptempo and she was dancing!

      Spring Haze: I died again! She did this song so so so beautiful! next to Concertina my fave from TVAB! really lovely!

      Secret Spell (w/Turn Turn Turn): OK so not my face song.. at all…. BUT this version it’s great! Her vocals are so high and so so so pretty! the turn turn turn-thingy in the middle is toally fab!

      Cloud on My Tongue: just beautifull… my friend cried coz its her fave song ever and that made it so special!


      Space Dog: wow that rocked big time! lovely as an encore!

      Hey Jupiter: HIGHLIGHT! wow I heard it before! But never absolutely never like this! Just amazing! her vocals! everything about it was just wow! I had goosebumps, I felt so connected to her! (I know it’s corny but I just did)….

      Still cant believe that I was there!

    15. Cora says:

      So nice to see Tori in this way. To get an idea of how intimate the atmosphere was: Tori’s daughter was walking up and down the stairs and dancing next to her dad in the sound control station while the supporting act was on stage. She moves like a butterfly.

      It has been a while since I saw Tori with only a piano. It is hard to tell what I like best: with or without band. In both ways she brings the best out of her songs. That makes her the brilliant musician she is. I love the shows with her drum and bass. Last September I enjoyed myself very much in Amsterdam. She was raving! And now we get the gift of seeing her in this way. Maybe it was a gift for me, because I had my 40th birthday, the day after. The gift to all of her fans is, of any age btw, she is good in both and we don’t have to choose.

      This show reminded me of my first Tori concert. The Under the Pink tour in 1994. At that time, coming on stage, she came across as a timid girl and I remember I thought I found her very brave: a full venue and she, alone, on the big stage, with only her piano to hold on to. Well, she does not make that impression anymore. And it is not just in the shoes!

      It is great to be in your forties.

      Question: Can somebody help me out with the meaning of Tori’s references to ‘her friend Ralph’?? (or a name sounding something like that)

      [She was referring to Rolf, of fashion designers Viktor and Rolf, who are friends and were in attendance. +woj]
    16. Indra says:

      Love this theater, especially for this performance! It was GREAT! Sorta Fairytale kinda concert (due to the forest around all) ;)

    17. Tim says:

      Fantastic and magical concert by Tori, she wasn’t that chatty but hey I’ll forgive her for that. :)

      Great setlist, wonderful setting in the forest, beautiful lights and bugs :) (crickets, bats and other creatures dancing in the light).

      My boyfriend Dikkie submitted 3 video’s from the concert.

    18. Jonathan says:

      It was truly amazing…so pure and clear. And for once, the dear people did not talk through the songs as so often happens at concerts over here in NL- thanks folks, and thanks Tori for a great night.

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