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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)


    Summer 2010 Tour

    Date July 19, 2010
    City Paris
    Venue L'Olympia


    Thanks to @toriamos_fr for updating the setlist on TWitter!

    • Curtain Call
    • China
    • Siren
    • Bachelorette improv > Suzanne [Leonard Cohen]
    • Mrs. Jesus
    • Space Dog
    • Leather
    • improv > Twinkle
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Winter
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Girl
    • Marianne
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Gold Dust
    • Putting The Damage On
    • The Power of Orange Knickers
    • Another Girl’s Paradise
    • Precious Things


    • Crucify
    • Personal Jesus [Depeche Mode] / Body and Soul


    Curtain Call (posted by 000MadMan000)

    China (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Siren (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Suzanne (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Mrs. Jesus (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Leather (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Twinkle (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Black Dove (January) (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Winter (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Snow Cherries From France (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Girl (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Marianne (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Gold Dust (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Putting The Damage On (posted by 000MadMan000)

    The Power of Orange Knickers (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Precious Things (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Crucify (posted by 000MadMan000)

    Personal Jesus / Body and Soul (posted by guagez)


    1. St├ęphane J says:

      What a show!! It was my sixth Tori show and It was amazing! So many beautiful moments… A hypnotizing “Bouncing off Clouds”, a moving “Gold Dust”…

      She did a moving improv before Twinkle, where she sang about the dead who still twinkle around us. She said how happy she was to be playing at the Olympia, where people like Jeff Buckley and Edith Piaf performed before and said they were with us tonight. Later, before the Leonard Cohen cover, she said she first wanted to play Jeff Buckley’s Alleluiah but, backstage, it sucked so she played Suzanne instead.


      [Jeff Buckley famously covered Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" which is probably what Tori was referring to. -your humble editor]

    2. jaybees80 says:

      Amazing show, like 2001 in the same place…. so beautiful and intense. My seventh show …. maybe the best with 2001.

    3. sidner says:

      So this is over – my ten days’ marathon of voyages and Tori shows..

      The show in Paris was totally great, more than 2 hours in length and 22 songs! There was no meet and greet before the show.

      She pulled it off with a powerful Curtain Call (a surprising choice for a STARTER). Then the setlist got even more bitter and dark, with Siren and dark, melancholic Twinkle that had a nice little improv in the beginning. She talked a bit about the venue and said it was a kinda homage to the place where Jeff Buckley and so many other bands played. She even told that she really wanted to play Hallelujah tonight (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in the memory of Jeff but “I did it backstage and I SUCKED!) and then she put on her wonderful glasses (she IS gorgeous in glasses!) sang a-capella a liitle funny variation of first lines of Bachelorette and sang a moving and intense Suzanne…

      Overall I had three songs I don’t like at all… China was long long long, Mrs Jesus was.. just OK, but Snow Cherries from France actually pleased me a lot!

      Winter was a highlight of the night, she really put all herself in this incredible performance (she was supposed to play Taxi Ride in the encore instead of putting Winter on the main list). And then she played Girl/Marianne sequence which was awesome together. Girl is a real revelation of the tour! Marianne sounded fierce – a real emotional rollercoaster, he took the public by the throat literally!

      The surprise – Gold Dust/PTDPO – I am the lucky guy to have heard Gold Dust twice in only four shows, and this one was as tearful as the first one – followed by my-own-little-catharsis PTDO

      TPOOK has grown into a real bittersweet anthem – it actually IS a great song and maybe the greatest rendition of a previously written song she ever made. It still bells in my ears. Then there was a good Another Girl’s Paradise and a beautiful encore.

      The public was very French and not as supportive as in Milan and Brugge, but still everyone yelled and danced on PJesus. Tori added some roaring parts “come on giiiirrrrrl: parts in it. My neighbours were really strange and quiet all over the show and watching my emotional response with he-is-a-mental-hospital-patient look… I didn’t like it at all – I think that if you get to the front row you can be at least a bit supportive and not look scornfully at the others.

      So here it is – in the books. I know many of you will say (or probably said already, that it was a sleepy and dull and boring and i-would-play something-else. But I think it was a really complete, beautiful but just maybe not so surprising concert – she played and sang at the top of her power. And she HAS the fire – so I guess I’ll forgive her not playing my request)))))))))

    4. inkwell says:

      What an amazing show. Only my second, and the first time without the band.

      People were forced to leave the Olympia at the end. In fact, after the encores, the crowd kept on cheering…

      And Oh, Tori looked not bad (usually fashion wise, she can use some advice. But what she wore was rather chic). The lights were not sophisticated but looked really good with the curtains.

      I was surprised that “The Power of Orange Knickers” sounded so well live! Winter could’ve been easily replaced by any other song.

      Vocal wise, Tori was wonderful.
      Gold Dust and Marianne melted the hearts of the audience (and Putting the Damage On melted mine).

      Beauty of Speed found its way easily through the audience as well.

      The show was a very beautiful, in a very causal and naturally romantic place.

      PS : the organisers and security at the entrance really sucked.

    5. erikwithak says:

      This was a very beautiful intense journey, as always. This was my 50th, and all the memories and friends past the review in my mind . Every song was connected to a story, friend … Tori keeps on connecting people and the music is the magic that keeps it together, for ever. Thanks Eric, Christophe (France) Christophe (Germany) Michael, Lisa , Elyse, Melannie, Matt, Crool, Gwen , for joining me in this beautiful journey. Thanks Tori for the light you bring us, may it never go out, we would all fall into darkness.

    6. Jose RVR says:

      It couldn’t have been better. It was our first Tori concert for my best friend and I, and we were actually very nervous, wondering about the tracklist, how would she sound like… I have to say that the beautiful Olympia venue helped a lot to create a romantic atmosphere. Despite the boring guy who played before Tori (whose high pitched laments, imho, became even disgusting at a certain point), the night was just p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

      Tori appeared dressed in a salmon pink dress and silver leggings, of course wearing stilettos. She seemed very happy and sweet. What impressed me the most was how intense her performance was. Not pauses, not long speeches, not even time to drink water or whatever…just one song after another, progressively increasing the intensity.

      I loved the whole tracklist, but for me there were a few bright highlights. One of them it was “Gold dust”: it’s my favorite Tori song and I had been fantasizing for ages with the idea of listening it live, so I had tears in my eyes all through her performance, it was so moving, delicate and heart-touching… By the way, not a single crack on her voice or a note out of tune (and this is applicable to the whole concert).

      “Space dog” was funny and it rocked, and “Marianne” was another wonderful moment too, it seemed as if time had stopped, while she kept playing those black and white keys. “Bouncing off clouds” sounded so spacey, so dreamy…and “Beauty of speed” was great too, with Tori setting the beat with her heels, smiling so funnily!!!

      “Power of orange knickers” was unexpected and I absolutely enjoyed it, and “Precious things” just left me speechless. I wonder why there are so many fans complaining about the “New Tori” and missing the “Old Tori”…The woman I saw and heard at the Olympia was fierce, intense and genuine, and definetly fulfilled even my highest expectations.

      About the encore, the Depeche Mode cover mixed with bits of “Body and soul” got me clapping and waving my shoulders with a wide smile on my face. Two days after the show, I still have that grin on my face. Thank you Tori for one of the most beautiful and meaningful moments of my life.

    7. Lisa071573 says:

      The Paris show was pretty amazing, and Tori seemed very humbled to be playing L’Olympia. This was my first time in Paris and I’m not sure if the theatre is representative of how the French run their venues, but it was a bit of mess. There were only two people handing out tickets at the will call desk; I got in line a bit after 7:10pm and didn’t get my tickets until almost 7:55pm, and the show was scheduled to start at 8pm. Inside the theatre, the rows were lettered, but the seats had no numbers. This meant you had to have an usher show you the correct seat (and apparently you’re supposed to tip the usher for this). I’ll have to remember to look up Amsterdam concert-going etiquette before the October show! At any rate, when the lights went out a bit after 8pm for the opener (who reminded me of that episode of Friends where Ross busts out his synthesizer), the theatre was more than half empty with either most people still outside trying to pick up their tickets, or inside trying to find their seat via the ushers’ help. It was definitely one of the most inefficient things I’ve ever seen at a venue.

      I thought Curtain Call was an interesting opener, and expected China to follow, as it did. China was played partially on the keyboard giving it a sound as if an orchestra were playing along, making me wonder if she’s picking out songs for Amsterdam :). The Bachelorette improv was adorable – “she comes to Paris and she bachelorettes / she will drink loads of champagne / but she can’t see a goddamn thing” – explaining that she needed to wear her glasses to read the lyrics to Suzanne as she’s getting older. I was really hoping she was going to do Hallelujah, but she apparently thought it sucked backstage (highly doubtful!). I like Suzanne but it always seems a bit long and drawn out to me.

      I was happy to hear some Scarlet’s Walk songs (my favorite album) and would have loved to have heard Wednesday and Taxi Ride, both on the setlist but not played. (Winter and Leather were both not listed on the setlist I saw.)

      I love Space Dog and could definitely hear it every night. Marianne was lovely again and I enjoyed Snow Cherries from France (I’d been expecting Josephine but had forgotten all about Snow Cherries from France). Gold Dust was gorgeous, as always, but the highlight for me was Girl, which really sounded amazing. Again, there was some keyboard thrown in, really giving it a feel of being infused with a string section, especially at the end.

      Personal Jesus tonight had the Body and Soul bit “come and kneel with me” and really rocked – it’s definitely a song Tori was meant to cover. I clocked the show at 116 minutes (which I’ve triple checked this time!) and the crowd was still on its feet clapping for minutes after the lights came up. For a few seconds there, I really thought Tori was going to come back out. It was quite a magical show and I enjoyed it more than the London show. Tori’s voice is in top form these days and I can’t wait for the Amsterdam show.

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