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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Royal Albert Hall

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date November 02, 2011
    City London, UK (1)
    Venue Royal Albert Hall


    Many thanks to @RKGraeme for live-tweeting the setlist from the venue!

    • Shattering Sea
    • Scarborough Fair (solo)
    • Suede
    • Velvet Revolution (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Leather
    • Beauty Queen/Horses (solo)
    • Marianne (solo)
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Cloud on My Tongue
    • Star Whisperer
    • Silent All These Years (solo)
    • Bells for Her (solo)
    • Way Down (solo)
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Your Ghost
    • Precious Things
    • Cruel

    First Encore

    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Winter

    Second Encore

    • Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
    • Siren
    • Big Wheel




    Beauty Queen/Horses

    Way Down

    Hey Jupiter

    Precious Things



    Smells Like Teen Spirit



    1. Tipsy says:

      That was Tori as Standard. Does not mean that wasn’t a good show but not the best i have been. The setlist was influenced a lot because Tash was there and few family friends were attending with Mark behind the control stage. Highlight for me were MARIANNE for sure, CRUEL,HORSES,HEY JUPITER.

    2. Paw says:

      A fantastic performance by Tori and the quartet. The new songs from Hunters were played with great intensity and energy. Together with the arrangements for Tori’s earlier material, thus making it a truly memorable concert ( despite some sound issues in Way Down ). Personal highlights include Star Whisperer, Leather, Precious, Cruel. Thank you Tori for another wonderful concert.

    3. Al says:

      Absolutely amazing show! It was fantastic to see her play in such an esteemed venue to a full house. She seemed to be in very good spirits, and seemed to have more energy than the last time I saw her on the Sinful Attraction tour.

      The string Quartet were also amazing and highlights of the show for me was the Pele section in the middle of the set with “Beauty Queen/Horses” and “Hey Jupiter” “Shattering Sea”, “Cruel” “Winter” (Not a dry eye in the house) and the unexpected treat at the end that was “Smells like tean Spirit” (the whole place went nuts) and “Siren”.

      I was sat just behind the sound desk so I got to see Mark twiddling the knobs which was cool as well.

      Its my 5th show since 2002 and I have to say one of the best, and its great to see that at 48, Tori still packs a punch as a live performer.

      I was hoping for “Northern lad” as Its my favorite Tori song and in 10 years I have never managed to see her play it live. Oh well, maybe next time…

    4. FritchleyPaul says:

      First time seeing Tori and it was wonderful! Eclectic set (for my money) and great reworkings with the quartet.

      Way Down had some audio hiss interference – only blemish for me.

      Thanks for set list!

    5. Sam says:

      Last night’s performance blew me away. The amazing quartet really added a punch to the songs. It was a very tight performance with lots of surprises. The highlight was definately the intro to Beauty Queen, which was so powerful, you could have heard a pin drop in the Royal Albert Hall.

      Tori looked amazing and she mentioned that her daughter and all her school friends were there too. She didn’t talk between songs. She didn’t need to.

    6. Ben says:

      There was a fantastic energy at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a really special evening.
      Tori seemed in very good spirits indeed and wore a long cream coloured gown.
      She mentioned Tash was in the audience with her school friends.
      There was a bit of crackling interference during ‘Way Down’ but that was soon fixed.
      The setlist moved so quickly and Tori did not stop for a second.

      I’ve been coming to see Tori since 1998 and this was possible the best oerformance EVER!

    7. RYAN says:

      My 28th show and 3rd this tour. Beautiful set with so many old girlfriends coming out to play…sat in tears for many songs holding onto the most intimate notes reassuring my heart that I am alive, here and for anything this is me.

      Please please let her play Doughnut Song…

    8. Kelly says:

      A great venue where, for a refreshing change, the staff don’t roughly frisk you, confiscate your bottled water and make you feel like a criminal before you’ve barely got a foot in the door (certain other London venues shall remain nameless!) The Royal Albert Hall provides a great, and appropriately majesterial, space for Tori to perform in and we were fortunate enough to have great stalls seats, at the end of Row M & right next to the exit, facing Tori at her beloved Bosey: result! I do always wonder how folk manage to get seats in the first few rows though!? Answers on a postcard please!

      My boyfriend made an interesting observation, commenting that Tori looked like a Jesus figure in her long & apparently white robe! A female Jesus (Mrs Jesus!) – I like that analogy!

      As a singer myself, I personally felt that vocally, Tori took a few songs to loosen up and get into her flow (and fair enough, if so, as these tours are long & she must have to look after that voice – & those fingers! – like the most fragile of things!) Early on (perhaps it was in “Nautical Twilight”?) she chose to sing the high note an octave lower than in the album version & I wondered, apprehensively, whether this might become a pattern throughout the night, but not so, I’m pleased to report, and she was soon soaring the sonic heights that she’s so well known for.

      I always seem to hear “Winter” live which, though undeniably beautiful, feels ever so slightly done-to-death to me these days (I’ve seen Tori live six times now, I think, starting belatedly after many, many years of fandom on my part, with the Beekeeper tour). I loved hearing “Bells For Her” again though, as I love that ethereal keyboard setting that she uses these days when playing live – the one that sounds like fairy voices from the depths of a forest! I call it the ‘Lord of the Rings’ setting! Just beautiful & so apt for Tori’s updated take on this particular song.

      But on to the string quartet! They are nothing short of amazing! What an incredibly talented bunch & the perfect pairing for Tori! I realised how important it is to actually see these guys as well as hear them. Their performance is incredibly physical and dynamic – all frenetic limbs and wild hair! They were wonderful – so immaculately in synch with one another & with Tori. We will probably buy an album of theirs as a result of last night. They shone a new light on Tori’s world of whimsy and she was all the more resplendent for it!

      I always love to hear those frenzied opening notes of “Precious Things”. They never, ever fail to quicken the pulse & last night was no exception. A Tori gig with a live rendition of this song always feels more complete somehow. And whilst I loved (as a huge “Pele” fan) hearing “Beauty Queen” & “Horses” live & appropriately back to back, I can really do without any more “Hey Jupiter” – sorry folks but it has never been my song – I just find it really dirgey! Loved hearing “Mr Zebra” for the first time live though & I always get excited when I hear that “Leather” is on its way, with that insistent opener followed by that now-familiar, drawn-out “Looooooooooooooooooooooook . . . “! “Cloud On My Tongue” seemed particularly from-the-heart, which was a joy to hear. And at long last I got to hear “Siren” – such a magical song, that one: so full of contagious energy.

      Good to see that Tori didn’t screw up the counting on final song of the night, “Big Wheel”, unlike when we saw her at the Hammersmith Apollo back in 2007 on the Dolls tour; very human, very funny!

      As always, Tori supplied a dazzling retrospective, spanning her entire career to date, so my guess is that everyone will have felt catered for in some way – I certainly hope so, anyway. It’s a shame that some awful loud buzzing detracted hugely from “Way Down”, plus I’d hoped for a festive appearance from “Midwinter Graces”, but as above reviewer ‘Al’ quite rightly says . . . when you’re a Tori fan, you know there’s always next time! So bring on 2012 and yet more classical wonder in ‘The Light Princess’ at London’s National Theatre: can’t wait! Rock on Tori!

    9. Maxine says:

      Amazing show as ever, and a perfect setlist for my first time in the splendour of the Albert Hall – some quite brave song choices, considering Tash and her friends were in the audience! The string quartet were marvellous. Two of the songs she played from Little Earthquakes were among the favourites of a good friend of mine who unfortunately passed away this year, so it was particularly poignant. Really hope she plays there again in the future.

    10. Jonathan says:

      An excellent show.

      My g/f and I had travelled from Southport (just North of Liverpool) to see her and it was well worth the effort. I love hearing Tori on her own at the piano.

      The acoustics in the concert hall where simply stunning.

      It was really pleasing to hear a good collection of early songs (Hey Jupiter being a personal favourite).

      We too where sat behind the mixing desk and there was frantic action when a vibration started to affect the sound on Way Down… thankfully fixed in time for HJ.

      A fantastic setlist with some great interpretations of classics.

    11. Leo says:

      I won’t fault her performance one bit, but I have to say I was a little disappointed that a large proportion of the setlist was the same as her 2010 show at the Victoria Apollo. I was particularly annoyed at the sound problems during Way Down and Hey Jupiter as well, two of my favourites!

      She sounded fantastic and the SQ were unbelievably good. Just can’t help feel a little jealous of the Hammersmith Apollo setlist though!

    12. Emily says:

      My fifth time seeing Tori and without a doubt the best time I’ve seen her. I’ve always wanted to see her play with strings (‘Winter’ just doesn’t feel right without them), so it was a real treat – and the quartet were beyond any expectations! Amazing.

      I was also so happy to finally hear ‘Beauty Queen/Horses’, ‘Mr. Zebra’ ‘Leather’, ‘Cloud On My Tongue’ and ‘Cruel’ live for the first time (all of them being favourites of mine I’ve never seen her play before). The latter in particular was absolutely stunning – loved the reworking and what they did with the strings! ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was a great treat too! It was indeed a shame about the sound on ‘Way Down’, but good that it was sorted so quickly.

      I was a tad disappointed Spark and Baker Baker didn’t appear though, as I adore both of them, yet I’ve never seen her play either and they seem to have been coming out quite a bit on this tour looking at the setlists. Ah well though – there’s always another time!

    13. Mary says:

      Best thing about this show I thought was seeing Tori so happy and bouncy. Recent concerts she seemed a bit down and not so glowing as she looked this time.

      I loved the fact that she wore her “peach party dress”!!

      Siren and Smells Like Teen Spirit def the high point of the gig!

    14. Rafael says:

      Mis fotos del concierto en el Royal Albert Hall.

      My photos from the concert in the Royal Albert Hall.

    15. Mike says:

      I’d seen the previous Albert Hall performance, with centre row 2 tickets, and it was a very special show. I was hoping she would rise to the occasion again, and had a friend who had heard little Tori before. So…

      A great setlist and the quartet were amazing. Shame about the equipment failure.

      Concerned when Leather appeared so early – though a great version. Several of the songs were their best orchestration since the Black Dyke Mills band were involved.

      But please, can we have some pacing? Continuous back to back songs do not showcase things at their best; Tori played it safe on a number of vocals, going down, rather than up, and it just all feels too smooth and polished – it’s respect rather than love.

    16. ARC says:

      I’ve seen Tori several times in various cities and was really looking forward to hearing her at the RAH.

      Technically the show was virtually flawless; she sounded great, played great, and the quartet were impressive to say the least.

      However at times I felt the show lacked a bit of her usual character and so wasn’t as dynamic as I expected – I love hearing the little twists and improvs on the live versions of the songs but she seemed to play them very straight; for example the bridge of Precious Things was played straight through, not teasing out the “girrrrrl”, and some of the songs felt a bit rushed. Perhaps I missed something but I also found it a bit strange she focused so much on her early material and played virtually nothing from her albums between Pele and NoH?

      Having said that, the solo performances of Horses and Marianne were gorgeous and the Smells Like Teen Spirit cover was a great highlight. All in all an excellent night.

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