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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Beacon Theatre

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 02, 2011
    City New York City, NY (1)
    Venue Beacon Theatre


    Thanks to @tender_buttons and @vervalicious for updating! Undented Wonder Twin woj (in the shape of water!) was there and live-tweeting the set too…but he managed to misfire when posting “Leather.” Doh!

    • Shattering Sea
    • Landslide [Fleetwood Mac] (solo)
    • Suede
    • Way Down (solo)
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Leather
    • Putting The Damage On (solo)
    • Jackie’s Strength (solo)
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Maybe California
    • Star Whisperer
    • Twinkle (solo)
    • Gold Dust (solo)
    • Toast (solo)
    • Siren
    • Your Ghost
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Baker Baker
    • Spring Haze
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel




    Spring Haze

    Precious Things

    Big Wheel



    1. Luisana says:

      ….one of the best Tori show I have ever seen.


    2. Andrew says:

      Just got back from the show. It was a great performance! I am floored by Tori’s energy. And the sound was amazing. People who were saying that the boots don’t do Tori and the string quartet justice are dead on. There were moments when Tori was hitting the bass notes when I felt I was going to slide out of my seat.

      The highlight of the night for me was Spring Haze. I know it’s not a new one but the arrangement with the quartet has added new life to this song. And it sounds like Tori has tinkered with some of the piano parts, adding a nice little surprise.

      Gold Dust was also great. I thought it couldn’t get better than the performance from Phoenix on the Sinful Attraction tour but she really knocked it out of the park. The pacing sounded faster than it has in the past, and it seemed heavier on the bass notes.

      Two other things I wanted to point out. I know a lot of people are sick of Leather and Big Wheel but I actually liked them tonight, especially Leather. It’s quite a bit faster than it has been in the past, and Tori’s added a few growls to give it more attitude.

      When Tori introduced the quartet, she mentioned she had played the Beacon Theatre in 2001 and said something about being glad to be back. Also, during the “I was here” line in Gold Dust, she pointed at the stage or made some hand gesture alluding to being there before.

      The crowd where I was sitting was great. No one talked. No one fought. It was probably one of the best concert-going experiences I have had.

      Earlier in the day I was lucky enough to go to the meet and greet. The venue staff set up ropes so people could get in line, which I thought made it a very pleasant experience. They did the meet and greet in the lobby, taking groups of about 13 people in at a time. Once inside, every person got to talk to Tori individually for a minute and get either a picture or an autograph. I got a picture!

    3. Laura says:

      I couldn’t agree more – it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen, and the venue (and their staff) were fantastic!

      I requested Jackie’s Strength during the M&G, so I was absolutely thrilled that she played it – what a magical moment.

    4. John says:

      Amazing show! This was my first time seeing Tori live (only became a fan two years ago) and I was so impressed with her energy and her voice. The quartet blew me away also. They played the hell out of those songs!

    5. Dina says:

      I loved hearing Siren, landslide, and way down live…new album is amazing. I was perfect marriage of Tori and string quartet…..eclectic arrangement…for me this a 20 year love affair, I just fell in love all over again….

    6. Tom M. in NJ says:

      Tori hit one out of the park at the Beacon last night. The quartet really brings such life to the songs, I think she should’ve toured with a quartet (well, this quartet specifically) years ago. I am full of wish that she does another leg of this tour after the New Year.

      With only one exception, this audience was perhaps the best audience at any show I’ve seen. There was a small group off to my left in the Loge that laughed and talked at inappropriate moments but they were just a minor distraction.

      My song-by-song impressions (if you care):

      The quartet starts playing and Tori walks on stage after a minute or two. She is wearing a sea-foam green gown with red heels. Her hair looks better than it ever has, IMO.

      Shattering Sea: Dramatic and mesmerizing. Tori was completely on fire during this song. Lighting was misty and sometimes resembled light reflected off moving water.

      Landslide: Not as poignant and sad as other performances of this song. It was more wistful and light, with Tori smiling throughout.

      Suede: Probably my favorite moment of the night. Tori accessed something deep, dark, fierce for this song. The quartet sounds both electronic and Unseelie at the same time. Brings the house down.

      Way Down: Fun and less dark than the Pele version.

      Cloud on my Tongue: Stunning. The quartet works wonders on this song.

      Leather: Best version I’ve ever heard. Tori has a lot of fun with this stretching out the words, and the quartet gives it a bit of manic energy. The vibrant red lighting and yellow chandelier lights fit perfectly.

      Putting the Damage On: Seemed a bit sped up and was less riveting than other performances I’ve seen. Still, nice to hear another Pele song and it was beautiful.

      Jackie’s Strength: Strong performance but I thought the quartet would’ve really done wonders for this song.

      Mr. Zebra: Played while the boys walked back out. Lots of fun. Tori did something different with the music, but I don’t know enough about music to put it into words—seemed a bit more playful.

      Fearlessness: Really enchanting. Tori’s vocals were excellent. One of my faves from Night of Hunters and it really translated well to the stage.

      Maybe California: Pretty and well done, but it is one of my least favorite songs and low point of the evening for me. I liked the bright yellow lighting.

      Star Whisperer: Holy shit! I was totally unprepared for how good this song would be live. Tori’s playing is creepy and intense on the slow parts and just demonic on the fast bits. Utterly stunning, and the audience rightly goes nuts at the end.

      Twinkle: Beautiful and poignant.

      Gold Dust: Tori’s playing on this was heart-wrenching. She really went for the bass notes here and she seemed very emotional by the end.

      Toast: Literal tear-jerker for me. Sad and beautiful.

      Siren: The quartet makes this song darker than other versions I’ve heard and it seemed slower than the studio cut. Tori vocals really soar. I think it was during this song that the lights were bright white and spiraling over the audience and around the theater.

      Your Ghost: Softly played with great sweetness. The quartet brought the warmth of this song to life.

      Nautical Twilight: I’m sorry to say I barely remember her playing this.

      Cruel: The quartet cuts loose on this song, and Tori wails her heart out. Absolutely ferocious!

      A Multitude of Shades: The quartet rips it up by themselves. It’s a really interesting piece of music.

      Baker Baker: Not a fave of mine, but the quartet breathed some new life into it. I found this performance much more affecting than I normally do.

      Spring Haze: Awesome and intense version. Tori plays it really well, and the way she sustains the ending vocal is spine-tingling.

      Precious Things: This was the only song that I thought didn’t really gain much from the quartet. It was a fine version, but it lacked some of the power of other performances I’ve seen. The lights (mostly white and pale blue) a staccato and a bit seizure-inducing.

      Big Wheel: Really lively and fun and quartet did a great job with it. Lights are red and yellow and Tori is all smiles.

      And thus ends another great show. I’ve seen Tori about a dozen times, and I’d definitely say this show was in the top third of those. As I posted to FB, Tori + string quartet = pure magic.

    7. Annie says:

      I’ve been going to Tori shows since LE and I’ve never been disappointed and never thought I could be, until now! I drove 4 hours to see her in NYC and spent $ I didnt have because my past experiences have always been worth it! I also was bringing someone who has never seen Tori before and was excited to expose someone new to her music and amazing live performance. I cant believe how disappointed I was though. The setlist was horrible. Each song was diluted by the next. Every song she played was slow and somber. Usually she mixes it up but if you look at the set list you might see what I mean?! The worst part is that her voice is starting to sound like Betty Boop! She seems more animated these days and lacking substance. I know I’m upsetting you guys and Im sorry but Im being truthful. I love Tori too & thought she emulated the goddess but WTF happend?! She used to be so passionate and played with more emotion and soul. I dont care that shes getting older or if her voice sounds a little older but I do care that shes not playing with as much emotion and integrity! Im not one of those fans who wants the “old” Tori back I love that she has evolved thats what where all here to do! but I wish she was more herself these days. I love fashion and think of it as an art form but maybe she needs to take her heels off so she can feel the earth agian cuz I know no-one wants to hear this either but I think the issue is that she’s become more coscious of her external self and as a result more disconnected from the music and herself. Im sorry guys even I hate to admit it to myself but shes just not as raw as she used to be and last night was a diluted version of Tori Amos. I hope I get to see a more authentic Tori in Boston! :(

    8. Chuck says:

      Having seen 50+ Tori shows, this one ranked in the top five. Utterly amazing!

    9. Amanda says:

      I saw Tori at the Beacon in 2001 and was glad to see her return to this venue. She seemed happy to be there as well. I thought the show was stunning; Tori was in good form, but the quartet really brought out the best in most of the songs. I did notice that her voice was not in the best shape; her vocals were better when I saw her on the Sinful Attraction tour. This time out she whispered lots of words at the ends of phrases instead of going for the range, although there were exceptions, such as Mr. Zebra and Siren. But her lower range even sounded a bit strained. I would guess that this is due to several things, including getting older and being in the middle of a tour, but maybe it has a lot to do with the quartet as well. She has mentioned in interviews that she’s had to work to keep up with them, and that she does not get as much time to breathe during improv moments as she would otherwise. So all things considered, I thought she did an impressive job. Once I got past the vocals, the night was all about the piano for me; I did not find her disconnected from the music itself at all. I’ve never seen her play so intensely live, and there were even times when the quartet seemed to be struggling to keep up with her. I also thought the setlist was one of the best I’ve seen; we got something from every album she’s put out, after all, with the exception of SLG (which frankly I did not need—-Landslide was a treat although I agree it could have been delivered more reflectively). To me it really seemed like she was telling a narrative with this show. All of the songs spoke well together and painted an honest portrait of where she is in her life and career. The only thing I would say is that the shorter songs on Pele have never done much for me. I would have traded them all in for Blood Roses. In the end it was a special show, and I second that this was one of the most respectful audiences I’ve seen at a Tori show, which I really appreciated.

    10. Michael says:

      Annie, I completely agree with you. I love Tori to death, always will. But her performances are not as raw as they used to be (and, by the way, this has nothing to do with her being “less angry” than in the past, as some argue. you can be happy and still play with unadulterated passion) it’s that visceral quality she once brought to her vocals, playing, and physicality that are lacking in my eyes. The arrangements are great. Cruel is awesome. Her vocals are pretty. But i don’t want pretty… I want something that shakes me up, drills into my core. Be it through an intense rocker or a heartbreaking ballad.

      Her performances were all good, with moments of greatness, but the overall word i’d use to describe her work these past two nights is…muted.

    11. Elizabeth says:

      Great show! Some very touching songs, Toast especially. I enjoyed the string quartet’s contribution to the show. The arrangement of Cruel for this tour is absolutely brilliant, a bold move that completely paid off.

      I disagree about the crowd—I’ve never seen so many people getting up and going back and forth throughout a Tori show before and it was very distracting.

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