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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Academy of Music

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 01, 2011
    City Philadelphia, PA
    Venue Academy of Music


    Thanks to @yocrpepper for the tweets! And to @Avesdad for the setlist photo which shows some revisions from what was planned — “Streets of Philadelphia,” “Ophelia,” “Way Down,” “Merman” — and what was played during the second solo segment: “A Case of You,” “Never Seen Blue” and “Cool On Your Island.” She did. however, play a bit of “Streets of Philadelphia” before introducing the Quartett.

    • Shattering Sea
    • Tubular Bells/God/Running Up That Hill [Kate Bush] (solo)
    • Suede
    • Velvet Revolution (solo)
    • Leather
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Northern Lad (solo)
    • Purple People (solo)
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Winter
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Star Whisperer
    • A Case of You [Joni Mitchell] (solo)
    • Never Seen Blue (solo)
    • Cool On Your Island (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Spring Haze
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Carry
    • Spark
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel


    Shattering Sea

    Northern Lad

    A Case of You


    Cool On Your Island

    Precious Things

    Big Wheel



    1. Liz says:

      I have no idea how she does this at 48!! She was amazing as were the strings. I took my mom and warned her it might be a dark show (I couldn’t see Tori not addressing what is happening at Penn State) and the beginning songs were just that, she really emphasized so angrily the line in Velvet Revolution about “the killers of the children.” But then at Northern Lad it turned into a love fest to match her voluminous Barbie- pink satin ensemble.

      A Case of You was astonishing, so beautiful, a surprise, in a way nothing could top it for the rest of the show, although those strings up there seriously jamming really update the old favorites. I just have no idea how she has this much energy!

      Near the end she gave a shout out to the Drexel lacrosse team which she said her nephew is on and said, so where is my tshirt you guys promised to bring me? Then gave them the finger, it was adorable and everybody laughed.

    2. rosearoundbriar says:

      Tori is a rock solid musician and she never ceases to impress me. This show tonight was new, refreshing and inspiring. First off, I dare say that she was always meant to play with a string quartet. This string quartet in particular was percussive and unapologetic. Screw drum kits of all kind!

      The highlights for me were first Tubular bells/god/running up that hill. Stark and with intent. Northern lad’s piano part was much more lush than on the record. I’ve heard her play it before, but this really floored me as a piano player myself. A true test to her sensitive musicality. From the new record, Shattering Sea and Star Whisperer were phenomenal with intensity from the string quartet. Cool on your island was a great treat! Haven’t heard her play it since Radio City music hall back when.. The new arrangements of Hey Jupiter, Spring Haze, and Precious Things kept older songs interesting without loosing their original zeal.

      Overall, she was gracious. She spoke about an american crowd. Saying “there’s no welcome like an american welcome” and “I’m so happy to be playing for my folks”. Over her long and steady career, I would say she has done nothing but gotten more humble, gracious, and beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful music in Philadelphia! ***

    3. Brian McCurdy says:

      This was one of the best Tori shows I’ve seen in the last 15 years. The best part for me was the string re-arrangements of old classics. This brought such a new energy to the songs and cast them in a new light, like an instant remix. I’ve heard songs like “Hey Jupiter” and “Precious Things” and “Spark” so many times and the quartet kept things exciting. “Cruel” was electrifying, with the string arrangement like a bucket of ice water in the face (in a good way).

    4. Elph says:

      Just simply wow. I can’t even remember how many Tori shows I’ve gone to and how many times I’ve heard some of the classics, but my faith in her music and her performances is continually renewed each time. I know she loves playing on the keyboards & organ, but I think the Bosie and the quartet are a perfect match.

      Leather, Winter, Precious Things – with a string quartet…mind blowing. Truly an amazing experience!

    5. Josh says:

      This was my first Tori concert, after discovering her for myself two years ago. These past two years I’ve been watching her almost daily in live YouTube videos, waiting for the day to finally see her in concert. The occasion was NOT a letdown!

      When she first walked out, you could really feel her energy. She was stunning in bright pink and the strings were greeting her beautifully. “Shattering Sea” was a great opener. It jump started the intensity with which she continued to play the entire night.

      “God/Running Up That Hill/Tubular Bells” was brilliant. The piano work was gorgeous and the combination of songs worked in the best possible way.

      I was so blown away by “Northern Lad.” It was the third solo song she performed in the night, and I couldn’t believe how perfectly she performed it. “Purple People” was actually one of the best of the night in my opinion. So emotional and her voice was gorgeous. “Mr Zebra” was perfect, as usual. And the Quartet looked like they were thoroughly enjoying watching her play it while they tuned their instruments.

      “Star Whisperer” was impressive to say the least. The energy between Tori and the Apollon Musagete was contagious. They were so on point, every note perfectly executed. And I really enjoyed watching Tori so fully enveloped in the piano during the instrumental break. She was completely immersed. As a singer/songwriter and pianist myself, it was incredibly inspirational to see a master of the craft at work.

      Having fallen in love with Joni Mitchell before Tori, seeing her perform “A Case Of You” live was almost too good to be true. It was mesmerizing.

      The reworking of “Hey Jupiter” with the Quartet was a high point, especially the ending, where the energy really built and she added lyrics. Couldn’t believe she did “Spring Haze,” one of my all-time favorites. The strings sounded great, although I would have preferred that one solo.

      “Cruel” with the Apollon Musagete was one of the greatest parts of the show. The percussion they created on their instruments was perfect and I can’t think of a better ending before her encore. There was so much energy in the room. We didn’t know that would be her last before the encore, but everyone jumped up as soon as it was over because it was so electrifying!

      “Carry” was beautiful, and “Spark” was another high point. A perfect reworking with the strings. I have to say, other than the sheer beauty of “A Case of You” and “Northern Lad,” “Precious Things” may have been my favorite of the evening. From the first classic piano riff, I was transported. The strings were essential on this one. They brought the emotional intensity to another level. Everyone was on their feet the whole song and the place erupted when it ended. She smiled and blew us kisses and went right into “Big Wheel,” a perfect ending to a perfect performance. She is on FIRE this tour.

    6. Leanne says:

      The performance last evening was one of the best performances I’ve attended. She has truly found her voice with the addition of this stringed fab 4. There were a few moments that I wished for a pause on a word or phase to give it second to breathe as Tori is known to do. However, this is a small price to pay for the depth these fine musicians have added to the performance. If you’re a fan, don’t miss this tour!

    7. d.l. says:

      Knowing Tori really feeds off the city where she’s playing, I have always wanted to see her in Philadelphia. Last night it finally happened. Philly is so historic and deeply rooted, I just knew Tori had to love it. And I was right.

      I am so grateful for getting to experience this amazing set. In the last decade, I’ve seen Tori many many time, all over the east coast. I have to say this show was among the best I’ve attened, if not THE best.

      My only complaint is not getting to hear siren. Somehow, I’ve managed to always miss that song by one night. It truly never fails. Having kept a close eye on the setlists, I completely expected to hear siren. It was somewhat of a mainstay throughout the European leg. I guess the curse continues (she played it in Atlanta; the show before Philly) I am seeing her on Monday in DC, so I’ve still got my fingers crossed.

      Still, the show was no let down. And I was pleasantly surprised by many of the songs she did play. She’s played spring haze just about every show I have been to over the last 10 years. This tour’s version is outstanding. Leather with the quartet is also phenominal. I didn’t think I’d ever see her play Cool on Your Island, and I’m so glad that she busted it out.

      The show had a baroque feeling almost. A lot of the songs had that historical vibe (Mr. Zebra, Velvet Revolution, Leather, Nautical Twilight, Purple People, etc) I love that she played Leather, Velvet Revolution and Suede all together. It was a blantant, but cute theme.

      Do not miss the opportunity to see her on The Night of Hunters tour. It’s unbelievable.

    8. Richard Handal says:

      Hi, All,

      I agree with the reviewer who wondered why it took Tori so long to reach an incarnation such as on this album and tour. I always felt a full orchestra was likely to subsume her voice and even her mighty Boesendorfer if a vigilant effort weren’t made to keep it toned-down much of the time, yet the move toward an orchestral sensibility always seemed just a matter of time. The smaller ensemble on Night of Hunters and the Apollon Musagete Quartett on the road feels like the Goldilocks bowl of porridge—just right.

      This show achieves wonderful balance between Tori and the Apollonians. I often have problems with string players, mainly due to issues of pitch. The Apollonians exist far beyond any such troubles. Not only is their pitch dead-on, they perform as one in every sense. Their bowing technique allows them to bend and flow among themselves in an impressive complementary manner. One begins leaning into his note; others ease in seamlessly nanoseconds behind. They perform with abundant expression as a group, turning muscular bowing into a breathing, sinewous creature. Always. Plucking, striking wood as an ad hoc percussion section for lengthy passages, or going for records in using rosin, it can’t be overstated how much these fellows act as a unit. This is done so as to meet Tori’s vocal and piano power with equipoise. As much as I remain a strong admirer of Steve Caton’s guitar, even on the 1996 Dew Drop Inn tour when it was just the two of them, one detected an ongoing deference to her. Not so with these Apollonians. They are her sonic equal when it comes to wielding power, and the musical roll in the hay onstage between Tori and them works to everyone’s advantage, especially the listener’s.

      When Tori came out onstage in 1996 on said DDI tour, she would begin by pounding the keys of her model 275 Boesendorfer with abandon. On this tour, she pounds the keys of her 280 just as much, but rather than extemporized cascading arpeggios, she is performing proscribed notes—it’s major, serious pounding, but proscribed nonetheless. And the Apollonians meet her and push back! Mark has them amplified to near rock-band levels. (In Philly the concert began a bit on the boomy side, but was quickly adjusted.) Chest cavity-resonating notes from the gorgeous instruments of the Apollonians match perfectly with the woody tones of the Boesendorfer. We’re not in Steinway country, folks. And amen to that.

      One might have logically expected Tori to be conducting the Apollonians somewhat, if discretely. She conducts her rock brothers more. The Apollonians create their music with no conductor as does the Prague Chamber Orchestra, which is famous for doing this. First violinist Pawel Zalejski sways and leans into his notes and the others also move a great deal in focused concentration, but if Zalejski does much conducting in the process it wasn’t detected by me. These guys are a unit, plain and simple. Due to this, the music unfolds in the most natural sort of conversation—as a duet among five players. It’s Tori in planetary opposition with the four Apollonians.

      I made no notes other than my customary start and stop times and the end time for the main set before encores. It’s been more than customary for Tori to come out no earlier than an hour after the opener begins, 7:30 in this instance, so I was surprised when we were darkened and the Apollonians emerged at 8:21. After the main set concluded at 9:50 there seemed a rush to be done by 10;15, which they were. I never heard of a 10:15 curfew. Odd. Be advised that if you’re used to Tori coming out in her traditional timing, you may want to be in place a bit earlier on this tour.

      My ongoing thesis has long been that Tori keeps getting better and better, and nothing on Night of Hunters nor at the Philly concert has done anything but confirm this idea. John Philip Shenale’s new string arrangements for many older songs shine, but the underlying architecture of the Night of Hunters material makes them feel they’re in their natural state. Those new songs seem a rich aged wine after Beaujolais Nouveau.

      Tori has come to have great facility with and a wide usable range of sounds on her synthesizers. On Live from the Artists Den a couple years ago < http://theartistsden.com/episodes/amos.shtml >, the way she used certain sounds on her synth as accompaniment to the piano—playing one with each hand simultaneously—constituted a newly imagined form of chamber music. On this tour she employs this technique sometimes, while having a fully new area to operate in with this coequal partner of the Apollonians. Wonders never cease.

      What’s next? Oh yeah—full orchestra recordings to come out next year plus the musical in London, if it can be gotten back on track. Amazing.

      I’m looking forward to Monday’s Constitution Hall concert in D.C., after which my presence is required locally until mid-month. As for after that, I plan to start searching my travel options to Texas.


      Be seeing you,

      Richard Handal

    9. Lorraine Eakin says:

      Another spectacular show. The venue was beautiful with perfect acoustics, at least where we were sitting. While I wouldn’t say this show was as special as Atlanta for me, it was a majestic, beautiful set. Highlights:

      - God incorporated with Running Up That Hill and Tubular Bells. Haunting and perfect – a great reinvention of this song, especially after having heard it with the band way too many times.

      - Velvet Revolution. Short but much more powerful on the vocals than the recorded version.

      - Her playing in this version of Northen Lad was richer than what I’ve seen in past years. She hit those high notes too!

      - Purple People has been almost vampy in the past. Here it was slower, sadder – much more touching.

      - Spring Haze! Wow. This was amazing. Nothing else to say.

      -Carry is played louder than I’d expect. Strings were perfect on this one.

      She just keeps hitting them out of the park!

    10. Andrew says:

      Just like Josh, I also only discovered Tori two years ago and this was also my first show. Quite an experience- her entrance alone was like an explosion! I’ve been to a few concerts this year but never heard, or participated in, a reception anything like that- but of course, she’s earned it.

      While I wasn’t crazy about all the songs on the setlist (“Northern Lad”, for example, isn’t a favorite of mine because Choirgirl is one of my least favorite albums), and was disappointed that she didn’t do “Silent All These Years” (or “Flying Dutchman” for that matter, which I had requested earlier, but I guess she doesn’t have an arrangement of it for the quartet), her performance in itself was amazing. To say nothing of the quartet- obviously I had only heard bootlegs of this tour before, so until I saw them live, I didn’t realize just how good they are. I don’t even know anything technical about playing music, but those guys are incredible musicians.

      I’ve never heard “Winter” sound more beautiful than it did the other night- I was crying my eyes out even before she got to the first chorus.

      So, while not many of my favorites were played and therefore I was a little let down personally, this was still an excellent and exciting show. Bad news for me is that I can’t afford to travel much, so I’ll probably never see her 30 or 40 times like some of you, but I can’t wait for the next time she comes to Philly! :)

    11. Mindy says:

      One hell of an enchanting show! I was absolutely entranced the whole evening. I couldn’t stop grinning all night. “Winter” was especially moving. It was my very 1st time seeing Tori in concert…and I was NOT disappointed!!! Can I say that the woman NEVER took a break between songs? It was nonstop until the encore! Her voice was chill-giving (in a good way, of course!) and the Apollon Musagete Quartett was very complimentary with her voice, keyboard, and Bosendorfer! My personal favorites were Leather, Big Wheel, Velvet Revolution, Shattering Sea, and Spark!!! Leather sounded so AMAZING with the quartett! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see her come back to Philly for another show soon! I really hope that she’ll put together a new album compilation of some of her classic songs reworked with the strings! It would be a must-have for me! Her music has been haunting me(in a good way, of course!) ever since I’ve seen the concert…the soundtrack of my naps, dreams, and daydreams! :)

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