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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date November 29, 2011
    City Atlanta, GA
    Venue Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center


    Many thanks to @marlatiara, @ciararavenblaze, @ErikaJL and @AmyJohnson__ for the updates from the show!

    • Shattering Sea
    • Landslide [Fleetwood Mac] (solo)
    • Suede
    • Beulah Land (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Crucify (solo)
    • Here. In My Head (solo)
    • River [Joni Mitchell] (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Maybe California
    • Star Whisperer
    • Silent All These Years (solo)
    • a sorta fairytale (solo)
    • Honey (solo)
    • Siren
    • Your Ghost
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Spark
    • Leather
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel




    Beulah Land

    Nautical Twilight


    Here. In My Head


    Maybe California

    Silent All These Years

    Old Piano improv

    a sorta fairytale


    Hey Jupiter




    Precious Things

    Big Wheel



    1. Steve says:

      Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Beulah Land was great. River was just beautiful. Outstanding set and show.

    2. Joey Kenny says:

      Id comment on the show, but I can’t seem to put it into words!! This was my 19th show and it was one of the top 3 Tori shows ever. Was such a deep and unbelievable experience.

    3. Frankie Beckham says:

      Tonight was SPECTACULAR! This was my 30th Tori Amos show and they just keep getting better as they go. Her sound was on point, her voice was strong, and the venue had PERFECT acoustics for the classical set up. Knowing tonight was the first show of the US leg of the tour, we were expecting some surprises and we were not let down. As many shows of hers I have seen, tonight was my first time hearing “Here in my Head” live. There were so many nice surprises tonight. She was quick to let us know “Ahhh It’s good to be home” and said this several times during the show. Tonight’s improv was quirky and funny and very sexy. She explained that the Bosendorfer she has with her now was nearly retired due to technical problems on the European leg and the piano told her she ‘was out of her f*cking mind’ when the idea of retiring it came up. The only let down of the evening, in my own opinion, was the opening act. He was good, but it was like he sang the same song 5 times in a row. We couldn’t decipher any difference in his song structures. I’ve been to a lot of shows, like I said, but tonight was a very emotional show. I don’t know if it’s the strings accompanying her or what all of us are going through in this world, but I know we cried through half the show. Watch videos on youtube if you want, but I am telling you they do no justice to the sound that this tour is making. After the show I approached Mark Hawley, Tori’s husband, and told him it was my 30th show and “to please tell your wife this was the best yet” He was appreciative and smiled and said “Thank you. We are hearing that a lot on this tour” If you are waiting to see her soon prepare yourself… She’s still in her prime!

    4. Jessica says:

      Blown away. That’s it!

    5. Derrick says:

      Spellbound. I have simply been unable to sleep since the show tonight. It.was.incredible.

      First of all, can we talk about the b-sides: Beulah Land, Here.In My Head, Honey, Siren. I mean, wow! I have been waiting YEARS to hear these songs performed in one night. Here. In my head & Honey destroyed me.

      And the performance of Spark—no words. Absolutely stunning. The best I have ever seen this song performed—brilliant.

      The quartet is phenomenal.

      So proud to be a Tori fan tonight…so proud.

    6. Juliette says:

      I’ve seen every one of Tori’s Atlanta shows since the late 90’s and this one is by far the most stunning representation of Tori’s maturity, flexibility and the incredible fine-tuning of her craft! Wow… I’m still blown away!!! Can’t wait to see the videos!


    7. toriMODE/ Ron says:

      I had the best Meet and Greet experience to date yesterday. Althought it was 37 degree weather out in the cold, at least we had a roof over us outside while waiting in line for a couple of hours. Then at 2:30 p.m. Tori’s bodyguards let us inside the venue where we stood in line for about 30 minutes before Tori came out and began meeting with everyone. Mindy, her bodyguard mentioned that she would have to be rude at times to move the M&G along – that we could have a picture made with Tori or have something autographed. Post-It notes were passed down the line for you to write what you wanted Tori to write on your items that you had Tori to autograph. It was the most civilized M&G experience. I’ve only done a few of these over the years, but it was the most orderly.

      I was pretty nervous meeting Tori, even though it was my 2nd time meeting her. Last time was in Birmingham in 2003. I finally had my dream realized of having my picture made with Tori and my best friend. My best friend wasn’t there at the M&G back in 2003, so that picture never happened, but yesterday it did. I told Tori that we had been following her shows since ’98 and she said “since, what? you were 15 (years old)????” which made us laugh. She was very nice and sweet, and she looked freakin’ great! I never requested Raining Blood, b/c I knew that Mindy wanted us to make it quick, and apparently Tori had 2 pages of a notebook filled with song requests. After I met with her I went outside back in the cold and talked with everyone to see how the meets went with everyone else.

      We went across the road to the hotel to have drinks at the bar. It was great meeting so many people that I’ve interacted with online for years, and those that I haven’t seen in years in person. We had a nice group of us that went from hotel bar to a nice Italian restaurant not far from the venue. We had about 14 people and had some good wine and pasta. We had time to spare after dinner, to hang out at the venue before Thomas Dybdahl started as the opening act. I saw some more familiar faces and new ones too.

      I did manage to catch the opening act, and I thought he had a nice personality and his music was nice. I had gotten his cd the night before and had been familiarizing myself with it. It’s not really something I would listen to all of the time, but he was a nice enough opener for Tori.

      I went back out to the lobby after the show and hung out with people, and then soon had to find my seats again for Tori’s show. I just have to say that even though I was in Row F of the right Orchestra, there were no seats in front of us, just an aisle, and we were perched up somewhat, which gave us a great vantage point and view of the stage. I kept telling my best friend that I couldn’t ask for better seats! I was very pleased with them!

      The string quartet began playing and the crowd was very loud, but in a good way, and then even louder when Tori came out on stage wearing a green flowy/silky dress. She made some mentions that she was very glad to be back home and for us to show her string quartet our hospitality, which of course we gave back ten fold with cheers and applause.

      I normally give a song by song critique, but I don’t feel that’s really needed. Just believe me that the string quartet has made this show unbelievably enjoyable, and the songs are really breathing and alive with their addition. Cruel is my favorite Tori song and I heard it once before in ’99, but to hear it with the SQ was mind-blowing. And Jeremy is right, the song just has this really strong sinister feeling Live. It was the definite highlight of the show for me. Second would probably be Star Whisperer, which was made of ace and win. Truly something to watch her perform Live. The Youtube videos don’t do it justice. Here In My Head and Silent All These Years are songs that I had never gotten Live before so it was great to hear them, although I found it odd that Tori would grab her crotch during HIMH. This was my 3rd time hearing Beulah Land, and it was a great performance of it, but it was not belted out like in Atlanta in 2001 and 2007. Honey was a very fierce performance, and her slapping the piano was so very loud. I think intentionally to wake up anyone that had too much wine earlier. I didn’t know what song Hey Jupiter was when it first began. It along with Spark are really great with the SQ; so very strong! Your Ghost was probably the less lively of the bunch. I know that Crucify had been requested at the M&G from a little boy who had lost his mother last year. I’m glad James got his wish.

      After the show I caught up with everyone and said my good byes. It was certainly one of the best concert and Meet & Greet experiences, and days I’ve had in such a very long time! I wish I had those days every day!

    8. Brian Cox says:

      It actually is hard to put into words how amazing last night’s show was.

      I always love Tori’s shows, but last night was a special treat. I’m getting goosebumps right now as I type!

      The string quartet was perfect for this show. I have to also comment on the lighting… It was ever-changing yet never overtaking.

      P-E-R-F-E-C-T (Sing that like Aretha)

      Much love,

    9. Peter says:

      Great show tonight. Her vocals were really good, and she was very dramatic with the Night of Hunters tracks. Cruel was intense and amazing. I love this version of Suede, and Here. In My Head, Honey and Landslide were all beautiful tonight.

      I noticed there are no videos or pics up yet. My iPhone wouldn’t take very good pics, but I put a couple up, along with a video of Big Wheel from the encore, on my Tumblr at hordak.tumblr.com. I made a video of Precious Things, too, but it won’t upload, probably because I hit my daily limit when I posted Big Wheel. I’ll try posting it on there tomorrow.

    10. Lela says:

      Incredible show. As other people have mentioned, Tori’s vocals were excellent, and the acoustics at the venue were fantastic, as well. She did a great job of mixing new and old songs. The improv was hilarious. I think the best thing, for me, was seeing how happy she was to be there. At the end of the show, she was jumping around, and giving the audience an air hug, and it was adorable. I am so grateful that I was able to attend.

    11. Tim says:

      I asked Tori to do Honey last night and she didn’t let me down! the whole set was wonderful. I always love hearing here in my head and River I just love and it was the first time hearing it live. she was very sassy when it came down to cruel and hey jupiter sounded great with the strings. whoever is in charge of the meet and greet besides her did a fantastic job! best day of my life!

    12. Heather says:

      This was my 6th show and it was incredible. The venue/accoustics/lighting were all fab. Her voice sounded rested and stellar. Here In My Head made me cry, it was so beautiful and my first time to hear it live. Maybe California also made me cry, it’s just so sad and aching. Cruel was demented! It was so twisted and awesome! Spark was fantastic with the SQ, but hands down the best was Precious Things with the SQ. This one just kicked so much ass! My least fav with the SQ was Hey Jupiter. Did not like it at all. I think it completely covered over her voice and the words and it just took away from the soul of the song…to me anyway. And while I like Girl Disappearing it is a very boring song live. After hearing what this SQ can do I would love to hear Waitress or Yes Anistasia… oh the possibilities!!

    13. Lorraine Eakin says:

      I have been trying for the last 24 hours to organize my thoughts on the Atlanta show into something comprehensible. I’m not often speechless. But last night’s show (my 33rd) has left me scrambling to explain what we as an audience experienced.

      Make no mistake, I love Matt and Jon, and I love the work she does with them. But this was something else entirely. The strings have coaxed her out of a comfort zone and pressed her into playing her piano with an assurance and skill I haven’t witnessed in years.

      I have refrained from reading the European setlists so that this tour would be fresh for me. Even if I’d read the setlists, I don’t think I would have been prepared for these arrangements. A few notes:

      - Shattering Sea is fiercer and faster paced than on the album. Her tempos usually slow down when she’s performing live, so this surprised me.

      - Star Whisperer was show-stoppingly wonderful. She and the quartet feed off the same frenetic energy and the song becomes a call-and-response. Stunning.

      - The rhythmic contributions of the strings on Suede, Hey Jupiter, and Cruel are unlike anything I’ve seen at a Tori show before. Spectacular performances – YouTube is no substitute for witnessing these songs in person. I audibly gasped upon realizing, at the first line, what Hey Jupiter was.

      - The timbre of her voice was rich and deep when appropriate and delicately sweet at other times. She also attempted (and hit) those high notes surprisingly often – after seeing her wimp out on several of these songs in the past, it was thrilling to hear her assert her voice in that way.

      If you have written off Tori in recent years, I strongly encourage you to get yourself to a show on this (woefully short) tour! Simply a thrilling time to be a Tori fan.

    14. Jennifer D says:

      Tori was at her best tonight. She kept mentioning how glad she was to be back home :) The quartet was absolutely fantastic and they have done an excellent job with the arrangements of Tori’s music. The energy was so good tonight. I think it was the first time at a Tori show where it was so ethereal, and extremely moving. It was like she was playing for a room full of her closest friends instead of some random audience. Highlights for me were:

      Girl Disappearing: Beautiful
      Star Whisperer: This was out of this world awesome
      Cruel: Was so intense, the quartet kicked butt, what an arrangement
      Leather: This was so much fun, especially with the audience singing along
      Precious Things: So rocking, she was amazing

    15. Chellie says:

      I put off studying for a law school exam to see this show, and if my grade is low, I just don’t care. It was simply amazing. I’ve been a fan since I first saw her on MTV back in 92 or 93 – her live shows never disappoint, but there was just something magical about this one. Maybe it was the phenomenal acoustics of the venue, the purity of the SQ (yeah, don’t ask me to spell or pronounce their name), or just the simplicity of it all, but hearing my favorite song of 20 years live was just, well – something I cannot describe.

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