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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    DAR Constitution Hall

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 05, 2011
    City Washington, DC
    Venue DAR Constitution Hall


    Many thanks to @yocrpepper, @Kate_Morrison and @JasonSchlemer for the updates!

    • Shattering Sea
    • Seaside (solo)
    • Suede
    • Tubular Bells/God/Running Up That Hill [Kate Bush] (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Winter
    • Crucify (solo)
    • Ophelia (solo)
    • Cooling (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Maybe California
    • Star Whisperer
    • The Wrong Band (solo)
    • Imagine [John Lennon] (solo)
    • Pretty Good Year (solo)
    • Edge of the Moon
    • Precious Things
    • Spring Haze
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Carry
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Spark
    • Big Wheel



    God/Running Up That Hill





    The Wrong Band





    1. Bob says:

      Unfortunately I was not able to attend the show because I had to work. But I was luckily able to attend the meet & greet. This was my fifth attempt at meeting Tori, and the first time I was lucky enough to do so. Once we were told to go to the other side of the building, we knew it was a go! I couldn’t contain my excitement. At around 2:30, Mindy came out and told everyone to line up against the wall. We were taken into the lobby two or three people at a time. I walked in and it was so quiet!! And there she was. Looking lovely and beautiful as ever.

      When it was my turn to meet Tori, she shook my hand and asked my name. I told her, and then proceeded to tell her that it was her song “The Beekeeper” that I listened to while my Grandma was in the ICU, wishing it was me back there instead of her. She looked genuinely touched. Her sincerity is palpable.

      Then I told her that there have been whispers of a release of some of the back catalog with the quartet, and she gave a smirk. So I said, “Can I suggest something if you do?” And she said sure. I said, “I think you should rearrange ‘Taxi Ride’ and release that as part of the collection. With all of the gay teen suicides and bullying that have been in the news, I think it’d be very appropriate for this time.” It looked like a light bulb came on, and she said, “You know, I have some tricks up my sleeve. But that song never crossed my mind.” And as she pondered it, she said, “That’s a very good idea.”

      Of course, by now I’d taken up a lot of time so Mindy asked if I’d like to take my picture. So I wrapped up what I had to say abruptly, but it looked as though Tori was still thinking about the “Taxi Ride” suggestion. I’m sure Tori is quite used to us stumbling over our words, so I didn’t feel too bad once it was over. Our photo turned out lovely, and I thanked Tori and told her to take care as I walked away. After all of the waiting to meet her though, it was worth it, for that one moment of validation where Tori actually took what I had to say to heart, and told me I had a good idea. That really is something special to me, and this experience will go down as my best Tori experience to date. It’s just too bad I couldn’t stick around for the show.

    2. Adrian says:

      Truly one of the best Tori shows I’ve ever been to. This was show lucky #13 for me overall and I was extremely pleased to be bringing my partner, who is also a tremendous Tori fan, to his first show. My sister also came with us and this was show #9 for her. And Ms. Amos did not disappoint! This and 2009 were both SO strong and in such different ways.

      But as to tonight, what can I say that hasn’t been said? Tori sounds as good as ever, and the Quartet is kicking! Was blown away by the interplay between them and how old songs were improved and new songs bursted to life. So many highlights, where even to begin? I’ve wanted to hear SUEDE for years, so that was amazing. An understated OPHELIA was gorgeous. The quadruple threat of THE WRONG BAND, IMAGINE, PRETTY GOOD YEAR and EDGE OF THE MOON back-to-back…there are no words for how perfect this was.

      And then the encore…CARRY is my partner’s fave song on the new album and CLOUD ON MY TONGUE was my sister’s first Tori song ever, so again with them back-to-back, all climaxing to a hootenanny blast on BIG WHEEL, we were all grinning/weepy in the best way. Impeccable playing, flawless show, ROCKING set list…Tori is a Goddess and I am one happy boy.

    3. Kimberly Cawthon says:

      Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Look at that set list! Wowza! MAN OH MAN what an INCREDIBLE NIGHT! Tori was playful, sassy and on fire with love for D.C.

      Never thought in my wildest dreams I would see “Wrong Band,” or “Imagine.” Simply stunning.

      Many thanks to all of you at the D.C. show who requested “Seaside” on the 5th of December! It was absolutely magical to hear it tonight!

      This was my last of 4 shows and I truly think all in attendance tonight may have seen the best show on the tour. It will be hard to top…

      Cheers to all the wonderful fans I met today and Tori for bringing her black dress, red heels to die for (Louis Vuitton?) (Am I right???) and her contagious fire. An unforgettable night!


      p.s. Mad props if you cried during “Winter” ;o)

    4. J.W. Mahoney says:

      Tori’s capacities for audience sensitivity, really uncontrived, passionate presence, and active creativity were all there tonight. Other folks will do the song-by-song, hopefully, but what was so amusingly vital were those “special” songs – The Wrong Band, Pretty Good Year (which I desperately needed to hear, along with Edge of the Moon). And Imagine. No she isn’t that psychic, and those songs clearly weren’t Especially For Me, I’m pretty sure.

      But what did matter, throughout the concert, was that she wanted the best of what any performer desires, and hopes to deserve, our entranced attention. She richly deserved it all night, tonight.

    5. Helena says:

      Last night’s show was incredible! Things started a bit subdued it seemed, with an amazing Shattering Sea (chills up my spine!) leading into a delicious Seaside (5th of December line highlighted for us Tori-geeks!) She seemed focused on a young girl in the front row during Ophelia, which was a rare delight! Very intense energy, very cosmic, out of body spirituality oozing from her performance of Cooling. Someone brought their mother to the front row during Maybe California, which seemed to bring tears to Tori’s eyes (more on this later). The new songs were pretty, but long? Maybe it’s just me.

      Finally before the 2nd solo set, Tori said “This is what we’d all been waiting for” and she was right! THE WRONG BAND! It sounded big and booming, with Tori hitting all the notes. Major treat alert! Then we were blessed with a double whammy of Imagine and Pretty Good Year! All in all, it was a beautiful show, and a rushed meet and greet with MOST fans being cooperative and nice.

      However, I think some fans should take into consideration their choice of dress at the shows. There was a gentleman in a distracting shawl being annoying and loud in the front row with his mother throughout the show, which interrupted Tori several times. She seemed miffed and it showed in her performance of earlier songs. Please be more respectful when in those “privileged” seats!

    6. Kate says:

      Last night’s show was wonderful. Hearing her with the string quartet could not have been better! It’s just a shame that so many people couldn’t put their phones away and just enjoy the show live.

      The meet and greet was incredibly special and had some great talks with others in line!

    7. Lorraine Eakin says:

      What to say about the DC show? Her voice sounded spectacular after getting a little rest on Sunday. But more than that, every song in this show was played with an intensity and a deliberateness that made this my favorite show so far.

      Just looking at the setlist, you can see that there are a few rarities that came out to play. But some of the major highlights for me were songs I’ve seen over and over.

      - Seaside was lovely and anticipated (since it was the fifth of December). She cut it short, but what she played was intense and haunting – pausing at all the right moments and holding each note like it was sacred. Chilling.

      - Crucify! I know, how can someone get excited about Crucify after 35 shows? But trust me when I say that this was special. She nailed every note- just like in Atlanta – but it’s more than that. She threw herself into this song, looking straight at the audience at each line as though this were a dialogue and not a performance. Just before “just what God needs/one more victim” she stopped short and stared at us intensely; very old-school Tori. Just a first-rate performance of this old chestnut!

      - I didn’t expect Ophelia on the keyboard, but she used a kind of toy piano effect that was perfect for this song. My first time seeing it, and I was not disappointed.

      - Cooling! I know, I know, how does someone get excited about Cooling after 35 shows? The last time I saw it, she kind of rushed through the brambles bit as if unsure that she’d remember it. Not so tonight. She took her time and gave each line the right space for us to feel it. I had chills.

      - Right as Star Whisperer began, I realized that I had been tensing up my whole body from about Crucify on. I had to consciously force myself to relax. And speaking of SW, I must urge everyone once again to get themselves to at least one show this tour. Centerpieces tend to disappear post-tour (Code Red, Strong Black Vine), and you don’t want to live your life never having seen Star Whisperer live. Trust me.

      - For a song she only trots out about once a decade or so, The Wrong Band sounded amazing. She didn’t hold out the “instead of just leeeeeeeee-eaving” part, but no worries. It was still super-cool to be there for such a rarity.

      - Imagine was a smart cover for this night. The audience did a bit of singing at her encouragement, but it was sweet and not annoying.

      - Pretty Good Year was a crowd pleaser. She took that crescendo to town, and the audience loved it. Amazing, amazing version.

      - Edge of the Moon with the strings! I see from the prior setlists that she’s only done this one solo up til now, and probably without the second movement (which she skipped when performing the song during her promotional appearances). From last night’s performance, you would have thought that they had been playing it for years – it was dead-on and as beautiful as can be.

      Later that night I realized how smart the setlist was – Imagine and EotM with its Beatles reference bridged by the Lucy of PGY. As with the best Tori setlists, this was an emotional thread that we followed together.

      The rest of the night featured songs already played on this leg of the tour, but she maintained the energy and intensity of the beginning of the show all the way through Big Wheel. I am so over Big Wheel, having seen it at every show since 2007, but this version was the best yet (especially after that hot mess of a performance at the NY2 show).

      I have one more show (Austin) and if there‚Äôs one complaint about this tour, it’s that it’s too short!

    8. triphopmat says:

      Wonderful show, great set list! My personal faves for the evening were Crucify, Cooling, and Pretty Good Year!

    9. JQHN says:

      I’ve seen Tori Amos @ DAR in 2007 and again in 2009, but this so far has been my BEST experience. She sounded amazing with the string quartet. My major highlight was “The Wrong Band”. I konw that’s a song she rarely plays to to hear it for ther first time was such a treat. Also, she seemed to make it relevant to the current news events with Herman Cain. All in all, My friend and I had a great time. (this was his first Tori Show BTW & what better way to introduce him to a live Tori show). I just wished she would’ve played something from “Midwitner Graces” as many of those songs would have worked well with the quartet or even solo, but I guess with 20+ years of music under her belt she can’t play everything in one night.

    10. Nicholas B says:

      Tori was absolutely fantastic playing in her hometown. This was only my second time seeing her live, the previous having been in 2009 when she was touring with her regular band, and, I must say, having her play with the quartet was truly enchanting. Her solo bits were a delight, too, particularly her rendition of Imagine (which was quite the pleasant surprise), Cooling, and Crucify.

      I must give credit to the quartet, though. They definitely played really well and added an extra rich layer to the songs they were in, especially in Cruel and Precious Things. Their original composition, A Multitude of Shades, was very powerful and nothing short of amazing. They really are a very passionate bunch.

      My only regret is not having made it to the meet and greet that afternoon!

    11. Joe says:

      Only my 3rd show. She hasn’t come to Pittsburgh in a while so I traveled down to dc for the show. It was sooooooo worth it of course! I was checking out the national mall area and on my way back to the hotel around 1pm I checked out the venue for any sign of a meet n greet, nobody anywhere. So I went back to my hotel to relax for a little and went back around 3 or so. Unfortunately there was a long line for the meet n greet and I was told she had been at it for 45 mins. I waited in line, only to see the line get cut off about 10 people in front of me… No meet n greet for me. Which sucked cuz I never met her before….. But … After the concert I hung out around her tour bus with about a dozen people. Finally at midnight she came out and I was able to meet her! I gave her a hug and thanked her for her work and complimented her show and got my ticket signed. I gave her a letter too! I was glowing the rest of the night…. Well ok I still am :-) the concert itself was the best ever! I especially enjoyed watching the quartet during Fearlessness. Other great moments were Imagine, cooling and the wrong band. I was hoping for that Datura bridge, but oh well.

      Just those 10seconds I had with Tori made this whole long journey soooooo worth it!
    12. ashley brown says:

      My husband and I went to the show last night and had a great time. My favorites were edge of the moon, seaside, wrong band, cloud on my tongue, and the parts she did of god. Edge of the moon is my fav from the new album, so I was really happy she played it last night. It was a good feeling in the crowd too, everybody around us really wanted to be there.

      Anyway, it was a great show. This was our 8th tori show, and I haven’t seen her rock it before like she did on shattering sea- amazing! They definitely chose a great song to open each show with. I just love it whenever she comes to dc!

    13. Steve says:

      What can I say about the amazing show that hasnt been said already…. but I just wanted to share my experience afterwards… we decided to check out the stage door just to see what would happen. As luck would have it, our patience paid off and Tori came out around midnight and my 15 year dream of meeting her finally came true. She was so unbelievably gracious and sweet and took time to say hello to everyone individually and sign stuff. I told her this was my 19th show since ’96 and she continues to amaze me… she thanked me graciously and grabbed my hand.. then reached past me to grab my partner’s hand who was standing behind me and thank him for coming too. So unbelievably kind and genuine. I am glowing!

    14. David Michael Conner says:

      I didn’t see Tori live the last go-around because I’ve seen her probably a couple dozen times and felt like I’d seen and heard a great deal of what she has to offer with the band, which sometimes overpowered her piano and voice. I’m getting a little old at 33 for nearly midnight-long concerts on weeknights—but wow, this one was worth it. Twenty-four songs of tremendous variety and a few absolutely breathtaking performances. “Shattering Sea” and especially “Star Whisperer” were a marvel to behold; the energy in the concert hall was literally palpable as the instrumental bridge in “Star Whisperer” reached its climax, and it was really fun to watch the Quartett rock out (especially Pavel) on their not-exactly-rock-and-roll instruments. While “Star Whisperer” was certainly the most magical and memorable track for me, “Suede” and “Cruel” were unexpected marvels; substituting a cello for drums—especially in “Suede”—transformed the songs into entirely different entities, and was technically fascinating to hear. I’m craving more strings-as-percussion now. If anyone has any tips for other musicians who do this, please get in touch. :)

      I always respect Tori’s choices; she’s a brilliant, brilliant musician and intellect. The only thing I wish she had decided to do that she didn’t do is interpret some of the multi-part (Tash, Kelsey) songs live. I’m sure she could find a way to do it imaginatively—maybe just the instruments would ‘sing’ the non-Tori parts; I don’t know—but I’m sure she has her reasons. Hopefully those reasons involve waiting for Tash to come play with her in D.C. during a holiday break. :o) Probably just wishful thinking.

    15. Darrick says:

      The DC show was only my 3rd Tori show overall, and my first show since she came to Baltimore in the summer of ’05 on the “Original Sinsuality” tour, so I was pumped. She did not disappoint me at all. Her voice is stronger and more beautiful. I enjoyed myself so much. I almost lost it when she sang “Winter”. I started crying, as were the couple beside me, and for a minute I couldn’t stop even when she finished and went into “Crucify”. Just beautiful beyond words. She is as amazing as ever.

    16. dl aka daniel says:

      Pairing crucify with ophelia was a really smart choice. I was really happy to hear something from AATS after the Philly show. Also…The Wrong Band…uber-rare and totally unexpected. the highlight for me was definitely the m&g. I thanked Tori for all that she does and she was gracious. I was towards the end of the line and you could tell she was kinda done but i got an extra min or so with her.

    17. Kim says:

      I’ve been to several Tori shows, and although I love her with the band, the quartet truly rocked! Tori was lovely, her voice was spot on, and the venue was perfect. The set-list was wonderful! There will always be songs you wish later that you would have heard, but then you remember the special ones that she played, and are thrilled that you let her rule the set-list:) Highlightes for me were Cruel, which was a very cool arrangement, COMT, Seaside, and Suede. Star Whisperer is such a great song, and so awesome live. I’m a big fan of Spring Haze, so anytime I hear it live, I love it! Great to hear favs like Crucify and Cooling, which are simply lovely. Others shine live, and you have a new respect for them, such as Maybe California and Ophelia. All together, may have been my favorite Tori show ever. Thank you, Tori. Keep rockin’!!

    18. Jason says:

      There is nothing I can say about this show that everyone else didn’t say. It was just straight up amazing, and the best show I’ve seen since 98, and I haven’t missed a tour since then, so she is on fire! DC usually gets shafted when it comes to setlists, but she really delivered a great show. (Except “Maybe California” but I really needed to pee anyway.)

      I just wanted to point out 2 things:

      First, Mindy rocks! I was part of the line that got cut off for the afternoon meet and greet, which while I’m very understanding, was still upsetting as I wanted Tori to sign a get well card for a friend whom I met through her music. He was in a nearly fatal accident that left him with brain trauma. I saw Mindy right before the show and she took the card for me and met me after the show with a personal message from Tori inside of it!

      #2: The post show meet and greet crowd were just an awesome bunch of people who weren’t “fan competitive” or clique-y. Everyone chatted together and it was just a good time waiting for T! Thanks for making that wait a good time guys! I wasn’t sure she’d being doing a post show MnG, so again thanks to Mindy!

    19. Jeremy says:

      My very first Tori show! I arrived at the venue around 10:00 and waited around her bus to meet her. Well after meeting very awesome fans, we all got moved to the front of the building until around 2:30. I was first in line to meet Tori and they started letting us in. I remember getting up to her and saying “Hi my name is Jeremy, and you are my idol” she smiled at me and I finished by saying “I’m a musician and I’m very cold, I’ve been outside all morning” She held my hands and said “Oh sweetheart” and gave me a hug. Then we proceeded to get our photo and I said “Tori, there is a song I really want to hear” and she got her notebook and I said “You haven’t done Girl in a really long time in the states” and I also said “Look I have the lyrics wrote down on my arms” and she read my arms and smiled. She wrote it down and told me the reason why she hadn’t been playing it was because Mark hadn’t helped her arrange that one for a tour in a while. She then asked me if there was any other song I wanted to hear and I said Cooling and she got another smile and wrote it down. Then I congratulated her on the new album and thanked her and she said “thank you and good luck with your music” and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I won’t diverge to much on the show except I thought it was perfect and she even included my request which I thought was amazing!!! Then afterwords I waited by her tour bus to thank her for playing my request and to get my vinyl signed. She came out fairly quick and I thanked her and she said “It was no problem sweetheart” and I said goodnight and headed back for my hotel. I probably rambled on but I had a very amazing first Tori show and I wanted to share my story with everyone!

    20. Johnny says:

      This show may not scream amazing on paper but the show itself was stellar. It was one of the best Tori shows I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to every tour since Plugged in ’98. She showed off her piano chops in a way I’ve never seen before. The Quartett was brilliant, what a wonderful addition to her music.

      The magic that is the middle of “Star Whiperer” does not translate in the youtube clips that I’ve seen, seeing it in person was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m so happy she’s still doing bits of “Tubular Bells.” “Ophelia” was gorgeous and one of the most intense performances of the night seen up-close.

      I was also at the meet and greet earlier in the day, it was intimate and a real treat. She’s as wonderful as ever one on one.

    21. Vicki says:

      I am still coming back from quite an emotional journey on December 5. I must prologue this with the fact that things have been very very bad for me recently, and I have felt for a while now that I am just barely existing, not living. So going to this show was literally my last chance at hanging on at least for a little while longer.

      The night before the show, one more tragedy in a long list had occurred and I was devastated and realized that I had no more fight left in me at all, and it was time for my journey here to come to an end. When I went to DC I went to the M&G and before I met her, I felt my heart race and my breath get shallow. Mindy asked if I wanted a pic or an autograph and I said “neither, I just want a hug” and once I met eyes with Tori it was like a floodgate was opened and I just spilled out everything that I had been holding back, including that I just wanted it to all end..Tori wouldnt let my hands go, and she kept trying to look me in the eyes (which is something I have a hard time with in general, let alone with someone I feel indebted forever to), and I just cried and cried, because a lot of what I told her was things I never spoke out loud but just was carrying in my heart. We spoke and she hugged me and it felt like I was there for a lot longer than 2 minutes, altho it could have been 2. I always want to ask for a song but never do, because I cant seem to pick just one, although a few I’d love to hear would be Fields of Gold and Candle on the Water. Also Carbon and Upside Down…maybe if she sees this she will play it for me another time and I will know it even if I am not there in body I will be there in spirit :’) THen the show…OMG I cried for 7 songs straight! The strings, which I wasnt entirely sure what to expect, were excellent, and I loved it. Then of course the bit of humor with The Wrong Band, etc, but esp during songs like Maybe California and Crucify, I just felt like I was being torn open emotionally and it was, as Tori says, “once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.” I wanted to thank her after the show for that entrancing escape from it all…but by the time I found out I didnt need to be somewhere else, I was already outside of DC, which was disappointing. Before I left, I scribbled a quick letter to her thanking her, and in it I told her its ok, I didnt want her to worry, because I know that once I transcend I can help others much more than I can here…which is true…and Im ok with it. I dont know if she got it, but I wish I could see her in person one last time to thank her again. She will never know what she has done for me and this was truly a perfect show to end with. I know I am a bit of a downer, but it was time to take that mask off, and all I’m left with is here now. I met some amazing people at the show and I do hope that we see each other again sometime, the true Tori EWF’s are super friendly and pleasant and down to earth. They truly live the word of Tori, and unlike in past years, the ones I met this year were some of the most beautiful people inside and out. Thank you to you all, and especially to Tori:”)

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