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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 06, 2011
    City Boston, MA
    Venue Orpheum Theatre


    Thanks to @JustKele for tweeting the show!

    • Shattering Sea
    • Landslide [Fleetwood Mac] (solo)
    • Suede
    • Way Down (solo)
    • Leather
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Mother (solo)
    • Ruby Through The Looking Glass (solo)
    • 1,000 Oceans (solo)
    • Siren
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Star Whisperer
    • Mrs. Jesus (solo)
    • Not The Red Baron (solo)
    • Someone Saved My Life Tonight [Elton John] (solo)
    • Your Ghost
    • Edge of the Moon
    • Fearlessness
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Baker Baker
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel


    Shattering Sea


    Way Down/Leather


    Ruby Through The Looking Glass


    Star Whisperer

    Mrs. Jesus

    Not The Red Baron

    Someone Saved My Life Tonight


    Hey Jupiter

    Big Wheel



    1. Aaron Letourneau says:

      Still trying to catch my breath. AMAZING! No highlights – everything rocked. Tori turned me onto her new album like never before. Somehow… this was even better than NYC. Still trying to breathe…..

    2. Monica Bilson says:

      Loved the show, what a great venue. Fantastic setlist!!! When I heard the opening notes of Not the Red Baron I almost squeeled. Her voice and piano-playing are in top form and I swear she channels the gods of music when she sings.

      Highlights: didn’t want to hear Leather again, but it is SOOOO much better with the quartet that I loved it anew!!! Also – the trio of Mother, Ruby and 1,000 Oceans had me in tears. WOW. But I think the highlight of the show was Star Whisperer. What a piece of artistic virtuosity from her and the quartet!! They are phenomemal!!!!

      I did notice that (along with a water theme) a lot of songs were about loss and a failed relationship. I know this is Night of Hunters, but… one wonders.

      My other observation – oh, this is my opinion only – is that some songs don’t work with the quartet. Siren was a mess, and I could’ve done without the Hey Jupiter and Precious Things with the quartet as well. On the other hand, they made some songs (Leather, Big Wheel) better!!

      Great show and you MUST see her with the fabulous quartet!!!!!! They are also adorable!

    3. Psyryn says:

      Wow, amazing. Simply amazing. I am SO glad that I made the trek to this show! Very thankful that we finally had a different set. To finally hear Baker Baker with the quartet was a true gift.

      I remember reading a review of Tori’s new album suggesting that it may take people a little while to understand the full artistic merit of her album – and now I do. Still trying to catch up with last night – just awesome!

    4. Nomie says:

      One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. No, not best Tori shows, best concerts period. Suede changed my life.

    5. Jen says:

      Wowzers! This was amazing. I didn’t know she was touring with a string quartet, so that was a fantastic surprise. I’ve seen Tori many times over the past 13 years, and this show was definitely one of the best, if not the best. My head nearly flew off when she started playing Mother, one of my absolute favorites that I’d never seen her play. And Siren, another one I’ve been waiting for- YES!!!. I loved hearing a version of Previous Things that was closer to the album version. I’ve gotten so used to the live version she plays with a full band. It was just epic with the string quartet. Also, Baker Baker was awesome! Great show!

    6. Brian says:

      Musically the show was right on. I was particularly pleased to hear way down, mother, and red baron and only could had hoped for more from the strange little girls/scarlet’s walk eras. there are several impeccable moments between tori(piano) and quartet. Agree with Monica above that some songs become amazing with the strings.

      Otherwise my only complaint is how orchestrated the performance plays out. It was a tori amos experience without any anecdotes or conversation and even her solo songs, where there’s room for improvisation and spontanaity, felt too perfectly timed as if to a metronome. this may be a sympton of the set’s rigor and ambition. the sheer musicality of the strings and piano is enormously impressive and probably exhausting. But the result at times is more affectation than I remember from other tours (except doll posse which was overtly performative). One song very quickly after another meant that there wasn’t any down time where Tori just chats, or takes her time or fiddles on the keys. Human stuff that reminds us of the scope of possibility with live performances.

      Just wish we could have seen more of her real personality. heard her everyday voice that is deep and serious and uninterested in sounding cute.

    7. Sabrina says:

      As always, she did not disappoint. I felt as though many of the songs she chose were about loss and sadness. Was so happy to hear Baker Baker, Ruby, Mother, and Red Baron. The sound in the Orpheum was fantastic and the crowd well behaved. I saw the 2nd show in NYC as well and between the 2 shows I really am pleased with both setlists! I was happy there were not many repeats.

      Cruel with the quartet is AMAZING!

      I got to meet her before the show and I never knew what it was like to feel completely star struck! Now i do. :-) She was adorable and sweet and gave me a great hug.

      That’s it for me for this tour… until next time, Tori!

    8. Eric says:

      Awesome show! GO SEE THIS TOUR!!! I bought my ticket the day of the show because I wasn’t a fan of the new album at all…but after reading many of the reviews posted on this site, it sounded like it would be a great show. Listening to some of the new songs live gave me a new appreciation for them. Star Whisperer knocked me out of my seat! The quartet…a perfect addition to Tori’s music these days; incredibly talented group of guys. These past couple of tours, the quality of her music and voice have become more and more refined…the woman just keeps getting better with age! The new take on Cruel was phenomenal…it seemed chaotic at times but still delivered. As someone already mentioned, that trio of Mother, Ruby and 1000 Oceans was numbing…no words to describe how beautiful and heartfelt she still sings those songs today. All around, a perfect show! GO SEE IT!!

    9. Jenn says:

      I was completely awestruck by Cruel and Star Whisperer. The new arrangement of Hey Jupiter made it worth hearing even though I wasn’t looking forward to it. I have a special place in my heart for Not the Red Baron & Baker Baker so big smiles there too. If you are on the fence about seeing her this time out you shouldn’t be. This is a must see! The quartet is phenomenal! I thought Tori was exaggerating when she said they “shred.” They do indeed! The new album needs to be experienced live to completely understand its brilliance.

    10. NauticalNun says:

      Been to many Tori shows since 1994 and this was in the top three.

      Tori was spot on with vocals and playing. The quartet is an interesting group of musicians and complimented Tori quite nicely, as well as the experience of new arrangements to some of the catalogue that one wouldn’t expect.

      Not the Red Baron was an absolute treat only second to Tori’s cover of Someone Saved My Life Tonight. As well, I had never heard Ruby Through the Looking Glass live and it was amazing to say the least.

      Now I understand how Star Whisperer is the song on NOH that all the others move through after being blessed to hear it live. I was surprised how many of the songs from NOH made the setlist (6 of them), which is in the normal range, and they were all welcomed and applauded.

      Great show, great seats, all was great. Only con; not so much direct audience interaction or improv. Minor, very minor compared to all the treats.

      Thank you once again Tori.

    11. lisa says:

      Great show. Can’t go wrong with tori and the orpheum. I did not know who opened for her. Does anyone know his name? Tori really was fantastic. I loved the strings. Since I didn’t know the majority of songs I couldn’t tell if I would had liked them with or without. So I’m going to go with WITH. Without any expectations it was a nice treat just to listen.

      [Editor's Note: The opener was Thomas Dybshall.]
    12. Annie says:

      The Boston show was so much better than my experience at the NYC show. I feel terrible now that I was critical of the NY show but I guess I was just so shocked that I could ever be disappointed in the first place. I forget shes… human/goddess ;) Anyways, it was a pretty emotional show. Another plus was that the audience was respectful & didnt get up every 5 seconds. “Ruby Through The Looking Glass” stood out for me. She sang “Landslide” again wonder if it’s cuz she’s thinking about getting older? regardless I think I speak for many when I say we LOVE Tori at all her stages in your career and hope she keeps on performing!! Thank you Tori!

    13. Tristan says:

      The Boston show happened to be my first Tori concert ever, and sitting in the third row was unexpected icing on the cake. Overall, I really enjoyed her passion and energy, but the show itself wasn’t completely satisfying for a few reasons…

      -The opening act was fantastic, but no one seemed to be listening. I felt bad for the guy.

      -Cell phones. Enormously distracting. People on both sides of me texting away. Very sad to see.

      -Wasn’t terribly impressed with the setlist, with the exception of “Baron” and “Oceans”. It seemed very geared toward the hardcore fans, which is fine, but not as enjoyable personally.

      -Fighting fans. Oh yes. During “Big Wheel” (which was fantastic), two women had to be separated. I was completely unfamiliar with the whole gathering in front of the stage tradition, but I played along and enjoyed it a lot. However, under the influence of alcohol, people can get… funny.

      -The tempo remained mostly consistent throughout the show. When ‘Cruel’ began, my ears suddenly perked up. Yet, just as I was finally getting into it, the encores began and the show was over.

      On the bright side, I thought the string quartet was phenomenal. Their solo song was mesmerizing and it’s obvious that they enjoy performing as much as Tori does. The “Night of Hunters” songs were breathtaking, every last one. And, while “Landslide” is one of my favorite songs, I wished she played it later in the evening. It would have had more resonance for me.

      That may have been my last Tori concert. I decided to take a small break from her discography afterward, but found it nearly impossible. Tori has some amazing fans whom I got to meet before and after the show. They couldn’t have been nicer!

    14. Kathy says:

      A dream come true! I was in the 4th row and didn’t know that fact until I sat down! (read my tickets/seat assignments wrong & thought I was in the 15th row!). My 5th time seeing Tori, and the best ever. She is a genius and a goddess all rolled into one. I only wish the 10 people sitting near me hadn’t been drinking buckets of beer and TALKING the entire time. I am surprised Tori didn’t stop and have a word with them! They didn’t watch one second of the show. How annoying! They could have sat in a bar and done the same thing, and a lot less expensive!
      how can you possibly have 4th row seats to see THE GODDESS and not sit, riveted, and paying attention? I don’t get it. I loved the show, the best Christmas present I ever bought for myself!

    15. Kyle says:

      Wow, this tour is not going well. Her voice is great but it is not personal, feels rushed. I prefer to see her control from the piano. It’s missing how she typically would take hold of each song and rock it out. Her body movements are jerky and feel fake. The voice gets an A but the tour is one of the worse. There is nothing ALIVE and personal to it all. I realize artists change over the years but the quartet has too much control over the music. I feel like this album was not for the fans, it was for her musical. Bring back the band and something personal…please.

    16. Bonnie Smith says:

      This is my sixth Tori show and I can say, I will never get sick of seeing her live. I wish I could follow her for the rest of the tour. She is one of the few artist that is as true to her sound live as she is on an album. I love watching her play and her voice is as beautiful as ever. I think the quartet made the show a little more magical. Those guys are amazingly talented and I think they complimented her beautifully! I loved hearing every era of her music being played. It was a treat to hear Siren and Precious Things just to name a few. I never pass up an opportunity to see her live. I guess my only complaint was the crowd seemed restless. Too many people getting up during the show and people coming in late and having to be escorted to their seats and such. I feel like Tori should have more respect then some people seemed to give. Anyway, over-all, a wonderful show and as always, Tori is just plain AWESOME! :)

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