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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Massey Hall

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 08, 2011
    City Toronto, ON
    Venue Massey Hall


    Thanks to @mrzebraIW, @movemeantTO, @willowtree658 and @emptysthemepark for updating from the show! The written setlist had “Beulah Land” where “Star of Wonder” was performed.

    • Shattering Sea
    • Way Down (solo)
    • Suede
    • Star of Wonder (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Maybe California
    • Jackie’s Strength (solo)
    • Cooling (solo)
    • Playboy Mommy (solo)
    • Winter
    • Spark
    • Star Whisperer
    • Take To The Sky (solo, w/ “room in my heart” bridge)
    • Taxi Ride (solo)
    • Songbird [Fleetwood Mac] (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Spring Haze
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades (Quartett)
    • Father Lucifer
    • Edge of the Moon
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel


    Playboy Mommy

    Father Lucifer



    1. Josh says:

      I’ve seen Tori maybe 15 times, and this show was my favourite. The people I talked to after the show didn’t think so, thought that the strings were too heavy, but I think the change of setup has really invigorated things. Tori’s voice sounded so much clearer without the drums muddying them. Her heart seemed to be a lot more into it as well. Most of the songs that she performs with the strings are either ones that were written that way, from NoH, or are songs that were heavily electronic before. Most solo piano songs were still performed that way. I’ve loved Tori’s music since ’94, and I think this new direction is really working. THANKS.

    2. Jenn says:

      This was my second time seeing Tori on this tour- the first being December 2nd in NYC at the Beacon Theatre. I really can’t say enough about Tori’s energy on this tour… she’s beautiful, vibrant, and just completely “Tori”.

      The setlist was comprised of many of my favorites- everything from Father Lucifer (yay!), Precious Things, Spark, Hey Jupiter, etc (the ‘classics’, if I dare say). Take to the Sky was a totally unexpected and very pleasant surprise as well!

      As for the material from Night of Hunters- I have to tell you, I like the album, I really like the album, but I LOVE those songs live. Star Whisperer is even more beautiful. Shattering Seas is even more haunting. Nautical Twilight crawls up my spine and sits there in a way that only that song can do. Edge of the Moon- not one of my album favorites- was incredibly alive when she played it last night.

      Truthfully, I don’t have one bad thing to say about the performance last night! I will say this- I’ve seen Tori many times, and I’d have to say that this tour…both shows (NYC and Toronto) were my favorite Tori performances ever.

    3. MK says:

      It was 4 months in the making. My 6th show with Ms Amos and yet, everything happened so quickly, so perfectly and I sit a day later trying to take it all in. Re-playing the new playlist I have just made of her concert choices. Her maternal star shining bright over Toronto, opening her arms to the misguided, the disenfranchised, the misunderstood. It was needed now, more than ever with Toronto facing the very real possibility of becoming the new democratic dictatorship. The expected songs were brilliant, especially with the stringed quartet. The strings were paralyzing to the ears and eyes. In person, something truly breath-taking. The solo songs, continued to drop my jaw, while eyes dropped tears. Jackie’s Strength was not something I thought I wanted to hear, but I was wrong. Cooling, however, was what I have been chasing for 5 years an 5 shows like a young boy chasing a girl in the school yard and I am so incredibly glad that she stopped to play. It was the definitive moment in my adult life where I knew something changed and I could never go back as if I signed the bottom of my painting and my work was done. I thank him. Playboy Mommy, was perfect in every way, playful, strong, serious – a true gem from the M&G. Spark I wanted to hear again as I didn’t take it all in the first time round with Pip. Star Whisperer is something from a chapter in the visual classical music encyclopedia – to see those hands work the keys for 7+ minutes is nothing short of brilliance. Take To The Sky was a warriors cry in the night, improvised percussion, knuckles on ivory. Taxi Ride made us all alright. It was permission. To continue. To live. To be. Standing in the shadows of a powerful force, she turned the light to the other side so we were now the ones casting shadows on them – unafraid. Songbird was for my friend. Hey Jupiter, Precious Things, et al were beautiful and again – having thought I would not want them – I remember them. Father Lucifer was the BIGGEST shot in the dark for me, never thinking I would hear it this time round – not only did I hear it, I experienced it with FULL quartet for the first time – a Christmas gift wrapped and hand delivered to my tree. Thank you – your saving graces never cease to amaze me. And I hope you enjoyed it as well – it was you the brought her here.

    4. Sharon says:

      Tori’s show last night in Toronto was absolutely brilliant! She always gives 300%, but keeping up so flawlessly with the strings really showed how serious a musician she is, especially during Shattering Sea, Star Whisperer, Edge of the Moon and Fearlessness. The classical overtones were lovely, and she also played the songs we fell in love with, breathing fresh life into them in such an interesting way, like Precious Things with the quartet! Songs we usually expect to hear with the band took on a totally new character. Cooling and Winter were as pretty as ever, and Taxi Ride, Take To The Sky and Big Wheel still rock the house. I think this was the best I’ve seen her. She always manages to out do herself.

      (By the way, I was so impressed with her when I met her back stage. She is so gracious, sweet and soft spoken, and she really makes you feel important and appreciated. I was so happy and fortunate to get the opportunity to meet her. I will always cherish that!)

    5. Kenny Love says:

      ok so Tori never ceases to amaze me! My highlight of the evening was Star Whisperer, with the quartet? absolutely AMAZING. and SOOO happy after so many years of asking for Datura, we got a snippet of it in Take to the Sky! Tori and the quartet mesh so well together it was amazing! I saw her in Massey Hall last tour also, and she seems to love it, she was in a great mood, very spunky hopping around laughing, and her voice was STELLAR! I would LOVE to hear an album with the quartet :) also Father Lucifer was awesome!!!! all in all one of the best Tori shows i’ve been to! was worth the trip from NY, it was an AWESOME night!

    6. adam says:

      i’ve seen tori play about 7 times and this was one of the best. her partnership with the quartet was such a brilliant move — so many of her songs have such an orchestral vibe and most songs were enhanced with these gorgeous strings. tori’s voice was upfront an center (unfortunately not on Big Wheel where she was drowned out). the night had a heartbreaking and sombre tone…so intimate and many of my favourite sad tori tracks. i wondered if the news that day of yet another bullied gay teen suicide informed tori’s incredibly moving inclusion of Taxi Ride. Cooling and Jackie’s Strength were mind-blowing and Star Whisperer was taken to heights that will help me enjoy NOH more. And for those interested: tori wore these incredible heels that had her kind of hopping around the stage that made me fear a spill. she was sweet as ever and not very talkative. just the music and tori’s obvious love of playing live. another great memory.

    7. kyle says:

      It was nice to hear Father Lucifer but I felt she was running through it so fast. When she starts with “Girls never gain weight”, for me its better when she starts off slow and builds up. Following this woman for 20 years the slow build up really hits home.

    8. KeithB says:

      What a brilliant show. I’ve seen Tori five or six times, but this was by far the best: her playing was exquisite, the set list was incredible and her singing blew me away. When she played Jackie’s Strength, Cooling and Playboy Mommy (all incredible, powerful solo versions) back to back, I couldn’t believe my luck. And Taxi Ride? Not to mention the amazing selections from Night of Hunters and the great work of the quartet… just an amazing feast of music and a rare, wonderful evening. As a fan, I considered this a gift. I’ll always remember it.

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