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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Paramount Theatre

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 16, 2011
    City Oakland, CA
    Venue Paramount Theatre


    • Shattering Sea
    • Landslide (solo)
    • Suede
    • Way Down (solo)
    • Spark
    • Graveyard
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Little Earthquakes (solo)
    • Ruby Through The Looking Glass (solo)
    • Lust (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Star Whisperer
    • Doughnut Song
    • Gold Dust
    • Toast
    • Father Lucifer
    • Your Ghost
    • Precious Things
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades (Quartett)
    • Carry
    • Improv about menopause
    • Holly, Ivy & Rose
    • Siren
    • Big Wheel


    Way Down

    Father Lucifer

    Precious Things


    1. Jordan Zickafoose says:

      Wow…i just made it home to Fresno after the 3 hour drive from Oakland and all i can say is wow. This was only my 3rd Tori concert and I must say I believe it is my favorite!! I didn’t get Cooling, but Gold Dust and Toast back to back was just it for me. I bawled my eyes out like a baby during those two.

      I cannot believe how amazing and strong Tori’s voice is sounding this tour! I am so exhausted so I am just going to write my highlights (well, it was ALL a highlight but…)

      1. Gold Dust and Toast together. Just beautiful. No more to say. Brought tears to my eyes…Toast reminds me of my Grandpa who I lost 2 years ago and Gold Dust is one of my top 5 Tori songs so…
      2. Little Earthquakes: I will never get sick of hearing this live.
      3. Landslide: This was one of the most beautiful versions of this song i have heard her perform (from bootlegs, etc) I cried a little on this one too.
      4. Star Whisperer: The quartet was SO GOOD! They added SO much to most of the songs! My mouth was to the floor by the end of this one.
      5. Graveyard: just a little treat!
      6. Holly, Ivy, Rose: This was amazing!!!!! Especially with the quartet. She said they had just put it together and it was flawless.
      7. Doughnut Song and Father Lucifer: This was one of the BIG highlights of my night. Pele was well represented!!
      8. As was TVAB (which i LOVE!) Suede and Lust were amazing…Lust got me good tonight.

      A couple gripes: There was a drunk lady sitting behind me across the isle that wouldn’t shut the hell up. Grrrr…I really could have done without Girl Disappearing…it was great, but i’ve heard it before and would have preferred something else (Cooling! hint hint). Other than that the concert was PERFECT! It was so nice meeting other EWF!! This was my first show sitting in the front row (behind the 2 rows in the pit though…) and it made my night. I never want to sit in the balcony again! I could see Tori’s face which is a first! Hahaha! Anyway, it is time for bed…Happy Night of Hunters touring everyone! Can’t believe it’s almost at a close…

    2. Sarah Paul says:

      Well, all I really have to say is it was a amazing show. I loved the solo’s and her with the quartet. I really loved the set list I had never seen her sing live well not in person some of the songs. So, I was a really happy camper. I was so happy to see her do Lust,Gold Dust,Father Lucifer,Toast,Ruby Through The Looking Glass,Little Earthquakes,and Doughnut Song. But I was really sad there was no M&G I hope next time around she will be able to do one.

    3. Liz says:

      Amazing show!!!!! Tori’s voice was crisp and on point the whole time. As always, the emotion of every song showed on her face which made the entire experience very personal and intimate. Little earthquakes was particularly poignant and seemed very emotional for her (my personal fav of the night). I had the pleasure of seeing Tori after her KFOG show and I have to say that she is more beautiful than ever! Too bad I can never speak when I meet her – I turn mute! lol. All in all, a wonderful tori filled day. Let’s hope she continues the Tour after the Holidays! Wouldn’t that be a great start to the new year!!!

    4. Rachel says:

      Warning: This is not a favorable review.

      There were many, many things wrong with this show. To avoid a long rant, I’ll just break it up into bullet points.

      1. There was zero passion in her voice. If I wanted “pretty” I’d see Sarah McLachlan. I like Tori’s music for her fire, her passion, letting it all go. That didn’t happen here. Sadly, this hasn’t happened in a long time.

      2. Probably links to #1, but I was bored to tears. There are many songs I liked on this setlist, but I was trying so hard to stay awake.

      3. The quartet was nice, but sound-wise overpowered Tori. Most of the time I couldn’t even hear the piano.

      4. OK, so there are times when Tori would used to sing a little too slow and songs would be really slow and drawn out. Some songs Friday night were just the opposite—TOO fast. I swear Father Lucifer was a minute thirty!

      5. Hardly any interaction with the crowd. Why? Tori used to be so personable.

      6. Little Earthquakes and Doughnut Song were so lifeless.

      7. Hey Jupiter, although too fast, was nice.

      Thank god I didn’t pay full price for a ticket. I know my opinion is not a popular one, but for those of you who are on the fence about going to a show because you’re aware of her decline the past 10 years, perhaps I can save you $70, because it’s just not worth it.

    5. Tomas says:

      OK, here I go:

      Tori looked beautiful as always, her voice was great, and the quartet was magnificent.

      My main issue: People talking loudly during the show, and all of the walking around and getting up and down. IT WAS SOOOO DISTRACTING!!! To the “fairy princess” dancing up and down the aisles: yeah, your performance was cute, but we didn’t pay to be distracted by you.

      My other issue was the security. They were way too rough for a Tori Amos concert, and even dragged some guy out, with like 5 or 6 security guards. Crazy!!!!

      Honestly, this show was really disappointing on many levels. Things have changed so much in the Tori world, and it makes me sad.

      I’ll always love Tori though!

    6. Audrey says:

      This was my first of three shows on this tour and I was really happy with the setlist. Gold Dust and Toast brought me to tears in a way nothing else did the rest of the shows I attended. Ophelia and Our New Year at the next show in LA were very emotional for me, but for Gold Dust and Toast the tears were just streaming. I think it was that those songs are clearly very emotional for Tori and so they just affected me really deeply. Ruby, Lust, Father Lucifer, and Holly Ivy & Rose were other highlights for me.

      I was also lucky enough to be selected for the KFOG private concert that afternoon in SF, which I still can’t believe. It was unbelievably amazing to be sitting 10 feet away from her while she sang such incredible songs directly to me. There was no time for autographs, but KFOG said they would take a couple group shots and email them to us. Tori said she’d prefer to go one row at a time and then proceeded to take a photo with each individual group of two. She is so sweet! When it was my turn and I got a little teary eyed and told her it was such an honor to meet her and I love her so much. She took my hands and asked me my name, and then just folded me up in her arms for a long hug. It was so incredible. Thank you so much Undented for posting about the private concert. I wouldn’t have known and I would have missed one of the most amazing experiences of my life. THANK YOU!

    7. Craig says:

      This was an AMAZING concert. I tried writing this review two times, going into detail about each song, or doing a quick summary of the whole concert, but neither could capture how good this concert was. The fact that she played both Spark and Hey Jupiter (two of my all time favorite songs) in the same concert, makes this the best concert I’ve attended. As always, I’m interested to see what she does next, and how she will recreate her “Girls”. Songs like Hey Jupiter, Suede, Cruel, and Big Wheel were reworked extremely well. I do hope however, that she drops this growling thing she’s doing now, like on Fearlessness. It doesn’t sound authentic on her. In the end, whatever she ends up doing, I’m buying it, and I’ll be at the concert(s).

    8. Rich says:

      This was the only show I could go to on this tour. I usually try to do all the west coast shows at least. I did my best not to look at any of the fan sites so I would know nothing about any of the other set lists, if she was with the band, if she was doing covers, NOTHING. It would have been nice to know there was no meet and great beforehand, but I lived;) I got there early so I could reconnect with all the other fans that I have meet over the years. It is always good to see them again! I had to cover my ears when they started talking about shows in other cities:)

      All I can say is WOW!!! Loved the quartet. It was a great way to reinvent a lot of the songs. I really wish they would have done some legs and boots for this tour.

      I have to say Gold Dust and Toast back to back really made the show. I started crying my eyes out during toast after just losing my father, it really made me think of him. I think I really needed that song right now in my life.

      The setlist was perfect! Always love to hear Landslide.

      Tori Really seemed to be happy. I have never seen her smile so much during a concert. She really was in good spirits!

      The only small complaint I would have would be about how security reacted to people rushing the stage for the encores. I know how much the fans look forward to this. It was sad to see the ones with out the wrist bans kicked out. The guards where very loud during the process and it was VERY distracting. If they are going to do something like this, they need to announce it before hand, or Tori’s people need to let them know it is ok for the fans to do this.

      [Our understanding is that the orchestra pit at the Paramount has a weight limit so they needed to get some people out to prevent that from being exceeded.]
    9. Lauren says:

      This was my first of three shows this tour. I loved every minute of it. I cried 4 times, which is the most I’ve ever cried at a Tori concert. The first time was during Landslide. I have always loved her cover, but I think this time it was hearing Tori’s voice sing those lyrics that really did me in. Luckily this time my tears were discreet, unlike Milwaukee last tour where several people in my vicinity turned around and asked me if I was going to be okay. :) Other songs that cued the waterworks were Graveyard (those extra lyrics are really poignant and sad), Gold Dust and my eyes welled up again during Toast.

      This was my 13th concert and in some ways felt like a major catharsis for me. I was lucky enough to run into Mindy before the show and I gave her a letter for Tori and said, I know Tori is very busy, but if she could read this it would mean the world to me. Mindy said sure thing. I won’t go into the very personal details of what the letter said, but I will say that I talked in depth about how the song Gold Dust has helped me through the last year of my life.

      So you can imagine my joy when Tori performed Gold Dust. It was the most beautiful and riveting 6 minutes of my life. That is such a beautiful song. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not Tori had the time to read my letter. The fact that I got to hear my healing song played live thrilled me to pieces.

      As for the quartet- they are all incredibly talented and spirited players. I love watching Tori connect with them and vice versa. John Philip Shenale has really done an incredible job with the live arrangements. I loved every song this concert, including Big Wheel, not because I love that song, but because it was obvious that playing it brought those 5 musicians a lot of joy.

      Other thoughts- Shattering Sea is an incredible song to open with, particularly with the haunting string overture. Also this was my first time hearing Little Earthquakes performed solo (all other times I’d heard it with the band) and I think it really showcased her still pristine voice.

      See you next time you play Oakland Tori!!! <3

    10. Melody says:

      What an emotional show. Clearly, this is the Tori I have been waiting for for two decades. Perfect performance. I have seen her nearly a dozen times, and this show, plus the two LA shows, are my favourites. She needed the strings. Everything that was “missing” from her past two tours, you didn’t even realize weren’t there until you hear those strings. These live arrangements are superb. She keeps getting better and better, and I can’t get enough of it.

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