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In Memory Of Violet's Husband, Kim Flint
1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 17, 2011
    City Los Angeles, CA (1)
    Venue Orpheum Theatre

    Thanks to @whirljackman for tweeting the setlist!


    • Shattering Sea
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Suede
    • God/Running Up That Hill (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Crucify (solo)
    • Ophelia (solo)
    • Josephine (solo)
    • “Sometimes my brain goes” improv
    • Siren
    • Cloud on my Tongue
    • Star Whisperer
    • Total Eclipse of the Heart (solo)
    • That Guy
    • Pretty Good Year
    • Fearlessness
    • Our New Year
    • Spring Haze
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades (Quartett)
    • Winter
    • Father Lucifer
    • Precious Things
    • Big Wheel


    Mr. Zebra

    God/Running Up That Hill


    Cloud on My Tongue

    Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Pretty Good Year


    1. Rose says:

      Ahhh, just got back to the hotel. What a wonderful setlist!!! I just could not believe it.

      Mr. Zebra – she has changed up the arrangement a bit. It is fresh, but I kind of went ‘hey! that’s different!’

      Tubular Bells/God/Running Up that Hill – wow!! I really wanted to hear this, it was just wonderful

      Snow Cherries – this song made me cry (not the only time in the show)

      Crucify – tightest and most emotional version of this song that I have heard. I got teary for this one too.

      Ophelia – the intro started off like bells for her, so I gasped when she started into Ophelia. This and Crucify together make a really powerful duo. I am wondering where Josephine fits into it

      Siren > COMT > Star Whisperer – LOVED IT

      Siren – is really tight and wonderful

      Cloud On My Tongue – I love this song and so I cried

      Total Eclipse of the Heart – first, someone screamed out Flying Dutchman and she said, “no, this is a request” which is funny, because if I were going to scream something out, Flying Dutchman would be it. This version was soooo much better than the Boston one. It was great.

      That Guy – if you were at the show, yes, I admit it, that was me screaming my head off for this song.

      Our New Year – I could not help thinking about Violet (saw her tweet the other day about this song). My heart goes out to you.

      Spring Haze – I resisted listening to a boot of this song, just so it would be fresh for me. I was not disappointed.

    2. Ethan says:

      Just came back from Tori’s latest show and WOW. Having seen her counteless times across all tours since 1992 I can safely say that this is the MUST SEE tour. So perfect with strings! My personal highlights were: Mr Zebra (She finally didnt mess it up ;-) ), crucify, siren (Unbelievably good,) cloud, eclipse (on keys and piano) Fearlessness, cruel (amazing revision!) and a sped-up father lucifer! Cant wait to see tomorrows set!

    3. Mitch says:

      What a show!!! Everyone who has said that the Youtube clips don’t do the live show justice are absolutely right. The sound quality was unbelievable. And that includes Tori’s voice. She sounds better than she has in years, in my opinion, and it was wonderful to hear her sound so strong.

      Shattering Sea was brilliant, but the part that sticks out the most to me was the long, slow intro that the guys played before Tori came onstage. It was eerie and dark, and this may not be the last time in this post that I report how sexy those musicians are when they’re doing their thing. ;)

      Mr. Zebra had me laughing out loud. Tori’s arrangement on the piano was bouncy and boisterous, and more comical than normal. Which for that song is saying something.

      SUEDE! I’ve had a lukewarm relationship with that song since the first time I heard it, but it was gorgeous tonight. The strings are exactly what it needed.

      God/Running Up That Hill. I want to note that in addition to that brilliant mash-up, Tori weaved in and out of the theme from The Exorcist, Tubular Bells. In fact, that was the intro to the song, which led me to think she was about to play Father Lucifer, as she has paired the two in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to realize it was God instead, and even more pleased to hear the Running Up that Hill counterpart. The three songs blended together in a beautiful and haunting way. It was sadly short, though. I could have listened to seven more minutes of it at least, and I feel like it was one of the shortest songs of the night.

      Star Whisperer. It was already my favorite song of the album, but seeing it live has left me speechless. I love that they committed to playing the whole thing, totally unabridged. The guys were fiddling there little fingers off and Tori was totally present for every single note. They played it faster than on the album, making it even more impressive, and when the boys finished the biggest part of their section, the audience broke out into cheers!

      I’m not going to report on every song, but I will say that That Guy was amazing. Her voice in concert is brilliant with that song, even better than the album version. Also, Our New Year was a wonderfully welcome holiday moment, tinged with the sense of melancholy that pretty much overlaid the whole set. Ophelia was beautiful too, but she spent so much of the song playing her keyboard rather than the piano. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but as wonderful as her keyboard is, it just cannot compare to the rich bass notes of the Bosendorfer. I would have loved some more piano power behind that song.

      And of course the boys were on fire the whole night. What a perfect group of (sexy) young musicians for Tori to play with. Their passion was infectious, and I often struggled trying to decide whether to watch them or Tori.

      I was so proud to be a Tori fan tonight. I stepped out about halfway through to get another drink, and the guys working the bar were sort of standing there listening to the music. I can only imagine how different this must be from the concerts they normally work. They asked how the show was, and I was like, f*ing awesome. :D

    4. J R says:

      Tonight was my 12th Tori Amos concert and my friend’s very first. Overall, great night, great time, impressive as always. Hard to to gather all the pros and cons so I will simply try to at least touch on what I can in all the different aspects.

      First of all, I will comment on the quality of the songs and performance. The musicianship of all five (Tori and the quartet) was exceptional. I was in the fifth row slightly of center to the left looking at stage, and gave a stellar view of the magic her hands perform. You could tell playing with the quartet put her in totally different space than what she is used to playing. It was though everything (including the solo songs) were MUCH more strictly played, with less embellishments and liberties than I have ever seen her play with. This I think was a double edged sword, because although it was impressive musicianship, it is the allowances she gives herself live that often push the songs over the edge into sublime.

      My major complaint, is that after years of her concerts since watching her perform live since 1999, is the way she has started to use her voice. It is though she insists on being soprano or something these days. It has been a while since she has been able to hit the really high notes well, and that never bothered me. But what is going on with her lower register???????? Her deep, sultry, velvety textures are her most pleasurable, and this is the first tour it is though she does not want to go there. And the thing is, at first I thought, “well maybe she can not longer hit those notes”. But there were a few times she went there and it was by far her best sounding notes of the night. So why use them so sparingly? Literally, it was almost every song where she changed the octave that is was originally sang in and went one higher. Just a kind of disappointing.

      The best songs of the night were with out a doubt God, Siren, Star Whisperer, Total Eclipse, Our New Year, Spring Haze and Cruel. These songs were treated with an intensity, finesse, and life that were leaps ahead of the others.

      Now, now, now……overall, even though I had some commentary, all of the concert was impressive, just slightly……not up to the standard I look for from Tori. But AMAZING still.

      That being said, people need to learn to put down the f,,,ing phones and cameras. My friend and I were behind a gay date (and I am gay so don’t get on me) that was beeeeeeyond obnoxious, or at least one half was. Not only was he videotaping from the very start of the concert, but convulsing, and shuttering, basically with out a doubt on some type of heavy drugs and could not even use his camera well. At one point, his head was dozing in his lap, and the camera was up in the air filming the wall. taking a picture or two i can take, but nonstop? why go the concert? and the fourth row, really? What’s to see on your camera when you have the complete privilege of watching her RIGHT IN FRONT AND CENTER OF YOU?

      At the beginning of Crucify, my friend, she is my hero, I have been wanting to tell off these people at Tori concerts for years, at lets just say she made a move that was beyond my gull, and was completely valid and just. She was a Tori concert super hero. And this was after asking him several times to put it down. He quit it after that, but I think also caused him to have a paranoid bad drug trip (love it).

      Immediately the man behind us said thank you so much and the hot lesbian next to my friend gave her a big big smile. My friend wanted to be gay at that moment, :)

      Really people, put your phones and cameras away. Be a semi normal modern human being. Get it together.

      Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

    5. Chris in LA says:

      I’m going to both shows, but went to Saturdays by myself. I ended up sitting with a few other loners, old fans and some new, all friendly and enthusiastic.

      I really enjoyed the show. Her voice sounded wonderful, but a little tired, or a bit subdued at points, but she really nailed it for some spectacular moments (the soaring bridge in Crucify) Suede was incredible reworked with the quartet. God/Running Up That Hill was brilliant – amazing how she’s melded them with Tubular Bells, its become a little hymn of sorts. A couple short songs I’ve always wanted to hear but have always missed is Mr. Zebra and Josephine (I can be a happy toriphile forever now). Star Whisperer is a masterpiece, and it sounded incredible. So faithful to the magic on the album. Her cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart was the high point for me. Its never been a favorite, but the sincerity and beauty of her cover utterly transformed it. That Guy was on my list of songs I DIDN’T want to hear, so oh well. Finally the rework of Father Lucifer was over-the-top great. It had a whole different energy, more plucky. Nice to see a song that has been reinvented so many times get yet another new and compelling shape.

      All in all, the show was fabulous. The LA crowd had lots of energy and Tori seemed to feel the love. Looking forward to tonight’s performance!

    6. Jessica de la Tejera says:

      I just woke up. . .it’s nearly noon and it’s taken me this long to even want to come out of what seemed like a dream last night. I’ve been following the tour religiously (for lack of a better term), checking out set lists and youtube footage all along the way in anticipation of the LA shows. Needless to say, I truly feel that this show was the best of the tour so far! The setlist blew my mind. . .it was such a gorgeous mixture, and I loved that songs were pulled out that hadn’t been played much at all, like Our New Year, Ophelia and That Guy. Siren with the Quartet was other-worldly, leading into Cloud on My Tongue which is now a revived favorite. The energy in the room was celebratori, festive and happy. The theatre is gorgeous, the lighting as perfect as lights strung on a tree, and the sound was impeccable. I feel a little sad as each song passes, knowing that it’s a little closer to the end of another tour, but my heart is beaming with gratitude to have had this experience. I love Tori-ing it out with fellow Tori heads—-there’s no one else in the world that understands. Peace and love to you all, can’t wait for the Sunday show.

    7. MelindaLu says:

      Tonight’s show was spectacular, once again… I loved getting to hear that mash-up of Tubular Bells/Running Up That Hill/God….. what a brilliant combination of songs! It just sounded wonderful live.

      I want to state for the record that I think it is a TRAVESTY that these shows are not being released as official boots, because the audience recordings I have heard just suck…they sound so one-dimensional and they have audience noise. I know Mark complained during the ADP tour that they took up too much time and all of that… So hire a tech who’s job it is to do nothing but that! HELLO?????? EWFs would buy all of them. I bought every single ADP boot, and in some cases, I bought a few twice, because the FLAC copies didn’t turn out good enough, so I bought them from the Tori store once they had been remastered. We are Tori freaks, and we will buy… We know you have soundboard recordings…. PLEASE release them! Or do a doc of the tour…I mean, my God, the woman went to South Africa! She has Polish shredders on stage with her! That will never happen again, now will it?

      OK….back to the show. I am just in LOVE with Nautical Twilight and it sounded amazing… I love to watch the AQ play…they bring such dimension to her music and they do not overwhelm her piano or her voice. And her voice sounds like it is in much better shape this tour than it was for the Sin tour. She sounds amazing.

      Snow Cherries was a big hit with me and the audience last night. It’s such a lovely song and the strings add a lot to it.

      I was super psyched to hear Ophelia as I don’t believe I have ever heard it before and it’s one of my favs. Josephine has never been a favorite of mine…so meh on that girl.

      The little improv about her brain was funny, but I couldn’t tell what prompted it. She wasn’t in the middle of a song…She was just getting ready to play with the quartette again. However, that did not diminish my enjoyment of that improv and it was so unexpected…everyone was clapping along.

      Siren, Cloud/Tongue and SW were magical, even though I have seen at least 2 of them 3 times this week doesn’t mean I am tired of them… I love them and I doubt we will ever hear Star Whisperer again after this tour is over…. it just would not work w/o the strings.

      Total Eclipse was great… I have that from the BK tour on a BOOT (hello again, Mark) and it’s a really good rendition. There should be a notation that “That Guy” was performed solo…and I really loved it. I do like that song on AAtS…so it was both unexpected and fun to hear it for the first time. It sounded great.

      PGY: What can I say? It’s a classic and I had just recently read that the guy (Greg) who wrote to Tori and inspired that song…that she has never heard from him again… how strange. If Tori had written a song about me, I would have thanked her…but then again, I have never written her a letter. I do very often write her notes and give them to someone with a tour necklace on. I did give her a card that I had drawn with Tori screaming and an ugly sheep floating in the air (I am a terrible artist) and I wrote “I saw a ewe I didn’t want to see” on the envelope with a little blurb about not judging a note by the envelope….kinda like not judging a book by its cover… I hope she got the joke.

      The rest of the show was just great and I have heard these songs already this week…but no complaints from me. I do hope she plays Your Ghost, Carry or Edge of the Moon tonight, as I haven’t heard the first two live yet and “Moon” I have only heard once in the crush of the audience at the Seattle show during the encore section.

      YAY Tori! Thank you for coming out to play, for bringing the Fab Four AQ with you and for this masterpiece of a record. We love you and after tonight, I don’t know when I will see you again….but I look forward to my 65th show and beyond!

    8. Jessie says:

      This was my favorite Tori show out of the last few I’ve been to. Tori seems to have matured, is focused and is sounding great! The quartet made the show very interesting and different. My personal favs were Star Whisperer, Fearlessness, Josephine and Spring Haze. Great venue too.. I hope everyone has fun tonight!

    9. Jessica says:

      So I finally heard God/Running up that Hill. I was in tears. It was more beautiful than the youtube videos will ever capture.

      Snow Cherries from France, one of my favorite songs, oh wait, Ophelia? Shoot that is one of my favorite songs! Ok I just can choose. All I know is there were so many moments during this show I had to pull out the Kleenex.

      Is there a reason why I have to work and I cannot tour the country by Greyhound like the kids begging for tickets before every show and being ungrateful when you offer them a first row balcony seat?

      I decided not to share after they were so rude and un-Tori-like. My seats, by the way, were perfect! I was perched right above row G I imagine, staring right down on her and soaking up every key. It was magical.

    10. CrystallineColey says:

      She was absolutely incredible… So fierce, both vocally and the way she was jamming on that pedal! She freshened up her lip gloss early on, saying “I deserve it for being an LA Lounge Lizard”! Too cute! And her improve about menopause had me laughing so hard. The quartet was fantastic! I’m still impressed by the whole percussion aspect on “Cruel”. So much energy, it was an amazing night.

    11. Mary_Faery says:

      WOW! This was my 1st show of the NOH tour & it was excellent. Tori was in such a flirty, playful mood yet played a diverse set with quite afew female-bent songs like Ophelia, Josephine, Crucify & That Guy.
      Highlights for me were Mr. Zebra, God/Running, Crucify, Suede, Pretty Good Year, Cloud on My Tongue,Spring Haze(!!!!) & Cruel.

      I have heard Crucify many times now & must admit I was growing tired of it, but now have a new-found respect for it hearing it solo.

      Her voice is in top-form & you can certainley tell with PGY & Cruel.

      As I was telling John Philip Shenale, this tour is magically one of a kind. Tori has created such a diverse set within a what appears to be a more classical concert but there is so much more to it than meets the eye; theres classical, rock, a twinge of bluegrass (Big Wheel) & goth-metal (Precious Things & Cruel) & classic Tori with her solo numbers.

      The guys are just extraordinary, with that 1st violinist all over the place in Multitude of Shades!

      No M&G this day but I met such beautiful people while re-connecting with old friends. You truly don’t feel disappointed (Me, anyways) if Tori cannot make it out. So many great people to hang with!


    12. Danny Quevedo says:

      I don’t even know where to start!!! I guess I should say that seeing Tori accompanied by a quartet, first of all, was an amazing experience. Strings always seem to connect me with the Tori I feel in love with (Yes, Anastasia; Pretty Good Year, and some of the other great songs. But I guess I can only break the show down by songs:

      Shattering Sea: Amazing! I wasn’t expecting the quartet to be as great as they were. Even though I missed the old guys Intro (Matt and Jon), I have to admit that it was, truly, a different experience. I enjoyed them immensely.

      Mr. Zebra (solo): what a treat! (The friend I went with and myself recall this song from the past and I had a great time listening to it live again.)

      Suede: Loved the way Tori was moving and the vibe of the crowd.

      God/Running Up That Hill (solo): Not very familiar with Kate Bush’s songs, but I thought it was nicely done.

      Nautical Twilight: I love this song, even though I missed the “She” high notes, I thought Tori did great justice to the lyrics.

      Snow Cherries From France: A fantastic treat… It was my very first time hearing it live.

      Crucify (solo): It only took me back to 10 years ago when my ex (Peter) was alive and he loved this song His name during the SLT was “Crucify Boy.” It almost brought tears to me just thinking about him.

      Ophelia (solo): WOW!!!! I love reading and somehow, having ended my World Lit class, it took me back to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Beautifully done!

      Josephine (solo): even though I started being fan during the TVAB era, Josephine is one song I was hoping to hear live! I was amazed!

      “Sometimes my brain goes” improv
      Siren: It sounded a bit different without the band (for me at least), but it was great to hear live.

      Cloud on my Tongue: UTP is one of the albums I got for Xmas many years ago, so it took my back to that day… it was a treat!

      Star Whisperer: Another of my favorites in the NOH album.

      Total Eclipse of the Heart (solo): I enjoyed it because of the official bootlegs (especially Boston).

      That Guy: AATS is one of my favorite albums, and I was mesmerized to have heard this for the first time.

      Pretty Good Year: OMG!!!! She took my breath away!!! First time ever hearing it live! I totally enjoyed it.

      Fearlessness: one word: ABSOLUTELY amazing! One of my top 3 of NOH songs. “waking to greet the sun…” Because of this song I feel I am fearless about meeting my destiny. As a matter of fact, about 6 years ago, I wrote a poem called “Fearlessness.” It actually connected me to how I feel about life itself. I’m fearless about meeting the inevitable! Beautifully done.

      Our New Year: 2012 will definitely bring changes… And I am hoping for them to be for the better. It will be my new year; I’m so willing to be all for love; the kind that will always be there for me in my lows.

      Spring Haze: TVAB hold a special place in my heart… so I truly enjoyed this song live.

      Cruel: I don’t care if people give me respect; all I know is that I can be cruel! This song touched me because of what I’m going through at this point of my life.


      A Multitude of Shades (Quartett): The guys Tori choose are just so amazing!

      Winter: :( I only wish I could’ve have my own father listen to it.

      Father Lucifer: it took me back to Santa Barbara… Greatly done!

      Precious Things: One of my best songs. I was so hoping to hear it live again.

      Big Wheel: Texas has a special place in my heart.

      OVERALL: this show was just lovely! My company was great and the setlist was absolutely breath taking. Somehow I feel as if it was a bit spiritual -which I like because my friend was feeling a bit “down” spiritually. The ‘girls’ somehow seemed to have retire ate to him that people must connect to the cosmos. THIS SHOW is is in my top 10 shows.

      There were a lot of surprises and I was not disappointed. I truly appreciated her voice, her choices of songs, and her charisma. It was a good show!

    13. JCDatura says:

      Tonight’s show was a great treat!

      I had gone on a media blackout, refusing to listen to the bootlegs, youtube vids, or anything that might spoil this holiday treat, and I was so glad I did!

      The Venue was gorgeous, and just being in that space, in the theater, I was sure we were going to get a great show.

      Shattering Sea: A-Mazing! The AMQ started with a moody intro, and when T came out, we went nuts. To be frank, over the evening, she was going to have to keep up with the AMQ, or we might just defect. The 5 of them together were phenominal!

      Mr. Zebra: My first time hearing this, and had me giddy and laughing early on.

      Suede: Gorgeous.

      God/Hill/TB: A mashup as only Tori could execute! Playing Tubular Bells throughout, she echoed the refrain from God, with the chorus from Running Up That Hill, while the AMQ tuned. Would have loved to seen this as a full song.

      Nautical Twilight: To be honest, not a big fave of mine, but seeing it live made me like it a bit more. I also felt that the AMQ might be mixed a bit too loud at this point. Maybe it was where I was sitting in the orchestra, but it felt like I couldn’t hear Tori as well as I should have.

      Snow Cherries: Though wistful and longing, was a very welcome visitor. Played with the quartet, a very nice treat.

      Crucify: STUNNING in its simplicity. I had gotten so used to these drawn out versions, and it was nice to hear a simple and concise version of one of my favorite girls.

      Ophelia: Fooled me by first sounding like Bells for Her. I was surprised she played this girl. We hardly get cool songs like this in LA.

      Josephine: Sublime. I almost wanted the AMQ to join in, but this song demands some intimacy.

      Siren: Always rocks, but I have found that my favorite rendition is with the band, though the AMQ were in full force on this one.

      Cloud on My Tongue: Brilliant!

      Star Whisperer: otherworldly! The AMQ won me over with their intro to SS, and they cemented themselves as a solid force with SW. They were getting lots of love from the audience, and quite deservedly. In fact, it was in this song, or another, Pavel, the First Violinist, was playing so intensely, that his bow snapped. He continued to play on, a fragment of catgut flapping wildly in the wind whilst he performed the hell out of this girl!

      Total Eclipse of the motherlovin’ Heart… I thought I was going to die when she started this! It was so surreal. I may have peed a little.

      That Guy: Love this song. As a guy who can sometimes be “That Guy”, it really reminds me to be a better man.

      Pretty Good Year: YAY!!! Although again, would have LOVED to hear the AMQ RIP through the last part of the song, but solo, still gorgeous.

      Fearlessness: One of my big faves of NoH, and not disappointed in the least by this great performance.

      Our New Year: Had me in tears, so bittersweet, this song, and because the holidays are very much so for me, this hit very close to home.

      Spring Haze: Wonderful arrangement! I love this song anyway, so everything was gravy from this point.

      Cruel: One of the most amazing arrangements I have ever heard. There is no way to describe how mind blowing this is when performed live.
      DAMN! Are we at the end already???

      A Multitude of Shades: Fun, but would have much preferred another Tori classic.

      Winter: Someone yelled out a request for this during the main set, and I really felt annoyed. I knew this was going to come, so why yell for it? Still, more beautiful than I imagined it would be.

      Father Lucifer: Plunking away at their strings, I was not at all sure what this was going to be, and then she started to sing it… I was thrilled I went on the blackout… moments like this are why!

      Precious Things: Excellent, as always.

      Big Wheel: I don’t care what anyone says, I love this song. It is so much fun, and I think Tori has so much fun playing it, so she brings it out when she wants.

      Overall an amazing show! Can’t wait to see what happens Sunday!

    14. Lauren says:

      This show was such a treat for me. Our 14th show, and we heard 6 songs we’d never heard before. I was so happy that she played her mash up of God/RUTH/Tubular Bells because it is really out of this world. What an incredible piece.

      I particularly enjoyed Snow Cherries from France, and the interplay between Tori and the string was really adorable (she kept hunching forward over the piano to look at the guys as they played that little staccato riff).

      My first time hearing Crucify and Josephine solo. I think Tori was really struggling to get the lyrics to Josephine right, based on the look on her face, and the improv that followed the song.

      Total Eclipse was a nice, albeit random, surprise. I have always enjoyed listening to her ingenious cover from the Boston 05 bootleg, and I think this is a perfect example of how Tori can make listenable a song that I ordinarily wouldn’t care for.

      Pretty Good Year was lovely, although I found Pavel (I think that’s how you spell the first violinist’s name) a bit hilarious during the song. Tori was playing it solo while the guys were standing waiting for the next song, and when Tori held the last word of the bridge, as she does, with her mouth wide open and her arms spread out, Pavel was definitely having a laugh. I wonder sometimes how much of Tori’s idiosyncrasies these guys “get.” I also found myself wondering if they pay the lyrics much mind anyway, English not being their mother tongue, and if they ever ask Tori what things mean. I dunno, I just picture them in rehearsal being all, “Tori, what does MILF mean?”

      Our New Year was really touching. You can tell she really really feels this song. There is something really painful about listening to Tori pine for her brother.

      I predicted Winter for tonight and my wish came true. It was lovely, and she was really connecting with the people in the pit.

      Speaking of the pit, that whole thing was a fiasco and security could have better dealt with it. Some of us even considered suggesting to the venue for Sunday that they put up signs explaining the deal with the pit. Here’s what happened: a select number of people were given wrist bands to get into the pit during the encore, because Tori likes having people close by at the end of her show. Since the thing is old, they could only safely let a certain number of people in because it can only take a certain weight. However, not everyone was aware of this, so the stage rush happened as usual, and the people who had permission went into the pit, and a lot of other people, thinking it was ok, tried to get in as well, and ended up getting shoved by security, some of whom appeared to be having major power trips. Tori came back out for encore really swiftly and said that they were only letting a few into the pit and explained why, and then she made her Multitude of Shades speech. So basically there were then all of these people who had rushed who had nowhere to go, who weren’t trying to enter the pit, who just wanted to stand close to the stage. During Multitude, security (standing in the pit) tried to force people to go back to their seats (and by force I mean there was shoving and shouting involved, and what does it matter if we’re standing in our seats or standing closer to the stage not in the pit just close to the stage), but there was nowhere to go because of the multitude of people. So a bunch of us sat down in the then-vacant front row seats, and some more people peacefully pooled around, and security sat there trying to look threatening, and occasionally yelling at someone to go back to his/her seat. My favorite part about all of this: there was one particularly grumpy burly security guard who stood directly in front of me trying to look threatening for the duration of the concert. I ignored him because I was there for Tori, not to get pissed off by him. During Father Lucifer, Tori of course flipped the bird, and I and basically everyone around me cheered. The security guard was confused what all the mid-song ruckus was, so he turned around just in time to see Tori flipping the bird. I realize he’s not a girl who eats pizza and doesn’t gain weight, but up yours all the same, buddy.

    15. Melody says:

      Wow wow wow! What a show! Highlights for me included Crucify (which I normally don’t even care about!), JOSEPHINE, Pretty Good Year and That Guy. Tubular Bells/ God/ Running Up That Hill was also spectacular. It was like Tori went into a folder in my brain and took out all of the songs I had on my pie-in-the-sky-hopeful list of setlist songs. Not only some of my favourite songs, but the best performances of those songs I have ever heard. She voice and the new arrangements get an A++++++++ from me for this tour.

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