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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 18, 2011
    City Los Angeles, CA (2)
    Venue Orpheum Theatre

    Super duper thanks to @Whirljackman, @PopBytes, and @llmaglione for tweeting tonight’s show!


    • Shattering Sea
    • God/Running Up That Hill (solo)
    • Suede
    • Ode to the Banana King (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Maybe California
    • Marianne (solo)
    • Dragon (solo)
    • Sister Janet (solo)
    • Edge of the Moon
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Star Whisperer
    • Apollo’s Frock (solo)
    • Take to the Sky (with Datura in the bridge)
    • On the Boundary (solo)
    • Precious Things
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Leather
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades (Quartett)
    • Carry
    • Holly, Ivy & Rose
    • Siren
    • Big Wheel


    On The Boundary

    Apollo’s Frock


    1. Jno says:

      Seen Tori 15+ times…have to say that this was one of the most fascinating, unique, and beautifully arranged of them all. Thank you Tori! Hey, Jupiter, Sister Janet, and Cruel were real treats.

    2. Natalie says:

      It’s true! She play Ode to the Banana King AND On the Boundary. Amazing! I can’t believe it. Such a special show. It was odd, though, she didn’t play the “little sister” part of Suede. I love that part so I was a little bummed, but it was great to see it live. It was a also a shortened version of God. I love the Running Up That Hill with it. Highlights for me were also Marianne, Sister Janet, Apollo’s Frock, Cruel. And Hey Jupiter with the quartet is great. Take to the Sky with the Datura “room in my heart” was also exquisite. She sounds great this tour. I thought the quartet was a nice change and she looks like she has a lot of fun playing with them. Another awesome night with Tori I’ll never forget.

    3. liquidray says:

      While last night seemed to contained better performances the setlist tonight was definitely a stunner – as already mentioned a Y KAN TORI READ track? W O W !!! Also killer performances of Star Whisperer, Take To The Sky and Leather – all amazing!

    4. Humpty Dumpty says:

      West coast have been FAR superior this tour. <3 This show with Apollo / TTTS/Datura and followed by On The Boundry was eargasm. This might go down as her best show in years.

    5. Jessica says:

      OMG, this has got to be one of the most fantastic shows I have seen of Tori Amos. This was my 30+ show (I stopped counting a long time ago).

      I thought the first LA show was the most fantastic and then to be there for this show was a privilege and a treat.

      I was dying to hear Take to the Sky with Datura and I am so happy I did. The strings were amazing. I am ready for them to tour solo. They gave me chills with every performance. I loved the new take on Hey Jupiter. It gave such a new feeling and life to that song.

      On the Boundary!!?? Thank God someone was recording it! And thank God they weren’t sitting next to me because it is sooo annoying to have a bright camera screen in your face or your peripheral vision when watching the show (as I politely told the girls next to me who were about to spend the entire show snapping pictures on their smart phones, which by the way, look grainy and washed out!)

      I have been dying to hear Dragon so that was a beautiful surprise! I didn’t cry at this show as I did the night before, but my jaw was dropped and I had goosebumps the entire night.

      P.S. It was great to meet Jessie another huge Tori Fan who bought my extra ticket and sat with me. I met a new Tori tour partner! ;-)

    6. Adam says:

      H O L Y S H I T ! ! ! That’s all I can really say. Thanks for actually making it happen, T! I knew it would be stellar…as we discussed…and you DEF delivered! We FELT IT!!!!!!! XX

    7. CrystallineColey says:

      The M&G was awesome, she was so warm and kind! And I wasn’t supposed to go to this show, but thanks to Tori herself, my husband and I did! She was once again incredible, and throwing a huge curve with “On the Boundary”! It was beautiful, she played it so tenderly. I was excited she did the entirety of “Edge of the Moon”, since on promotional performances she never did the Lucy part. And getting “Ode to the Banana King” as well as “Take to the Sky” with the “Datura” bridge was a huge surprise. And I have seen a lot of people over time who give “Big Wheel” a bad rap, but watching her close with it 2 nights in a row and seeing how much fun she has with it, I was loving it! Everyone is entitled to their point of view of course, it’s just shocking, since she is so high-energy with that! Watching her rock out to it was an amazing experience in and of itself! It was another perfect night full of gems, and even my husband, who never really felt like giving her music a chance before, came away in awe. Thank you, Tori!!

    8. Rose says:

      Wow, what a show!!!!!!

      I was at the M&G that day and got to tell her how important her music had been in standing up for me when it seemed that no one else was. I told her that of all the songs, Apollo’s Frock meant that to me, the most. Maybe I am biased, but this is what the theme of the night felt like to me. I am always so happy for others when they get their request played, because I just thought that was so neat. But to have someone do that for me, it is simply beyond words, the generosity.

      Then, to have her go into TTTS with Dautra, made it even cooler.

      The highlights for me:
      God/Running Up That Hill – even if she did play it the night before, it was just as cool the second time
      Ode to the Banana King – so wonderful!
      Maybe California – I love this song, and it was beautiful
      Marianne – I wish this one had been worked with the strings
      Dragon – this was requested and I am so glad it got played
      Sister Janet
      Gil Disappearing
      Apollo’s Frock (of course!)
      Take to the Sky with Datura
      On the Boundary – wow, to be there for that!
      Leather – I loved it and I love this song
      Holly, Ivy and Rose – great song, it has my name in it. She kept looking backstage and I wonder if Tash was watching the show. I know that she was there, because Tori told me she was when I gave her some pink body glitter for Tash.

    9. Jonathan says:

      The Oakland show was good, but she seemed tired. The first L.A. show she seemed more energized and put on a good show (Winter with strings!!). Then L.A. part 2 happened. A-freakin-mazing!!!! Two days later I still have to watch the video to believe that she really did On The Boundary. It was my birthday that day and Tori gave me the best present EVER in playing that song. Thanks Tori!

    10. Audrey says:

      This was the last of a three show string for me and I couldn’t be happier! She was so amazing, as was the quartet. Now when I listen to the new record I see that first violinist just playing the crap out of his instrument! Apollo’s Frock, Take to the Sky, and On the Boundary had me just reeling. I love love love those songs! I wanted to hear Take to the Sky with the Datura bridge so bad and it was everything I could have hoped for. When she said “brace yourself” and launched into my favorite YKTR song I experienced a total Torigasm! I floated out of there on air and battled the LA traffic back to my hotel feeling absolutely invincible. Everything about the show was just perfect, down to her sparkly leggings and heels, and I can’t wait for the next tour!

    11. MelindaLu says:

      My final Tori show of my 4-show spree… It was truly a wonderful show, although I was disappointed when she played the exact same 3 songs to open the show with as she did the night before. I mean, I was totally expecting Shattering Sea, no problem, but God/Running Up That Hill and Suede just fell flat for me (even though they were beautifully performed)…so I took pictures. I got fascinated by her shoes and hopefully Violet will post a picture of the shoes I took. They were quite amazing. Didn’t Tori say something in one of her recent interviews when talking about how NoH came together that she felt that she knew more aobut shoes than classical music? I’d say she’s on about even keel on those two subjects.

      I was one of the lucky few who got the memo that there would be a meet and greet on Sunday…so I finally got to meet Tori. She is so loving and gracious… truly composed while talking to each person. My only complaint was that the Tori leeches were there in spades (at all shows) and I wish Tori would realize that there is a devoted sub-group who do not expect free front row tickets nor do we brag about how we haven’t bought one of her records since 1998, since one of them buys it and rips copies for the others. When? Oh When? Will Tori realize that there are other people deserving of a ticket upgrade who actually are supporting her with our money in these hard economic times? These pack of leeches headed by the black dude who always wears a scarf to cover up his nasty hair (since these same people have an aversion to bathing as well) worm their way in everywhere… and I wish Tori would smarten up and kick ‘em to the curb. They have had a free ride for a decade or more. Their sense of entitlement is sickening. And all they do is suck Tori’s life force.

      So, other than being stuck behind them in line at the meet and greet for 4 hours, I did meet some WONDERFUL women: Claudya and Darci… a big shout out to the two of you for your loveliness and great company as we stood in the somewhat freezing LA weather. Also… Thank you to Gina for letting me know about the impromptu M&G that, otherwise, I would never have known about.

      So, after being bored by Suede and God Tori whips out Ode to the Banana King! OMG! I nearly fell out of my seat. That has been a favorite for so many years and I never thought I would hear it… But there it was. And it sounded amazing and the audience really responded to it.

      Fearlessness was amazing again and I was so happy she played that one as well as Edge of the Moon, Star Whisperer and Carry… It would have been so fun if she would have brought Tash out to sing one of the duets from the record, but it was not to be…..even though I was hoping.

      Maybe California just isn’t a favorite of mine, but Tori MORE than made up for it by playing Marianne… It sounds extremely beautiful with the quartette and to me, they just got stronger each night. I’m sure they were wonderful in every city…or maybe I just got into them more, but my, those young Polish lads can play. I especially think the cellist is HOT. I think he reminds me a bit of a sitting-down Jon Evans.

      The other two highlights for me were Apollo’s Frock and On the Boundary…. I had to ask the sweet girls next to me who were practically dying of excitement which song was that? A cover… but it sounded so familiar. I don’t listen to YKTR but maybe once a year, but I think it works better than Cool on your Island… I would be delighted if she added that to her future repertoire. I realize that Apollo’s Frock is part of Scarlet’s Walk, but to have that record completely ignored (except for some of the “treasures”) was sad for me on this tour, since I think that is some of her strongest work, ever. But, we all have our favorites, don’t we? We’ll get Carbon next time around, and we certainly got it in a major way last tour, didn’t we?

      As much as I will miss this tour (and I have lost all hope of official boots coming out) and always remember it as simply one of the strongest tours ever, I have to remind myself that next year is the 20 anniversary of LE (and gasp! wouldn’t you know it, that just isn’t one of my favorite Tori records!) I am looking forward to seeing what Tori has in store for us. By now, we have all heard the rumors that she will be releasing part of her back catalogue with the Metropole Orchestra, which I am very much looking forward to, but will there be a tour? Or will Tori move onto the next project? I am still waiting (in vain, probably) for the ADP DVD that was supposed to happen from Oakland in 2007 and if the Visualettes are all we are getting from that tour, so be it, but what a missed opportunity! Don’t they realize that we EWFs will buy everything that Tori puts out? So… I will still hold out hope for that and some real boots from that last tour…but I know it’s such a slim chance.

      Bringing out JPS for all of us to applaud was a nice touch… Tori’s music just wouldn’t be the same without his arranging abilities… he’s a master of his craft. Thank you, also, John Phillip… you rock.

      Oh… and if I NEVER hear Big Wheel again I will be one happy camper. Ugh… 16 times I listened to that sub-par piece of junque… but it’s (hopefully) over… OR IS IT????????

      See all you guys next time around and Violet and Woj, thank you for all of your efforts here at Undented. I will ALWAYS be completely loyal to you. <3

    12. JCDatura says:

      If last night’s show was a treat, then tonight’s was an announcement, that Tori effing Amos was in the house, and at almost 50, she is STILL a force to be reckoned with!

      If I thought my orchestra seat last night in Row O was a winner, it was nothing compared to the WIN that was my seat tonight! Jessica, a new friend, and Tori buddy gave me the immense pleasure of being my seat mate in the first row balcony. We were practically in T’s lap the whole show, and never having sat so close and so high to Tori, I never had a chance to marvel at HOW she plays physically, as well as emotionally.

      Shattering Sea, God/Hill/TB, and Suede all in a row, had me a touch worried. Normally all of T’s LA shows are very commercial, and I can tell you what’s going to be played before she plays it, but tonight, what did this woman do? and how can we get her to do it again????

      Ode to The Banana King!: Again, I almost peed a bit! Such a great performance and delivery, it completely made up for the repeat opening trio.

      Fearlessness: Even better than last night, and from my balcony seat, the mix was cleaner, and the sounds richer than ever.

      Maybe California: I was hoping for this one, and it was beautiful.

      Marianne: Amazing! I have never heard this live, and was blown away.

      Dragon: I always skip this song on ADP, but never again. She should release a solo version of this though… really!

      Sister Janet!: I immediately thought I was going to die… that would come later…

      Edge of the Moon: Not big on this song, but again, live, it was something incredible.

      Girl Disappearing: Tori should tour with the AMQ from now on. Every song she’s done with the band before is being blown away after getting arranged with these guys.

      Star Whisperer: Awesome as before. The AMQ really, really seem to enjoy this one.

      Apollo’s Frock: I kept looking at Jessica and going “What??” All night… this was gorgeous, and after hearing Rose talk about it, I am thrilled she got this. I know for a fact, there is nothing more healing than a Tori song. Especially when you request it, and she plays it!

      Take to the Sky (Datura): SUCCESS!! This was more astonishing than I could have ever imagined it to be. Jessica and I were talking outside of the venue, hoping for this and Flying Dutchman… if we could not get FD, at least we got…

      ON THE muthafreakin BOUNDARY!!! : First, I died, then I peed, then I died again, and then decided that if the world ended then, I could be fine with that…

      Precious Things: Tori really went for it on this one, more than last night, I felt.

      Hey Jupiter: Again, so glad I didn’t hear the boots before. An amazing surprise, and a glorious arrangement!

      Leather: Legs Crossed? Check. Middle C? Check, AMQ having a blast with this? Check. Huge grin on my face while the audience sang along? Check. One of those great moments in life.

      Cruel: Once again, there are no words. Jessica and I were stunned and saddened the show was over so fast…

      A Multitude of Shades: I got up to pee (for real this time), washed my hands, got a poster and the AMQ CD, and ran back to my seat just in time for…

      Carry: I thought I would fall out crying for this one, but there was more warmth and solace than I could translate into words with this girl.

      Holly, Ivy & Rose: LOVE this one. Have been listening to MG repeatedly this month, and this is always a favorite to listen to.

      Siren: Could have done with a different song here, but the audience gave the 5 onstage more fuel to make a great rendition.

      Big Wheel: It’s over? Really T? We were just getting started!! Gimme 8….more shows in LA….
      Gimme 7… more tours like this, exactly as great as this one… Gimme 5… more songs each show…lol… Gimme 4… of the AMQ all the time… not only were they amazing, they were HOT! Gimme 3…. more tickets so take friends with next time… there’s never enough Tori for me…

    13. Lauren says:

      I feel so blessed to have been at this show. It was my 15th Tori show, and it just might have been the best. There is something so incredible that happens when Tori and the quartet perform together.

      The meet and greet was a lovely experience. Got there at 11 and spent the next 4.5 hours in line chatting with some truly amazing people. The venue security and Mindy did a great job of organizing the meet and greet. I really like the system of taking small groups into the lobby to meet Tori. It is safer for Tori, much more relaxed than trying to fight for a space at a barricade, and much more personal. Bravo. Tori is very gracious to meet with her fans, and although the meetings were brief so as to get through the whole line, she was personable and sincere as always. I am so glad we got to talk to Tori for a few minutes, to thank her for the previous two shows and to tell her how wonderful she and the quartet are sounding. About the quartet, Tori’s eyes got really big and she said, Yes they’re wonderful, aren’t they? Mindy took a lovely photo of us and then we were on our way. My knees always end up with this jellylike consistency after meeting Tori.

      As for the concert itself. This was a gem of a set. So many surprises. When she started playing Banana King, I think I shouted “No f*****g way!” really loudly… woops. ;) Marianne honestly shocked me, because I had wanted to request it at the meet and greet, but somehow, it didn’t feel right to me to request a song during our meeting. It has to feel right to me. However, the song must have been around for Tori that day too. It was really touching and I teared up thinking about my own Marianne.

      Dragon is probably in my top 5 Tori songs, and it was my friend Amy’s request, so I was really thrilled that Tori played it, and it was such a beautiful, flawless performance! I filmed it for her, and then when it ended, seconds later, I heard the opening notes of Sister Janet and I couldn’t even move to turn my camera off, so I ended up capturing them both. It was interesting that both Marianne and Sister Janet came out during the same concert.

      Apollo was another friend’s request. I recognized the song instantly and felt so so so happy for Rose. It was so gorgeous and I was so happy to hear this beautiful song. Tori looked like she really enjoyed playing it as well. Take to the Sky was off the hook, particularly with the “room in my heart” bridge, the audience was really eating it up. I will be honest and say that I have not listened to YKTR in years, so I didn’t recognize On the Boundary until the chorus. When she said “brace yourselves” just before playing it I was literally gearing myself up for a heart attack (only I’m not 23. Ok. That was terrible. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me now.)

      I know a lot of older fans I tired of it, but I really loved hearing Leather with the quartet. It’s so slinky and lively. And Tori really does love that song.

      I was thrilled that Tori invited John Philip Shenale onstage to take a well-deserved bow. He deserves recognition for his brilliant work on this record and tour.

      A truly amazing performance from all 5 musicians tonight. I think with this tour, Tori allowed not only her skills as a pianist to shine, but her skills as a musician- responding to the other instruments, connecting with the other players in a different way than she connects with Matt and Jon. I am very interested to see what her next move is!

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