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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Bass Concert Hall

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date December 21, 2011
    City Austin, TX
    Venue Bass Concert Hall


    Thanks to @treethirteen, @meghanlcoulter and @alfredarossy for the live updates on Twitter!

    There was an improv about “doing things we’ve never done” right before “Sweet Sangria.”

    • Shattering Sea
    • Landslide [Fleetwood Mac] (solo)
    • Suede
    • Butterfly (solo)
    • Spark
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Little Earthquakes (solo)
    • Black Dove (January) (solo)
    • Lust (solo)
    • Fearlessness
    • Winter
    • Star Whisperer
    • Carbon (solo)
    • Sweet Sangria (solo)
    • Cooling (solo)
    • Edge of the Moon
    • Precious Things
    • Our New Year
    • Cruel


    • A Multitude of Shades (Quartett)
    • Leather
    • Smokey Joe
    • Siren
    • Big Wheel



    Black Dove (January)


    Sweet Sangria

    Edge of the Moon

    Our New Year


    Smokey Joe



    1. Valerie says:

      Amazing show! I was so happy to hear Sweet Sangria live, Big Wheel was an awesome finale. The quartet was wonderful—it’s not often that you see a head-banging cellist. From what I recall, her improv went something like this (please correct me if I’m wrong):

      “Sometimes we do things we’ve never done before
      Sometimes we do things we’ve never done before
      What the heck, if I fuck it up, I’ll just have some nachos later.”

      So Tori!

      I can’t even pick out my favorite songs from the performance. They were all amazing. Totally worth the 3-hour post-midnight in-the-rain drive afterwards.

    2. ARaisinGrl says:

      Overall, this was a fantastic show. It was around the 30th show I’ve been too, and I haven’t heard Tori’s voice this strong and so flawless in awhile (not that she’s normally flawed…I guess her voice just seemed very rested). She stayed in the high registers, never bringing her voice down an octave in some verses like she sometimes does. She was also very energetic and seemed excited.

      The opening act was great. The crowd was very quiet & respectful during his performance, and he commented that this was the first time anyone had really listened to him and that he was really nervous.

      Shattering Sea
      (I think here is where she said her hello and introduced the quartet. She said she was very happy to be back in Texas and that the guys hadn’t been to TX before. She said she had a yellow dress all picked out to wear, but when she put it on she looked like the Goodyear blimp, so she had to change and she’d send us a photo of her in the yellow dress in the future)
      Suede – great with the quartet…wish she would’ve included the “hey little sister” part
      Spark – really great version
      Cloud on my Tongue – with the quartet, it seems a little rushed
      Little Earthquakes – Very strong performance!
      Black Dove – incredible!
      Winter – simply beautiful with the quartet
      Star Whisperer
      Sweet Sangria – she did an improv beforehand about doing things you’ve never done before, and it’s ok cuz if she messed up she would eat a big plate of nachos later. She switched between keyboard and piano throughout and it sounded great.
      Cooling – included brambles section and was spot-on
      Edge of the Moon
      Precious Things
      Our New Year
      Cruel – very awesome version with the quartet

      A Multitude of Shades – Tori came out with a hand-held mic to introduce this song
      Smokey Joe
      Siren – I’ve always wanted to hear this live…it sounds quite different with the quartet….Sadly, I wasn’t in love with it.
      Big Wheel – Not gonna lie…sounds kinda silly w/ the strings.

    3. Meghan says:

      Austin and Back (in 12 hours)

      Please pardon me; I’m on 90 minutes of sleep after last night’s epic show and epic rainstorm all the way drive home to Houston. (oh this is long)

      First let me say what a treat it was to tweet the show. If you are thinking about it, it’s a new dimension to watching the show, a ton of fun, I’m glad I did it, and it was a great way to capture my thoughts. Second, Holy moly. Holy moly. You saw the set list right? I smacked my brother like 10 times.

      This is by far the best show I have been to, Tori or otherwise. If you were on the fence, and you didn’t come to this show, kick yourself now. She was on. Her voice was superb; the sound was amazingly balanced and rich. At one point she sang in her higher range and she just floated so easily. Gah. Gah. Gah. Her energy was literally to a fidget point, she kept rocking her seat back and forth a bit more than I am used to seeing. She really didn’t have any flubs to speak of.

      When Tori sang last night, it was like my wise friend telling me her story, so that I can learn. Tori sang from a place of love, peace, mothering and caring. She said all the things I know, and I know that I know, but I sometimes lose. She spoke into my heart. I’m sure there were other people there, but my, weren’t they well behaved, so it felt like just me. She just totally had everything I needed last night.

      The Quartet brings this warmth to these songs, and it transfers to Tori as well. There was a little ferociousness in her last night, but I felt like her tone and delivery were more of a warm embrace, and the quartet, a fireplace. She may have whispered something naughty in my ear…
      She’s even more finished than before… Less Sangria, more port? Also more papers? Lyrics? Sheet music?

      I’m sure they’ll be more videos up eventually, so I won’t kill you with the detail, but here are things that struck me…

      After Suede, she said, (not verbatim, obvs) “I had a yellow dress, but I felt like the good year blimp in it. I had a special dress for you Austin, so I’m sorry” and “I’ve got a lot of Special requests tonight, so hold on, don’t give up till the end of the Show”

      Little Earthquakes – I just loved the eyebrow raise, slight nod, slight slowdown for “Good year for Hunters…” Only one guy laughed… I chuckled too.

      Black Dove -there aren’t many times in Texas she doesn’t play this song… “Have to get to Texas” and all… She did grab her dress a lot in this.

      Lust had a this in it “Remember remember she said these walls bleed, remember remember that once they go to pieces..(?) .. Remember..” I saw it in the Boston vid. It’s worth listening to. I think Austin got a better delivery..

      Improv- so cute! No nacho shortage in Austin

      Sweet Sangria (solo) So This happened. And it was awesome. As awesome as you think it was, prolly bettter.

      Precious Things- Such great lights.

      Smokey Joe- Yes. This. Too.

      OK. Well it was religious and I loved it, and I’ll do it again and again. And I am refreshed without rest.

      New Definite Deal Breaker: I will go to at least one Tori Show a tour. And have Decent Tickets. Repeat. (feel free to tweet me if you have questions/comments/discussions!)

    4. Kris says:

      Last night was simply incredible. The crowd was engaged the entire time and Tori played off the audience with a fire of energy and passion. Without a doubt one of if not the best Tori show I’ve seen yet. She is in TOP form and her voice is impeccable! Sweet Sangria was a huge surprise as was Smokey Joe. I could continue but just wow wow wow.

    5. Haylo says:

      The show was truly amazing. I’ve seen her at least a dozen times over the last 15 years and I’m happy to say she sang each song with such enthusiasm and gusto regardless of how many billion times she’s sung it before – it really made her performance and our audience experience that much better. She loves what she does and it shows.

      Side note: What was up with the Crazy girl during “Star Whisperer”? For a moment, I thought Tori and some of us in front, were goners…

    6. daniel molina says:

      tori was so on point i melted. the quartet she was accompanied by was supperb. i love how each concert is so different, Tori Amos has saved my soul and convinced me though i was hurt in the ugly style, i am someone that that can be anything i want. i shall use that abuse in a positive and bless everyday that greets me with a smile. love simple and live forever Tori!

    7. Lorraine Eakin says:

      I must admit, I came to Austin from Baltimore with serious setlist envy (why did I look at LA2’s setlist? WHY??). But there were some lovely surprises in the mix in Austin. And, like so many of the shows on this tour, the setlist isn’t the whole story. Songs that I had heard too many times (I thought) came out more beautiful than I ever expected:

      - Butterfly was a relatively rare treat. She played it on the keyboard and Bosey and it gave me chills.

      - Little Earthquakes surprised me. Obvs, it’s appropriate (good year for hunters/and Christmas parties – cute, T!). It’s my least favorite from the album of that name, but this version was beautiful. Her voice sounds SO MUCH BETTER now than it has on past tours with the band. Each and every note was crystal clear. I got chills again!

      - Black Dove always comes to Texas, so I was over it. But damn, that woman – again, crystalline vocals that made me love the song all over again. Man, Tori, can’t you just let me be snarky and cynical for five minutes???

      - Carbon is welcome on any setlist. Gorgeous.

      - Sweet Sangria made her solo debut. It was very powerful on its own and I had been hoping for a long time to see this one without the band. Again, an obvious choice for the time and place. She sang the last chorus really loudly and powerfully before going into the “give me give me give me” part. Lovely!

      - Our New Year! One of my favs from the solstice album and I was hoping to see it this tour. You’d never know they just added it to the pool of songs, it sounded very polished and clean. More chills!

      - Ok, so at this point, I figure the surprises are over and I prepare myself to listen to Leather and Siren-or-Spring-Haze and Big Wheel in the encore. So I nearly dropped my phone when the opening notes of Smokey Joe started. Simply incredible. Again, it sounded like the quartet had been playing on this one their whole lives. I love love LOVE this song and I actually think it sounded better with the strings than the boots I had heard from 2007 (sorry Pip). Tori’s playing and vocals were more controlled than Pip’s version.

      This tour has been just spectacular. I feel like she made a real effort to make every performance special – I didn’t see one phoned-in evening in five shows, and the vids online from the shows I missed seem to tell the same story. She’s a force of nature!

    8. Lady Feather says:

      We felt as if we were in this snow globe existence, where all the songs & the years passed were quantumly alive. Amos’ voice was in fine form & she played herself into a living legend. The Quartet led us to reflect, are these the real voices of Amos’ ‘girls?’

      Amos performed ‘Landslide,’ & made some very deliberate pauses & looks to the audience. Especially w/ the chorus line: “I’m getting older too.”

      After each song, Amos either sat in silence, spot light off, her head held down (as if in prayer) or she looked to the audience & made a hand gesture as if she were channeling energy back to us. As if to say: “It’s your’s now.”
      The next morning we discussed the show & the tears began to flow. It felt as if a good friend were getting on a plane. We wondered how we could thank Tori Amos enough, for what she has meant to us. Could she ever really know? I hope she does remember how much she is loved.

      A final thought. A few months back, on ToriAmos.com, there was a prompt for song requests. I’d asked for a cover of The Beatles, “The Long & Winding Road.” Amos performed it the next night in Dallas, TX. Dallas was were I last spoke w/ her @ a M & G. Thank You, Tori Amos. I felt it ~

    9. Brittny says:

      The Austin show was amazing. I was kind of far away on the first balcony, but I cried almost the entire show… it was so wonderful. The sound was great and her voice was so clear and strong. Tori seemed to be in great humor and to be delighted with the turnout and the energy there.

      Some of the songs resonated with things that have been going on in my life… like Landslide and Black Dove (January). I found a lot of new things in the songs while listening. Seeing Tori play Little Earthquakes alone at the piano was so moving. It took me WAY back to the way I first experience Tori and to my first listen of that album. I think that was the highlight of the night for me. Suede was sexier than I’d ever heard it before, though she didn’t sing the little sister part. Sweet Sangria was amazing live. Wonderful surprise.

      I’ve always been drawn to Tori and her piano first and foremost and I’ve always been a fan of classical music so… I’m SO glad I didn’t miss this tour. There were moments of sublime magic with Tori and the quartet… I mean it was like an out of body experience at times; musical heaven. I felt so blessed to be in the room, hearing those sounds.

      The song they wrote for Tori A Multitude of Shades was a great… musical tribute to Tori and all the facets of her music. I thought of Tori’s brother during Our New Year. I remember her saying once that Austin was their secret… he’d always come to see her there. Tugged my heartstrings. I wanted to get up and dance during Big Wheel she was having so much fun. I didn’t want her to leave! I wanted to follow her to Dallas. Unforgettable night!

    10. caro says:

      Great show. A lot of new songs live for me this time. I cried during Black Dove; it was so beautiful.
      Spark, Little Earthquakes and Cooling are definitely highlights.

      Ooh, and I was very happy to see a little improv from her just before the solo version of Sweet Sangria, which was very good as well.

      The only thing I can complain about is all the people standing and moving during the concert. In my opinion, I think it’s very rude to go in and out that often while the artist’s playing and for the rest of the people who wants to see and listen to the show.

    11. Martha says:

      This was amazing as always. I second what everyone here says. Am so glad it was Midwinter too! How awesome is that? Just had to mention, the BIG fist smash on the piano…was like being struck with a revelation from above. I don’t remember what song it was though, ha! Everyone jumped!

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