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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Teatro Sistina

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date May 28, 2007
    City Rome
    Venue Teatro Sistina


    dalbir tells us Tori sound-checked with “Body & Soul”.

    Santa opened the first show wearing [what looked to us] like a spangly yellow flapper-style dress. Tori had a guitarist on stage with her (Dan Phelps, a fellow that Matt’s worked with before), though he only played on songs from the new album.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body & Soul
    • My Posse Can Do
    • Programmable Soda
    • Secret Spell
    • Dragon
    • You Can Bring Your Dog

    Interlude: costume change with pre-recorded Professional Widow remix and Jon/Matt playing along

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells for Her
    • Siren


    • “we all have secrets” improv
    • Silent All These Years
    • Cooling

    Band Returns

    • Goodbye Pisces
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • General Joy

    Second Encore

    • Hoochie Woman
    • Hey Jupiter


    Body & Soul (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    General Joy (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Dragon (filmed by Robert Schrader by pianosaresexxy)

    Programmable Soda (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Hoochie Woman (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Tori & Bösey improv (filmed by ourhands)

    Crucify (snippet) (filmed by bttvirgina)

    Hey Jupiter (snippet) (filmed by bttvirgina)


    Download full show. thanks to Tipsy! [Note: Do not try to listen to the file on the web, because all you’ll hear is The Chipmunks Do Tori Amos. Download the file to hear it at normal speed.]

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    1. Maria says:

      Just to note, the pre-recorded song was the remix of Professional Widow and the band continued to play to the backing track.

      The guitarist only played on the ADP songs, none of the older songs. For God, Precious, etc. there was programmed guitar parts, and in God Tori had programmed the backing vocals as well.

    2. Antinoo says:

      I was there, and I didn’t like what I’ve seen. Tori Amos was one of the best live performer that I ever know, but.. but… too dresses, too wigs, too sexy sexy sexy things, and most of them are only stereotypes: her look was a horrible mix between Cher and Ariel the Mermaid, and I regret her minimalism, when she was very sexy with her beautiful voice and piano (think about Dew Drop Inn Tour). Now the voice has gone, the piano has gone, and all the she does is: put dress, wig and make up on and try to be Tori Amos, when “you have her face and her eyes but you are not her”

      About Santa: I don’t understand why she must rediscover the feminine sexual throught every single clichè about. Tori Amos isn’t Madonna, so the result is something like Archetype of Samantha Fox

      Set List:

      • Body and Soul: the drum is too loud, her voice is too croaky, and she act like a super top model: horrible.
      • My posse can do: she doesn’t hit every high note, terrible voice.
      • Programmable Soda: The same of My posse can do, and the piano is out of time.
      • Secret Spell: maybe is good for a new Beverly Hills 90210 Theme. Terrible, as a studio version.
      • Dragon: I don’t like much this song, but I prefer it on cd. With band is too loudly.
      • You can bring your dog: noel gallagher + Santa = Dolly Parton

      Interlude (Professional Widow Remix): I’m not on a rave party, and it’s a sin.

      • Big Wheel: horrible like every tv performances. Something like “Tori Amos look-a-like show”
      • Crucify: Oh, finally the real Tori Amos came on stage. Better than the extra long 2003 version, fast and with a good tempo. She isn’t able to hit some high notes.
      • Liquid Diamonds: the band was really good, the performance is quite great.
      • Cornflake Girl: some problems with piano and tempo. The voice was a little too plaintive.
      • Bells for her: the highlight of the show, for me. The only song that really moved me inside.
      • Siren: one of her best Siren with band since ’98. More than ’03 version.

      T. & Bö:

      • Silent all these years: like tv performances, to slowly, weak voice and a powerless piano, with some errors.
      • Cooling: incredible good voice and incredible bad piano.

      Band Return:

      • Goodbye Pisces: I hate this song, and live is worst than studio.
      • God: great energy and finally Tori Amos rocks.
      • Code Red: I like much this song. It’s all that Tori Amos is now, and I hope that “I’ll do this last one and I’ll grow me some wine”

      First encore:

      • Precious Things: her worst Precious ever. She didn’t able to take the “giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirllllllllllllllllllllllll”, the band was ok, but not her voice.
      • General Joy: bah!

      Second Encore:

      • Hoochie Woman: really funny, better than in London ’05. I enjoy it so much.
      • Hey Jupiter: I heard this song in Milan ’01: her voice was so beautiful that at the end I have tears in my eyes. With hammond I’d prefer something like Dallas ’05. This Dakota version with band is quite good, but her voice wasn’t in good shape and she forgot some verse.

      Great light, finally a really guitar (I wonder why she didn’t use it for the whole show), but definitely isn’t the plugged tour. Her voice is weak, her piano is powerless. And she act like whoever teenage pop artist. I miss the real Tori Amos, or what I suppose she is for all of these years.

      Sorry for my bad english.

    3. Rikke says:

      Ok. First things first. Then I’ll get to talking about the songs.

      I like ADP. It is, in my opinion, some of her best work. Not the best, but really good, especially the more you listen.

      Overall, this concert fulfilled all my expectations and more. And my expectations were high. The warm-up was good.

      Tori came out as Santa, while the intro for Body and Soul with the band played. She played all Santa songs. Then Widow remix came on with the band playing along. Tori changed during this.

      Tori came out. Shining green pants outfit. Red wig.

      I am by now assuming that Big Wheel and Code Red will be the frame.

      The guitar player. Young guy. He did the sound effects from ADP. He wasn’t on stage for other songs. It was a wonderful surprise and he was really well playing.

      Onto the songs.

      • Body & Soul: Perfect start. I love this song. Heavy rhythm, background vocals sang “sweet communion”.
      • My Posse Can Do: Silly song. Lots of energy.
      • Programmable Soda: I didn’t like the album version, but the live one really gave the song more intensity and passion.
      • Secret Spell: Didn’t like this one either (I’m not much into Santa). Live it got better.
      • Dragon: She did the intro solo on one of the keyboards, until Candy Lies. Then the band kicked in with a heavy rhythm, and amazingly this didn’t spoil the beauty of the song.
      • You Can Bring Your Dog: Wonderful live. Her voice got stronger.
      • Interlude, pro widow: Great interlude. The band played well.
      • Big Wheel: Like seen on tv. Nothing spectacular compared to the rest of the concert.
      • Crucify: Short version. Rather ordinary. She didn’t end it like she did on Scarlet’s Walk
      • Liquid Diamonds: I will die happy now. Liquid Diamonds live was an incredible experience. Tori seemed playful.
      • Cornflake Girl: As above. I didn’t expect this one, but it was good. Too bad that the guitar player was not in on this one.
      • Bells for Her: One of the highlights of this concert. Beautiful. I think the entire room held it’s breath.
      • Siren: Another surprise. Plenty of energy.
      • Silent All These Years: Solo. Before Tori did a cute improv where her voice was really amazing. Emotional performance.
      • Cooling: Another highlight. Still solo. Pretty and simple.
      • Goodbye Pisces: Band is back. I never liked The Beekeeper much, this was the first disappointment, though it could have been much worse. Interesting with the band though.
      • God: She messed up the lyrics on this one. She sang the “witches burning” line two times. She underlines the religious theme. Strong performance.
      • Code Red: Guitar player back. Perfect end of the set. Tori showed a lot of range with her voice in this one.
      • Precious Things: Wow! Tori was so happy while playing this one. She smiled and really gave everything she had.
      • General Joy: Another Beekeeper song. Still interesting with the band, but I could easily find other songs to replace it.
      • Hoochie Woman: Great with the band. Tori touched her inner thigh several times during this one. Really interesting.
      • Hey Jupiter: The Dakota version. The drums were great. Tori’s voice soared over us. Beautiful.

      All in all, Tori’s voice grew stronger after the first couple of songs. It was really an impressive performance by her. The guys were of course great aswell.

      This will be a great tour.

    4. Andreas says:

      The show last night was amazing! I went to one show last time around, in Copenhagen. That show was good, but quite mellow. This on the other hand was like a blow to the head. Tori was incredibly “on” and the whole show was full of energy.

      The band went on stage first and started playing the beat for Body and Soul while Tori slowly sashayed through the curtain and around the keyboard until she reached the piano. During this, the “co-communion” background vocals was playing. All the ADP songs were harder and rockier than on the album which really complemented both My Posse Can Do and Dragon. Especially Dragon, which got a substantial reworking, starting out with Tori doing the opening lines solo while playing the keyboard. Then, as Tori turned to the piano, the band kicked in with a full arrangement. It really elevated the song to a new level. The addition of a guitarist to the set up was a great move. He only played on ADP songs though, while guitar samples filled out the rest of the set.

      Programmable Soda was something of a mess, but the fact that the live arrangement for Secret Spell worked better for me than the album version. Tori’s vocals were fantastic throughout, and she nailed the end of You Can Bring Your Dog.

      After Dragon, Tori made a pose and vanished behind the curtain (still not having said a word) while the remix of Professional Widow started playing with the band (including guitarist) playing along. After a short while Tori came out again in this gorgeous sequined jumpsuit (like the dress on the Shame picture only with legs) and the red wig. She immediately jumped into the best version of Big Wheel I’ve heard so far. She was really pounding it out the way the song was meant to be. When she went into Crucify, I first wasn’t sure what she was playing. She was playing the intro on both the piano and the keyboard and she had changed it around quite a bit. It was gorgeous, and effects on the keyboard made it sound slightly electronic. The rest of the song was flawless, far from the drawn out ’02 version.

      Liquid Diamonds was like being transported back to ’98. Matt started pounding out that beat (he was in top form all night) and the lights turned the whole room blue. I sort of figured we’d get this because of the torrential rain we had earlier in the day, but I was still kind of shocked. Again, a pretty much flawless performance. Tori vocals might as well have been taken straight from a 1998 bootleg, they were was that perfect. The absence of the guitarist wasn’t even noticeable to me, that’s how well the samples worked. Cornflake Girl was energetic, and got a huge response from the audience. Then came Siren. It was a very atmospheric version, and she got really into it. Tori’s piano playing was top notch all night and all of the fast songs like Siren really showcased it. Bells For Her was with the band and on both the keyboard and the piano. Pretty similar to the ’98 version.

      The band went off and “T & Böse” was projected on to the curtains behind Tori. She launched into this gorgeous improv about all of us having secrets and seeing a Bösendorfer piano abandoned in a store. It sounded unusually fleshed out compared to most improvs. Tori then did a pretty slow version of Silent All These Years, which was good but pretty standard. Cooling was absolutely beautiful though, with stellar vocals. She nailed every note.

      Goodbye Pisces is my least favourite song on TBK, but this live version was pretty good. The band added quite a bit to it. God was perfect. Really rocking and energetic with lots of samples (squealing guitar sounds and the “oh-oh” background vocals). Code Red was in my opinion the best performance of the night. Out of this world. If this doesn’t become the Waitress of this tour, then I don’t know what. Tori seemed transformed during it, growling out the chorus. The vocals, the thundering piano, the drums and the electronic samples, it all worked perfectly. It was very Plugged ’98 in feel.

      People rushed to the stage for the encores, which is something that bothers me. I always feel bad for the people who suddenly can’t see a thing. I did not get out of my seat, but was lucky enough to still be able to see pretty well. Precious Things was its normal powerful self. Began with the building electronic sound and fast breathing of the studio version rather than the heavy drums of the ’98 and ’02 versions. Tori sang it much like in ’02 but with the same level of energy that characterized the whole show. Very long and drawn out “girl” and some extended piano breakdown after that note. General Joy might have been the biggest surprise of the night for me. I like the album version and the live version from ’05 well enough, but I thought that the song really came alive with the band and the Hammond together. Same thing with Hoochie Woman. I always felt that the song needed some force behind it, and that was what it got last night. Not one of my favourite’s of off TBK, but I really liked this version. Hey Jupiter (the Dakota version) closed the set, and even though Tori closed with it on my last show as well, I won’t complain. It really is a perfect closer, and having those gorgeous vocals end the night was just perfect. She did it on the Hammond and the keyboard.

      All in all, a very energetic and rocking show. The vibe was much more Plugged ’98 than OSW or OST. Lots of samples and electronic noices. Tori was very animated, standing through a lot of the set, playing both keyboard and piano on many of the songs. She tossed her head about without looking hampered by the wigs, and her playing was top notch. Tori’s voice was in top form, going from from Body and Soul to YCBYD to Liquid Diamonds to Cooling without any difficulties. There were no lowered notes except for the bridge in SATY, but that’s how she always do it.

      What else…? Oh right, Tash was sitting with what I presume is her nanny (a young blond woman) on a balcony just next to the stage watching the audience for a good 20 minutes before the show. They also watched the first two songs. The opening act, Seth Lakeman, was quite good, playing mostly violin to some really good singer/songwriter-tunes. He was joined by a few other musicians for a few songs.

      Anyway, that’s about it. A fantastic evening and the perfect end to a great first visit to Rome. Everyone who is going to a show this time around certainly has something great to look forward to.

    5. Tipsy says:

      The ‘‘Santa-Show’‘ was quite boring for me…the songs really doesn’t grew in me…

      Body And Soul , the only one that I like , was not played well.

      Matt Chamberlain is a good player , but I’m pretty sure that the drums missed some important checks , and to me seemed like a fake-drum , or like Micheal Schumacher that drive a double decker bus!

      Jon Evans seemed to me to play much better that 2003. But still his sound surround all , the theatre and…Tori.

      Crucify , Liquid Diamonds , Cornflake Girl , Code Red , Bells For Her.

      The Voice was really good , i didn’t notice big mistakes , but the piano seemed insecure , with lacks somewhere and over , the volume was too low than matt and jon instruments.

      After all was an unforgettable concert and event for me , cause i met in person Tori that was really lovely with me .

    6. Kat says:

      Most of it has already been said, she was wonderful and flawless, and it was my first Tori show.

      But I didn’t came back home bouncing off clouds… guess I was not much of a lucker with my seats, and that really sucked for me.

      I paid for a poltronissima, the same 46 euros than everybody else in poltonissima paid, and all I saw through the whole show was her forehead and her legs.

      I was 3rd row, right side, and the Bösendorfer was too elevated, so I only saw her when she played standing, or when I sat for a while in the corridor (and the man from the theatre came to bug me) and a small while at the end, when everybody stood up.

      So it kind of sucked for me. I got my expectations high, it was a Tori Amos show, of course I got them high. And of course that live is different from the album, but what I did was mostly hear her play, and I paid, and a lot, to see her too.

      That is why it kind of sucked for me. I believe that if I had got a good seat, I would have love it. But unfortunately I didn’t, and I came home disappointed.

      Tori crew really shouldn’t have lifted the piano that much, or if they did, they should have used a rotational platform or something that would allow her to play to the 3 rows. Or maybe, and I really don’t want to believe this, she just doesn’t care.

      I won’t even start bragging about her forgetting some of her fans – I came from Portugal to see the show, because for some reason she has been avoiding playing there since… forever.

      So as you can see, it was not only the 46 Euros of the ticket that I spent in this show.

    7. Leda says:

      If anyone’s still reading… I don’t know what some of the criticism is about. I’ve seen shows from each tour since '94 and this one was full of energy. I’m not crazy about ADP and I prefer Tori with a band, but still it was a really really good show. Tori was obviously all geared up for the first show of the tour, and I saw some of the most powerful, energetic and plain amazing piano playing I’d seen in years (especially in Cornflake, Siren, Precious Things, Cooling). Her voice was fine, the band sounded good and I enjoyed the wig and costume change (although I can’t say I liked the green pantsuit from Mars, but Tori is Tori :) ... as I said, a really good show.

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