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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Teatro Verdi

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date May 30, 2007
    City Florence
    Venue Teatro Verdi


    Isabel opened this show. The setlist tonight comes from thewaves on The Afterglow — thanks to her for sending it out as it came!

    There were some technical problems during “Almost Rosey” which visibly irritated Tori.

    “Devils & Gods” included at least two more verses live than in the studio recording on the album.

    The two solo songs were preceded by an improvisation about celebrities and hidden cocaine.

    Mark Hawley played guitar during Isabel’s set and Tori introduced him as “Mac Aladdin”.

    Act I (Isabel)

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Almost Rosey
    • Devils and Gods
    • Mr. Bad Man
    • Dark Side of The Sun

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • God
    • Take To The Sky
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze


    • “I’m not stupid” improv
    • Winter
    • Daisy Dead Petals

    Band Returns

    • Lust
    • Space Dog
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Parasol

    Second Encore

    • Spring Haze
    • Amber Waves


    Winter (filmed by charolastra1979)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (filmed by charolastra1979)

    Precious Things (filmed by saralippi2003)

    Mr. Bad Man (filmed by Robert Schrader)

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    1. Luna says:

      Yes, some problems on “Almost Rosey”..but “Dark Side of the Sun” after that was great.

      Same for rest of the show. “Caught A Lite Sneeze”, “Doughnut Song”, “Devils & Gods” (very different from studio, with more parts), “Daisy Dead Petals” and most of all “Winter” were just perfect.

      A very very funny improv about “naughty things” she did at 21 and never told.

      Everything seemed like half back in time (Choirgirl tour, sort of) & half in this strange present.

      Superlative feeling all over the night.

    2. Andy says:

      I was at the Florence show last night, and I thought I’d clarify what happened regarding “Almost Rosey”. Tori definitely did NOT leave the stage until her costume change. She was on stage from the opening “Yo George” right up until “Dark Side of the Sun”. She then left the stage whilst they played the Armand van Helden remix of “Professional Widow” (with Matt on drums).

      There was also an extra song not listed on your site, which was was performed at the start of her solo section (before “Winter”. The song was very whimsical in nature, and concerned the idiocy of young celebrities who have recently been caught with cocaine in their cars (no names were mentioned!). The song was pure comedy, very silly, but lasted for a number of verses, so is worth mentioning. The chorus had the repeated refrain “I’m not stupid”, so this is probably the title.

    3. Datura says:

      The Florence show was very good! I was hoping to see Pip but Isabel came out. The Doughnut Song, CALS, Winter and Lust were almost surreal…just perfect.


      The show was very TVAB and glad about it. I was surprised there wasn’t more of Scarlet or any FTCH at all but the quality of the songs was fantastic and the mood dreamlike. A Live dvd would be strongly appreciated!

    4. Antinoo says:

      I prefer the “soldierly atmosphere” of this second show instead of the last “aphrodisiac mood”.

      Set list:

      • Yo George: was with band and extra long, more interesting than the studio version.
      • Sweet Dreams: I surprise. I didn’t mind that any posse would sing a “Tori Amos cover”. Pretty Good, but I prefer the powerful solo version from Strange Little Tour Era.
      • Almost Rosey: a lot of vocals problems during the chorus (isn’t sounds issue, they was during the Doughnut Song’s second strophe): she was in trouble at the first chorus. I was close enough to see that at the begin of the second chorus she turned around her head from the microphone to not sing it, and at the third chorus she chanced tone to not hit the high note.
      • Devils and gods: too extra long, and I didn’t like it much with band.
      • Mr. Bad Man: terrible, as a studio.
      • The Dark Side of the Sun: Unfortunately the vocals problem continued in this song, at the begin of the second strophe and until the end of this song. She tried to put a lot of energy in this, but the voice hadn’t enough power.
      • Interlude (Professional Widow Remix): good job Dan Phelps, good job.
      • Big Wheel: the same in Rome.
      • God: the same in Rome, and I like it.
      • Take to the Sky: she always said that the Italians audience is really good in this song, about clapping, and she is right. I like this version with band. Great performance, especially “take take take boy” part and in the end.
      • Cornflake Girl: better than Rome. She was in time and she enjoyed this song much.
      • Doughunt Song: great performance. This is my favorite song ever, and I didn’t heard a good performance of it with band since ’98. Her voice was rich and strong, and the extra keyboard works very well. Some technical problems durino the second strophe at the microphone.
      • Caught a Lite Sneeze: it’s always an emotion, but in this case it was powerless and lack of spice, IMHO.
      • I’m not stupid Improv: a funny song about drug and the stupid things that everyone does when is young, really really good. Tori said that Florence is one of her favourite place in the world and she’d like to live there.
      • Winter: so emotional. She didn't hit the note at “Hair is grey And the fires are burning” but anyway a lovely performance.
      • Daisy Dead Petals: I don’t like it much, but it’s rare and she had a lot of fun during.
      • Lust: Amazing. The drum was perfect, her voice sound very well, and the voice was really good. It was a real privilege and pleasure.
      • Space Dog: for me the highlight of the show. Great drums, a magical Hammond and a superb voice, she hit every single high note, and the end was perfect. Thanks Tori Amos.
      • Code Red: the same in Rome, very nice.
      • Precious Things: Better than Rome, but the “giiiiirrrllll” was very very very short.
      • Parasol: I like it with band, sounds good. Much better than solo. Her face during “I have no need for a sea view, For a sea view I have no need” was incredible expressive.
      • Spring Haze: another highlight. I enjoyed it much during the Original Sinsuality tour, but with band is more strong and expressive. Good job, Tori Amos.
      • Amber Waves: I don’t like much this song, but it was a pretty good performance.

      Sorry for my bad English.

    5. Jill says:

      Might be the best Tori show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty. It was amazing. Not just the setlist, but the energy and her voice were both incredible too. Realllllly really good.

    6. *~Nikki~* says:

      SO fantastic… definitely top 2 fave shows of all time.

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