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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Teatro Smeraldo

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date May 31, 2007
    City Milan
    Venue Teatro Smeraldo


    Pip opened the show, playing “Bliss” in addition to most of her songs from American Doll Posse (“Velvet Revolution” was not played). Mac Aladdin (aka Mark Hawley) again played guitar, though Dan Phelps played on some songs instead. In addition to Pip’s songs, Tori also debuted “Honey,” “Putting The Damage On”, and the two solo time songs, “China” and “Seaside,” which were preceeded by an improvisation about “dark times”. Thanks to thewaves for sending in the setlist. Also, according to boy4pele, Tori soundchecked “Marys Of The Sea”.

    If you were there and want to share your thoughts about the show, please use the Comment form at the bottom of the page! And, as always, we all love it when people send in multimedia too!

    Act I – Pip

    • Teenage Hustling
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Body and Soul

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Siren
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Honey
    • God


    • “dark times” improv
    • China
    • Seaside

    Band Returns

    • Putting the Damage On
    • Spring Haze
    • Code Red

    First Encore:

    • Precious Things
    • General Joy

    Second Encore:

    • Space Dog
    • Hey Jupiter


    Teenage Hustling (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Fat Slut (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Siren (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Code Red (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Precious Things (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Body & Soul (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Seaside (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Honey (filmed by Ghibliblackcat)

    Body & Soul (filmed by lifestylefromitaly)

    Smokey Joe (filmed by lifestylefromitaly)

    Big Wheel (filmed by lifestylefromitaly)

    Siren (filmed by lifestylefromitaly)

    Honey (filmed by lifestylefromitaly)

    Precious Things (filmed by NaifMEG)

    Bliss (filmed by NaifMEG)



    1. Robert Schrader says:

      Tonight’s show was a bit anticlimactic, with the “Pip” section being by far the best stretch of songs thus far this tour and then the rest of the show being a bit redundant. Mark was on stage again tonight, and Tori was very emotional during “China” and “Damage.”

    2. Carmen says:

      She’s off-key most of the time during this video! *cringes*

    3. Antonio says:

      Well I would not say anticlimactic or at least not for me who is not following Tori on every date of the tour. To me as I believe to a lot of fans it was a great way to listen to a lot of her songs. What do most of the artists do when they tour? The songs stay the same every night. Yet Tori manages to perform different songs every night with all the difficulties on her and the band. And what do I keep on hearing on any blog run by the so called “fans”.? Slagging and harsh comments about an artist that could very well rehearse the same set list to perfection. I have appreciated the possibility of listening live in my city her old classics paired up with new songs. I have loved her attitude in Milan, her warmth and her voice which brought shivers to my spine. Maybe some people, blessed with the possibility of following her on tour should let her off the hook sometime and support more her decision of giving us an insight into her changing world.

    4. Antinoo says:

      Definitely, the doll that I prefer is Pip, even if I don’t see Clyde.

      Pip came on stage quickly, in the dark, without any musical intro (Santa and Isabel have it).

      • Teenage Hustling: I don’t like it much, but good energy and great power.
      • Bliss: I heard it at the soundcheck: a dream comes true. Powerful like San Antonio ’03, maybe more rock. Unfortunately the guitarist wasn’t Caton, and evidently with Mark (Mac Aladdin) isn’t the same.
      • Fat Slut: Pip was on her knees during this. At the same time, Tash come out on stage from the corner, made “bye bye” with her little hand a goes out. Sweet.
      • Smokey Joe: very mesmerizing, great performance. Her voice was in good shape for the first part of the show. Expressive and rich, especially during “Maybe it terrifies me” verses.
      • Body and Soul: I prefer the range of Pip instead of the Santa’s leg.
      • Professional Widow Remix: Dan Phelps, Matt have a lot of fun.
      • Big Wheel: as usual.
      • Siren: incredible good. Better than in Rome, with a great piano and a lot of power. The end was superb. Thanks a lot, Tori Amos.
      • Liquid Diamonds: another great performance.
      • Cornflake Girl: the same in Florence. Quite Good.
      • Honey: another nice surprise. Her voice was sweet and evil. Great performance.
      • God: it works, very well.
      • Dark Time Improv: Beautiful. One of her best improv that I ever heard.
      • China: amazing. I don’t like much this song, but this performance was special. Maybe ‘cause she hadn’t be able to do M&G in the afternoon, ‘cause she had to do a lot of interviews.
      • Seaside: very touching and intense. A great gift for everyone.
      • Putting The Damage On: good performance. Some vocals problems during the second strophe, too croaky, but anyway The Pele robe is always welcome.
      • Spring Haze: the vocals problems return in this song. What a sin: in Florence was so beautiful and in Milan was completely croaky and nasally. She tried to put a lot of energy anyway, but the voice was horrible.
      • Code Red: same vocals problems. Dan Phelps made an incredible improv with his guitar. Good good job.
      • Precious Things: quite good. The “girrrrrrrrlllllllll” part was ok.
      • General Joy: nothing in particular.
      • Space Dog: pretty good. Not superb like in Florence, but an enjoyable performance.
      • Hey Jupiter: more more more better than in Rome. Her raspy voice was so expressive and full of passion. The end is incredible, Matt made a real good job: the drums seemed like came from Blood Roses in ’99. So emotional and scary.

      Sorry for my bad English.

    5. karmakoma says:

      It was simply amazing!!!

    6. Federico says:

      She was in charge, totally knowing what she was about to do and what level she would have taken it. I had to put my right hand on my heart (probably the first time I do this in my life ever) during Siren and Honey. Bliss was pure bliss indeed. Great improvisation part leading the dark (Pip) show to a softer and more intimate meaning of the word “dark”, landing on an outstanding solo about “dark times”, self-exposure and personal feelings matter. For an accurate song by song review I think Antinoo’s one suits best. Powerful, great constant climax.

    7. kyle says:

      Hi everyone!

      After almost a decade of wonderful Tori concerts, it was the worse. I cannot say what the problem is. Maybe she is starting the concert?!?!? I love Tori but there is something not right. Her voice is not right. Maybe the band?!? I hope the America concert is better. Lets hope. Toodles!

    8. Claudia says:

      I totally agree with Antonio. It was the first Tori show I’ve seen and it touched me a lot. Pip was absolutely great(and my favourite together with Clyde)and Tori…Tori was at her best.she had fun,she played wonderfully and she got very emotional on a lot of songs,especially CHINA,HONEY,PRECIOUS THINGS,and one of the song I always keep in my heart as a precious secret:HEY JUPITER...DAKOTA VERSION!!!And the only thing I can say is….THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU TORI and PIP!!

    9. Adm says:

      Absolutely magnificent concert, only my third Tori Amos concert (other two being Genova 2005 and Firenze 2007) and so far the best. I hoped for Clyde but in the end I’m glad Pip came out, an amazing set of performances, and i would add great “acting” from Tori. The “evil” smile on Pip on some parts of Smokey Joe was truly terrifying. Bliss was a great surprise. The T&B part was very very emotional, Tori herself seemed deeply touched. The improv is really the best I’ve ever heard, I was totally petrified during the whole segment. Hey Jupiter, which she always used as the closing song in all the concerts I have been to, was the best one yet. Another experience I will never forget, going back to everyday life after these two shows was and still is very hard.

    10. christian says:

      just got back to los angeles from milan and i have to say the show was incredible. i was overwhelmed with myself to see PIP because she is my favorite doll and most satisfying she sang Bliss which is my favorite song. I have been a followed Tori since the release of Pele so I have seen her grow. In comparison to previous shows I would rate this around a 7, only because I’m comparing it the energy that the Plugged tour and 5.5 weeks gave. I felt that she has weakened as a performer in some sense (Precious Things is always a way measure). She looked amazing as Pip but I wish she would have just changed wigs and not outfits because that jumpsuit is awful. As much as I LOVE BOWIE, I was expecting the BEAUTIFUL pieces that Karen pulled for her in the photo shoots for the album, not 70s disco fever. And coming from a LA wardrobe stylist myself, I was very disappointed with the tour wardrobe this year.

      Bliss, Fat Slut, Body and Soul, Siren, Liquid Diamonds, Code Red, Honey….. just amazing. Its what Tori is!

      So thats my review everything! Can’t wait till she comes to the U.S. so I can catch her again.

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