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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)


    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date July 05, 2007
    City Manchester
    Venue Apollo


    Clyde opened the show.

    John reports that “Take Me With You” was, again, on the original setlist but replaced by “Merman” by audience request. “In The Springtime Of His Voodoo” was listed as the first song of the second encore but “God” was played instead.

    Act I (Clyde)

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juárez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Roosterspur Bridge

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Siren
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Parasol


    • Merman
    • Silent All These Years
    • Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Band Returns

    • Amber Waves
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Secret Spell

    Second Encore

    • God
    • Hey Jupiter


    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by rebhauser)

    Beauty of Speed (posted by rebhauser)

    Rattlesnakes (posted by patrosfeta)

    Big Wheel (posted by patrosfeta)

    Merman (posted by nickjones683)

    God (filmed by talulatiger)



    1. james mordaunt says:

      Just back from the manchester show … incredible!! Was expecting Pip but was overjoyed at Clyde! The show had energy and was relaxed at the same time, didn’t talk to the crowd much but the energy of the show compensated…highlights were Siren, Bells For Her and Somewhere Over The Rainbow was unexpected and moving. Clyde’s first act was awesome and I loved every song, all my favourties on ADP plus Little Earthquakes, Juarez and Rattlesnakes, wouldn’t have changed one track. Secret Spell isn’t the best track on the album but it kept the energy up for the encores and God had a great vibe…can’t wait to see her again in the states later in the year!!

    2. louise says:

      Tori was an absolutely amazing. This was my favourite Tori concert EVER (and I’ve been to 6). Tori really engaged with the audience and her set was full of energy.

      An amazing night.

    3. Kevin says:

      I could write so much right now. It’s 7.34 and I’ve just come back to London from Manchester. I can only say this woman changed my life last night. She wasn’t only musically brilliant, breath-taking and absolutely mind-blowing, but also beautiful. Pure beauty. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see beauty anywhere again, because she was just… it! When she looks at you, wow.

      I loved every single song. The opening was WOW, best ever. I was expecting Pip, but got the best surprise ever when Clyde appeared (my fav) and even better: Bouncing Off Clouds! I still have a stiff face for smiling so hard during the two-hour concert. My heart beat is still sky high.

      (I basically went to the July, 4 date in London, first Tori gig ever and felt the impulse to see her again; I didn’t have a ticket for the Manchester gig, but took a train (had to pay 10 years’ worth salary for it!!) and got there, got a ticket, then made my way to the front row. From today, I’m following my impulses.)

    4. Gray says:

      A very “up” show. Lots of smiles from the stage and the audience. A great set (with some great surprises) and some tight-but-loose playing skipped things along nicely for a show (that started pretty late) which ran for about two hours and ten minutes.

      Great night… A totally great night!

    5. Clare says:

      A fantastic night! Clyde is my favourite so I was really pleased. Beauty of Speed was wonderful and I was thrilled to hear Cornflake Girl and of course Rattlesnakes! Tori seemed really happy and quite playful.

      There was also a nice vibe from the audience. I wish she was playing Nottingham and Wolverhampton aswell as she usually does.

      A great tour!

    6. Christoff says:

      Superb show last night and Tori seemed really happy up there, giggling with the band and looking in mischievous mood! I caught the soundcheck from the back door of the venue and Tori performed I think, 8 songs. Out of these, she played the beginning of Taxi Ride, and the whole of In the Springtime of his Voodoo, which weren’t performed in the actual show. From memory, she also played a really long version of Bouncing Off Clouds (the end went on for ages), Little Earthquakes, Juarez, Spark, Rattlesnakes, Big Wheel, and I think that was it. Oh and somebody soundchecked Cornflake Girl. It wasn’t Tori, ‘coz she wasn’t even in the building. So who WAS that singing?! Funniest of many funny things in the afternoon was Tash tear-arseing in and out of the stage door on her scooter and then the look on Jon Evans’ missus’ face when she uttered the word “fricking”! That young lady has attitude! I wonder where she gets that from…

      Tori had to do a press interview thing or something, so she had to cancel the afternoon meet and greet. She did promise us poor soaking wet people that she’d come out after the show. True to her word, she came out after the show and did a full on meet and greet. I was last in the queue and totally convinced that she’d be back on her warm coach before I got to her, but she signed for every one of us and looked bloody freezing, bless her. It was 1.00 am when she signed my programme and then left. Ami, Lil’ Lis and Lea – you should’ve stayed!! What a week!

    7. mark jones says:

      Somewhere Over The Rainbow had me in tears, absolutely mesmerising. Took a friend who knew nothing about Tori she was blown away!

    8. Martyn says:

      yeah, i took four of my friends with me to see her who haven't heard much by her and they’re sure they were brainwashed last night. they were completely mesmorised, if not a little scared by the gusto of tori fans, but they are totally converted. I was hoping concertina would make her way out, but i got spark, little earthquakes and juarez, so i can’t really complain! an amazing night, she was truly beautiful. the weird thing is that when the ‘doll’ comes out for the first act, you start to truly believe that it’s not tori but it’s actually clyde, santa, pip etc and then when ‘tori’ comes on, you get more excited cause it’s the first time you’ve seen her. although i don’t know if that’s just me but…an amazing show. i’ve been to all three of the UK shows so far, an even though tonight was immense, the 2nd london night takes the trophy.

    9. John says:

      Such a fantastic night. I couldn’t have asked for a better setlist; Bouncing Off Clouds, Little Earthquakes, Rattlesnakes, Siren, Merman and Spark were my personal highlights. I think everyone was expecting Pip with Santa and Isabel both making an appearance in London, so Clyde was a great surprise. Amazing!

    10. Phil says:

      I sadly did not enjoy the show as much as other people seemed to which is shame. I was sat nehind 2 people who wouldn’t shut up all the way through the concert. I also thought Clyde was bleh!! I wanted Pip.

      On the plus side if you were sat on your own on row II i think in the stalls sat on your own next to a couple with your programme and cute little sticky out ears and a shaved head then you entertained me all night. Very sexy :-)

    11. John says:

      Just a quick note about setlist changes. She was supposed to debut (again) Take me With You but instead did Merman as an audience shout out request. The second encore was written as Voodoo instead of God. Everything else was as planned.

    12. Matt says:

      Wow! Tori was hot and we were cold and wet – that was a steamy fusion!

      Manchester greeted us in its typical Manchester way – it poured down and was cold and miserable. However, the fans, Tori, and her crew soon made up for that – what a brilliant experience, so many great memories, spending time with friends and getting to know some really lovely new people.

      I’ve sent in some pics that hopefully will re-kindle a very special day and night, and yes, the Tash incident was hilarious with everyone trying to stay straight lipped so as not to encourage her – precious! :)

      Oh, and Tori played Roosterspur Bridge – even after I totally miss pronounced it to her – funny how your mind deserts you in moments like that! :)

    13. Rach & Paul says:

      When I first began listening to Tori I was a mere 7 years old and I am now 23 almost 24. Throughout the years of growing up Tori has almost been in heart and been played over and over. I have been nine concerts now and I have to say that this was one which I will treasure the most. You see, throughout my life WITHOUT MEANING TO DRONE ON I have had an awful lots of downs rather than ups and I feel that Tori's music is one of the major things which has always pulled me through. However, last night was incredibly special as it was the first time I could sit happily, holding my fiance's hand, knowing the next time I see Tori I will be a married lady and no doubt planning kids. I feel at ease with the World and the gusto and sheer energy which Tori produced last night stirred my insides and certainly made me feel that something is right in the World- thank you Tori you are truly amazing.

      During Silent all these years and Somewhere over the rainbow my fiance sat holding my hand and touching my ring, we both just looked at each other and then back at Tori and we knew, its totally right.

      Thank you for always being there for me Tori, without you it would have been far worse during those dark moments.

      For those of you wishing to grab some pics, they arent wonderful but they are on www.moblog.co.uk/blog/rachelswirl (you will need an account to see them)

    14. Chris says:

      Tori was amazing tonight. Anyone in Row G, front Circle who was sat near us, we apologize for the level of mad, frantic singing. We couldn’t help it. This was my first Tori concert and it was totally stunning. Highlights for me were Juárez, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Spark and Hey Jupiter. A bunch of people left before the first encore and then MORE people left before the second encore and missed some of the most energetic bits. Tori was really playful tonight and seemed to be having a blast. Clyde was a little shy but she really did her best and totally nailed Roosterspur Bridge. An absolutely amazing night. The support was great too. Thanks Tori and Clyde!

    15. cat says:

      Been too many years without a Tori concert… Choirgirl I think. Awesome performance- Bouncing was the perfect start ..yeah, she was in very playful and feisty mood! Highlights…Bells For Her- mesmerising and a beautiful intro into it. Can’t believe she played Silent All These Years…spine-tingling. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was another great surprise . Spark was my fave though…the tumultuous ending really got my blood pumping! Precious Things was perfect as an encore…very intense. Tori’s vocals were the best I’ve ever heard them.

    16. Kevin says:

      I’d like to add that it was very impressive the way she could jump from that ‘angry, demanding peace, political’ attitude from july 4th in London, to this playful and joyful one in Manchester. I think the fact that Bouncing off the clouds was played at the beginning tells it all. She was speechless, but I think that she said a lot with her silence. When she jumped up and down and touched her heart with the widest smile ever, that was the sweetest moment. I managed to get to Row C this time (was at the back in London) and have to say, WILL NEVER EVER EVER go see tori if it’s farther than row C. All the people arriving late or going for a lager (wtf?) in the middle of the concert is just WRONG. I think they should feed everyone a pill at the beginning of the show that would temporarily paralise their legs for 2 hours. The crowd was a lot more interested in the music than in London though, that’s the impression i got. Almost no one was taking pictures and i loved that. Oh, the female guard didn’t let some of us get closer to the stage while the rest of the arena was there lol, damn her!

    17. Scott Wheeler says:

      she was utterly fabulous. a joy to behold. she is everything to me and more. i’d be nothing without her sensual love and super songs.

    18. Daniel says:

      BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER! Every song was utter perfection, the only one I didn’t know was Siren and my GOD how do I get hold of that it’s absolutely kick ass?! The set list was phenomenal, although I would have loved In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (although God was fantastic) and I REALLY wanted her to play Cooling but you can’t have everything and this is why TORI SHOULD BE PLAYING MORE DATES IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND! Students can’t travel all the way to London, y’know….. Sorry to anyone who I might have terrified with my screaming, I was extremely excitable all night. I think the woman next to me found it infectious though, ‘cause she started screaming with me every time I went off on one! It was a beautiful night. If that gorgeous couple from Boston who we were talking to in the queue (and were also sat on row G) come on here and read this – ME KATY AND JESS ALL LOVE YOU AND WE’RE REALLY SORRY WE COULDN’T SEE YOU AFTER THE SHOW!

      Speaking of which, how utterly gutted am I that I missed the meet and greet?! Had to get picked up, what a bastard…..

      And one more thing – to the people who were sat in front of us until about half way through – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T go to a Tori concert and not expect there to be fans like me there you fuckers. DON’T talk during the performance, DON’T text your mates, and DON’T keep turning around and glaring every time one of us whoops with joy.

      And that’s my big excited rant over.

      Now if there’s any extraordinarily rich people out there, buy a big venue in the North of England and get Tori back here soon!

    19. Leesh says:

      The best show I’ve ever seen her put on! Brilliant setlist, lots to keep the neutrals interested & entertained, and plenty to keep the Toriphiles screaming all the way through! OH MY GAAAWD she was amazing! Loved the version of Hey Jupiter, Amber Waves sounded breathtaking, Siren had me jumping around and by the time she got to Precious Things I’d lost all control or thought for anybody around me- singing and dancing my heart out!

      Out of this world! We were all so lucky!

    20. Stacey says:

      Travelled from Galway to see Tori live for the 3rd time..wow!! Vocally, she was out of this world; her performance of “Little Earthquakes” was simply outstanding. I also had a friend with me who knew little of her work before the show but left stunned and amazed. Thank you Tori.

    21. JAMES CLARKE says:

      This was only my 2nd Tori concert and the other one being a solo show in Dublin's Vicar St meant that this was gonna be something else. Sure enough it was. My wife and I travelled from Meath in Ireland to see this amazing show.I didn't sleep the night before as I we had to catch a very early flight and just grabbed 30 mins of shuteye on the flight. Went to the afternoon meet and greet and was disappointed that Tori had to go to do some press stuff. When we took our seats at the show later that evening I knew this was just gonna be awesome. I was just mesmerised by the sheer energy and raw emotion that she could pump out so easily. She really held us all in captive mode for the 2hrs+ that she performed. My wife is not a big fan but was very impressed with the show and despite being over 5 months pregnant insisted on staying back after the show for me to meet Tori.And we did. Over 1 and a half hours int he rain with no umbrella and no raincoat but it paid off and we both finally meet Tori and managed to get a photo or two. She was very engaing with all she met and even congratulated us on our impending arrival. The best show ever for me and I just wanna go to more and more and more and …......

    22. Glen says:

      Great Show truly remarkable loved every song her versions of Bouncing Off Clouds, Big Wheel, Parasol, Spark. The band where terrific and the lighting and sound guys need a slap on the back too. It is What a concert should be like truly entertaining from start to finish. Also the rain kinda brought me some luck I met Tori at the meet and greet after 12.30 am pity the security guy told us you can take pics but no photos with Tori, Bit gutted on that but hey the next time she comes who knows….

    23. david says:

      amazing show. best i have seen her in 14 years. was really pleased with the choice of songs, and i have learned not to be fussy as she has a mind of her own. merman, siren, and little earthquakes were highlights, but was amazed how brilliant secret spell was at the end, used to think that was a motr song, but it rocked. guy sat by us at the end of the middle of row d was very fit, so that kept distracting me. tori rules – need to pick a overseas destination to go see her again – cant wait two more years!

    24. Rich says:

      I’ve seen Tori 15 times and this was one of the best. Love Clyde, and there’s not one song on the list that isn’t my favourite. Take Me With You as planned woulda been cherry on top, but Merman was beautiful. Only thing that pissed me off about night was an acquaintance I took who got far too pissed and lary. Not to be repeated!

    25. Jaacq says:

      My friend and I had a fantastic time at the Manchester show. Tori was on fire, vibrant, a force to be reckoned with. “Siren” was probably the highlight for me, but I won’t leave out “Silent All These Years”, the big and wonderful surprise “Spark” and energetic, ferocious performances of “Precious Things”, “Little Earthquakes” and most ADP songs.

      Meeting Tori was one of the biggest moments of my life. Her warmth and patience (she signed autographs in the rain until 1.30am!) is something to admire. And she’s even more gorgeous in real life! I was trembling, but she was lovely and signed my copy of ADP and a “Scarlet’s Walk” postcard. A tremendous night! A truly exquisite show.

    26. Rach says:

      I am a bit embarassed now, Ive just watched the top video to hear my own voice shouting and seeing my own engagement ring flashing about when clapping… oh ek!

    27. josh says:

      This was my first Tori concert. I’ve been a fan for years and I knew she’d be good but not THIS good. I was totally blown away by her performance and by the atmosphere at the concert. It’s impossible to pick highlights because everything was SO perfect but Bouncing Off Clouds was the perfect opener and I got quite emotional during some songs, particularly Little Earthquakes, Over The Rainbow and Silent All These Years (best live performance of the song I’ve ever heard) what can I say, she lived up to all my expectations and more. And we met so many nice people in the bar before, it was the perfect day. It may be my first concert but it definitely won’t be my last!!

    28. Jen says:

      Tori loves to play Manchester. She said so and it was very clear that she meant it. She seemed to be in a fantastic mood, not talking very much but connecting with the audience with every song throughout the performance. But what the hell was she wearing? And doesn’t she look painfully thin?

      The highlights for me were “Bouncing off Clouds”, “Little Earthquakes” – wow!!, “Siren”, “Merman” – although, I’m gutted she played this at the expense of “Take me with you”, “Spark” and “God”. I heard her soundcheck “Voodoo” and got my hopes up – anything from “Pele” gets me going but “God” was nice too.

      “Beauty of Speed” isn’t my fave track off ADP but it did well live and “Roosterspur Bridge” was surprisingly beautiful live, the starry night backdrop took my breath away.

      And no “Leather” this time, which has been staple for Manchester shows but I can’t say I missed very much.

      Her voice was as clear as a bell and she was working the keys standing up for a long stretches, just headbanging and sometimes making gestures (such as goats horns – during Merman :). There is nothing better than to experience Tori live – just wish I could go to all the shows! Actually, I wouldn’t mind catching a Pip show, I bet “Smokey Joe” is great live.

      Also, just want to thank you! to this Sheffield guy that I met before the concert. I was there on my own and feeling a bit weird about it but we got talking about Tori and some of her more obscure songs (like “Mountain”). It’s great to talk to fellow fans – there are none in my circle of friends, unfortunately, so thanks again – Toriphile, to the rescue! And hey, you got “Roosterspur Bridge” – I got “Spark”!

    29. Darren says:

      Wow all I can say is wow! The most stunning performance I have ever seen. I have heard her live and seen her DVDs but NOTHING can compare to being there and experiencing it she was stunning, my mouth hit the floor when she emerged as Clyde! Pip was my favourite Doll but now it has to be Clyde!!!

      I will have to see her again someday! I hope she releases the performance on CD. AMAZING once again I love you Tori Amos!

    30. Karen says:

      This concert was so brilliant! Came over from Ireland as I wanted to see a full set and in the process of trying to get up closer and closer bought six tickets, four of which were not used but it was worth every penny (got to the eight row in the end). Wanted Pip but really I didn’t care when she came out with a scarf in front of her eyes as Clyde. Anyway, it’s an excuse to see her again. Waited around for the M&G after the show, she said she ‘had a blast’ and i also asked if this tour would be the only time the dolls would join her or would they maybe make appearances in future shows, she seemed unsure at first but then said, ‘well no, you know, i think every story has to come to an end’.

    31. Chris says:

      To the guy who bought his ticket on e-bay that we were talking to at the beginning of the show: He would’ve been row H i think of the front circle, sat next to a group of 5 women, congratulations – you got Roosterspur Bridge. Tori was amazing. It was the single most amazing thing I have seen in my life. Hope you all had a good time. Anyone who was sat near us (we were Row G, front stalls, the four middle seats) hope you all had safe journeys home.

    32. FrenchExpat says:

      Tori Amos said she was intimidated the first time she played at the Apollo Manchester but now she felt like home there. Tori has a reputation for being on the road all the time. Each tour is a different experience. In fact, each concert is a different experience, given that she changes her set list depending on the place and her own moods.

      This was Tori gig number 9 for me but it ranks quite high. Indeed, if the last few albums are good but not magical, the woman’s live act still shines. Here is a woman whose command of the piano enables her to play one keyboard with her left hand and another with her right hand, while singing with a powerful and honest voice her intelligent and metaphorical texts.

      Yet, this minister’s daughter is no longer the sort of sacred prostitute who embodied angst, religious guilt, the need to steal man’s power and sexual desire. Her voice penetrated deep in my soul and she was able to exorcise the audience’s demons while straddling that piano stool, looking both sensual and possessed with some strange devils.

      This is all gone now. Tori Amos is now married and mother of a 6 y-o girl. I was observing her while she was chanting “God” and she looked… serene. And then it struck me: She’s no longer the warring hunter. She’s become a high-priestess who’s found bliss through the wisdom she’s gained. The result is a Tori who doesn’t come across as passionate to the casual observer, but passion doesn’t need to be a burning fire. It can be a warm light.

      I enjoyed this concert a lot. I now know how to come late to the venue, so I don’t have to endure crap and arrogant artists such as Rufus Wainwright who did her opening act once. I didn’t like seeing her with a band before, preferring just the girl and the piano, but I loved her sharing the stage with her band, sounding more rockish and popish than ever. She sang from her 9 albums songs rearranged to have a quicker beat. She seemed to enjoy herself while singing old-time favourites and obscure B-sides.

      Her opening: “Bouncing Off Clouds” was powerful and beautiful, her voice clear and commanding. “Little Earthquakes” followed and was the most beautiful version I ever heard and her best performance of the night. I cared little about “Juarez” but “Rattlesnake”, a cover, sounded almost like the original, much better than her CD version. “Roosterspur Bridge” is my favourite song on the new album but it didn’t translate as well on stage. I didn’t find her version of “Siren” or “Crucify” that good but I loved “Parasol”, once again, powerful and faster than the original.

      She spoke little and didn’t have much improvisations like she used to, adding only one line to “Parasol”. She was playful, even during “Merman”, which was a beautiful rendition during her solo time. It was nice to hear “Silent All The Years” because I heard that song for the very first time on my first day in Texas, 10 years ago. Then I bought the CD and the rest is history. Her version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was flawless. Any Eva Cassidy fan should dump her boring little CD of bland covers. Because someone dies doesn’t make them talented, folks!

      This was a beautiful concert that left me happy. She’s still has that magic and was right to sing “Secret Spell” from her new album, during the first encore: “Sold a dream at twenty three/Turn you around/Hold out/You still got your secret spell”

    33. Pip says:

      Bliss, pure bliss. I’ve been a fan for so long but this was just incredible…thanks you Tori for such an amazing night, please come back up north soon..

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