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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Hammersmith Apollo

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date July 04, 2007
    City London
    Venue Hammersmith Apollo


    Not surprisingly, Isabel opened this show. Setlist from Saar and John.

    Act I (Isabel)

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Tubular Bells
    • Devils And Gods
    • Almost Rosey
    • Tombigbee

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Glory Of The 80s


    • Home on the Range
    • Winter
    • Cooling

    Band Returns

    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • God

    Second Encore

    • The Waitress
    • Hey Jupiter


    Yo George (filmed by miztli13)

    Independance Day chat (filmed by miztli13)

    Home On The Range (part 1) (filmed by miztli13)

    Home On The Range (part 2) (filmed by miztli13)

    Winter (filmed by miztli13)

    Siren (filmed by queenevie)

    Hey Jupiter (clip) (filmed by queenevie)

    God (filmed by talulatiger)

    The Waitress (filmed by talulatiger)



    1. Mart says:

      Second Tori night in London – and still brilliant. Did some of my utter favourite songs – Liquid Diamonds, Tombigbee, Doughnut Song – and did better versions of Precious Things and God than she’d done the previous night (altho less people were head-banging, for some reason). I have to say I preferred the first night though – there was something intense, disturbing, on-edge – almost frightening about the whole thing. Maybe it was just because this tour was all new to me – but I do think last night’s songs were just kinda less energetic – especially Devils and Gods and Glory of the 80s – where she kind of just moved less. More straight-forward. You can’t really compare anything to the electrifying moment on Tuesday where she forgot her lines and then just stood up and launched into a fuck-stormingly frantic version of Bliss. It was just so electrifying.

      Plus Isabel last night – as cool as she was – just couldn’t match up to the shocking sexiness of Santa in that veeery short dress the night before. And I wanted Isabel to do Dark Side of the Sun. Also, less improvs last night and no fuck-ups, which really added to the Tuesday concert. It was great to see Beauty of Speed though – and the little grin on Tori’s face as the beautiful colour show took place behind her during that song. It was kind of a ‘hey, it all came together and it’s so pretty’ look – and it was.

      Still dying to see Tori do Garlands, Digital Ghost, Roosterspur Bridge and Etienne live – will I ever see this!!!

    2. Earcuff says:

      Brilliant, amazing and brilliant again. One of the best Tori shows I have seen. She was obviously really enjoying herself, and although she didn’t talk much (the only downside of the evening) her personality came through really strongly.
      My favourite tracks were:

      Yo George – you knew it was going to happen, being July 4th and all, but it was so good, and set the tone of the evening.

      Almost Rosey – never really taken much notice of this track, but this made me take notice, and it may now be one of my all time favourite live tracks.

      Hey Jupiter – by far the best track of the night (and there was so much competition!) I love this performance of an already much loved track. It had attitude and power, and it was really meant somehow.

      My friends and I went home from this evening with a warm glow inside, from seeing live music at it’s best. Come back soon Tori :-)

    3. Matt E says:

      Tonight’s show lacked the energy and dynamism of Tuesday’s. It felt rather low key in comparison for the majority of the set. I wasn’t really feeling the Isabel bit (although ‘Yo George’ was brilliant) – there wasn’t much of a performance accompanying the songs as there had been with Santa. The first half felt a bit like going through the motions unfortunately, although ‘sneeze’ and ‘glory 80s’ were really really good.

      However, the solo set was superb, ‘Home on the range’ a beautiful surprise – I’d actually forgotten the song existed. And the last three songs and the encores were all amazing – so good to hear ‘beauty of speed’ and ‘fairytale’; ‘god’ was awesome; and ‘the waitress’ a definite highlight, so powerful…

      Either way, she could sing the phone book and i’d come away a very happy man… Wish i was going to Manchester….

    4. GrahamT says:

      It would be nice to see Tori somewhere other than the Apollo. I really don’t like it as a venue. The Circle is too far away from the stage, the front of house is cramped and the toilets are completely inadequate. The new Indigo stage at the Dome – sorry, O2 – might be a good venue, though it’s not as big.

      As I’m clearly turning into a grumpy old man I may as well continue. I don’t like bright lights being shone into my eyes, and I think Professional Widow loses all meaning when it’s played in that dance remix version.

      On the plus side, starting with Yo George was absolutely perfect. Some of the other songs weren’t bad either (just thought I’d throw in a bit of English understatement there). The stars ‘n stripes catsuit probably looked good if you were close enough to see it in any detail.

      I had to leave before the very end to catch a train home (60 miles away) but from the list above it looks like Tori didn’t quite manage to play the promised fourteen and a quarter hour all-night set (Apollo notice: “Tori on stage 20.30 – 10.45”). When she was dragging out Winter with all those slow, mangled vowels, though (things might be gonna ‘cheenge so vest’ but the pace of the song didn’t keep up with the lyrics – no, you don’t have to tell me it was a deliberate counterpoint), I thought she might actually be trying to make it a marathon session.

    5. Raisin Boy says:

      The first night at the Hammersmith was amazing. It just all came together so perfectly. Tori rocked and seemed so much more playful than tonight.

      Tonight I was expecting more ranting, being as it was US Independence Day. Tori seemed quite subdued really. She, and the evening, lacked the intensity of previous shows. Despite that, Cooling, Doughnut, HOTR, BOS and Code Red blew me away completely.

      I am so happy to of seen our goddess. Just feeling a little blue now its all over…..until next time. Spread the love.

    6. Jonathan says:

      I loved last night’s 4/7 show. I thought the setlist was better and less predictable than Tuesdays, where I guessed exactly what Santa would sing and exactly what the encores were. Tuesday had some amazing performances of Siren, Spring Haze and some other songs, and definitely beat last night in terms of spontaneity because she changed the setlist (albeit to what I predicted she would play anyway) and had an improv and fucked up.

      I would have liked to have seen some improvising and more audience interaction last night as I did on Tuesday, but ultimately last night was better for me because I preferred the songs she played. The Isabel section was much more different from the original studio versions than the Santa songs on Tuesday (Devils and Gods and Yo George especially, plus a great Tubular Bells), and some songs like Precious Things, God and Code Red I preferred last night to Tuesday. We also got two great tour debuts (I've never been keen on A Sorta Fairytale live vs studio but always love hearing the song and knowing that it’s a tour debut, and Home on the Range was a great surprise), and amazing versions of Doughnut Hole, Glory, Caught A Lite Sneeze and Liquid Diamonds NOT TO MENTION The Waitress which, along with Doughnut Hole, was my favourite song of the evening. It was electrifying seeing her do that for real, and I’d much rather see that and God (which was better than on Tuesday I think, as mentioned) than Bouncing Off Clouds and Tear On My Hand that she did on Tuesday,‘s encores, because I’m not much of a fan of them live and they were very predictable for me.

      So yeah, I’m definitely glad I went to both, and managed to see the more spontaneous side of Tori, not to mention a phenomenal Spring Haze with improv, more audience interaction, last minute setlist change and fuck-up funny improv all on Tuesday, but ultimately I preferred last night because the setlist contained songs which were less predictable given earlier setlists of this tour and ones which I personally prefer (however I do understand that some people who went on Tuesday may not have seen the setlists for previous shows, may not have found it as predictable an evening as me, and may just prefer those songs anyway, and so prefer that evening as a whole)

      She certainly rocks this tour in general, I much prefer it to her last tour and think this must be the best since 1999.

    7. Rob says:

      I’m going a little against the grain here, but I thought this show was much better than the previous night’s. It was absolutely dynamic, and Tori rocked out in quite an intense way. The highlight was “The Waitress” in the 2nd encore – absolutely electrifying – whilst it was a treat to hear “Home On The Range” and “a sorta fairtyale”. She looked stunning in her American flag outfit (think Geri Haliwell’s UK flag costume but with a bit less cleavage!), and although the audience was pretty static, the cheering was encouragingly loud and enthusiastic, and I’m pretty sure everyone was enjoying themselves (and there was quite a bit of bopping in the encores).

      It’s a shame there was no improv – perhaps because there were 2 last night if you include the “brain fart” improv – but I guess the songs were really doing the speaking, especially as she played “Home On The Range” as if she was telling us a story.

      I was hoping I wouldn’t get Isabel as she’s my least favourite doll, but in fact she was fantastic, and “Tubular Bells” was so dark and intense. “Tombigbee” was an unexpected surprise for me but worked really well. Fantastic night!

    8. Rachael says:

      This was my second Tori show, after seeing her at Hammersmith on the last tour. I travelled all the way from a town called Grimsby which is about 250 miles away from London, thinking that was far…only to meet people who had come from New Zealand and America especially for the show!

      The whole experience was just incredible. I listen to Tori every single day as I’m sure many of you do, and to see her perform my favourite songs in front of me is just amazing.

      I was lucky enough for my brother to get my copy of Under The Pink signed at the meet and greet. Unfortunately the weather prevailed (as it usually does!) and so I didn’t get a chance to speak to her myself, but never the less I am very grateful to her for signing the CD.

      The show itself was just fantastic. My first time hearing Cornflake Girl, Precious Things and so many other songs live (especially with the brill Matty and Jon) was certainly worth paying for the ticket!

      At the last show I was “rear circle standing” and this time we had really good seats which was an added bonus.

      She did such a great job and looked amazing, just as she played amazing.. and I really can’t wait to see her again on the next tour maybe, hopefully she will do another :]

    9. Gary C says:

      I thought this show was a lot better than the previous night, but to me both nights lacked the energy and enthusiasm than previous tours, Home on the Range was a good statement, but then she followed it with Winter & Cooling?. The setlist felt disjointed and I’m sorry to say and maybe its because I’ve seen her nearly every tour..boring!

    10. Louie says:

      I traveled with my hubby from Aberdeenshire (Scotland) for both shows & we both agreed the first night was the better night. My favourites from the 4th July show were “Winter” – amazing, never liked the live version before but tonight it was stunning.

      “A Sorta Fairytale” was a lovely surprise.

      “Precious Things” was fantastic.

      We both agreed that the Tori solo section is always the best part of the show – Tori’s voice just filled the Apollo with it’s pure beauty.

      Really hate Tori in the sparkly jumpsuits – much prefer the floaty dresses from the BK tour.

      Roll on the next tour!!! :-)

    11. Caroline says:

      Prefer the floaty dresses too.

      Loved Caught a Lite Sneeze, sad I missed Tear in Your Hand the previous night though

    12. Honey Hair says:

      Well, the woman (truly a Goddess, so the Goddess imagery of this latest album is so appropriate) sure knows how to put on a show! She’s a fantastic front-woman and I’m always amazed at how she fought (& continues to fight) off competition from guitar-based rock & pop, to put the humble piano firmly on the map as a viable rock & pop instrument. Just amazing! What a woman!

      The Apollo’s a dreadful venue though, both acoustically and in terms of seating comfort; my 6 foot plus boyfriend was crammed in & uncomfy, the circle is a bass trap (does anyone sit up there for the sound check I wonder?) and the lyrics are very, very hard to pick out . . . & I know the songs pretty damn well (my boyfriend – not a Toriphile, though happy to be there – pointed out that he could hear very few of the actual words sung). I feel it’s a shame that the venue lets Tori (& her fans) down in this way and I long for an alternative London / UK (I am south-coast based) performance space for Tori.

      I loved those outfits every bit as much as the floaty 2005 costumes. The woman’s certainly a chameleon and her often unpredictable versatility is a huge part of her alter-ego and her overall message even (ie: that humankind is multi-faceted & that women can be many different people rolled into one . . . so beware!)

      I was hugely pleased to hear my fave ADP track, “The Beauty of Speed” as well as 2 of my oldie all-time favourites: “Caught A Light Sneeze” and “Doughnut Hole” (what an amazing opening to “Doughnut Hole” . . . I love the guessing game as she meanders into songs we all know so well but seem to hear with different ears when played live).

      I’m with those who find Tori’s eeeeeeeeelongaaaaaation of words slightly irritating though. For me, often, the drawing-out of words and musical phrases and the playing around with timing feels just too contrived and becomes just a bit too, well, annoying (like she gets carried away)! And I think I’m probably on my own for not liking ‘Home on the Range’ – that’s just not for me that one, though I see its significance.

      Despite my having loved Tori’s music from the early 1990s, this was just my 2nd Tori Live experience (the Beekeeper tour being the last one at this same inferior venue), and I know that she is an artist whom I will always now return to live, to see what she pulls out of that bag o’ tricks of hers! A big show for a big (star-spangled!) star! You lucky folk who are able to see more than one show! I hope those who have yet to see a show on this tour enjoy it as much as I (& clearly many other folk) did. Have fun (Tori& the band certainly do!)

    13. Matt says:

      I loved this show! Granted before the show started I had heard that Santa had opened the night before (my personal favourite of the dolls) and was kicking myself a bit – I shouldn’t have..Isobel was fab.

      Isabel’s performance was intense and captivating – my personal highlight of this section being Almost Rosey – a really powerful performance.

      When Tori came back on stage after the costume changed (the stars and stripes outfit was worth the ticket price alone – she looked amazing) – I had to keep rethinking my favourite song – each one was amazing starting with Big Wheel which was sooooo much fun through to Doughnut Song which was the most beautiful version of that song I have ever heard.

      My personal highlight of the whole night came with Cooling – every time she plays that song I go to pieces and this performance was again one of the best I’ve seen

      Throughout I was amazed by Tori’s energy and as always – when she plays the piano and the keyboard together… there aren’t the words..

      My favourite show since the plugged tour in 98.

    14. Andrew says:

      I had front row seats this night and I was delighted but slightly disappointed about getting Isabel! The performance was still amazing however! The Tuesday night was definitely the most powerful! I was disappointed I didn’t get to go to Manchester but I still had Oxegen after that!

    15. Baris says:

      well, actually i had tickets for the 3rd of july concert but accidentally i forgot it. when i woke on the 4th july and realised that concert was the day before i was totally fucked off. but i decided to go to apollo to arrange sth so i went there at 1pm. about 2 pm tori came with her assistant and signed my scrapbook we talked for a while and then i asked her if she could arrange sth for the concert for me and she said ‘dont worry honey just see smithy before the show’. so i waited there for about 6 hrs and at 7pm smithy gave me two a-seat tickets!!!! it was totally amazing and unforgettable. i always wished she would sing a sorta fairytale and winter and she played them both. love you tori.

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