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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Hammersmith Apollo

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date July 03, 2007
    City London
    Venue Hammersmith Apollo


    Santa opened the show. Setlist from Saar and Lexa.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body And Soul
    • God
    • My Posse Can Do
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Siren
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • “independence eve” improv
    • Spring Haze (yeah, with the band)


    • China
    • Cool On Your Island
    • Yes Anastasia

    Band Returns

    • Putting The Damage On
    • Black Dove (partial) > Brain Fart improv segue > Bliss
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Hey Jupiter


    Body and Soul (filmed by khabn858)

    Independence Eve improv > Spring Haze (filmed by miztli13)

    Cool On Your Island (part 1) (filmed by miztli13)

    Cool On Your Island (part 2) (filmed by miztli13)

    Yes, Anastasia (part 1) (filmed by miztli13)

    Yes, Anastasia (part 2) (filmed by miztli13)

    Brain Fart improv > Bliss (filmed by miztli13)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (filmed by Bartolie)

    Precious Things (filmed by talulatiger)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (filmed by talulatiger)

    Tear In Your Hand (filmed by talulatiger)

    Hey Jupiter (filmed by talulatiger)



    1. doughnut_hole says:

      Tori was absolutely brilliant!

      It was very moving to hear Tori play the familiar tunes, and I was totally surprised when Santa played “God”! What an excellent choice! Having a costume change feels almost natural, as if Amercian Doll Posse/ Santa came from another world and Tori appears and brings it altogether. I loved that she played “Crucify” and “Cool in Your Island”!

      Was hanging around but did she eventually appear for any meet and greet after the show?

    2. British_Doll says:

      Unbelievable! Brilliant to hear the old favourites – Crucify, Precious Things, God, and what a surprise – Cool on your Island! I was in floods of tears a couple of times, she just gets you with the tone and calibre of her voice.

      A really special point was her ‘Independence Eve/Independent from what’ Improv, an anti-America rant with some gorgeous piano underneath.

      Putting the Damage on was a highlight for me as well.

      Most of the balcony people were down in the stalls for the last note of Code Red, giving the whole place a festival atmosphere, with so many hands in the air it felt almost like a sacred experience.

      She is absolutely on form and I’m really looking forwards to the Independence Day show tonight!

    3. Steve McQueen Bridge says:

      The show was superb: sexy, fierce, playful and intense. The Santa set was awesome – Led Zep meets Debbie Harry meets Liszt – and the other highlights for me were “Siren”, “China”, “Cool On Your Island”, “Bliss” (which the band went into after Tori abandoned “Black-Dove” during the first chorus), “Code Red”, a singalong “Tear in Your Hand” and the “independence eve” improv which preceded “Spring Haze”.

      This is what I heard of the improv:

      “You know what tonight is? It’s the eve of the day that America got independence from your ass … Independence? From what? From [didn’t catch it] who hates fucking faggots … Independence? From what? From a vice-president with a happy trigger-finger … Tell me about the girls … our daughters … sons blown to bits … Over there, over there … That red-head is fucking over there.”

      Well, we’re very glad that red-head is over here! Thanks for a wonderful show, Tori (and Matt, Jon & Dan)!

    4. Nick says:

      Picture the scene: London, gripped by the fear of another attempted vehicle bombing. The station outside the venue is closed for a large portion of the morning due to a suspected terrorist attack. Half of the audience have their journeys to the venue delayed by further (false alarm) suspect bombs. It would seem this is a situation made for songs such as ‘Almost Rosey’ or ‘Dark Side of the Sun’.

      Still, Tori decided to give us some of the ‘Light Side of the Sun’ with Santa opening the set and arguing that conflict and hatred can be overcome through love and ‘posse unity’ – and giving us a fun ride along the way. The Santa songs seem to have been largely overlooked in most album reviews, but work really well on stage, the doll’s flamboyant stage presence suiting the theatrical and vampish nature of the music. The ragtime piano playing on ‘Body and Soul’ lifted it high above the heavier album sound. The only off note here was ‘Secret Spell’ which had too much of a dark guitar growl in the arrangement, not really suiting the song’s exhortations, or the general vibe of the Santa set.

      Tori herself continued the fun and games – she said that she felt playing the Apollo was ‘like coming home’ and certainly seemed determined to enjoy herself. The result was some wonderfully energetic songs, with the defiant side of the lyrics really coming out in numbers such as ‘Crucify’, ‘Cool on Your island,’ and ‘Yes, Anastasia’. Although this jarred with a couple of the darker songs, such as ‘Putting the Damage On’, in which Tori seemed to have been having far too much fun for anyone to believe she was damaged, it was overall very successful and lapped up by the energetic crowd, who were jumping and dancing during the encores!

      At the beginning of ‘Black Dove’ Tori messed up and lapsed into an improv to the effect of ‘I have had a brain fuck and need a new song’ before launching into ‘Bliss’. Despite the preceding troubles, Bliss was incredibly assured and got possibly the warmest response of the night. For me, however, the undisputed highlight was ‘Spring Haze’

      The song had been foreshadowed with an hauntingly detached, almost prophetic ‘Bells For Her’ and an Improv in which Tori said that this was the eve of America’s indepedence: independent from what? She then listed various evils, such as ‘a short cocksucker’ and ‘a vice president with a happy trigger finger’. She then went straight into a very powerful Spring Haze, in the middle of which she paused to sing, ‘The Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming over here’ as if she were personifying a worried Iraqi citizen. This gave the lyrics to ‘Spring Haze’ a completely new (for me!), political edge, and it worked wonderfully. It was such a joy to hear an old favourite being reinvented and given a completely new lease of life; and it was definitely the song Tori seemed most excited about performing.

      With some old favourites given new twists, assured performances all round, and lots of fun along the way, it was a really special evening!

    5. Mart says:

      Wow. Best show I’ve seen her do in ages. Spring Haze, Putting the Damage On, Siren and Bliss were all 10 out of 10, the improvs were amazing, and how sexy did she look as Santa???

      And I’ve never seen so many fans head-banging at a Tori concert!

      Seeing her again tonight – Clyde please.

    6. Matt E says:


      I’ve seen Tori a lot live, but this was something else. I’ve never seen her so energised and dynamic – absolutely captivating and magnetic… The Santa section was amazing (was rooting for Santa or Pip so very happy), although ‘Dragon’ really, really doesn’t need a band with it, sounded cluttered.

      What i loved loved loved about this show was that all the songs seemed to take on a new lease of life, even songs i must have seen/heard live a billion times sounded totally different and fresh – ‘Bells For Her’, ‘Cornflake Girl’, ‘Crucify’ all sounded like they’d just been written. (And the intro to ‘Crucify’ was really brilliant, had no idea what it was for ages).

      ‘Spring Haze’ – probably my highlight; the improv before it was really good, she said/sang “do you know what today is, it’s the eve of independence, independence from what…” then launched into a bit of a rage about various things (i forget what, although she barked c*cksucker a lot). In the second verse she was chanting “the yanks are coming” over and over again. AMAZING stuff. And ‘China’ – not bothered on record, but live it is sublime.

      She cocked up ‘Black Dove’, started the chorus too early and pulled the plug on it, then did a “I had a brain f*ck” improv, very funny!

      ‘Bouncing Off Clouds’ rocked, has a really good intro, and I’ve seriously never seen a tori audience clapping and singing along – brilliant!!

      Negatives? – that ‘Professional Widow’ costume change bit is horrific, what a cacophony. No idea what would work better, but that was dire…

      But just brilliant all round, I am so very happy. It’s Independence Day today so I’m blatantly getting Isabel tonight – can’t wait!!!!!

    7. Christian says:

      This was my first Tori show ever and I was really blown away. The acoustics were amazing and her voice was incredibly clear.

      Although she started about 20 minutes late (also wondering if she took a financial hit last night because she played until about 11:12 pm) her entire performance was strong.

      Santa started the show and was very forceful while very sexy and sensual with all of her songs. I thought the performance of ‘Siren’ was amazing, have never really liked this song until now! Was also pleased to get to hear ‘Dragon’, ‘Crucify’, ‘China’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Precious Things’ and ‘Bouncing Off Clouds’ which are some of my favourites.

      I did find it annoying though that people had to whoop and shout and cheer before she actually finished a song completely especially where she holds the final note for a long time. Going to the second London concert so really looking forward to tonight!

    8. Suzie Q says:

      Well this was my first gig of the ADP tour and what an amazing one it was, totally blew me away. Was great to see Santa open with Body & Soul, followed by God which was just incredible. Santa/Tori’s voice sounded amazing the whole way through. It was so funny when Tori messed up Black Dove and went into her “Brain Fart” improv.

      It was great to hear Siren and Spring Haze was just beautiful. Bells for her was just totally haunting, I love that song.

      And so to tonight, I wonder if Isabel will make an appearance as it's Independence Day…?

    9. Eva says:

      She sang ‘brain fart’ not ‘brain fu*k’- also does anyone know what the lyrics were to the ‘with a hi hi hi and a ho ho ho…??’. My first Tori concert and it blew me away- completely. Her voice, and her presence and how she’s so in touch with her sexuality.. an inspiration-really. Ended with Jupiter and sang Bliss-I love these songs!!

    10. Rami says:

      This was my first ever Tori show, I’ve waited for 8 years for this and flew half way across the world for it…The show itself was brilliant, loved how playful and emotional she was and the impov were amazing!!

      HOWEVER the biggest disappointment of the evening was the meet and greet (or the lack of it!)

      To answer doughnut_hole’s question, there was none! I showed up hours ahead of the show and waited close to the barriers area where she was supposed to show up but she didn’t (possibly because of the rain…) and then after the show I went back to the same area where about 50 other fans have gathered, the security guard told us that she’s finishing a few things inside and then she’ll be coming out…so we waited in the cold London weather for well over 90 minutes, eventually a car with blacked out windows drove past and another security guard came and said “That’s it guys, she’s gone!”

      I was extremely disappointed and by then the tube station was closed and most of the buses were off duty…That just ruined an otherwise wonderful evening!

      If anyone knows what went wrong there please let us know!

    11. Frank says:

      The whole show was just stunning, from Santa’s raunchy rock all the way through to the incredible drama of Yes Anastasia and the haunting beauty of Cool On Your Island.

      I was totally captivated from the Body & Soul through to Hey Jupiter – you keep thinking she can’t get any better than this and then she does it – wow!

      To cap it all I was lucky enough to get to meet her at the meet & Greet before the show – what a day! Can’t wait for tomorrow in Manchester

    12. wesson says:

      Sorry to be a buzzkill but I have seen tori lots live and this was my least favourite. The performance in places were weak (the bass player sounded out of tune early in the set), the set list was lamentable (bar Siren) and the audience seemed a tad sedate throughout. She seemed to choose all my least favourite tracks to play, especially off the new album. I imagine I would have enjoyed it more had the set been better paced, but honestly… Tori seemed a little off her game. Especially the brain fart bit…

    13. Mike S says:

      As a long time fan, this was in many ways a return to form. Tori seemed much more playful, the improvs sounded good. We were sitting centre-back of the stalls, and her sound guys did the best job I’ve ever heard them do there – and came down the aisle on a regular basis to check sound elsewhere. “God” in particular was one of the best versions I’ve heard since the original days with Steve. Having the band keeps her from some of the more self-indulgent pauses, etc. It was tight, sounded fresh, clean… and she was going for it vocally. The high notes particularly on “Yes, Anastasia” soared.

      Other highlights – a great “Cool on your Island”, only the second time I’ve heard it live, and the use of a flexible keyboard (rather than eg the Rhodes) enabled some cool sounds, making an appropriate reworking of “Bells for Her”. Intrigued the band seemed to be playing during the costume change, though whether miming to “Professional Widow” or not, I wasn’t sure.

      Slight negatives – there was a concentration on a steady heavy beat, some more light and dark would have been good. and I’d like more engagement with the audience, rather than just posing, but overall this was definitely the best regular tour gig I’ve seen for several albums.

      For the record – Support was Joshua Radin, who was excellent, played with (I think) bass, cello and female vocalist.

    14. Sarah says:

      The show was wonderful!!! But . . .

      I was upset by two girls behind me who sang, (tried to anyway) or talked through the whole show – it spoiled things for me. I was also upset to hear one of them say, “I don’t give a s*** if people can hear me – I don’t care”. Don’t get me wrong a bit of a sing is cool – but the whole damn show?! Very selfish and inconsiderate.

    15. teresa says:

      the night was so so amazing. the sound was fantastic and the apollo was a great venue, i was in row aa near the back but had a great view. Tori blew me away, if my spirit was a candle and the flame had gone out believe me it was now a burning furnace after watching and listening to the performance. i could of stayed forever and tori amos hurry back soon we miss you already.

    16. Becki T says:

      I absolutely loved this! I was alternately in floods of tears and then dancing in my seat! Amazing song choices, and her solo part was gorgeous. Wow wow wow.

    17. Gem says:

      There isn’t much to add to what everyone else has said but all I’ll say is that this was my 1st EVER Tori show & it absolutely blew me away from start to finish…every song was amazing & some were even better live than on the cd sometimes. :D

      Onto the m&g, she did do one, she just did it quite early in the day (well I’m told it was earlier than she usually does anyway) She came out around 3pm & spent quite a while signing things, taking pics & talking etc before going in to do a soundcheck…I got to meet her & had something signed but completely forgot to ask for a photo! Lol!

      Fantastic day in all, except for the rain earlier in the day…

    18. Heather says:

      I have never enjoyed a show as much as this one! Like many others in the crowd, I simply could NOT sit still in my seat. Everyone just seemed to have so much energy.

      Yes, Anastasia was the highlight for me because I had asked for it at the meet and greet.

      Spring Haze was another highlight.

      The whole thing was just too wonderful for words.

    19. Gabe and Jess says:

      Amazing!!!!! Our first Tori Concert and she rocks!

    20. Andrew says:

      This was my first ever Tori concert and it was amazing. Much more powerful than the Wednesday night! My Posse Can Do was a highlight for me as was Spring Haze! I was really pleased with the concert! And also glad I went to the two nights!

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