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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    De Doelen / Grote Zaal

    Gold Dust Orchestral Tour

    Date October 01, 2012
    City Rotterdam, Holland
    Venue De Doelen / Grote Zaal


    Thanks to @NicotineLove and @MarianneRoseP for tweeting the set!

    • Flying Dutchman
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Baker Baker
    • Marianne
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Purple People (solo)
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Winter


    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Flavor
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Silent All These Years
    • Leather
    • Edge Of The Moon
    • Gold Dust
    • Precious Things


    • Star Of Wonder
    • Programmable Soda
    • Our New Year


    Flying Dutchman

    Cloud On My Tongue

    Baker Baker

    Snow Cherries From France

    Purple People

    Hey Jupiter

    Winter (sound loss from 0:35-2:10)

    Yes Anastasia


    Edge of the Moon

    Precious Things

    Precious Things

    My Microphone Is Falling Down

    Programable Soda

    Our New Year




    1. Funnylipshape says:

      Tori and the Metropole Orchestra are a wonderful experience. I have seen Tori so many time now, and everytime she performes fantastic. This night was no exception. Also there was very good sound. And the audience was very relaxed.This was the first Tori amos concert with an intermission. That was…very strange.

      They must have rehearsed a lot, and there where many (though slight) ‘variations’ in songs. That made it sound very ‘new’.

      Tori seemed in a good mood. Right in the beginning, she made a mistake, (in Flying Dutchman) and stopped. Very cute! After this it went very well indeed, Tori did an amazing performance of Purple People, solo. Very nice.

      Hey Jupiter sounded fresh, with the new arrangement.

      Though I have to say, the setlist was very much based on ‘Gold Dust’ (no surprise). That meant that also Winter, Saty, Leather, where played. I heard the songs so many times live, and although I knew that she would play it, I was hoping for something ‘else’. Most of the audience went wild when she played these songs. For me, that was not what I was hoping for, but you cannot have it all.

      Tori’s new style is wearing glasses, and she was dressed in a pyama looking-suit, and strange fairy-looking dress. I like fashion, but the creations she is wearing seem to get stranger every year.

      She did not talk that much, although Marcel had to come to stage because her microphone was falling down, wich gave a nice and funny intermission.

      Also: Yes Anastasia was (mostly the case at concert’s) cut in half. It is a shame. Last concert in Amsterdam with the Metropole, she played it full wich does the song more justice, I think. Highlights where: Gold Dust, Jupiter, Marianne and Edge of the Moon. That song was just fantastic to hear live.

      So, after all, a very good show, but the setlist was not my personal favorite list.

    2. MarianneRose says:

      WOW this was such a magical night! I cant believe it! I’ve see her in 2010 with the Metropole but then she was so choked coz of the possibility the Metropole would stop to exist, you could hear it in her voice. But now man! her voice was SO good… And she played all of Gold Dust and I have to say I love the setlist.

      Highlights were:
      Marianne (duh) the orchestration on that one is SOOOOOOO good. I was crying the whole song. her voice…. man.

      Hey Jupiter, the arrangement was a lil weird. (thought is was Big Wheel for a minute) but when she lashed on the piano and she got all the highnotes… wow
      Gold dust…. it was so beautiful and before that the mishap with the microphone happend and she sang such a sweet song about Marcel

      The “SATY, Leather and Edge of the Moon” combo. Like Funnylipshape said already I have heard SATY and Leather so many times but she nailed them tonight and chills were running down my spine… And you could see during leather she was having such a fab time and the Metropole just wow EOTM:… OMG I so didnt expect this one and it was just mindblowing… spot on and just well.. fabulous.

      Our new Year.. OMG the “you’re not here” part seem to go on forever and so powerfull.

      oh and purple people solo…. never heard it live before.. It was so beautfull you somehow whished she was alone on stage again… but then the metropole stepped in and you forgot what you wished for…

      The rest of the songs were all soooooooo good and i was lovin every minute! Oh and so funny after Anastasia she hit the piano as if to say: So guys I did it!”

      There was a problem with sound sometimes which sucked but ah well. And yeah the outfits.. first half beautiful silk suit, last half a kinda grandma looking outfit with a split so high you could see her pantys at times… lol

    3. Cora says:

      Every concert of Tori is a unique experience to me. Even the ones I did not go to. I skipped the show in the American Doll Posse tour. On the evening she played in Holland, I promised myself, never ever to skip another show again. But I did. I did not buy tickets to the first show with the Metropole in 2010. But this time, I got a second chance.

      And again, it was unique. This time I discovered my unconditional love for her music. No, it was not the concert that made the deepest impression on me. For that to happen, I missed her emotional approach to the songs. But, that would be a lot to ask for, because she was working her behind off to stay up with the orchestra. We got to see her craftsmanship. That’s why she needed the glasses: she had to read the music. We got to see her fully devoted to the music. She respects her gift, the musicians and the art. And I love and respect Tori for always trying to develop her music. That does not mean the result is necessarily the BEST concert EVER, or BEST version of a song. It is a different approach that creates the possibility to see a whole other perspective to a composition. In T’s own words: new dresses for the girls!

      Star of Wonder was that moment for me. I never cared much for this song, but after this performance … It has become a battle hymn. It filled me with so much hope and sadness. It messed up a place in me and I am still sorting out what it means (to me). But that is what Tori’s music always has done. And that’s why I always trust her doing the right thing. Unconditional love it is.

      For all people who can read Dutch: Jascha Albracht plays cello in the Metropole and is blogging about touring with Tori. For those who are not reading Dutch, some nice bits: Tori is not acting as a diva. She rehearsed with the orchestra from day 1, which is apparently not common for the solo-player. Jascha reports he is talking to her asking her stuff about her piano and they have conversations. The orchestra thinks it is a lot of music they have to play at the concert. My addition: no wonder that the song selection for this tour is limited. The orchestra loves the appreciation they get from the audience (and playing for a packed venue). And only one member of the orchestra has played in the majestic Royal Albert Hall in London. This will be a unique experience for the members of this orchestra…

      For the Blog of Jascha: http://mcohilversum.blogspot.nl/

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