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1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    O2 Academy

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date May 10, 2014
    City Glasgow, Scotland
    Venue O2 Academy


    (Many thanks to @purplesap for sending us the setlist live on Twitter.)

    • Parasol
    • Doughnut Song
    • “Land Of The Selkies” improv
    • Mother
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Your Cloud
    • Crucify
    • Indian Summer

    Lizard Lounge

    • Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (Eurythmics cover)
    • Fire And Rain (James Taylor cover)

    • Past The Mission
    • Winter
    • Take To The Sky
    • iieee
    • In The Springtime of His Voodoo


    • “I’m A Song Slut” improv
    • Etienne
    • Twinkle
    • Selkie



    Bouncing Off Clouds

    Past The Mission






    1. Matthew K says:

      We always get so lucky in Glasgow with incredible setlists and Saturday night was no different. Amazingly, I got the chance to meet Tori at the meet and greet before the show and she was so friendly and warm and I got in a request… for Indian Summer… and it came out in the show! I was so thrilled to hear it and couldn’t believe my request got chosen. I’ve been so obsessed with this song the last few months so it felt right to ask for it.
      So many magical moments during the set, particularly the new arrangement of Parasol which was stuck in my head all last night, Doughnut Song which is always so powerful live, Mother – probably my all-time favourite, as hard as that is to pick, and finally Etienne – my god this song practically gets me in tears; there’s something about it that just melts me and reduces me to pure bliss.
      Thanks for an amazing time Tori :)

    2. Maciej K says:

      Came all the way from Poland but it was oh so worth it! Tori blew me away with this setlist. I went to meet and greet and for the first time ever I asked her to play something. My request was Your Cloud. Obviously, I told Tori my (recent) story with the song so I could better my chances. You can imagine my excitement when I heard the first notes of Your Cloud during the show… Doughnut Song was a request from a person who came with me. It was a request night for us!

      Also, I want to thank Matthew for requesting Indian Summer. It’s one of my favourites from Tori’s catalouge. I’ve never even dreamed I could hear it live.

      I wouldn’t change anything from the setlist that night. Mother, TTTS/Datura, Past the Mission, Etienne – pure bliss. As always I was leaving the show convinced it was the best concert ever. Until the next one :)

    3. Jonny says:

      Forgotten how much I loved the Glasgow show – there’s something really special about Tori in this city. I love her comment at the end of Selkie and just before she left the stage “You are so Loved”. Perfect!

    4. Wilko says:

      Interesting that she whipped her glasses off for Crucify and played the whole song without – yet at other gigs this week she kept them on for Crucify! It was such a fierce strong version of it that she must’ve gone into old Tori autopilot and not need to read any words/music/notes, unlike later in the week when she did the same song.

    5. Joshua says:

      My first show of the tour. I was going to avoid looking at setlists and videos, butwho’s got that kind of self control this day and age?

      This show was incredible. So many songs I’d never seen live before.

      Parasol – Really good opener. The “So safe in my frame” improv is so pretty and then the piano bass notes remind you what an awesome left hand pianist she is.

      Doughnut Song – The same arrangement as NoH. Very demure verse and a very fiery chorus. Especially when the mic didn’t change over from keyboard to piano and she looked daggers at Mark.

      Mother – A very intense performance of this song. She was really hammering the piano.

      Bouncing Off Clouds – The best arrangement and performance of this song that I have ever heard. She basically shouts parts of the bridge. Amazing.

      Crucify – Another intense reworking. The ending built and built. It was breathtaking.

      Indian Summer – The keyboard on this song added a gentle laid back vibe to the song.

      Sweet Dreams – Tori was really hammering the bass notes on this and everyone was singing along. It was a really good performance and you could tell that she enjoyed herself immensely.

      Fire And Rain – One of my favourite songs of all time. So glad I got to hear her interpretation of this.

      Past The Mission – A rarity before this tour. I really like the piano and keyboard combination she had and I’m glad she played the instrumental break on the piano.

      Take To The Sky – Another song that builds and builds into an intense wall of sound. A centrepiece.

      iieee – Incredible.

      In The Springtime of His Voodoo – Very funky. I love the piano parts she has added to this.

      Etienne – Very slow and pensive.

      Selkie – A nice note to finish the show on. Lots of echo. Very beautiful.

    6. Tanya says:

      I got to the venue (which is in the middle of a REALLY shady part of town, and looks like utter shit from the outside) around 10:30 or so, and some people I knew were already there, so the wait was really fun, and didn’t feel like long at all. It kept raining on and off, but by the time Tori came out it had stopped and the sun shone bright. I was one of the first people to talk to her. She gave me a hug, I gave her a present which she loved, I put in my cover request which she responded really well to (Note: Patti Smith’s Because the Night. She ended up playing it in Munich!), we took a picture, I gave her another hug. As I was walking away she stopped me and asked what my name was again, she couldn’t remember? :D So the feeling that she actually remembered me from the meets last year was really cool, since I’ve never talked to her about very personal things at all, so I didn’t think our conversations were very memorable to her.

      Now on to the show – I had seats in row J (10th from the front), very central, and they were quite great except that then the tallest woman sat down in front of me. Thankfully the seat to my left stayed empty, so I could move to the left or snuggle up to my friend on the right as needed.

      The support act… well. The music is alright, lots better than the support act she had in 2011. With that said, they are a married couple singing into the same microphone while playing acoustic guitars, and I guess they think it looks cute, but it just looks ridiculous to be honest. She’s a lot shorter than he is, so she has to crane her neck to sing into it, and he has to crouch down and it looks SO awkward and uncomfortable. Tori’s tour manager told us that they’ve repeatedly offered them a second microphone but they keep refusing, ahahahaha.

      - Parasol: This is possibly my favorite song from the Beekeeper and I adore it to pieces, and I am really glad she is opening with this! I figured it would hopefully be a staple because of the visual art connection, and I’m so glad I was right. The new arrangement is simply lovely, I might actually already prefer it to the original one, and it works very well as an opener. She banged the piano really hard during this! The piano-banging is one thing we’re getting a lot of during this tour, the poor Bosey has to suffer through a lot.

      - Doughnut Song: This is such a rare song these days, yet it’s my second time getting it, I was thrilled. One of my favorites from Pele.

      - Mother: She preceded this by an improv about playing requests for fans and actually name-checked three people in it, it was so adorable! Also something about Scotland, and being in the land of the Selkies, so I figured we had that one coming later on. Mother was so, so pretty. It was never a song I cared much for until maybe a year ago or so, but I was glad I got it.

      - Bouncing off Clouds: I don’t care much for the solo version of this, and I’d already heard it once. It’s a nice song, but I find she drags it out a bit too much for my liking when she does it solo.

      - Your Cloud: This is my second-least favorite song on Scarlet’s Walk (which should tell you how fucking amazing that record is), but I loved this so much. Her voice went down to her old school low register during the “horizontal line” parts and it was just wonderful. One of my absolute highlights of the night!

      - Crucify: I’ve only ever heard it once before, but this was my favorite Crucify and most likely always be. I had goosebumps all through it, she hit those notes so well – the only thing that would’ve made it even more perfect is if she had thrown in the extra “I’m never crawling back again…” line she used to do in 2002/3.

      - Indian Summer: Heather’s mom has been requesting this for forever, and I’m so glad she finally got it and I did too! I knew it was coming as T had promised it to her for Glasgow (she’s Scottish). She ALWAYS messes up the lyrics on this one, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a flawless live version of it, but it’s such a lovely song, who cares.

      - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics Cover): THIS IS WHERE I DIED. Of all the covers I thought we might get, this was not one of them. I grew up on the Eurythmics Greatest Hits, though I must say the version she did here was almost closer to Marilyn Manson’s cover, haha. She really banged down on those piano keys and breathed into the mic a lot, so fierce! She gestured at us to sing and clap along, it was almost cathartic, and of course she smacked the piano at the end of it (super hard, it was almost scary!).

      - Fire and Rain (James Taylor cover): She’s done this before, so I was vaguely familiar with it though I couldn’t think of what it was. Not much to say as I don’t know the original, wish I’d gotten something else.

      - Past the Mission: Another highlight for me! She hasn’t played this in forever, and only just recently did on this tour, so I didn’t think it would turn up again anytime soon. I think we’re in for a treat as far as Under the Pink songs go, being the 20 year anniversary.

      - Winter: This is, both musically and lyrically, a truly lovely song, probably one of her best, but I’ve heard it so much, I really thought I was over it and kind of sunk back in my seat when she started playing it. I don’t know exactly what it was about this performance though, I just know that it moved me to tears like this song hasn’t done it for me in years.

      - Take to the Sky / Datura: This wasn’t my favorite rendition yet – she didn’t go as high and drag out the high notes at the end of the Datura bridge like she did at the Berlin and NYC events, but this song is always such fun. And I still can’t believe the Datura bridge has become a staple. They wheeled the keyboard away and brought the Hammond in while she was playing this one, and I was getting really excited.

      - i i e e e: This was my first time hearing this new version on the organ as I’d managed to resist all audio and video from previous shows. I’ve never been a big fan of the organ – of all the pianos I was hoping she would’ve brought along on tour, the organ was at the very bottom of my list. It starts out very breathy and slow, and just when I was deciding that this had been hyped too much, she turned around and continued on the piano and I almost shit my pants, it was so amazing.

      - In the Springtime of His Voodoo: The fact that she did both of these back to back killed me. I loved this more than i i e e e, it’s SO, SO good. I’ve always loved the song, but the original has a rather melancholy and even bitter vibe I find, while this new version is just… hopeful, or thankful it happened? There’s something about the way she sings “spring” that changes the meaning of the song for me. I even loved the organ on this one! There was a middle-aged man uncomfortably shifting around on his chair while she was doing her stool-hump singing about her angry snatch, and that’s the kind of thing I live for.

      - Etienne: She talked about singing songs “from here” and said “I’m sorry if I promised you a song but I’m a lying little shit – that’s okay I’m a slut” and did a short little improv after that before going straight into Etienne (should’ve known it was coming as she likes to play songs that reference the place she’s playing in). This is also a song I have never much cared for, but it was truly lovely and the high notes were flawless (I’ma need you to do Fire on the Side now, T).

      - Twinkle: Another “rare” song that I’ve gotten before! It’s a nice little gem. Only clicked for me when I heard it live for the first time at Caprices last year, it was nice getting it again.

      - Selkie: It’s lyrically one of my favorites on the album, and one of the most honest and heart-breaking ballads she’s ever written. It’s possibly even lovelier live. Perfect closer, she ended it whispering “you are so loved” to us.

      Overall, I adored this show and couldn’t have asked for a better first show of the tour. I felt like she chose songs that really showcased her vocal range, and the energy was very good, I was scared I’d be too far back and away from all the hardcore fans to really get into it, but that wasn’t the case. I got eleven songs I’d never heard live before, so I really don’t have any setlist complaints.

      [Show 1 of the tour for me, 16 more to go]

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