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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Le Grand Rex

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date May 17, 2014
    City Paris, France
    Venue Le Grand Rex


    (Many thanks to @clemgiu and @ToriAmosFrance for sending the setlist in via Twitter.)

    • Parasol
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Crucify
    • “Fucked Up” improv
    • Northern Lad
    • Apollo’s Frock
    • Weatherman
    • Leather
    • Mother

    Lizard Lounge

    • Boys In The Trees (Carly Simon)
    • Tiny Dancer (Elton John)

    • Horses
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Honey
    • Virginia
    • In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Mr. Zebra
    • Raspberry Swirl
    • 16 Shades Of Blue
    • Lady In Blue


    Bouncing of Clouds


    Northern Lad

    Apollo’s Frock



    a sorta fairytale


    Cornflake Girl

    Mr. Zebra

    Raspberry Swirl

    16 Shades of Blue

    Lady in Blue


    1. patrick says:

      It was great. Tori said she was stressed by this concert (“Paris stress”) hence the “fuck up” impro when she started Appolo’s Frock instead of Nothern Lad. I only didn’t like the live version of Bouncing Off Clouds. Too slow and the song lost its dynamism. The rest was good to marvelous (particularly Leather, Mother, Crucify and Lady in blue). Mr Zebra was very funny as usual : she let the audience sing most of the (silly) lyrics. Great moment.

    2. Stéphane J. says:

      This was my seventh Tori concert and I loved it!
      Le Grand Rex is a beautiful venue with a starry ceiling and archs, statues and vegetation at the sides – feels like you’re outdoors at night. It was the second times she played this venue (first time was during the ’98 tour).

      She was very happy to be in Paris and it showed! It was fantastic hearing Appollo’s Frock (she said it was requested by about 10 people and that she didn’t play it before so she was not sure about it, but it was flawless). Boys in the trees was a surprise, one of my favourite covers. Honey, Northen Lad, Virginia… She really treated us!
      I was surprised she decided to use a backing track for Cornflake Girl and 16 shades of blue, it was just weird.
      Her voice was beautiful, high notes… and the audience loved it when she stretched “you’re always like your babies tiiiiight” in Honey.

    3. Swirlygirly says:

      Of twenty some shows…yup, this is in the top three. Tori’s voice is more rich and beautiful than ever. The set list was thrilling and highlighted personal favorites like Honey, Virginia, Raspberry Swirl, Mother and amazing surprise Apollo’s Frock!

      Fifty and fabulous and totally with 4000 miles. See you in Chi-town!!! (Or maybe Frankfurt! I could sing for Euros on the metro, right?)

    4. Sidner says:

      Wonderful concert. Tori got a lot of requests during meet and greet. Luckily she played mine: Boys in the Trees! Apollo’s Frock seems to have been requested too. Most songs were top notch, and the whole setlist did not give the “best of” feeling. Horses, Virginia, Apollo’s Frock, Boys in the trees, Honey were my personal favorites, nicely executed piano wise and very well sung. Encore was a bit shaky IMO, I did not understand why she felt the necessity to sing solo such songs as raspberry swirl or cornflake girl with flat back up. But anyway the show was great, sombre and audience attentive and disciplined. Hey!

    5. Thierry says:

      Hey, it was a truely GREAT show, amazing setlist as everyone said, lot of pleasure and passion. A lot of strength in Tori’s voice, and the bridge on Boucing was especially a killer :)

      A little analyse of the setlist : there was for me a strong “weather” theme on the first part of the show with Bouncing (clouds), Northern Lad (rain), Apollo (rainstorm), Weatherman (obvious), and Leather (could it be the weather ?)and maybe Mother (snow) Moreover her dress was black and blue, like a stormy sky.

      Another interesting detail : In the end of the encore she sang 16 Shades of blue with the line “There are those who say that I’m now too old to play”, and then Lady in Blue with the final line “I will play for you”. What I noticed is that she didn’t sing the rest of the line : “If you want me too”. I think there’s a meaning behind this : she does’nt want the autorisation of anyone to play because some won’t let her. She will play no matter what and that was a very strong promise she did at the end of this beautiful concert : she’ll keep on playing for us.

    6. Lee Chaix says:

      Paris was my thirteenth Tori concert, and it truly was lucky 13! The venue was gorgeous, and Tori and the audience seemed to have a great deal of fun.

      She commented that Paris “makes you feel like a new woman” and that she was “wearing her Paris dress,” alluding to having worn it here previously – long, flowy black dress, with bright blue (leather?) pants and fierce black heels. I believe that section is what your first reviews is referring to – not “Paris stress” but “Paris dress.”

      The “Fucked Up” improv was funny – I suspect she was eager to jump into Apollo’s Frock (the improv was in the same key), and then realized she had skipped right over Northern Lad in her setlist.

      Mother, Apollo’s Frock, Lady in Blue, and Virginia were the highlights of the show for me. Bouncing Off Clouds has an entirely different feel to it now than on the album – there’s a ferocity to it during the live shows, complete with hitting the piano at the end (which she also did at the end of Crucify). Voodoo was fantastic, and Zebra was fun (who doesn’t love a sing-a-long?!?)

      Regarding the backing tracks… I thought her vocals got lost. You could hear the piano clearly, but I had a hard time distinguishing between her voice and the track.

      Overall, it was a wonderful evening, and I appreciated the depth and breadth of the set list. Older songs, newer songs, b-sides… it doesn’t get much better than that.

    7. Pandoraquarium says:

      Paris was terrific !
      The setlist was a dream .All my favorites :Honey,Horses ,Fairytales …
      It’s amazing how Tori play with the audience,talking to us .She was smiling all the time .
      Of course i was singing on Leather and Mr Zebra: very fun !
      My highlight was definitly “Voodoo “: Tori did a version absolutly fantastic !She play a stunning jazz version on “Bô” and i love to hear her playing on the Hammond .I can’t wait for the next time !!!

    8. silverblue75 says:

      What an amazing show! Tori always delivers great setlists in Paris and this was no exception. Her voice is so strong and she seems to be…no, she IS on fire this tour! I can’t even choose a favourite moment or song, I was just shocked (in a good way) about almost every song she performed…even the songs I’ve heard her sing in live performances before: they all sounded even better: Crucify sounds so fresh again and the performance of Mother was truly amazing and truly the best I’ve heard so far. I finally got to hear Virginia and Honey and Boys In The Trees live-all in one show: YAY! :) Weatherman was beautiful and one I was really hoping for! Finishing the show with Lady In Blue was such a good choice and a perfect closer. The solo versions of Springtime and Raspberry are amazing. She is just the most amazing live performer EVER!

    9. Oren says:

      I really enjoyed the Paris show despite the crappy seats we had. Uncomfortable to say the least, and far away. But who cares?? I’d do it again a million times.
      She really nailed that show. I personally dislike Voodoo, I LOVED it on the show, it was so bouncy and well, foxy. Raspberry Swirl was a killer, how can this little woman recreate that song solo and you don’t even notice the whole beat is missing? Simply amazing. Virginia was fantastic, Horses ++, and so on.

    10. Caro says:

      A lovely and touching show!
      It was great to see Tori’s reaction when she messed it up a little just before Northern Lad, haha. And thanks to that we got an improv!
      I still can’t believe she played two of my favorite songs: A Sorta Fairytale and Virginia! I’d never listened to them live before. And I have to say I actually cried when I heard them, hehe. Very well performed.
      It was a great surprise to listen to Mr Zebra as well! And that performance of In The Springtime Of His Voodoo was so fun and sexy! I’d seen this one live before and loved it, but this time really beat it!
      And Lady In Blue was just perfect to close the show.
      One of the best Tori’s concerts I’ve been to :)

    11. Joshua says:

      What an amazing setlist. Really diverse. Firstly, I had a seat going spare which I gave to someone in the foyer who snatched my hand off without any thanks: you’re very welcome.

      But the show!
      Highlights for me were:
      Parasol – such a strong opener
      Apollo’s Frock – played on the keyboard and piano gives the song a gentler and less angry feeling.
      Horses – The piano was played through the Leslie speaker which gave Tori the ability to add some pretty cool effects to the piano.
      Honey – Never had this before and the strange keyboard sounds added something.
      Weatherman – Live debut I’m glad I witnessed it. It seems even more sad live than it does on the album.
      Bouncing Off Clouds – Very intense
      Virginia – Very pretty vocals and piano work
      Lady in Blue – The keyboard added a very gentle and sultry edge to the song and then she went wild on the piano at the end.

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