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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Greek Theatre

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date July 23, 2014
    City Los Angeles, CA
    Venue Greek Theatre


    • Parasol
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Crucify
    • Tubular Bells/God/Running Up That Hill
    • Roosterspur Bridge
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Winter
    • Purple People
    • Fire On Your Side
    • Oysters

    Lizard Lounge

    • Hyperballad [Bjork] / Cloud On My Tongue
    • You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Dead or Alive]
    • Someone Saved My Life Tonight [Elton John]

    • Maybe California
    • Almost Rosey
    • Little Earthquakes
    • iieee
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Riot Poof
    • Wedding Day
    • In Your room [Depeche Mode]
    • Hey Jupiter



    1. liquidray says:

      Just a setlist from memory – AMAZING show

      Full review soon

      Bouncing Off Clouds
      Running Up That Hill
      (Kate Bush cover)
      Roosterspur Bridge
      Purple People
      Fire on the Side
      (Y Kant Tori Read song)
      (Björk cover)
      Cloud on My Tongue
      You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
      (Dead or Alive cover)
      Someone Saved My Life Tonight
      (Elton John cover)
      Maybe California
      Almost Rosey
      Little Earthquakes
      Cornflake Girl
      Riot Poof
      Wedding Day
      In Your Room
      (Depeche Mode cover)
      Hey Jupiter

    2. Phil says:

      Fantastic show last night! Tori was in excellent form, I was so impressed with her voice and the arrangements. The entire audience was shocked when she did Hyperballed, it was an amazing moment.

      She told a few stories about living just down the street on Gower & Franklin, how some of the songs tonight were born in LA(I think she said it right before Fire on the Side). She also kept calling the crowd “you queens!”…saying that she was hoping for more sparkles and turned out attire. She said something about how she knows ‘we could have done better and that I’m sure you got all gussied up for you know who(Gaga) the other day at the Staples center’. She was pretty hilarious.

      The songs definitely had a religious theme happening in the beginning of the show and then moved into redemption and her usual existential flair toward the end. I really enjoyed her renditions of Roosterspur Bridge, Maybe California, and Almost Rosey. Iieee and Riot Poof were great translations from the originals. Besides Hyperballad, Running Up that Hill had to have been my other favorite moment of the night. How she didn’t write those lyrics is beyond me, she sings them so honestly.

      The show was great, I really wish I could see her again on this tour!

    3. Matt says:

      Tori was on FIRE last night. Prob one of the best shows I’ve seen of hers and I’ve been going since the Pele tour.
      Loved all the California references in songs. DIED when she did Fire on the Side. AMAZING.
      and Hyper-ballad is my SONGGGGGG, i didnt know what to do with myself when she played that.
      her introduction involved a little joke about how the “queens” didn’t glam it up enough for her show as she saw us all at the Staples Center the night before. (Lady Gaga was in town the night before and played the Staples Center, FYI). But later in the show she said “you know i love you guys!” adorable!!!
      I may be alone in this but the Spin Me Round cover is a bit off the mark and, maybe it was just this performance, but it was a hot mess but it was literally my only “complaint” of the whole show.
      God and Running Up that Hill weren’t the full songs, just one or two lines from both songs repeated.
      Almost Rosey, she said, was the first time it was performed on tour and it was incredible.
      I cannot get over how good Riot Proof was with the drum loops. Kind of wish she had broken out the drum machine earlier in the show, but it was a nice change of pace for the encore to have all drum machine moments.

      still dying over Hyper-Ballad!!!!

    4. Hedi says:

      I have been going to Tori shows since 1994 and I have to say this was one of her BEST shows that I have seen. As mentioned, Tori was on fire last night and her performance was amazing. She was in a good mood, talked a lot to the crowd, mentioned that she used to live “down the street” and some of the “girls were born/written in that area” (I am paraphrasing badly). The setlist was out of this world. Crucify, Little Earthquakes, Hey Jupiter, a sorta fairytale, Winter and Purple People gave me chills and made me tear up. Riot Poof and iiee were great! And of course, Hyperballad was a fabulous surprise. The Greek is always a wonderful venue to see Tori-she loves that place and all her shows are amazing at the Greek Theater. Last night was no different! :)

    5. mathyu djan says:

      Almost Rosey was brilliant last night. Her slight change of the lyrics, to “we both know they wouldn’t mind, if WE just curled up and died” switched the original in a profound way. It went from her at war with the mainstream, to ALL of us in that war together. We are all wonderfully odd, edgy, not prone to bubbly sunshine masquerades and jumping out of cakes. We see deeply. And with that comes a heaviness, but “let’s not give that one a try” was so moving, so reminiscent of the times we just wanted to throw our hands up and give up, and, for anyone that might have been feeling that level of darkness last night, you could feel the heartfelt encouragement: hang in there.

    6. Danny says:

      It was a fantastic show with Tori’s superb performance. I am sad at the fact I couldn’t make it to the M&G, but I absolutely loved the night. It couldn’t have been any more magical than what it was. I loved the arrangements with the drums for Riot Poof and the album-version like of “Wedding Day”. For me, this show was a reiteration of what I am currently going through, which in a way is the reason why I fell in love with Tori to begin with. Her music has always been there for me and ironically, more than 3 songs from each album at the moment of release has helped me through different times and “Unrepentant Geraldines” is no exception. I absolutely was ecstatic when she performed “Fire on the Side” and although I missed “Cool on your Island” some nights before, hearing my 3rd best (On the Boundary being 2nd) from YKTR was enough to make my night.

      Out of all the shows I have been to, including Texas 2009 when she performed my request, I would say this is by far my best. THANKS TORI!! One really crappy moment was 3 girls in the row before me just talking throughout the first segment of the show… VERY DISTRACTING, but I tried to ignore them and simply indulge in the moment and enjoy Tori’s magical voice.

    7. Jessica says:

      I would have to say that this was one of my all time favorite shows to date! Tori’s high energy was so infectious—-and each unique rendition of every song had me on the edge of my seat! Hyper-Ballad slayed me, literally, I couldn’t lift my jaw off the ground. On Roostepur Bridge it sounded as though she had an acoustic guitar playing beside her piano but it was how she cued the organ—-a brilliant compilation. Fire on the Side tugged at my heartstrings—-and Running Up that Hill was my favorite version she’s done that I’ve seen. Someone Saved My Life Tonight had some shaky moments but all in all it was a beautiful cover. My only complaints (sorry but I have to)are that someone tried to sing every song behind me (hey, I’m glad you know the words but for God’s sake, SHUT UP and LISTEN!!!)and a guy in front of me texted the ENTIRE show. I try not to let the poor etiquette of others hinder my experience, but maybe Tori needs to make an announcement before the show that this is similar to a classical concert which requires silence except for applause after the song is over (and no more shout-outs, it’s embarrassing!) Anyway, enough of that. LOVED the show, the music was impeccable.

    8. Along_Comes_Mary says:

      This was an absolutely marvelous day. I arrived around 12 & hung out with some of the awesome EWF family (Eva, Candace, Corby, Rose, Joel, Nicole, Burton, Tiffany & met some wonderful new people.). Tori arrived around 2 & Mindi came out a bit after to go about the rounds of the M&G.

      Talking again to Tori was magical, the best chat yet with her & I asked for Oysters, as did another guy. I also asked her how the tour was going & if its cool to take pix with Tash (she said of course!).

      The SET LIST was phenomenal. Crucify gets better each time, & Bouncing off Clouds fit in perfectly with the evening, as did Fairytale & the ‘101’ references. Fire on the Side, which she did an improv about it being born in LA, was heartbreaking & I nearly died.

      Dead or Alive was the sexiest part of the show! Was ecstatic my friend, Joel, got Little Earthquakes & the encore was such fun; she said that’s her favorite part of the show & she feels like we’re all in the living room, as she went into In Your Room.

      She mentioned at the M&G how awesome The Greek is & its energy; I’ve seen other shows there & have enjoyed myself, but appreciated this venue in a new way that evening.

      Bravo, Tori!

    9. JCDatura says:

      Wow. Tori at the Greek is always a great thing, and tonight’s show was definitely a winner! I actually expected more of a politically slanted show, as the president was literally just miles down the road taping for a TV show earlier today, but this show was steeped in more of a spiritual theme.

      PARASOL: One of my all time favorite songs of hers, I was thrilled to hear this on piano. Her delivery was pretty intense, and she slapped the Bosey for effect a lot.

      BOUNCING OFF CLOUDS: Another favorite, and I’m torn between this, and the band version, but this was done very well. My hubby told me he prefers this version better (he heard this in 07 with the band).

      SHE SAYS HELLO: and this was actually very cute. She talked about living “just down the road” at two different places in Hollywood. She advised the writers and artists in the crowd to “hover in that whole area” as it seemed to be a place the muses liked to hang out. She also lovingly chided “you queens” who did not come all dolled up for her at the show. “You didn’t have a problem with that on Monday”, referencing the two nights prior when Lady Gaga was playing the Staples Center. I would have absolutely died if she covered Gaga tonight, but alas, no. However,

      CRUCIFY: My hubby’s favorite song, and she played such a powerful version. I especially loved the ending, where she sang a bit to each the girls AND boys, about never going back again, keeping ourselves in chains. It was more emotional than I’ve seen other versions.

      GOD MASHUP: Again, amazing. I would like to hear her take on “God” solo piano at some point, without the other parts, but this still is a great treat to hear. Her artistry, and ability to tie the songs together, as though they truly were written for each other, fantastic.

      ROOSTERSPUR BRIDGE: At this point I feel like I’m controlling the setlist. I love this song. The rhodes setting which sounds like a guitar makes this song so much more plaintive, sounding more country than pop. Also at this point, chatting began behind, and to the left of me. In homage to Tubular Bells, I kept snapping my head around like Linda Blair, and giving them a death stare. Who comes to a Tori show to chat about Facebook nonsense? Honestly.

      A SORTA FAIRYTALE: Loud cheers for this one. As the Greek is not far off the 101, I was certain this girl was coming. At this point, I began to address my issues with the non stop talking that was going on to my left. To the girls on my left, who had been talking since “Clouds”, I eventually just turned, faced them and stared, uncomfortably. Stared. S-T-A-R-E-D. They asked what was my problem and I countered with “Well, you are sooooo much more fascinating and important, and I never knew I spent $60 to sit and listen to you rather than this amazing professional whom I love. Do lets talk about everything”. They left during the next song. I felt very proud.

      WINTER: Again, the audience was crazy for this one. Again, snapping my head around for the chatty Cathy couple behind me. On the plus side, the lighting was gorgeous.

      PURPLE PEOPLE: My jaw dropped on this one. This was fantastic to hear, and one I would have never thought to request. The Facebook girls took this time to leave. Bye, Felicia.

      FIRE ON THE SIDE: She sang an improv about this girl “being born, just miles from here, just miles from here” and I was expecting an Earthquakes B-side, but she started playing this, and I about shouted out of my skin. So gorgeous. So worth the circus around me.
      After this, everything would pretty much be gravy.

      OYSTERS: This was wonderful. She sang in a lower register, rather than the high one on the album, and it worked beautifully. The juxtaposition of this and of the early “Fire” before made a great pair, almost as if she were examining who she was, and who she wants to be. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

      HYPERBALLAD/COMT/YOU SPIN ME ROUND: So the 1996 me was having a fit, because I love this song, and her version, of course was amazing. Before she played it, she was shuffling papers around on her piano, and talking to us “I can hear Tash backstage going, ‘Come on mom, get a move on already’, but menopause does this to you”. Where Hyperballad would have ended, she spun to the piano and began playing the end of CLOUD ON MY TONGUE, “Circles and Circles and Circles again, got to stop spinning, got to stop spinniiiiiiiiiinnnng” then turned around and immediately went into YOU SPIN ME ROUND, forgetting some words in the process, and laughing her way through the song. It was pretty epic, and not entirely perfect, but it was definitely fun.

      SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT: Passionate. I love when she does Elton John covers. I think you can feel her respect and her appreciation for Elton and Bernie, cause her energy is always high on these.

      MAYBE CALIFORNIA: “This girl wasn’t going to come, but she wants to come, even though she wasn’t written here”. I really like this song. Even though it depresses the hell out of me, it still is beautiful, and the hopeful note at the end, sublime.

      ALMOST ROSEY: “So I haven’t performed this one on this tour yet, so if I forget the words, you know what to do” She teased before this. This was very well done, and as another reviewer noted, was given a lyric change to “we” all curled up and died. Her insistence that we “NOT give that one a try”, a more powerful rallying call.

      LITTLE EARTHQUAKES: Ok Tori, you win. At this point, I’m so happy with this show, I’m in tears. This is still one of the most powerful songs in her arsenal.

      IIEEE: Watching this, I just kept thinking that she was having some sort of spiritual experience. An exorcism, if you will. It was stunning. LOTS of drool on this one.

      CORNFLAKE GIRL: The backing track on this was fun, but distracting. Actually, it was okay, until the backing vocals kicked in on “Rabbit” and “Don’t close, this door” If the vocals were turned down more, then this would work like RuPaul.

      RIOT POOF: This went far better than I expected. The cheesy synth backing track was fun, and although the band version is better, this was a great choice for an encore.

      WEDDING DAY: Backing track on this one as well. I really, really like this song, so it was fun to hear, but would have liked to see what she would have sounded like bare.

      IN YOUR ROOM: I liked this one, even though I’m not familiar with the original. Husband thought it was a new one of hers, and Tori does make it sound like one of her girls. Her gift at covering songs legendary.

      HEY JUPITER: What a great way to end the show. At this point I also appreciated that everyone who had been a talking, blathering, bothersome brat, had vacated during the show, and I essentially was sitting in a crater in section B, populated by me, the husband, and a few other die hards who actually came to see Tori perform. It was lovely.

    10. Audrey says:

      What an amazing show – Tori is on freaking fire! I was on tour from Oakland to Mesa and each show was incredibly special and unique, but the show in LA affected me most deeply. First of all, Almost Rosey was my request <3 When I asked for it her reaction was very, “Oh!”, and I could tell she liked the idea. I was still really surprised when Tori played her the very same night! It felt so amazing for her to play my request, and it’s so wonderful to hear such positive reactions to this song and to know that I’m part of the reason she came that night :)

      As you can see the rest of the setlist was stellar, and I felt SO LUCKY to get Riot Poof and In Your Room! What a treat! When she sang the improv that proceeded Fire on the Side I was expecting Silent All These Years for obvious reasons, so when she launch into this gem I was floored. Never thought I’d get to hear this song!

      Another highlight was the Lizard Lounge, with my favorite Elton John song and such an amazing Hyperballad! I never really heard the lyrics before, especially the verses, so she really helped open me up to this song. I felt like I was hearing it for the first time. What a special song. This is not the first time on the tour that she’s helped me to truly hear a song for the first time!

      I could go on and on! Special thanks to the recorders, I’m eternally grateful, and to Undented for keeping this fan page going! You guys are the best!

    11. Mitch says:

      What an AMAZING night! Big beautiful outdoor theater, nice weather, and a performance to die for. I don’t think I’ve seen Tori solo since 2001, and it was an absolute gift.

      First of all, her voice has never freaking sounded better! I didn’t know what to expect since her voice has changed over the years, naturally, and as much as I love her, her talk show appearances aren’t incredibly strong of late. But if anyone is on the fence about seeing a show this tour, DO IT!!! Her voice was electric and loud and strong and versatile and chilling. Really, this might be my favorite concert of hers ever. In fact… yes. It is.

      Her piano playing is still spot on too, her left hand jumping up and down the octaves during Elton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight.” As a pianist myself, I have always been jealous of Tori’s expert left hand. LOL I’m serious!

      I also really appreciated her creating a new set list for each city. I know this is nothing new, but it especially meant a lot to me after a rough year in my personal life. I honestly felt like every single song was specifically aimed at me. Even old classics like Crucify and Winter took on a deeper meaning than I’ve ever heard from them before, and I know that Tori makes a point of purposely setting that intention for each performance. I feel so fortunate to have discovered Tori’s music in my teens and to be following her around all these years. It’s like I’m only just now getting to the place where I can really understand and appreciate her genius. She’s like an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself and always knows just what to say. Or sing.

      Additionally, she mentioned that she used to live around Franklin and Gower which is like two blocks from me! Aaah! Then she sang Fire on the Side after a little improv about how this song was born just miles from here (the venue). First of all, love that song! Her performance sent chills up and down my spine! Secondly, when I moved to LA a few years ago, I randomly got obsessed with that song and could not stop listening to it. Was I picking up on the energy of the song’s birth place? Scoff if you must, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      All in all, it was a pretty nice night. (Get it??) Thank you, Tori, for an amazing show. And thank you, Undented, for giving me a place to gush about it! :D

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