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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Hamer Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 10, 2007
    City Melbourne
    Venue Hamer Hall


    Santa opened this show. (George Byrne is the supporting act in Oz.) Thanks to Joel for sending in the setlist.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body and Soul
    • God
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog

    Costume Change (Prof. Widow Remix)

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Tombigbee
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze


    • “what do you eat for breakfast in Melbourne?” improv
    • Winter
    • Taxi Ride

    Band Returns

    • Father’s Son
    • Bliss
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand


    Cornflake Girl (clip) (posted by dealingshadows)

    Tear In Your Hand (posted by 0l0l0l0l0l)


    1. Anthony says:

      wow! i think i am suffering from sensory overload! what a show. glad i bought tickets for tomorrow as well, maybe i wont spend the whole time on the edge of my seat. this is only the second time i have seen Tori live and i was blown away. the highlight for me was Bells For Her and i did not think she could top that… i was wrong! my poor friend Sou will be nursing the grab marks on her arm that were a result of Tori laying down Precious as the first of her encore tracks. looking fwd to the show tomorrow, and the show i am heading to in Brisvegas next week!

    2. Chris B says:

      Tori was in fine form tonight. Launching with Body & Soul and God , Tori took us on a journey of her music, with Bliss, Bells for her & Tombigbee maiing an appearance. The highlight was T’s great improv about what Australian’s eat for Breakfast as she could not find her Luna Bars lol , and the beautiful version of Space Dog , including the Andromeda improv. Tori looked gorgeous as Santa and returned after the intermission in her sequinned jumpsuit. A wonderful show and I am looking forward to tonight’s.

    3. Marcus says:

      What an amazing show! Tori played such a good set list and looked amazing (as Tori) in her gold sequin jump suit! Watch out for a torrent of the show on Dimeadozen.org, probably this weekend. I cant wait for tonights show.

    4. Brian says:

      A wonderful show! Bliss was bliss. The songs from the new album are all brilliant live. I’m really hooked on Code Red. I’ve seen Tori every time – 1992, 1994, 2005 and now – and she has suddenly become a rock star!

    5. FC says:

      What a great show! My only criticism would be that at times, the guitar was overpowering and drowned out Tori’s voice. But maybe that’s just me :)

      Santa wore a short black strapless dress, black stirrup leggings and red ankle-strap heels. I was a little concerned that the dress would fall down but it may have been attached to a neckpiece, I couldn’t see well from where I was sitting. Tori wore a gold sequined one-sleeved jumpsuit.

      Tori stuffed up the bridge on Tear In Your Hand (the “maybe I ain’t used to”) part and said “hold on, I fucked that up so bad”. Then she stuffed it again a second time, said “these things happen! Let’s take it from the bridge!” (the guys were smiling) and then got it right :)

      I loved seeing how much Jon, Matt and Dan enjoyed themselves, especially Matt who was absolutely fabulous on Prof. Widow.

      Tori’s "what do you people eat for breakfast” improv started off with something like “I have a question, a practical question”. Tori said she wanted Luna bars but her daughter was eating hers (I think), and that she sent a runner all around Melbourne to get bars and she tried them all but they all sucked. And for us to please not tell her that we eat pancakes and eggs for breakfast because that’s gross to her. And that she doesn’t often eat breakfast because it’s boring and she prefers things like Japanese food (spicy tuna rolls).

      The lighting was good, a little annoying at times when the lights at floor level (eye level for those of us down below) would shine and flash directly in my eyes.

      There was an “here I am, back in Oz” bit as well, with mention of leaving ruby slippers. Also, before Taxi Ride she sang something like “are you here, I feel you on the other side, through the veil, I’m on this side but I’m glad you’re on my side”.

      The opening act were fantastic too. Tori makes great choices :)

    6. Bevan says:

      The show was awesome! I was a little disappointed there were only two encore songs though. This is the second time I’ve seen Tori and wow, wow, wow! I screamed myself hoarse. She stuffed up towards the end of TIYH which was just adorable. Also was the improv about being in Oz but without her ruby slippers, very cute (just before Space Dog). The lighting during Bliss was something else!

      So good to hear CALS as well. Taxi Ride was special

      What can I say? Loved it, loved it, can’t wait to see her again tonight (and going to the two Perth shows too!)

      Tried to get some photos but the staff were onto that real quick! Shining their torches in our faces if they noticed a camera light!

    7. Joel says:

      During Tear In Your Hand, the final song, Tori messed up the chords at one point. She stopped and said something like “I totally fucked that up, bring me in from the bridge” she started but then made the same mistake again. She turned around to Jon and asked “What key am I in?” She worked it out and finished the song, adding a few cute gestures during the line “Maybe it’s time to say goodbye” by doing an exaggerated nod. Then when she finished the song she did the motion of wiping sweat off her forehead as if to say I finally got through that one. It was really funny and a comical way to end the show.

      Both lighting and sound were fantastic during the show, really adding to the performance. Particular highlights were the solo version of Taxi Ride, Space Dog, Bells for Her and Bliss.

      My two friends got to meet her at the meet and greet during the day. They said she came out at around 330 pm and signed stuff and took photos for an hour or so. My friend requested Digital Ghost. She asked which shows he would be at (we’re going to 3 in total) and she said she’d see what she could do. Look forward to the second show and the one in Brisbane, too.

    8. bfish says:

      What an amazing night!
      I was lucky enough to say hi to Tori and get a pic taken with her at the M&G. It was a credit to her to see how intently she listened to every fan and made them feel like they were the only person in the world. Giving her a hug was a highlight and I needed a drink afterwards to calm myself down :)

      Santa was amazing and hot! I was hoping to see her or Pip so needless to say I was very happy!

      My best bits were Taxi Ride (which took my breath away) and Bliss (because I was so happy to hear it).

      I was a bit sad not to hear My Posse Can Do during Santa’s set and also a bit sad that Tori didn’t come back on for a second encore. I was really looking forward to Hey Jupiter. But, the 2 improvs were amazing and beautiful and almost a song in themselves.
      Also, when she talked about not knowing when she’ll be touring again I kinda got the feeling that this might be her last trip down under :(

      I couldn’t resist and yelled out “I love you Tori” before she started Space Dog and when she breathed out “love you back” in her sexy husky voice in my head I am saying that it was to me!!!!

      I am in awe!
      Only one show to go for me in brisbane and I can’t wait.

    9. Anna Kiparis says:

      ok, so i’ve been a fan for years and in 2005 I missed out on tickets, so this time around i made sure I got tickets to both shows… I am not even going to try to explain the feeling when she sang taxi ride, because you just had to be there… i met her yesterday and she is just a lovely lady, casually talking and signing my entire catalogue which was awesome (for me). i thanked her for playing taxi ride and she said “that was a weird one, but it just felt like coming out”... and to that I salute you Ms Amos, for you truly are el capitano! I am glad to see a couple of the girls from the Posse come out to play!

    10. The Red Baron says:

      I asked Tori at the Meet and Greet to play Caught a Lite Sneeze and she did and I cried cos she always comes through. THANK YOU!!!!! also Bliss hellloo THANK YOU AGAIN!

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