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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Hamer Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 11, 2007
    City Melbourne
    Venue Hamer Hall


    Thanks to Clinton, jamesy and Marcus for the setlist!

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Beauty of Speed


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • Crucify
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Siren


    • Britney Spears / “When A Star Falls” improv
    • Mother
    • Yamaha improv
    • Cool On Your Island

    Band Returns

    • Putting The Damage On
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Hey Jupiter


    Spinner and Perez Hilton both have audio streams of the Britney Spears improv.


    1. Alison says:

      Just got back from the gig. It was fantastic. I went to the Manchester gig and it was similar but I think this one was much better. We got Sugar for one and Putting the Damage On, which was unexpected. A brilliant show. I just wish I could have got tickets for more of her Aussie gigs!

    2. FC says:

      This show was even better than last night, maybe because more of my favourite songs were played. I was thrilled to see Clyde as she’s my favourite. Clyde wore what looked like a hot pink calf-length silky jumpsuit with flared sleeves and cream/white platform wedges. Tori wore a silver sequined sleeveless jumpsuit.

      With the solo part of the show, Tori sang a song about Britney Spears. She started by saying “I have a comment, because I know something” then started singing something that along the lines of “Britney they set you up, but you drank from the cup, that’s what it looks like to me (Disney)... you’re a mother but you need a mother to pick you up, I’m a mother but I need a mother to pick me up”. After that she went in to Mother.

      I’m sure someone will send you the setlist but off the top of my head and in no particular order (and I may miss some) we had Bouncing Off Clouds, Little Earthquakes, Beauty of Speed, Rattlesnakes, Big Wheel, Juarez, Doughnut Song, A Sorta Fairytale, Crucify, Cornflake Girl, Cool on Your Island, Mother, Sugar, Code Red, Putting the Damage on, Precious Things+Hey Jupiter for encore.

      On the solo part, Tori sang a funny improv that went something like “I don’t want you to listen to this, it’s a message for my crew, the best crew in the world. You know that cute new English guy whose our keyboard technician, can you please tell him to put a ??? on my Yamaha. I’m not allowed to say that because a play a BOSENDORFER, and I can’t say ya-ma… (audience says HA)”.

      The guitar didn’t seem as overpowering to me as it did last night, perhaps something was changed? Again, the guys were fantastic and Matt blew me away again with his awesome skill.

    3. Clinton says:

      Oh it was great! she played a really good set with a few surprises, Clyde opened the show with “Bouncing off Clouds”

      Yamaha Improv – She needed the tech to get her a sound on the Yamaha key board and didn’t want us to listen, because she plays a Bosendorfer!

      Juarez was a welcome surprise! I never thought I would hear that, along with Mother! Rattlesnakes was Beautiful…was a great show, Tori was in top form and very cheeky…not really good at writing these things, I just wanted to share the set list!

    4. Marcus says:

      Another great show with a torrent on its way! will probably seed to dimeadozen.org in the next couple of weeks.

    5. Daniel says:

      If you only heard about that Britney Spears song in a second-hand way — if you weren’t actually there to hear the song itself — you’d think it would be one of the stupidest, most worthless tunes ever to be concocted by a musician ANYWHERE. I mean, who really wants to hear a song about Britney Spears, right? Especially when there are so many great ones Tori could be singing…

      But I tell ya, that was absolutely the highlight of the show. Tori actually kicked it off by saying “I have a comment, I know something, we’ve all seen it on the news…” and then went into it, with absolutely heart-wrenching lyrics and a melody to die for. In anyone else’s hands, it would’ve been a comedy: Britney Spears would’ve been the subject of a jokey gimmicky song. But here she became the material of a tragedy, superbly worded and orchestrated by someone who managed to come out on the more favourable end of fame than Britney managed to do.

      Other than that, Siren and Sugar were both top-notch; and the whole solo set, capped off with Cool On Your Island, was incredible. All told, I was surprised she only performed four tracks from American Doll Posse, and zero from The Beekeeper; but still, a fantastic show.

    6. Mangela says:

      I just got back from the gig too! It was amazing… though… i did really want to see Santa or Pip…. We got Clyde which is ok i guess.

      I'm new to Tori’s music and I think tonight was for the hard-core fans – to tell you the truth i only knew about 9 of the songs played lol!

      And what was up with the fact that we couldn’t take any photos?! the ushers were like Nazis! I got a few good ones tho.. :)

    7. Léon says:

      The second show was amazing. Fantastic selection of numbers.

      Clyde opened the show with ‘Bouncing of Clouds’. So glad about that. We all were expecting Isabel. So pleased Tori hasn’t become predictable and the fact that it was the 11th of September didn’t influence the show to turn too political.

      ‘Putting the Damage On’, ‘Siren’, ‘Cool On Your Island’ as well as the most beautiful performance ever of ‘Hey Jupiter’ were the absolute highlights.

      Managed to get the setlist with her notes she used on stage. Will scan it and post it with some photos shortly.

      Overall one of the most enjoyable Tori sets I ever had the honor to witness! The only thing I really missed was ‘Cooling’ which would have made a great 3rd Encore number after ‘Hey Jupiter’ ...

      Tori left Hamer Hall just before midnight… She said a few brief ‘Goodbyes’ through the closed gate and left Hamer Hall for the last time this tour…

      Melbourne will miss you Tori


    8. anthony says:

      i think she stole my play-list named “tori-faves”! she appeared more relaxed tonight… maybe that was just clyde’s doing but either way, the set was amazing. the staff were a bit over the top when it come to taking pics (did not seem to be a prob last night), but i guess they have a job to do. loved hearing siren, and who would have thought anything featuring brittney spears could sound so good!

      cant wait for the next show (or marcus’s torrent)

    9. Courtney says:

      Oh my! That woman…

      Tonight was magical and utterly exhilerating.

      Mother, Putting the Damage On and Hey Jupiter were definitely the highlights of the night for me.

      Also, it was great to hear Code Red live. I’ve never really gotten into the track, but hearing it live made me appreciate it a little more. It had oomph!

      ...oh dear…still reeling from Hey Jupiter…

      Man. Tori has definitely still got it!

    10. Chris B says:

      Ok after Monday’s show, I didn’t think it could get much better, but last night’s show proved me wrong! Tori was so strong vocally and her presence and energy on stage translated to the crowd. Mother was heart-wrenching and of course I found myself crying through fairytale, BOC is fantastic live and Cool on your Island was gorgeous. Monday & Tuesday were my first ever Tori concerts and I am so depressed it’s over but so thankful I got the chance to see her.

    11. Krissie says:

      Last night’s show was AMAZING, and I was only a pigeon’s dick away from Tori. The sound was pure and the performance was magical. Better than Monday night’s show, but even that was surreal.


    12. Stevey says:

      Brilliant show and great set, like the others said, the Britney improv was superb – “Britney they set you, they made you drink from the cup” or along those lines. Followed by a segue into Mother by saying that even mothers need mothers. Juarez was great…and Jupiter was amazing, I’d seen this done in Amsterdam earlier in the year, but this version was so much better.

    13. Bevan says:

      Way better show than last night – oh my god – it was sublime! Rattlesnakes, Fairytale, Doughnut Song … I was in heaven, it was just so wonderful. Tori was smiling way more tonight than the previous show. Awesome improvs! Clyde!


    14. dave says:

      I would just like to say how beautiful that improv was about Britney Spears! To me, it was the highlight of the show! I didn’t realise that she was singing Britney’s name at the beginning of the song… so when she sang the line “this is what it looks like when a star falls,” i thought it might be the theme to the new movie “Stardust” lol… (an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, which is actually about a fallen star!) Anyway I was shattered (though impressed) to find out that the song was an improvisation and hence unavailable on the Stardust soundtrack haha. I’m a goose. Anyway, I was blown away by the sound… Juarez, Siren (she cut sick during this one!) & Bouncing Off Clouds (to name a few) sound infinitely better live, and “Doughnut Song” was to die for – I’d never heard it performed with the band. I hope she will one day officially release these versions of her songs. Anyway, brilliant night, wish I could have seen her again.

    15. beetlejuice84 says:

      This show was brilliant! I was expecting Isabel, but was pleasantly surprised with Clyde (knowing that Juarez would show up). It was awesome, but I love the Scarlet version from 2003 that includes the keyboard as well. Other highlights for me were Doughnut, Sugar!!! and COYI. I sure hope the 18 song set list isn’t a trend for the Oz leg. Where’s the 2nd encore?

    16. Troy says:

      Another great concert of course, but honestly I'm disappointed that with a full band and two shows we didn't get one Choirgirl tune. I was desperate to hear IE. Hopefully we remain on her touring schedule in the years to come and we will all have many more chances of hearing our favourites live. Favourites tonight : Juarez, Siren, Doughnut song , Mother, Hey Jupiter.

    17. Chris T says:

      Both Melbourne shows were incredible – totally worth the trip over from NZ! I’m still reeling from all the unexpected songs she played like Siren, Bliss, Juarez and Taxi Ride solo (I almost died!). My friend and I just melted when she played the first few chords of Sugar – amazing! I’m so stoked I finally got to hear Hey Jupiter live, but yeah, why no Chiorgirl?!? Next time I hope!

    18. Matty B says:

      My wife and I loved the concert on Tuesday 11th September; I was finally able to show my nearest and dearest just how amazing Tori is! It was a dream setlist for me in many respects but my only disappointment was the slightly shorter set. Why was this? A case of jetlag perhaps?!

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