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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Opera House

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 15, 2007
    City Sydney
    Venue Opera House


    Isabel made her Australian debut at the second Sydney show. Between “God” and “Cornflake Girl,” Tori told a story about a donkey. The setlist came to us from Brad Schmidt and Lauren (who found it on the Feel The Word forum where you can also find some meet and greet and concert photos).

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Tubular Bells
    • Devils and Gods
    • Tombigbee
    • Almost Rosey


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • God
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Improv > Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • Twinkle
    • Winter
    • Carbon

    Band Returns

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter



    1. Brad Schmidt says:

      I’ve just got back from my first Tori Amos concert at the Sydney Opera House (and first trip to Sydney!) – amazing. Isabel performed a politically-charged opening salvo, languidly puffing a cigarette as she came on stage in a gorgeous purple outfit with giant silver heels. Yo George was fierce, Sweet Dreams and TomBigBee both great surprises! The crowd was really hyped… even as Tori came on in a spangly jumpsuit affair the setlist continued to rock… Sugar was well-received and God and Liquid Diamonds blew me away. Before Spring Haze, Tori improv’d a short number ‘about turning down the lights’ and ending with ‘will things ever change?’ (sorry if my memory cheats) before launching into Haze. As one of my favourite Tori numbers it was probably my favourite track of the night especially with the subdued beautiful lighting… Twinkle was beautiful, Carbon was intricate and complex. The audience probably most loved Cornflake, Winter and Precious Things, but also 1000 Oceans received a surprisingly wide response. Spark was a total treat, performed on the Yamaha and the Bosey. Bouncing off Clouds was a bit more rock than the album version… and although Haze was my favourite surprise of the evening, Tear in Your Hand was the song I most wanted to hear… very cool. This was an amazing set list – for my first Tori concert it had a huge array of massive ‘hits’ – God being a hugely unexpected song – and ‘rarities’ like Sweet Dreams, TomBigBee and Sugar. And I have definitely under-rated ‘Code Red’ and need to listen to it more…

      Before Cornflake Girl, speaking to the audience, Tori told how every time she performed at the Opera House it was a peculiar experience... this time because daughter Tash was captivated by a donkey that walked around the quay area in the harbour near the venue and did a little shake and tourists paid money... apparently Tash couldn't stop paying the donkey and Tori joked about how we should flip her off and go see the donkey instead, or be a donkey, since it seemed to make loads of money without needing an entourage, wardrobe and crew! Very cute.

      Having trekked across the ocean from NZ on my way to a new life in Melbourne this was a great start, and the other fans were really lovely – Paul, Chady and Daniel if you’re out there reading this hello and thanks for the fun night, drop me a line! And most of all thanks Tori!

      Afterwards a few of us gathered around outside in case Tori emerged, and sure enough, she smiled and waved out the open window as she drove off into the night. Chamberlain and Evans almost slinked past but received huge cheers too! Amazing – I was totally immersed and didn’t want the experience to end. And kudos to George Byrne for a short but sweet opening set.

      Should explain the Donkey story too - speaking to the audience, Tori told how every time she performed at the Opera House it was a peculiar experience... this time because daughter Tash was captivated by a donkey that walked around the quay area in the harbour near the venue and did a little shake and tourists paid money... apparently Tash couldn't stop paying the donkey and Tori joked about how we should flip her off and go see the donkey instead, or be a donkey, since it seemed to make loads of money without needing an entourage, wardrobe and crew! Very cute.

      [Note from Violet: Yay! You get the Candy Cane Toad prize! Bit of bad news, though. The toad wandered too close to the taffy pulling machine, and, well ... oops! Still minty fresh, though!]
    2. Joseph Justus says:

      Tonights performance was amazing! I had a feeling that Izzy was going to open up the show since she was the only one who has yet to appear here in OZ! :-) I was hoping and hoping and hoping to hear spark tonight and i got to!!!

      1000 Oceans, Sugar and Almost Rosey were also highlights of the night for me!! :-) Tonights show was just amazing! Very heartwarming!

    3. Leelo says:

      Isabel opened the show with ‘Yo George’. We all already expected her to open the Melbourne shows with that number. Highlights were def. ‘Liquid Diamonds’ and Tombigbee. The atmosphere in the Operahouse was a lot more intense than during the beekeeper tour.

      The second Encore was a nice suprise again. Loved to go home with ‘ Hey Jupiter’ in my ears.

    4. Darien says:

      Please excuse my broken english, :P

      Saw the two sydney show, both great, with the first one full of energy and rocks! This one is quite meloncoly and filled with sorrow.

      However, tori seems to be in a very playful mood, as she “dangles” more in tear in your hand, adds in a special phrasing in precous things, and more improv during the main set.

      The opera house crowd seems to be very responsive as both concert gives very good “give me 8~3” and for the first concert tori even let us do all three “don’t you forget”, where else the second one tori did the first one and let us do the rest.

      I’m not sure if i’m right, but i think “devils and gods” are still growing lyric-wise.

      very suprised by 1000 oceans after carbon, especially how these slower and quieter songs contrast with high energy songs like code red, which gives the whole concert more lights and shdes, and more enjoyable in this way comparing to the first sydney gig which is full of power.

      And I did notice one thing that tori’s high notes seems to be a little weaker tonite. She pause a bit in her middle range before reaching the high notes in the first half of the show. Spring haze seems to be a bit out of sync for me, but not as obvious as she messed up one small line during Siren of the first sydney concert, which was quite dearing.

      Thank you tori for these two very very enjoyable shows, and looking forward to see you on the 24th.

    5. Amy says:

      Last night was absolutely awesome! I went the night before as well but last night I had better seats.

      Tori came out as Isabel and was stunning. She opened with a cigarette in her hand and performed Yo George. Sweet dreams was one of my favourites of the night and Liquid Diamonds.

      She was quite animated and was chatting to the audience about the Sydney “Donkey” and how Tash kept giving all her money to the donkey. She said the donkey is probably making more money than her. She finished the show with Bouncing off Clouds and Hey Jupiter which was simply amazing. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I can’t wait for the next Tori conert!

      Oh, and I was secretly hoping Trent Reznor would come out and do “Past the Mission” with her but sadly no.

    6. beetlejuice84 says:

      As expected, I think, Isabel opened second Sydney. Isabel’s not my favourite doll, but her set was amazing. She opened, of course with Yo George – smoking a cigarette! Very classy. Sweet Dreams was a treat to hear live, but what really knocked me over, was Tubular Bells! Obviously there are no lyrics, but the boys did a great job, as did Isabel on the Bösey. An extended version of Devils and Gods was interesting. Tombigbee is one of my favourite Scarlet songs, Isabel did a really good version of it standing at the keyboard. Of Isabel’s songs, I would have liked to hear Mr Bad Man and Dark Side of the Sun, but Almost Rosey was a good closer from Isabel.

      On to Tori. We were treated to the single sleeve leopard skin jumpsuit tonight.

      Tori chatted about the “Australian Donkey” at the Opera House that makes more money that Tori! Around the Opera House in Circular Quay, there are usually several street performers around the ferry wharves. It was weird, I saw it yesterday on my way back from the M&G which, was canceled unfortunately, but anyway that donkey kind of freaked me out. Anyway she said Tash kept wanting to give the Donkey money and Tori was like “stop giving the Donkey money”. “The donkey doesn’t have a bus, and a crew…” something like that, it was hilarious. So, Tori is thinking of taking up a donkey gig that might pay a bit more!

      Sugar was a treat to hear again after its debut at 2nd Melbourne. Liquid Diamonds was beautiful. The absolute highlight was Spring Haze!!! I was really hoping to hear it sometime on this tour, it was unreal, although we couldn’t really hear the organ on the “why does it always end up like this” part as it was kind of overpowered by the drums and bass. Still awesome though. Carbon was beautiful as always. 1,000 oceans with the band was interesting as well. We were treated to 2 full encores tonight (Thank you Tori!). BOC was good to hear again, but tonight didn’t have the “I’ll put on my silver” track. Jupiter sounds better every time I hear it. Thanks again Tori.

    7. orfeo says:

      I bought a ticket for this show on the strength of how much I enjoyed the previous night. Initially I was just slightly disappointed – Isabel was a huge contrast after Pip and she just doesn’t engage in the same way (but Almost Rosey was really nice).

      But the second half of this show… wow. Liquid Diamonds was a nice surprise, but it was Spring Haze and Twinkle that took things to a whole new level. After Twinkle there was just the tiniest little pause before anyone clapped, we were all just sitting there absorbing the magic of what we’d heard.

      And after that it was just one sensational song after another. Even ones that aren’t among my personal favourites were totally riveting. Spark leading into Code Red was a brilliant combination. In Bouncing Off Clouds, the audience started clapping during the return of ‘Make it easy’. If there was anywhere nearby to get up and dance, I would have been there! And Hey Jupiter seemed to have a real sense of triumph in it.

    8. Alison says:

      Well I managed to get more tickets for her Aussie gigs. The rescheduling worked in my favour and I got a great seat at the Opera House!

      She started with Isobel, which was fantastic because I’ve seen two Clydes already and I wanted something different. I was not disappointed. The show was great.

      There were the concert staples that although I’ve heard them three times now were still amazing. I still get shivers when she starts in on the solo piano bit of Cornflake Girl!

      It was nice to hear Liquid Diamonds and Spring Haze, she played them brilliantly.

      I was surprised by the two encores. In Melbourne she only did one and I assumed that was her format for these shows but it was a pleasent surprise when she came out again. A few people around me thought we were getting Raspberry Swirl but it turned out to be Bouncing Off Clouds! A slightly different, but still very well played choice!

      All in all it was a great concert, made even better by the fact that i was seeing her in the Opera House.

    9. Susan says:

      This show was amazing. By far the most amazing and beautiful live performance I have ever been to. This was my first Tori Amos concert, and I’m so envious of those who are going to more than one of her shows on this tour. Tori far surpassed my expectations and my love of her music is now forever ensured. Sugar was sooo good, and Spring Haze. I couldn’t get them out of my head for days.

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