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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Palace Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 09, 2007
    City Albany, NY
    Venue Palace Theatre


    Isabel opened this show. We definitely want reports on your experiences at this concert, particularly about the VIP festivities. Thanks to Megan from Yessaid for texting us the setlist.

    Act I (Isabel)

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Tubular Bells
    • Devils And Gods
    • In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
    • Tombigbee
    • Almost Rosey

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • Black Dove
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Mother Revolution
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze


    • improv
    • Marianne
    • Etienne
    • Famous Blue Raincoat

    Band Returns

    • Virginia
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter


    Mother Revolution (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Etienne (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Virginia (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Long Time improv (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    In The Springtime Of His Voodoo (filmed by bernlovesbeer)


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    1. Robert Schrader says:

      Check my blog for photos of the VIP meet and greet and videos of the show!

    2. Paul Atwell says:

      I thought tonight was a great way to kick off the US Tour! I also was able to get Platinum VIP tickets, so I’ll talk about both that experience and the show.

      4:30 we went in, went through IDs, got our tickets (average orchestra seats) and gift bags consisting of a backpack that says Tori Amos VIPosse, the tour program, and a winter hat that says VIPosse as well (Gold members got everything, except the hat). We went through the crowd free shopping..but nothing that really interested me (I was hoping for a mug. No such luck, guess I’ll get it from the toristore). Then we wait to go into the soundcheck. It took about 45 minutes before they let us in. Heard a few songs and Tori got pissed at her sound guy’s incompentence and told us “I love you guys but you gotta leave so we can fix this”...something like that. From what we did get to hear, she was DEAD on…she sounded tight and I was really hoping it would be like that for the actual show. The meet and greet was great, she was fantastic and really took her time with each person. The people running it were kind of nasty about their instructions to hurry and get everything out and ready. What can you do. Not sure if I would do a VIP again, as I don’t think it was really worth it. The seats I got weren’t anything I couldn’t get from ticketmaster. The program saved me $20 because I usually buy them anwyays, and she did a free meet and greet earlier that day. I must say the personal meet and greet without barricades was nice, even if the staff were really pushy. In my opinion I wish that the VIP experience was a little more glamourous. Maybe another cool gift in the bag.

      The show was fantastic! She was still dead on and I was happy to see Isabel perform. Highlights for me were Marianne, Etienne, Famous Blue Raincoat & Virginia. She performed Etienne last time she was at this venue in 98, and I was hoping to hear it again. FBR was a debut this tour I think…but its 1am and I’m exhausted so I could be wrong. Virgina was quite a shock to hear. It was great live. I was a little disappointed by the encores, as they were very..safe. Predictable songs that I seem to hear at every encore it seems of my past few shows. Regardless, I thought the encores were flawless.

      It was a great night, and I’m looking forward to Syracuse on Saturday. Being a poor nursing student I can only make it to a couple shows, but I was fortunate enough to run into some old EWFs that I haven’t seen (YAY CHAD!). I’m curious to hear what other people thought about tonight.

    3. Athena says:

      I was so very fortunate to have great seats for this show (the closest I have been so far, this was show #7) in the fifth row!

      It was an amazing show and I felt that the audience had really nice energy and showed love not only to Tori but also to the opening act.

      The Palace Theater is a beautiful venue with lots of character which only added to the incredible show Tori and company put on for us. I had been hoping for Pip (yeah, that’s really my name up there:) but was happy to see Isabel instead – She was FIERCE! I especially loved Almost Rosey and the audience reaction when she started to play Tubular Bells! Tombigbee was a real treat as it is one of my favorite B-sides.

      Tori’s lighting and stage setup were absolutely stunning and I kept finding myself looking all around to take it in. The band rocked out during the costume change and when Tori appeared she had a great big smile on her face which stayed on for most of the evening.

      It was a high energy set with many old favorites and an incredible versions of CALS, Viginia and Code Red. The T & Bo. set was gorgeous and I felt honored to hear Etienne in between Marianne and Famous Blue Raincoat. Bouncing Off Clouds was a hell of an encore and I was glad to see so many people dancing and having a good time (I loved the guys up on the balcony!).

      This was the best Tori show I have seen so far and I know that folks who get to see her on this leg of the tour will not be disappointed. My show mate summed it up when she said “We just got served by a tiny woman in a jumpsuit!” AWESOME!

    4. Sheldon says:

      show was amazing … just wanted to clarify that Sweet Dreams did appear during Isabel’s set … I believe right after Yo George

    5. Timothy says:

      Last night was amazing! It was my 25th Tori concert since the Plugged tour in 98! Yay!! I adored the show and cannot wait to follow the posse around for the next few weeks! Although I loved it all, Etienne was a sweet surprise. On to New York.

    6. bernadette says:

      great show! tori’s voice never sounded so amazing!!!......and i gots to get me one of those christmas tree light jumpsuits!!!

    7. cristina says:

      My prediction that Isabel would open the U.S. tour came true! i knew when the band started with the marching beats of “Yo George.” Isabel wore a red satin suit with really hot brown buckled boots. She was in top form, and came out with her oversized cigarette. I’ll go thru the show song by song:

      • YO GEORGE: Really powerful and really effective especially when the lighting resembled the american flag on the back curtains.
      • SWEET DREAMS: This really rocked. She really emphasized the “constipated man” line.
      • TUBULAR BELLS: As said by someone else i was happy with the audience’s reaction. and cuz i’ve been keeping up with the world tour so far, i knew the next song.
      • DEVILS AND GODS: I love the added verses. This was where the stars first appeared in the background. Really well done.
      • VOODOO: She hit the high notes perfectly and despite Isabel’s serious nature she seemed to be “swiveling her hips” and having fun. Also very powerful.
      • TOMBIGBEE: This was Isabel’s highlight in my opinion, she really belted out the lyrics, and the band really rocked. only complaint: i couldn’t hear her keyboards too well over the distortion.
      • ALMOST ROSEY: Really nice ending song for Isabel. I loved how the chorus had rosey lighting. Isabel gave us a salute and left the stage.
      • WIDOW/COSTUME CHANGE: I was really impressed with this, i’m a big fan of Matty and was happy to see a solo. He just rrrrrrrrrrrocks. Really intense lighting keeping the audience pumped for Tori… Tori came back in an extremely sparkly gold-ish jumpsuit with blue heels. and wearing verrrry big smiles. :)
      • BIG WHEEL: Pretty standard but great sound. Tori was having fun with it. I was surprised the audience wasn’t really singing the “don’t you forget” part. Tori said hello to us and how it’s been a while since they were here. She said “I was told I would be playing the Palace and I said, ‘yeah ok!’” with a big smile.
      • SUGAR: Awwwwesome performance. The word “powerful” is gonna show a lot in this review. Her voice was perfect, and the band was great.
      • BLACK DOVE: This was a great surprise for me, as this was my 6th tori show in total and have never heard it. Another compliment about lighting- it really added to the haunting and eerie atmosphere of the song. Tori introduced the band (i’m starting to think tori has a bit of a thing for Jon, she said in a very sultry voice, “and over heeeerrre, THIS is Jon Evans” hehe.)
      • CORNFLAKE GIRL: Really well received by the audience and there were many smiles passed between tori and the guys. Awesome performance. Tori was super playful and throwing many kicks under the piano.
      • MOTHER REVOLUTION: Someone must’ve yelled something out i didnt hear, cuz at the beginning of this Tori whispered into the mic “But it’s so nice to have YOU here.” Done partially on the keyboards/organ, this was a surprise for me as well. I really like this song but was distracted by the audience who didn’t seem that into it. (lotsa people holding up cameras/phones, getting up, talking, same old same old)
      • CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE: Also pretty standard but the sound was magical.
      • T&Bo
        The band left and Tori did an improv which i’m gonna call “Little One,” I can’t remember all of the lyrics but they included lines like “how have you been, it’s been a while, and it might be a while till we’re back again. Me and my little one (pointing to the Bose) Yes it might be a while, me and my little one, no not the wooden one.” This was really beautiful and brought a tear to my eye.
      • MARIANNE: Another surprise, this was a powerful song because of the mix of emotions in it, tori was being playful one minute and the next it was tearjerking.
      • ETIENNE: Holy moly! The beginning piano chords sounded a bit like a different rendition of Pretty Good Year but when she sang “Maybe i’m a witch” i couldn’t believe my ears. Tori hit the high notes absolutely perfectly, it was breathtaking.
      • FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT: It was a very rainy day yesterday and i knew somehow tori would acknowledge it. The audience really cheered when she sang “New York is cold” and “there’s music on Clinton street, all thru the evening” (Palace Theatre is on Clinton Ave.) I love her version of this song, and i didn’t expect this. Really well done. the band returned and launched into:
      • VIRGINIA: One of my faves off of Scarlet. This was a great transition back with the band.
      • GOD: Tori did the funniest thing and i doubt she even realized- the last chord of Virginia was ringing off and i think Tori was in a trance because all of a sudden Matt started hitting his drums and Tori jumped up like she was in shock! It was almost like “Oh! Right! next song.” ‘God’ rocked SOOOOOOOOOO much. She was really having fun with it and you could tell the guys were too.
      • CODE RED: Really well done, and yes, powerful.
      • PRECIOUS THINGS: It’s amazing how this song is played time and time again and it never gets old. Great great great peformance.
      • TEAR IN YOUR HAND: My personal fave of the night. i haven’t listened to this in a little while, and i was reminded of how beautiful it is. During the opening chords, tori was flipping thru some pages on the top of her piano, i’m supposing they were lyrics so she wouldn't forget. I got choked up when it came to the “maybe it’s time to wave goodbye now” and she gave us the sweetest little wave.
      • BOUNCING OFF CLOUDS: Really fun, i was surprised at how many people were dancing up front, and all around actually.
      • HEY JUPITER (Dakota): I was expecting this of course, (like most of the encore songs) but by the end of the song i had a few tears again. The backdrop was beautiful, looking like a night sky. Tori used the organ for this, which gave it an interesting/different sound than i’ve heard before.

      Tori skipped/ran off stage after many smiles and waves and hugs with the guys. (i think matt was skipping too?! haha)

      Overall the show really rocked. Tori was in great spirits and seemed truly happy to be here. The audience was very receptive, i just wish people would be more considerate, ya know, talking and blocking your view with cameras and such. But, i know tori has said her shows depend on how the audience connects with her, and i really felt last night was pretty intimate and she was happy with us. I’m off to NYC and Syracuse next! :)

      P.S. the opening act, Yoav was amazing in my opinion. I’ve never seen anyone use a guitar in so many different ways, i dunno how he does it! Really impressive.

    8. JB says:

      Great show last night! I reviewed it on my blog if you are interested.

      [Ed. Note: reprinted with persimmon!]

      Tori did not disappoint last night.

      First off, the Palace Theater in Albany is a fantastic venue. It sounded great and was actually comfortable! We had second row center mezzanine seats which was perfect. Isabel opened the show and I was pleasantly surprised. What was most interesting is that it was definitely not Tori. (For those of you unfamiliar with American Doll Posse's concept, in a nutshell there are different personalities who sing some of the songs - Isabel, Clyde, Pip, Santa & Tori - yes, she's a nut!) Isabel had a whole different way about her. She didn't feel like Tori, didn't sing like Tori and certainly didn't move like Tori. Oh, and she smokes!

      Tori looked fantastic in a gold backless jumpsuit and fantastic green heels. She was in high spirits and was clearly enjoying herself and the band as well. One of the more shocking things about the show is that it was loud, very loud. It was a rock show for sure. I was surprised at how deep she went back in her catalogue and I thought some of the choices were interesting. The highlights for me were Sugar, Sweet Dreams, Tear In Your Hand, Bouncing Off Clouds and all of "solo time". She certainly pulled Etienne out of her ass and it was beautiful (it's a Y Kant Tori Read song for those of you keeping track, video below). Hey Jupiter was powerful and very different than I have heard previously.

      There were songs from every record's era save for To Venus and Back with a few b-sides to boot. The stage and lighting design were simple, but effective. I got the feeling that it will be a long time before she tours again. Call it hunch, but pulling out some of these songs and well, seeing her now over 30 times, I just got that idea.

      Overall, husbando and I were very pleased despite the at least 300 empty seats, the dreary rain, and some adventurous hydroplaning on the way home. We haven't ruled out going to the show next week in Wallingford, we just may not eat for a week. I am thinking about it.

    9. Mark says:

      What an awesome start to the US leg of the tour.

      Being able to sit in on the sound check was an experience to be had – God sounded really dead-on although Tori was having some issues hearing the backup voices.

      The show itself was excellent as well. I knew Yoav was going to be opening so I’d checked his myspace last week and thought he’d be okay – in person he blew away my impressions as his use of the guitar as multiple instruments and with use of sampling made for an awesome opening act!

      Tori’s portion of the night was no less impressive. I thought going into this that there are songs that I want to hear but probably won’t, but I was wrong about that in that probably half the songs I wanted were part of the show! I was really surprised when Etienne came on, but it was a great addition :)

      I’d also like to thank all of the EWF out there that helped ensure that I had an awesome time since I had come up for the show on my own – you all are the best!

      Onward to Wallingford & Boston!

      P.S. I’d almost forgot – Tash was on the side stairwell for all of Yoav and for the first few songs that Isabel did

    10. Zachary Justus says:

      This show was amazing! I had VIP tickets and it was fun and all and i really enjoyed meeting her, but like someone said above, i was expecting it to be a little more glamouros. She was amazing though!

      Isabel rocked my world! I knew she was going to open because we could hear her sound checking all of Izzy’s songs before while we were crowd free shopping but it was amazing. Highlights for me were In The Springtime of his Voodoo, Tubular Bells/Devils and Gods, Sugar, Mother Revolution, Virginia (this song seemed to take over my body! It was amazing), God, Code Red and Tear In Your Hand. The show was amazing and i want to see ISabel again…she was brilliant!

    11. Susan says:

      Well I managed to catch the opening act and I thought he was great. If you liked Howie Day – you’ll love this guy. Similar format with guitar loops – but a much edgier sound. My mom loved him.

      So this was my 18th show and probably the only one this tour. I was hoping for Santa or Pip… got Isabel. No real song surprises – T & Bo was nice. My mom noted (being a “veteran” concert goer at her 5th show) that Tori was not as talkative as she has been in previous tours. She clearly mentioned that she wouldn’t be back around for a long time again… who knows what that will mean for future touring. We were 2nd row – great seats (thanks Ticketmaster). I noticed that this show was FAR from soldout. Lots of empty seats and in fact, my whole 2nd row was EMPTY! I heard some crazy girls (they needed some tranquillizing darts thrown at them) were freaking out going “Oh my god, Tori is going to be SO upset if no one is sitting there! We have to fill that in!! This is horrible”. Okay sure she’ll feel crappy but take that up with Ticketmaster and be like “Why did you sell people balcony seats when there’s a whole empty 2nd row?”

      I also find it so rude that after the last song of Tori’s set (and yes, I’m used to this by now) people RUSH the stage. I was tempted to trip the girl next to me and she pushed her way past my mom and I. I mean, I felt like I was being ambushed by a swat team!!! Then to have to stand for 2 encores while a bunch of people shove past you and this crazy guy and girl are standing on the seats next to you dancing like they were tripping on acid… it’s not cool. I hate to say it – but I was very sick that night so I ended up coughing on anyone who was too close to me. If you have a sinus infection in the next few days, blame me but then blame yourself for running up to the stage and shoving me around.

    12. Amber, NYC says:

      I asked some of the sound guys for verification – and that was Tash playing on the far left side of the orchestra section during the first half of the show. She was taking pictures and swinging around on the railings. Very cute. Three women were with her, and a bunch of security guys, of course.

      This is my fourth tour and one of my favorite shows. The set list isn’t what made the night for me. (Although Etienne was beautiful, Code Red/Sweet Dreams/Tombigbee all super strong.) It was the change in characters, the flashy/rock feel, the strobe lighting… Isabel was cutting and political. Tori seemed so happy, so energetic. I was swept away. This is going to be a fantastic tour!

      On a sad note: I thought the Albany audience was really rude. Lots of getting up, too many pictures, and shame on whoever shouted out “I love you Tori Amos” during a quiet moment in Marianne.

      See some of you in Syracuse!

    13. Kim C. says:

      Finally my first show of the ADP tour had finally arrived and T did not disappoint! I was thrilled with how strong, clear and powerful her voice sounded and in my opinion the best its sounded since 1998. Her energy was top notch and the band sounded great. The set list was fun and I had asked her to play Mother Revolution at the meet and greet so that was really special for me. Also very special was that my mom finally got to meet Tori for the first time. Mom travels with me every tour for a few shows and Tori really took the time to chat it up with her.

      The only upsetting part about the show is how terrible the audience in our section was. With the exception of the two really cool people who sat in front of us I was utterly embarrassed by how disrespectful these people were. Two rows up sat this girl in a stripped shirt who was so loud and disruptive that I don’t think she was present for two full songs but when she was there she was so loud and fidgety and obnoxious.Yes I remember my first beer too.

      If this sad girl wasn’t enough there was this other guy who talked through most of the show (quite loud may I add) even during the T & BO set. He was one of those Tori goers who screams songs they want to hear while Tori is performing. He seemed completely disinterested in Tori’s show except when he was screaming “Little Earthquakes” and even was making fun of Tori. WHY WERE YOU EVEN THERE??? Somehow thankfully these pathetic people didn’t ruin the show for me but I can’t speak for the people sitting closer to them. I’m confident the show was wrecked for the people near them. Sadly these obnoxious people probably don’t care. Hopefully none of you will attend any other shows this tour.

    14. timothy #2 says:

      This was the second time seeing Tori at the palace in Albany for me. I must say that this show rocked way more than the last time I was there. Always a pleasure to see Tori, and I loved the fact that Isabel opened with “Yo George”.

      I also loved the techno version of “Professional widow” between acts I & II. Just wish that we could have got up and danced a bit. It looked like they (the ushers) were discouraging this from what I could see. As Tori were off changing I think it would have been OK to cut some slack during this song.

      I do want to add to the previous review in that I too felt the audience was RUDE at times. I don’t think people should be taking pictures, videos, recordings or whatever. It distracts the audience from what we came to see. I was in the 7th row and there was a guy 2 rows back from us who was talking so loudly that I could hear him over the music. I also must agree about the need to get beer every other song. If you’re not going to sit still, stay home. Rude, Rude, Rude.

    15. Elizabeth O. says:

      Overall the setlist rocked. I was very happy to get Marianne and Tombigbee, among others. I did have to go get a beer during Almost Rosey, though (it was the only time I got up; can’t stand that song!).

      Since I had Gold VIP I got to see part of the soundcheck, but they made us wait for about an hour and a half just standing outside the lobby. It was cool to see the rehearsal of God. I got the sense that Tori didn’t want us there for the soundcheck, though.

    16. Todd Howard says:

      I’ve posted a review of the Albany show on my blog at Zoom In. I also wrote a short review of Yoav’s performance separately.

      [Editor's note: reprinted below with persimmon!]

      Tori Amos took the stage last night at The Palace in Albany, NY, the first show of the third leg of her massive 120+ date world tour to support her latest studio project, American Doll Posse; her best album in years, and one of the best rock albums I've heard by anyone in a long time. I was at the show last night with my wife and two good friends, and after a nice dinner at Nicole's Bistro across the street from the venue and a walk in the misty rain up the hill to the Palace, we were primed and ready for the set. I've seen Tori in Albany twice before, and there's no question this was her best visit to The Palace. I had really been anticipating this show since first hearing Tori's latest album a little over five months ago now. The show was not nearly sold out, which was a surprise, but the 1400+ people that were there were very keyed up before the show began.

      This is Tori's first time out with a full band since 1999 (that was on her five-and-a-half weeks tour, where she co-headlined a series of dates with Alanis Morisette). She returns to the very colorfully appointed stage with Jon Evans on bass, Matt Chamberlain on drums—long time band-mates of Tori, and performers on most if not all of her studio records since the early days—plus mohawked-and-horn-rimmed-bespectacled guitarist Dan Phelps. Tori wailed on her Bösendorfer grand all night, plus a Yamaha keyboard and an organ - straddling her bench as she is wont to do, offering her maximum exposure—err... reach—to both sets of keys.

      She played a rather eclectic set of tunes. A set that long time fans of her music, myself included, were very delighted to hear. She was digging into her song bag all night long, and honestly, I was expecting more songs from the new record than she played, seeing as there are some 24 tracks on the new release, but the ones she chose were superb. From the opening number—a slightly metal-infused "Yo George," to a longer arrangement (with additional verses??) of "Devils and Gods" to the show-stopping "Bouncing Off Clouds" during her encore. "Code Red" was the rocker that the band rejoined her for after her trademark girl-and-piano middle set, and "Big Wheel" shook people up a bit and may have even featured some clapping-along, and one of my favorites was "Almost Rosey," which quite simply reminds me of why it's so very enjoyable to be a bass player. Visiting Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" on us (that piano trip from the Exorcist that always provides a good Autumn chill!) was a perfect choice given not only the time of year but the cold autumn night that was this show's setting... got goosebumps big time.

      She played her cover of "Sweet Dreams" as the second song of the night, which was an interesting choice. Most performers who have large repertoires and a long-enduring fan base that I have seen perform in the past few years seem to all be launching their shows with two or three of the all time faves (like getting the "encores" out of the way first). Tori's approach was different. It was a good half hour into the night before she played any song that you could consider a Tori hit. Her energy was very high, and the band were all completely focused and delivered a solid wall of backup to her whimsical and progressive piano rock songs. It was a stirring and mesmerizing performance, indeed.

      For some reason, I have really been paying attention to the audiences at the shows I've been to this year... Rush, The Police, Jonathan Edwards, Carbon Leaf, Ozomatli, Indigo Girls, Solas... and something I noticed at Tori's show last night, as well as at the Jonathan Edwards show last month at Roaring Brook and The Police in Hartford, CT - the crowd was ultra subdued during the songs, but then erupted afterward. Whereas with Rush, Indigo Girls, Solas, Carbon Leaf and especially Ozomatli, the crowd was going bananas DURING the songs and then exploded during applause and then took a breather for 30 seconds before the next song began. The crowds that were subdued during the songs themselves really kinda bummed me out a bit at each of those shows. Maybe it's me, maybe I'm the guy you hate to be next to at a show, but I like to sing along, drum on my legs if I'm sitting, or in the air if I'm standing, like to move around, clap raucously after a particularly good solo break, all that... and at the Tori show, it was really quiet during the songs. I understand going in for a total pin-drop silence during a song like Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat," or "Marianne" from Boys for Pele, but the songs she was cranking out last night were full-on rock songs, with killer drum parts (Chamberlain is truly one of my all time favorite drummers, right up there with Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree and Neil Peart from Rush), and a hugely full bass-guitar-piano mixes with Tori's piercingly true vocal style... I was aghast at the low energy of the crowd at times. Intimate rooms, sure. Keep it down so we can hear the music, and the show appreciation afterward, but this was a 3,000 seat (approx) hall, with a blazing light show, loud rock mix, and I would look from Tori's scampering fingers around the other way to see the crowd and it looked like people were watching a movie. If you've ever turned around for a moment in the movie theatre while the movie was going on, you know what I mean. Blank stares. A see of faces in the same position and emoting as little as I imagine people do in front of their big-screens TVs at home. I might be overreacting, but I feel like people have forgotten how to have a good time at a live musical performance. It's like their watching it on TV, only louder.

      One humorous modern-day trapping that is worth mentioning, is that there were at least 100 people in the audience, in the first 50 rows, that were taking pictures with cell phones, point and shoot cameras, and iPhones. I suppose now that people's phones are cameras, the venue-police can't really take away your ability to call the babysitter at home or dial 911... so cameras are what - permitted at shows now? Cool, I snapped about 95 shots myself. Just on the iPhone, so the quality is not super, but here are a couple for you to check out. The funny thing was looking at the stage from the balcony, you could see several dozen little LCD screens all lit up with the same color palette that was on stage at the time. It had kind of a cool effect.

      Tori's singing and playing were excellent, and the arrangements of the songs with Matt, Jon and Dan were well put together. I think overall the mix was fairly muddy there at the Palace, but I really think it was more the room than anything else. I just feel like the guitar parts and the bass parts could have been a little more distinct. They were a little too fully blended in with Tori's piano for my taste, but I guess it's her show right? The stage lighting made up for what was a pretty stoic band, they were all fairly occupied with what they were doing... not a lot of running and jumping and guitar hero-ing going on, just expert execution of loads of complex and textural additions to Tori's beautiful and challenging songwriting. Her solo piano middle-section to the show was spotlight-gobo-branded "T & Bö." (Tori and her Bösendorfer) This portion of the show really warranted the breathlessness that the crowd seemed to be experiencing. I was swept up totally. After the interlude, the entire floor crowd all stood, and as if pre-organized, walked toward the stage for the last act of the show, plus the encores, and enjoyed incredible versions of "Precious Things" and "Tear In Your Hand," both from Amos' first release. The two hour show ended after only one encore, but a brilliant finale it was.

    17. Chad! says:

      I’ve seen Tori several times throughout the years

      hands down this is the BEST i’ve ever seen her.

      In nearly every category, the show transcended what I’ve seen her accomplish live on stage.

      If you’re a tori fan, especially one who’s familiar with most all her work, you must see this tour.

      sell what you need to, do what you must- be there.

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    Please include the name you want us to use as your photo credit. Pick something unique, as you would for a forum login. Each credit name must be different in our [photo] database. If you see a photo (or video) posted here that has been credited to the wrong person, let us know right away.

    If you have a video you'd like to share, or you've come across a cool video you think we should add, email us the URL. If you've taken video but aren't able to post it online yourself for whatever reason, you can send us the file and we'll make it available through our YouTube account.