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1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 11, 2007
    City New York City, NY
    Venue WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden


    Thanks to Moonlitwindow and Frank A for texting in the setlist!

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Pancake
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Silent All These Years
    • Cool On Your Island
    • Cooling [complete with brambles]

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    Bliss (filmed by neonchaos)

    Fat Slut (filmed by neonchaos)

    Teenage Hustling (filmed by neonchaos)

    Big Wheel (filmed by neonchaos)

    Crucify (filmed by StsSunnyCharlie)

    Pancake (filmed by torikilledmymonkey)

    Bells For Her (filmed by seasecret658)

    Privates In Public improv (filmed by torikilledmymonkey)

    Silent All These Years (filmed by Scheme)

    Cooling (filmed by seasecret658)

    Digital Ghost (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Hotel (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Hey Jupiter (filmed by seasecret658)

    Photo Sets


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    1. Travis says:

      Tori was fierce tonight. Full of power and raw energy. Her voice has never sounded better. A truly amazing show.

    2. martin says:

      This show was insane – the song selection was so good, and she sounded amazing.. Pip came out and really rocked it, started off by showing her ass to the audience, bending over the piano stool suggestively, and giving us the finger at the end of the set. Guess it pays to play different personas. Bells for Her really stood out for me – it had a beautiful intro.. hopefully it will be available live. Siren was a surprise.. The cute impro was how she missed us when she was in eastern europe, and had to throw her shoe at some ‘fuckhead’ over there, and how her big security guard had to go and get it from some girl who wanted to sell it on ebay.. (and she happened to wear those very same shoes) then she went on about how her seat ‘jiggled’ on the airplane, and how the woman next to her was touching her privates in public.. i mean, funny like hell… Always great to see her live, but for me, this was really superior to the last couple of times I’ve seen her.. so I went home and got tickets for tomorrow.. ! Amazing.

    3. Tony says:

      Hey All, I haven’t seen Tori in a few years and was so glad I made it tonight! Two highlights for me were “Hotel” and “Siren”, neither of which I’d heard live before. And the T&Bo section was great all the way through. I’d felt like lately Tori live had been a bit indulgent with really long, drawn out live versions, but tonight she proved me wrong; the songs were well-arranged and mostly stunning.

      “Bells for Her” had a gorgeous intro and this version of “Crucify” was especially sweet. And I bet she does it a lot, but singing the background vocals during the bridge of “SATY” is really effective.

      I’m not a big fan of “Pancake” or “Digital Ghost”, and sometimes the effects on her vocals were a bit much, but overall I’m so thrilled she’s doing this kind of rock show – having Pip was great; I just feel like Tori standing up to sing is such an emancipation in a way. Cheers!

    4. Scott says:

      I have been a loyal tori fan since 1998. And I’m slightly ashamed to admit that since about 2 years ago I’ve started falling off the Tori wagon- I have felt like her voice was just fading away, and not nearly as expressive or powerful as it used to be. She sounded strained, and weak, and I just wasn’t into it. So, I went to this show thinking I would be met with the same low-energy/lazy performance I felt we received in the Beekeeper tour.


      I have seen about 15 Tori shows since 1996, and this was the best one i have ever seen. Tori’s voice has never, ever, ever sounded better. I know, I know, you probably don’t believe me. I’ve been reading these reviews and people have said the same thing and I just didn’t believe it. But it is TRUE. I was completely shocked/amazed/overjoyed. She was on FUCKING FIRE. Songs that I have heard probably 80% of the times I’ve seen her live, like Silent All These Years, Cooling, and Cornflake Girl, were mesmerizing. She was so connected, and so fucking intense and beautiful. Her singing was so much richer and multi-faceted than I’ve heard before.

      It was just so wonderful to see her up there, in her absolute prime. She seemed so sure of herself…so confident, so in control, but still so passionate and zealous and then gentle and loving…it was so so so so so fantastic.

      I am so glad I got a ticket for tomorrow night as well.

      Let me just say, as a gay man, I have never been actually, officially turned on by Tori. I mean, sure, so many of her performances and songs have gotten me revved up, but i’ve never actually looked at her and thought “fuck…i want to fuck her”. Well, tonight during her performance as Pip, i did. I seriously did. She embodied everything that is dirty, raunchy, racy, damaged, bold, daring, confrontational…it was fucking incredible!

      Ok i’m done. Viva Tori!

    5. martin says:

      By the way – doors were at 8, and she was on at 8:45 – people were still coming in through the first few songs… so get there on time tomorrow if you want to catch the whole set… and not disturb everyone else! :)

    6. Jeff says:

      Hey everyone!

      All I can say is – finally! This was my first time seeing Tori, and I am beyond impressed and practically speechless. People have told me in the past that you never really can appreciate the artistry behind this woman until you see her live onstage, thriving and breathing under the lights, and honestly, they were right.

      So many highlights tonight – “Cool on Your Island” was a sweet surprise… and “SATY” left me breathless. Pip rocked out with her cock out and was fierce. Great to see her liberated from the confines on her piano bench for a few songs. Although she got right back into the groove and pulled off an AMAZING setlist.

      I’m rambling. But I hope everyone there enjoyed the show! Hello to Dustin from Jeff and Michael! Can’t wait to see this Tori again live. I’m becoming a Toriphile. :)

    7. Lars says:

      I have seen Tori on every tour multiple times since Dew Drop Inn in ’96…This was easily one of my top three shows. Tori and the Band Rocked. The set list alone shows just how special this show was, Tori was at her best, and my friends and I were blown away by her choice of songs, both herself and Pip were in top form. Siren! Come on….This was a show for true fans…I will be seeing her again tomorrow.She truly shines at this venue, go if you can…!!!

    8. James says:

      Great show, but like too many Tori shows the sound was horrible and the drums/guitars drowned any delicateness from her voice or the piano. For the first half of the concert I felt like I could only hear the rightmost 1/4 of the piano.

      Incredible to hear Siren!!!

    9. JD345 says:

      Here are some pix.

    10. Brandon says:

      This show just left me with a big smile on my face. I loved that she rocked the house her first night in NYC! I have seen her six times and I have to say that his is the best she has ever sounded with a full band. Everything clicked, the songs were tight and her voice was amazing. “Digital Ghost,” “Siren “& “Bliss” were wonderful and hearing “Bouncing off Clouds” makes me very happy. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow so she can make me happy again on my birthday!!!

    11. Chad says:

      Tori and her dolls as we’ve never seen her on this tour

      ya’ll need to step away from your computers, give your boss a call, sell everything you own… then hit ticketmaster.com

      speaking as someone who’s seen tori as far back as 1996, this is the best i’ve ever seen her- without question

      PS- Tori has often said that her live performances are greatly influenced by the energy/presence within the audience….

      ...while I certainly don’t think Tori is ignoring the people who come on this tour, I think this time ‘round its much more about the characters/characteristics that she, herself is presenting. I think that has alot to do with the dolls, and the concept of the album and tour

    12. Tara says:

      Agreed. This show was awesome. Too bad my seat was obstructed and I missed Jon for the entire show. I really liked the guitar. I wish it was louder and the base was a little lower. Set list was perfect. I was so happy that we got Pip tonight. She is my favorite. So sexy and full of fire.

    13. robbit says:

      ok…so…i wept. amazing. i’ve never seen her like this. i was SO happy to see Pip come out tonight…today during the video chat i had a feeling that she may be the visitor and am SOOOO happy that i was right. tori made a reference today about how she couldn’t imagine life without rubber. YAY PIP!

      the set list was more than incredible… never have i ever seen this much energy flow out of tori. so, so, so happy that i got to see tonight’s show and am really looking forward to tomorrow as well…

      personal highlight: cool on your island—i’ve always wanted to see that live.

      VIVA LA PIP!!!!!!!! I would have payed big bucks to see ONLY that part of the show (not that the rest of the show wasn’t equally as amazing—but hot damn…Pip really rocked out tonight).

      i really, really cannot reiterate how AMAZING this show was tonight. i’ve seen tori so many times and this was just incredible. the best. she’s said that she’s peaking…and i really believe it now. i hope this peak lasts for YEARS to come… tonight’s show is what i’ve been looking for for the past 20 years. arrr!!! amazing.

    14. keith says:

      yea everything everyone else said pretty much…tori was spot on although no one mentioned Pip getting down all all fours like a cat and rocking back and forth before smokey joe…haunting bizarre amazing

    15. Thomaz says:

      There is so much to say about this show. First of all: this was the best fucking version of Cruel I’ve ever heard – live and on bootlegs. Pip made me as straight as I can get. And I just screamed when I heard the very first chord of Teenage Hustling. Everything was great. The improv was so funny and ... yeah. I think this was my favourite show. I mean, she played Hotel ;)

    16. Danelle says:

      Tonight’s show was simply the best performance EVER. I absolutely loved Pip, her rubber, and sensual power on stage. Tori truly did give us all a gift by playing such an incredible set. I saw many tears around me.

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Great

    17. Lisa says:

      I was stoked for tonight, even though our tix were for furthest section from the stage. So, imagine how super-stoked I was when Smitty gave us FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!!!
      I haven’t seen Tori from the from row since the Little Earthquakes tour, and it was just as good tonight. Pip was A-fucking-mazing, and the set list was top shelf. Makes me wish I could go tomorrow night too!

    18. Corey says:

      Just wanted to make a correction. When it was time for T & Bo she was doing her little ditty about her shoes and the fuckhead etc…. but then she went into the jiggling seat part. She said she looked over and said OMG OMG to see her 7 year old next to her. She told Tash that we never play with our private parts in public. and Tash said Ok. Tori then said she thought it looked like a good idea….. it was a highlight for me and had me cracking up!

    19. Stinky says:

      People are not just talking when they say this was the best show they’ve seen. This was my eigth since 98, and I absolutely concur. As a show-woman, Tori has perfected her act. Pip was so raunchy New York City rock, and as Tori she seemed a little bit country. I think she must have even wowed the security people, if for no other reason than he versatility in musical styles. I think it was her loudest performance I’ve seen, but if you love the music, you don’t mind at all.

      There was too much to comment on, but. Only thing I can say is, Poor Tash!—her mom announcing to everyone that she joined the “mile-high club” solo.

    20. Kari says:

      I have been to fifteen Tori shows now, and with the exception of the Strange Little Tour show (10/11/01 – 6 years to the date of last night), this was the best Tori Amos show I have ever been to. Even though many of the songs in the set were pretty standard, she blew them out of the park. Her vocals were spot on, her band is fantastic, and for her to take a song like Silent All These Years and make it more poignant and moving than ever is nothing short of miraculous.

      The Pip set, however, was a huge highlight. She was so unbelievably intense, and it was awesome to hear Cruel and Waitress.

      I also have to say that this was the most FUN Tori show ever. She was having a spectacular time, as did we. Thank you, Tori, for still kicking ass and taking names. In rubber tights, of course.

    21. Devin says:

      The Goddess has pulled it off again. From Pip’s swanky entrance, to being on her knees yet hands still on the keys, to an into to Bells for Her that melted my heart, to hearing Siren and Hotel for the first time live since ’98, to the Dakota’s exit, I felt a current so strong that nothing else can be said for me after my 21 Tori shows other than…honey, I will be back. She IS my cocaine.

    22. Amy Feltman says:

      I have to agree with everyone who has said this was the best Tori show they’ve ever seen. Bells for Her, which is not a song I usually look forward to, was absolutely beautiful. The piano intro to Crucify was also breathtaking, and sounded a little like Black Dove at first so I was completely taken by surprise. Digital Ghost really came alive for me last night. Can’t wait to see her again tonight!

    23. Gregory says:

      I had tickets for both Boston shows next week, but have to travel on Thursday, so luckily I was going to be in NY when she was here so I got a ticket for WaMu and was blown away! I’ve seen her many times but not with a band and she really rocked the house. Can’t wait to see her next week in Boston.

    24. Chris says:

      Just wanted to chime in with a few things. Awesome show. She sounded incredible. I always forget how recordings or bootlegs of her shows do not come close to doing her justice.

      -What a great pleasure it was to hear The Waitress plugged style. Just amazing.

      -At the start of Crucify her keyboard was on the wrong setting and after she played it a few times while still playing the piano, her tech came out and fixed it.

      -I wish the house had known she was starting at 8:45 and flashed the lights in the lobby or something. People were still streaming in during Smokey Joe.

      -Teenage Hustling was awesome, but the lights were blinding! I couldn’t look at the stage at all during this song.

      -Dan Phelps the guitar player was on stage playing for every band song except Cornflake Girl, Bells for Her, and Siren. So he left when she introduced them and came back after T&Bo. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      Can’t wait ‘til tonight!

    25. Tony of Brooklyn says:

      Holy Flippin Pancakes Batman!!!

      Can I get a what what? I am sure I can. So my boy Jeffrey Anne and I waited to get tickets till 7 30, (we would have waited longer, but we saw this fierce girl Tina getting tickets so we jumped behind her.) We ended up in Section 102, Row N, which means nothing to anyone except that we had a better view of the stage then what the box office was offering earlier on.

      Oh wait!! I am going totally out of order.

      I ended up at the Meet And Greet, which for tonight’s NY kids, um, it’s on 33rd and 7th I believe, I will be there all over again (issuing a number system where everyone has ones on their hands… because I am an evil genius.) Anywho, Jeffrey Anne and I ended up at the M&G, and we were like the last people to get some time with our favorite orange haired lady, (come on guys, that wig is totally not red, nor is it auburn, its Orange). She was so super great, and for the first time ever, I was like, relaxed upon contact of meeting her. I was like, “Hey Tori, I am late for class, Women, Gender, and Music, and we like are gonna study you in a few weeks, is there a message I can bring back to them?” Now I figured that she would give me a “tell everyone I say hi, and whatever.” But no. I got this very poignant monologue about it being more important then ever to fight, and that we all can and have the right to create, and it was really deep, and of course I didn’t write it down, because I was too busy thinking to myself, wow, I am not freaking out right now. I rushed back to class, and I think I earned an insta-A and status as teachers pet. :) Thanks Tori!!

      The show.

      No lights were flashed, so we missed Cruel, but Pip is bitchin. For some reason Tori found it important to do Yoga during the set, she was on all fours doing happy-cat, and under-dog, or something I don’t know the terms for yoga, except she flipped a great tadasana at the end of the set and walked off with so much attitude my grandkids are gonna be feeling it… I loved it!!

      Then came the danceable Prof. Wid. I was dancing like it was Studio 54… not enough people were then I started to feel self-conscious, but I kept going… this feeling would come later during BOC, but I digress.

      Highlights for me, Cooling with Brambles, which I told Jeffrey Anne she would play… and Siren, (prepare for a self-centered Tori Moment) which I think she played FOR ME, even though she didn’t know it, because it’s my boyfriends fave song and he wasn’t there, and her playing it made me feel closer to him… sigh, tori is so insightful. (That was a joke, right, you all caught that, I hope.)

      And Digital Ghost and Hotel (which I haven’t heard since 98). I wanted to hear Digital Ghost, and I did, and it was FLIPPIN AMAZING. So I guess that’s it… better get ready for tonight’s show.

    26. Dru (a dirrty martini) says:

      I last saw Tori in West Palm Beach for her Summer of Sin tour and I was left slightly disappointed. It was just her and the piano and I thought for someone her age, it’s understandable her voice is not what it used to be.


      Sorry, I’m still excited. I’m going to see her again tonight. I hope we get Santa, but honestly, Tori makes any song sound so much better live. I just don’t know how such a tiny person can belt out so richly and beautifully.

      Cruel was a great grabber and her vocals were absolutely unreal. It was amazing. Bliss was very pleasant. I loved how she then got down on her knees and screamed (beautifully and coherently) Fat Slut. It was awesome. Smokey Joe and Teenage Hustling were rather good. The crowd and I went nuts when she started to play The Waitress. It was kickass. Pip, you fucking rock. Thank you.

      The Professional Widow remix was rather cool. I have always loved the Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix of that song. Not sure if it was the same remix though. John and Matt did their thing. It was just really cool.

      Then Tori came out in her cute little flashy get up. I think it was maroon or something, and it would shine whenever she was lit up by the stage lights. The crowd and I danced and sang along to Big Wheel. Such a fun song. Her next performance of Crucify was very good. As was Pancake and Cornflake Girl. I love when she purrs into the microphone. We all fucking love it. Bells For Her was so captivating, it really moved me. I was happy to see this live. I had no idea what she was singing next until she began to sing the chorus. Oh! Siren! It was a good performance. I cried throughout her Tori and Bo set. Silent All These Years, Cool On Your Island and Cooling were stunningly beautiful. (I was a little ticked off, however, because this annoying fat guy arrived to the concert late, with food, and made the people in front of me get up during Silent All These Years and I was like, are you kidding me? Are you serious?) Anyway, I was never a fan of Digital Ghost, but of course, it sounded much better and amazing live. I was surprised by Hotel. I was in awe, and I got the chills when she sang that ‘Exit 75’ bit. Really, really good. I like Code Red on the album, but Tori fucking rocked it live. It was really, really spectacular.

      Then everyone rushed to the stage. Fuckers. I’m gonna beat you all tonight. Tori sang the expected but awesome anyway encore. Precious Things, Bouncing Off Clouds (I personally feel she sings the word clouds a little too weird and awkward, but it’s still good) and Hey Jupiter.

      It was the best concert I have been to. Tori, you are fucking amazing! Oh, my God. I hope she comes out tonight as Santa.

    27. Kevin says:

      The energy and drive that propelled Pip at the start of the show was mind-numbing! I was a bit wary as to the “doll” aspect of the show…just a gimmick or something more? I didn’t want to just see Tori play dress-up. Wow. WOW. That person that slithered onstage in rubber tights was not Tori Amos. The mannerisms were different, the look in the eye. She was 100% committed, and for Tori Amos that’s something you need to see in person. I’m beyond impressed, in fact, I was devastated by her awesomeness!! The Pip set was off the charts.

      The technical difficulties at the start of “Crucify” were unfortunate, but she worked that out just fine. The piano in “Siren” was otherworldly. Driven, intense, flawless. I agree that “Bells for Her” was exceptional. So haunting, yet gorgeous at the same time. I also liked the change-up to the keyboard in “Big Wheel,” very nice.

      “Pancake” was an unexpected surprise, but I wish she’d played the “Ohio” bridge. Oh well! “Code Red” was on a whole ‘nother level than the album version. It really came alive for me last night.

      In all, she seemed to be quite relaxed and enjoying herself. Her voice was the best I’ve heard, the piano was the best I’ve heard, and the band (as usual) was tight, strong and the perfect compliment to Tori.

      Tomorrow’s my seventh show (my first was the “Plugged Tour”) and I hope I get to see Santa! After my warrior woman, I need a little sex kitten to start my birthday weekend off right!

    28. Robert Schrader says:

      Ye old blog has been updated with videos and a short review. Enjoy!

    29. Matt says:

      Tori was SO amazing last night. I have seen her perform 3 times before and this was definitely the best one. The only thing that ruined a few songs were these obnoxious drunk people (who were probably on E) in front of us who thought it was a rave and their chance to show everyone just how far they could take PDA. they were so obnoxious that it took attention away from a few of Tori’s songs which sucked.

      That being said—

      Tori was GREAT!! Pip opened the show as an extremely fierce, sexual character and it was great. The highlight of her set was most definitely THE WAITRESS, a song I wasn’t ever that fond of but now love after last night. Then Pip gave the audience the finger, left and Tori came back.

      The highlight of Tori’s set was definitely HOTEL, as you could feel the energy between her and Jon going back and forth so well and her voice sounded amazing. Also amazing were Bells For Her, the 3 songs during the T&Bo section (Silent All These Years, Cool On your island [during which she actually belted!!!] and Cooling with the brambles part], Precious Things, and Hey Jupiter (on which she hit every note perfectly as if it was 1996). Vocally, Tori has never been more on. It is like we lost her for a little bit but now she is back and better than ever.

      I cannot wait for tonights show.

      I will post a link w/ some meet and greet pictures in a bit.

      [Ed. Note: if you send us your photos at the address listed at the bottom of this page, we'll be happy to post them here!]

    30. Jeffrey Anne says:

      As my boy Tony of Brooklyn said: last night, in a word, was fantastic.

      It was sort of strange because it came full circle for me last night. I remember just turning 15 and seeing her for the first time at the same theater in May ’96. And I remember being amazed then and not thinking it could get any better. But with all the tours and all the shows over the past 11 years, it has done just that…gotten better and better and better with time. She really is like a fine wine.

      As we all know, and as we all do, she has some great nights and some somewhat off nights. Last night was ON ON ON!! So pissed I missed Cruel…come on Wamu, you need to flash some lights or something! That damn theater is so well insulated, we couldn’t hear her from the lobby or anything. But I digress. Smokey was CRAZY with her crouching and lunging like a tiger in the beginning. Waitress was as spicy as those versions back in 98.

      I can honestly say the versions of Silent, Cool on Your Island, and Cooling were likely the best I have ever heard. So quiet and timid yet so forceful and driving. Beautiful and long intro to Bells. Siren was great as always. Digital Ghost was another highlight – this one is so much better live than on the cd. Bouncing off Clouds is SUCH a good encore song, so fun to groove to. As is the Pro Widow remix (c’mon guys, you’ve gotta shake your groove thang tonight!).

      Oh, and the meet and greet was probably the smallest and most tame I have ever been to. Probably only about 12-15 people there. (Maybe the pouring rain had something to do with it?) I asked her if Horses and Blood Roses with the band were going to come out for a spin – those effers rock my world with the band – and she said her and the guys were learning them. Thus, expect many more surprises from Miss T in the coming months. I will send pics of the m+g when I get a hot second.

      See everyone tonight at the show and m+g. For all those interested, the m+g was around 3:30 pm yesterday on 33rd between 7th and 8th, closest to 8th ave amtrak entrance. Tony and I will be wearing leather so come say hello. Hopefully, she won’t get any ideas and play that song for what I am sure will be a santalicious night tonight…

    31. Alyssa says:

      I just want to reiterate what everyone is saying: Tori was in such good form and was absolutely spot on. I have seen her every tour since Choirgirls and I agree her voice has never sounded better live. I was truly impressed.

      What shone through was what an amazing performer she is. From the outrageous outfits & styles, the dancing, the grinding, her hilarious improv anecdotes, etc. – this was not just some woman playing the piano - this was a true performance from top to bottom. The arrangements were nailed down perfectly and everything was so tight.

      She played a lot of the songs very close to their original versions which was actually quite fun after getting used to their ‘live’ versions. I’m so pleased she played ‘Cooling’ with the brambles bridge! I never understood why she cut that out.

      I agree that Tori is really at her prime, and I think she is out to show everyone that she still has it. And damn does she!! I can’t wait for tonight’s show! I’m hoping to see Santa… although after last night I think whatever she chooses will be amazing!

      Oh – and one other thing. Was it just me or did she say something about “if you’re bored” she’ll be returning to play in NYC in December ??

    32. Dana says:

      I’ve been a loyal Tori fan since 1994 and this was my 17th show. The people are not lying. This was one of the best shows I’ve seen. I’ve been waiting since the Cooling B-side came out to hear the brambles live. FINALLY my wish came true!!! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Beekeeper tour, so for this show to rock the way it did was really awesome.

    33. Brian says:

      A new fan here. Fantastic show in New York. It was my first time seeing Tori live and I think it’s going to become addictive. Believe it or not, it was American Doll Posse that got me into her music and made me fall in love with her back catalogue. I loved Cruel, especially in its extended live form which included some amazing high notes that she nailed perfectly. Fat Slut is a superb number; I loved how she crouched down and then rose up in the beginning. It gave it so much character.

      Pip brought out so much energy, I was amazed. Other highlights for me were Hotel, Cornflake Girl, and Pancake. I think I’ll be seeing her again!

    34. Howard says:

      This particular show was very special to me for two reasons. First, I was able to finally meet Tori for the first time. The Thursday Meet & Greet was extremely pleasant (despite the pouring rain). There were only 20 or less of us and Tori spent alot of time with each person. So many people told me that meeting her would be one of the best experiences of my life. They were all right. I talked to her about being a musician and my piano skills improving and she talked to me about how she mastered her skills. She was so in depth and stared into my eyes the entire time. I requested “Spark” for the Friday show because my friend was coming with me and seeing Tori for the first time and was dying to hear that song. I asked for “Cooling” for the show that evening.

      Well, the show blew me away. How can you not like Pip? She’s meant to be the sexy rock chick that tears sh*t up at a performance. When she came out and thrusted her ass out to us, it was just too much. I loved it. The best moment for me was when she played “Cooling” during T&Bo. Naturally, it was emotional for me. Whether she had planned on playing it or not, I still would like to believe she did it for me. And throwing “Silent All These Years” in the solo section was pretty tear-jerking as well.

      A wonderful day and night spent with Tori. I did go to the Friday show as well, but I wanted to review this one because it was so much more magical for me.

      Link to my photo with Tori.

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    If you want to submit photos or videos, mail them directly to Violet. (If you're submitting both, it's fine to include them in the same message.)

    Image files should be no larger than 640px in height and under 100kb. If you cannot resize your own images, we can do it for you, but be aware it will take us longer to get them up.

    Please include the name you want us to use as your photo credit. Pick something unique, as you would for a forum login. Each credit name must be different in our [photo] database. If you see a photo (or video) posted here that has been credited to the wrong person, let us know right away.

    If you have a video you'd like to share, or you've come across a cool video you think we should add, email us the URL. If you've taken video but aren't able to post it online yourself for whatever reason, you can send us the file and we'll make it available through our YouTube account.