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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 12, 2007
    City New York City, NY
    Venue WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden

    Tori’s parents were in attendance.

    “Taxi Ride” was on the written setlist during the encores but was not played, probably due to time constraints.


    Thanks to the folks from the forums for piecing together the setlist!

    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • My Posse Can Do
    • Sugar
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • Winter
    • Carbon
    • Baker Baker

    Band Returns

    • Almost Rosey
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter


    Sugar (posted by seasecret658)

    Sugar (posted by melorocker)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by melorocker)

    Cute Boys improv (filmed by brittanybijoux)

    Jesus Is Love improv (filmed by brittanybijoux)

    Precious Things (posted by judeluo)


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    1. Peter Michael Smith says:

      I didn’t believe it when people kept saying it, but yes it is most definitely true- Tori is bringing it on!!!

      I’ve been to almost 15 shows, and tonight was by far one of the best I’ve seen.

      Part of what might have made it so special was the fact that her parents were in the audience tonight. Her dad was SO CUTE, and working the crowd before the show and talking to people, posing for pictures etc…

      It seemed to make Winter most touching.

      So for those of you wondering about what she played… I didn’t write it down but this is what I remember. Order isn’t at all correct in the middle.

      There was a great improv about being a New York Boy, and how cute the audience was.

      Then there was one improv/song that was pretty wild, all about Jesus is Love. Something about Bushes burning on the cross. She even dropped the n bomb twice. It was crazy!

      But here is what I remember.

      Body and Soul
      My Posse Can Do
      You Can Bring Your Dog
      Space Dog
      Secret Spell

      Big Wheel
      A Sorta Fairytale
      Cornflake Girl
      Spring Haze
      Doughnut Hole

      T & Bo
      Baker Baker

      Almost Rosey
      Code Red

      Precious Things

      Encore 2
      Bouncing off Clouds
      Hey Jupiter

    2. Amy F. says:

      Tonight’s show was absolutely incredible. I was very pleased after yesterday’s performance, but tonight I came out beaming, and my heart is still racing with joy. Santa’s Sugar was a thrill, especially the way she kind of spoke the words before the bridge instead of singing them. It was intense and fun, although Santa is not my favorite of the dolls.

      Little did I know what the rest of the show had in store! a sorta fairytale was lovely. The piano before Doughnut Song had me squirming in my seat; I had no idea what song was about to be played. Her piano intros this evening were electric, and she was extremely energetic throughout all the performances. I’ve never heard a better “Cornflake Girl,” either recording or live. The Jesus improv before Spring Haze was mesmerizing, and Spring Haze is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE so I was close to tears when she played it. Then I was actually moved TO tears during Winter, which I thought was especially beautiful and emotional tonight.

      I was not expecting Baker Baker or Carbon and was ecstatic to hear both of those songs— then, just when I thought I couldn’t be any more surprised or fulfilled, Almost Rosey and Spark!! I haven’t liked Almost Rosey before, but I found myself happily listening along. Everyone seemed to be engrossed in Precious Things tonight, with a very long “giiiirl.”

      All in all, the best show I could have dreamed of! I don’t know how I could ever see a better set!

    3. GhostGirl says:

      Tori (and Santa!) was ON tonight. She was so electric, and very playful, almost flirtatious with us. She sang one improv about being a cute boy in New York City and how much fun that must be. She also sang an improv intro to Spring Haze that was amazing. Something like “Where were you in oh-four” and “Jesus walked with women and ni—ers and homos” and “Burn those bushes.” My highlights: Precious Things (wow), Spring Haze, Carbon, Space Dog, and Doughnut Song.

      Spark sounded kind of off to me, but it has consistently sounded off this tour for me. Kind of off key or off beat or something. Likewise Almost Rosey. But Precious Things was ferocious, OMG. She said something right after about getting off the stage, that I missed. She left then through the back curtain and came back almost immediately to do BOC, which was very bouncy. Oh yeah, and Secret Spell at the beginning… I never really loved this song, it sounds so Sheryl Crow to me, but live it was really fun.

      HOWEVER: An open letter to the two girls behind us who insisted on shrieking their love at the top of their lungs before, during and after each song, at the most inappropriate times, and right in my ear: Thanks for ruining my sister-in-law’s experience. She was a Tori-virgin and I had high hopes, but she was left feeling cranky, slightly old, and baffled. I was just left irritated and deaf. I know you love Tori. We all do. Just shut up. Thank you for not screeching your way through Winter (unlike the rest of the audience. What the heck?), I appreciated that at least.

      All in all, an incredible set list and except for the shrieking, the best show I’ve seen, from any tour.

    4. brittanybijoux says:

      simply spectacular. Santa was sassy and sexy and gorgeous and fun and Tori was smiling, perfect, dancing, and impressing me like never before. Her two improvs, “New York Boys” or “To be Cute” and the “Jesus is love”, were unbelievable. The first fun and cute, the latter chilling. It was intense and heartbreaking.

      Highlights from a show full of highlights: Santa doing Sugar, def; my posse can do; body and soul; winter; code red and the improvs. Oh, god practically everything- everything.

      Lowlights: almost rosey. I am sorry Tori- I have loved ever single thing you’ve done, but this song makes me want to pass out.

      all-in-all: amazing amazing.

    5. Ryan says:

      Friday night was weird. After Pip, really wanted to see Santa. Santa came out tonight but didn’t really have the energy of another character. Basically felt like Tori in a blond wig as opposed to Thur night where Pip felt like a new artist altogether.

      The good news is that this felt more like a rarities concert, especially for New York. Sugar, Doughnut Song, a sorta fairytale, Almost Rosey, and Carbon came out tonight.

      After the first encore, Precious Things, Tori made a gesture as if they were getting kicked out. She came out for 2 more songs and acted as if they were going against venue rules. Pretty cool…although the encores were the same as Thur night.

      Am looking forward to the live recordings and DVDs as the band learns more songs throughout the tour.

      Regardless…last night she was on fire and will never forget.

    6. Julie says:

      Tori performed a lot of songs from her new album at this show, including Body and Soul, Bouncing Off Clouds and Big Wheel. I believe she came out as the character Santa before switching to Tori. This was my seventh Tori concert and this was definitely the most playful that I’ve seen her. You could see she was having fun with the character.

      Some of the older songs she performed were: Sugar, Spark, Carbon, Cornflake Girl, Spring Haze, Doughnut Song (amazing version! The highlight of the night for me), Winter, Baker Baker, Space Dog, Precious Things. She ended with Hey Jupiter.

      She had a great little improv where she sang about how great it is to be a “cute boy” in NY- heterosexual or homosexual. The audience loved it.

      One complaint I have is that there were 3 girls sitting directly behind who sang (rather poorly too) the lyrics to ALL the songs, and it really tainted my concert experience. This is a Tori concert, NOT a Bon Jovi concert or sorority sing-along, and what they did was extremely inconsiderate.

    7. Jesse says:

      Nothing substantial to add; just want to share my appreciation.

      Tonight at MSG was my first Tori experience. She was amazing. I am a new, proud fan!

    8. Angie says:

      Tori was amazing tonight. Last night and tonight were probably two of the best Tori shows that I have been to. I brought my boyfriend to both, it was his first Tori experience and he was simply blown away.

      Tonight Tori had great energy, but I noticed she was a little bit more toned down compared to last night… I guess I mean a little less provocative maybe. This may be due to the fact that her first character was Santa and yesterday was Pip. Nonetheless her performance absolutely took my breath away.

      She totally rocked when she played an incredible version of Sugar. The absolute highlight for me is that she played Space Dog… I was so psyched. It’s my favorite Tori song ever, and pretty rare to hear performed live. Ive been waiting for 29 shows to hear it.. and it was incredible. She also played a very touching and emotional (for me anyway) version of Winter.

      Her first encore was only one song, she made a comment they were kicking her out and ran offstage, but then came out and did two more songs. The encore songs were Precious Things, Bouncing of Clouds, and Hey Jupiter. All songs the same as last night’s encore, but beautiful anyway. Other than that Cornflake Girl and Big Wheel were the only songs that were also played last night.

      Tori is on fire again and I can’t wait to see more of it.

    9. Robert Schrader says:

      No videos tonight but Taxi Ride was on the written setlist in the first encore…

    10. Stinky says:

      The show was another winner in my book, although the previous night felt a little more complete. The contrast between East Village Pip and Upper East Side Santa was absolutely fitting for New York, as well as both their selections of songs. What happened with last night’s show was the contrast between Santa and Tori was not as defined as the contrast between Pip and Tori. Maybe she really wanted to be the other blonde tonight, considering her political “Jesus is love” improv and her performance of “Almost Rosey”. I think her set list was also influenced by the presence of her parents. A lot of things seemed to be happening to throw her off a little, but she knew how to handle it. Overall, Tori displayed nearly the same amount of versatility and power of the previous night, but as much as Tori has perfected her art, every night can’t be a perfect show.

      On a side comment—I think everyone needs to speak out against anyone causing any kind of disturbance at these shows that prevents anyone from enjoying their evening, and do everything in their power to prevent these disturbances in the future without resorting to violence.

    11. Matt Montondo says:

      This show was truly special. Tori’s parents were sitting front & center and they were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her mom was smiling and saying hello to everyone before she took her seat. Her father stayed standing signing autographs and posing for pictures. It was very nice of him. He seemed to really appreciate the fans. Even after the crowd around him all took their seats, he started to walk around and introduce himself to people who were already seated. It was the sweetest thing. You could tell how proud he is of Tori.

      Which reminds me… When Tori sang Winter, she looked right out at her father and smiled. I almost started to cry.

      Her improves were amazing. I loved the one about how it must be so great to be a cute boy in NYC. Her improvs are often about the girls so I love it when she throws something in about the gays boys.

      Her improv about Jesus made me start crying instantly. She started singing “Where were you in 2004? Then about Bush and then Jesus walking hand and hand with the leper, nigger, woman, man lover woman lover… She even said something like I know you’re here dad but…

      The entire show had so much energy. People much more pumped then on Thursday. Tori gave 100% and was flawless. I CANNOT WAIT for the bootleg downloads.

    12. Matt says:

      out of both nights this was definitely the weaker of the two. i talked to two other people (one who went w/ me to both nights and another who i hung out w/ after the meet and greet thurs) and they both seemed to agree last nights setlist was blah and that the show overall was boring. If last night was your only night out of the two I can see how you might have enjoyed it; however, if you had been to both, there was no comparison between last night and Thursday in my opinin.

    13. pork says:

      in my opinion, last night’s show was close to perfection.

      the ‘jesus is love’ improve preceding ‘spring haze’ was a visceral music experience. one i’ll never forget.
      so many times i was stimulated by different components of the show.

      everybody so wrapped up in ‘baker baker’ that everyone started clapping after ‘maybe not this time’. i’ve been seeing this song performed live since it was being performed live and last night was sort of a climax for that song (for me)...it was magical.

      of course i shouldn’t be surprised that last night has me feeling enlightened, empowered and charged.

      c’mon monday. here i come philly.

    14. Summerly says:

      I think this was one of the best shows I have ever attended — including last night, which is in my top 3! I have been attending Tori concerts for almost 12 years, and she is an ever-changing growing, inspiring artist! I loved each and every song, and I am going against the grain here — but I love Almost Rosey — I think if you know a person to whom this song applies, it will have a deeper meaning. Tori is a Goddess, and I was thrilled to have been in a crowd that was simply glowing with energy at the end of her show. Thank you Tori, Pip & Santa for bringing it all to the stage, once again!

    15. thepoetrycomplex says:

      when a friend asked me what i thought about last night’s performance, the only word i could come up with that best described the overall performance was “eh.” it wasn't bad. it wasn't mind blowing, it was what simon cowell would describe as “safe.”

      thursday night’s performance was brilliant and enchanting, and left me wanting to revisit tori’s first 3 albums and put them back on my ipod. i was so pumped about last night’s performance, i couldn't stop thinking about it all day. as with previous shows, when tori has been in new york back to back shows, i knew the last show always, always delivers and brings it home. unfortunately, with this show i did not feel as such. tori as pip on thursday, was believable. i almost forgot that this tori as this character felt like an artist all together. last night’s character santa felt to me as reviewer matt about said “tori in a blond wig”

      we all know tori as amazing and goddess like and i will always stand by that. she’s the most amazing artist ive ever heard both in and out of the studio. and we all have our bad nights. i’m just glad i was about both shows to be able to compare.

      on a positive note, sugar was amazing! and the jesus is love improv was mind blowing (Even though i winced twice at the N word) but hearing tori refer to jesus as love as opposed to other things she has in the past was refreshing.

    16. M says:

      This was my first Tori show and I thought it was AMAZING. We has great seats in the floor section. I was brought to tears during Carbon and Baker Baker – just so moving. The improvs were great. The setlist was fantastic – it was a sonic wonder.

      BUT – [here in the big BUT] I don’t know if the same two girls who GhostGirl had the misfortune of sitting next to happened to rush down to the floor during the encore, but there were two blonde girls who ran down from upper seats placing themselves right behind me during the encores and they SHRIEKED their way through Precious Things at such volume and pitch that Tori could not be heard by the people in my section. And believe me, the concert was loud. They managed to ruin the encores of an otherwise amazing show for the rest of us.

      Other than the encores – I cannot express what an amazing concert experience this was.

    17. Lars says:

      Both shows were fantastic.Impossible to say which is better, both so different and wonderful….Tori is at her best as is the band, and both shows complimented each other. Pip rocked it and Santa was beautiful..what a treat…she is a poet!

    18. Kari says:

      People who say this show was “boring” and “safe” were at a different show than I was. I thought it was absolutely unbelievable. Seeing both fantastic shows was a real treat, because they were so different but each had amazing qualities. The setlist last night was fantastic, the performances were loaded with energy and emotion, and I had a great time. Thank you Tori!

    19. carl says:

      the concert was great: a note about people posting their complaints about other fans ruining their experience.

      Last night two girls behind me were talking throughout the entire show, so by song 4, I just turned around, and with a smile said “will you girls talk after the show? thanks”. Smiling works. Just ask people to chill out and they will.

    20. martin says:

      Santa brought it, but Pip from the night before rocked way harder and had attitude to match… The songs were also more varied, whereas Santa was more on an ADP trip..

      The audience during this night was way louder – in a bad way.. do you really have to start screaming/shrieking in the beginning, middle and end of songs? Everyone there is a big Tori fan, and probably enjoy that piece of piano playing/lyric/line.. it doesn’t mean you have to drown it out when she plays or sings it! Really frustrating… and disrespectful!

      The improvs were great – ‘Jesus is Love’ was very structured musically, almost like a ‘real’ song.. and the ‘it must be cool if you’re a boy in new york city, if you’re pretty and not half dumb you can have a lot of fun’ bit was very funny too..

      Was very happy to hear some of my favourites, but hands down, Thursday’s show was way more intense and exhilarating for me….. :) She’s definitely on the top of her game!!!!

    21. sari says:

      holy…. wow. this was my 4th tori show, and each time proves to be a spiritual experience. i was brought to tears in just the first song, “body and soul,” when she belted out SWEET COMMUNION.... the absolute force and power behind her voice gets me every time. i had goosebumps the rest of the show, and teared up again during “sugar,” “dragon,” “carbon,” and the “jesus is love” improv.

      speaking of the “jesus is love”... i admittedly felt uncomfortable with tori using the n-word. i know she didn’t use it to be derogatory, but still, i just wish she wouldn’t have used it.

      but regardless, this was definitely the best i’ve seen her, and i can’t wait for the philly show. here’s crossing my fingers for pip!

    22. John says:

      Just to let you guys know, Taxi Ride was written on the official setlist after Precious Things, but it was skipped because of time constraints.

    23. John says:

      To start off it was my favorite show of the three Tori concerts I’ve been to. Couldn’t have been more flawless voice wise or musically, even the venue and the lighting all added to the overall ambiance. As probably one of only five black people there, I must admit I was very uncomfortable with her use of the word “nigger”. I understand context and all of that, but it detracted from the point she was making in the song in my opinion. Not that I think she is racist, but it was a poor choice of words in my opinion. I actually brought my (black) friend who isn’t really a fan and he enjoyed it thoroughly, but he agreed that it was a poor choice. I think when ANYONE uses that word it requires some explanation because it’s so loaded. I don’t like it when black people use it or anyone else for that matter because it’s just unnecessary in this day and age and it’s divisive at its core and I’m not about that. However I can understand using it as a tool in your writing as an artist versus using it in your everyday vocabulary to degrade or devalue someone. Again though…excellent performance overall

    24. Tom says:

      Twas a long time since Holmdel for me, and I missed Tori during that span, but last night made up for all those long hot summer days and cold winter nights. Took the train from South Jersey, came into town, saw the best, and left hoping there will be an addition to her concerts this Spring. Too bad the Tower theater is such a bad place to get to or else I would see her Monday. Anyway, Precious Things was super as mentioned above, the light show during that set was top notch, I thought I was seeing Paul McCartney, for his shows always have that splendor. Tori is the best, love her and until next time…......

    25. I Love Tori says:

      This was my second Tori concert, although I have loved her forever! Last night’s show was incredible! Although, I do wish I would have been able to see Thursday’s show – from what I’ve heard about it… Which leads me to my point,,,, I know that some of you are complaining about the people around you screaming and what? – having a good time?? I am a married woman with three children and I very rarely get to have a night out and enjoy myself. My husband and I were at the show and trying to enjoy ourselves to the fullest! Yes, I got a little extra exicted and did do a lot of screaming (but at least at what I thought were proper times) and did a lot of singing – BUT I was having a Great Time! There were two girls sitting in front of us that seemed to have a problem with my “good time”. I started feeling very uncomfortable. At one point, I asked the woman sitting next to me if I was annoying her. She had the perfect answer! She said “you have the right to enjoy this concert in any way you feel fit”. Thank you – whoever you are! I mean, there were a lot of people showing their love for Tori – and I, a person who only seldom gets to go out, wanted to make the most of it! Before I left to go to the concert yesterday, my 6 year old son (who is a junior Tori fan) said “Mom, when you go to the concert you have to scream really loud”, And when I asked him, what I should scream he innocently said “YOU ROCK!”. So for all of you that thought all of us “screamers” were inconsiderate and disrespectful – I’m sorry but we had a Great Time and truly enjoyed ourselves, just as Tori wants! GO TORI – YOU ROCK!!!!

    26. Dru (a dirrty martini) says:

      Thursday night’s show ROCKED the house. I feel bad for those who weren’t there. Don’t get me wrong, Santa’s batch of songs were good and the rest of the concert wasn’t too bad, but it just lacked the energy Pip and Tori put on the night before. People that went to both MSG shows are more likely going to feel that Thursday night’s show was the best of the two, and you have to admit, it truly was. If you went to just Pip’s concert, yay for you. If you went to just Santa’s concert, and you enjoyed it, good for you. If you went to both…vote for Thursday! I hope it gets a bootleg. I love you Tori.

    27. alberto says:

      Oct 12. Show began at 8:55 PM. Show ended at 11:13 PM.

    28. emme says:

      As everyone has said, the Santa show was lovely, plus the venue was one of the best I have seen Tori play (even including the theater tour—I saw her at the Orpheum and the Hammerstein Ballroom, which were gorgeous, but somehow didn’t match the intimacy and sound quality of WAMU). I was so disappointed by the Beekeeper tour (I saw her in Baltimore, D.C., and Boston, as I mentioned, and as much as I hate to say it, all of the shows felt like she was a little out of practice, sort of just stretching the notes) it was a wonderful experience to see her in Madison Square garden doing the exciting sequined things she obviously still has up her sleeve.

      The ONE thing that disappointed me about this show was I saw close to the exact same one in Baltimore on the Beekeeper tour. She played Carbon, Winter, Spring Haze, A Sorta Fairytale, and I think Hey Jupiter. I get the idea that it’s sort of a Tori and her Family’s Favorite Songs/Greatest Hits night, which is actually a cool thing to witness, because it was so intimate. It was just personally disappointing for me since I already saw the one in Baltimore which all of her family attended. I am starting to feel like I’m bad luck.

      Overall though, this tour is amazing and I am happy she’s back to Scarlet’s Walk Tour levels of outrageousness. The show was so fun. And hit a nice harsh note with the Jesus is Love thing. As far as the n-word/woman/man and woman love improv, I think it’s clear she was more into referencing John Lennon than she was into hating. I know that many people think that word should be banned, and I agree, but it’s still in use (read the Tori/rapper interview) and I am sure she was using it to invoke a strong response of shock/outrage, and I get the sense from reading interviews that it was to combat the members of Congress who will be politically correct one moment and then say that Strom Thurmond should have been president, or that Obama is “articulate.” I found that improv incredibly moving… Pancake-with-the-Ohio-bridge type moving, and I am just happy to see her back with her shocking self.

    29. Eric says:

      This was my boyfriend’s first Tori experience and I really wanted it to be perfect. Unfortunately, there were three men sitting behind us that insisted on talking quite loudly and screaming literally every few seconds. Neither of us could pay attention to Santa’s portion of the show at all. My boyfriend asked the guys to tone it down, but of course they didn’t, with their f*** you attitude. At one point, the ushers came to shine a light on them and ask them to allow others to enjoy the show. Everyone sitting around the guys clapped and cheered at that point. I mean, c’mon, is it really necessary to scream each and every time Tori sings another line? Is it really a surprise each and every time that she is actually going to sing a song? And if you’re going to talk about the show, why not talk afterwards rather than during the show. I paid to hear Tori sing, not to hear your comments on each and every line that she sings.

      All in all, this was the worst concert experience I have ever had thanks to these three jerks. They eventually stopped talking, but continued to shriek sporadically. A little excitement and one or two well-placed cat calls every now and then is acceptable and even makes the show more enjoyable. But these guys were just over the top and it spoiled my experience, my boyfriend’s experience, and enough people found them annoying enough to cheer when the venue staff finally asked them to tone it down.

      I really wish I could have come here to write an actual review of the show itself, but unfortunately, these guys ruined the mood of the show for me.

    30. Michelle says:

      This was my sixth Tori show, and by far one of the best!!! When she sang winter, the whole crowd just became silent, and everyone in my section were wiping tears (including me). I just cant stop replaying the show in my mind. I would have stayed there forever if I could have… it was great though, she played for hours!

    31. Betsy says:

      This was my first Tori show. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance or song choices. It was like right after another the songs so close to my heart came alive. I was and still am blown away by the Jesus is Love song. She showed a really special and beautiful side of herself thru the song. I was not close to the stage, but I sat where Tori’s piano faced me so it was fun to see her hair go back and forth to my direction then to the center. It was great seeing her head to toe during the CFG solo and when Santa stood up during You can Bring Your Dog.

      I totally rested in each note vocally and instrumentally. Doughnut Song, Winter, P. Things, Baker Baker, Space Dog, Spring Haze, Fairytale, Almost Rosey, Body & Soul, and Dragon were my favorites. I REALLY hope a bootleg gets put out for this show!!! Thanks T. and band for making my 17th birthday a dream!

    32. Dana says:

      At the last minute, I decided to go to see Tori on Friday night at MSG. “Ticketbastard” released more tickets at one point last week, and I was able to get section 100 row R! :) I ended up sitting next to a really nice woman from Ireland, also sitting by herself, and we had a nice conversation before the show started. The show was bloody fantastic. Tori was full of energy, and her performance was flawless. This was, I think, the fifteenth time I’ve seen Tori in concert since 1996, and I swear, Tori gets better with age… it’s really nice to see her evolve over the years. She rocked! And the band rocked! This was, by far, one of the best I’ve ever seen her! (10.10.01 at the Beacon Theatre is still my favorite.) I saw Tori’s Dad walking up and down the aisles before the show, shaking hands with some the fans, a few rows in front of me. You can really see that he is so proud of her. I was literally in tears when she played Winter, she was looking at her Dad a few times while she was playing it… very emotional and beautiful. I thought it was really a great setlist. Precious Things… wow. I was so happy to hear You Can Bring Your Dog, Dragon and Secret Spell… they are my favorites off of the new album these days. Space Dog blew me away, and it was also great to hear Spring Haze and Doughnut Song. Could have done without Baker Baker, though. The Jesus is Love improv was very powerful… “Let those Bushes burn” and “Where were you in 2004… and Jesus walking hand and hand with the leper, with a ni**er, with a woman and with a homosexual… because Jesus is Love Love Love“… loved it. :) The whole experience was amazing… it really took me all weekend to take it all in and finally write about it. I wasn’t going to go Friday night because my life has been so busy lately, but last week my intuition was telling me that I needed to be there, and I am so happy that I went. It was a very special, magical experience.

    33. Rachael says:

      I just got back from my third Tori show. I’m from England, I went all the way to New York for this show (my first time in America also), and it was well worth it!

      I adored the beautiful piano in spring haze, and the fact she seemed very upbeat. Just a thought, the “cute improv” she did, well at the meet & greet a guy called out to her “Oh your so cute Tori!!” – Perhaps thats what inspired it?

      I was also really happy she played bouncing off clouds, as I had been singing it relentlessly around my sight seeing of New York and it just made the evening for me.

      I loved the improvs and the whole set, well worth my Toriphile pilgrimage =]

      P.S: We must not forget the briliance of Matty/Jon & Dan Phelps!! Love you guys!

    34. Alyssa says:

      First off I just want to say that I really enjoyed the show, I was hoping for Santa and I’m so glad I heard Dragon, etc. Although I have to say, Pip did have such a strong energy, I slightly prefer Thursday’s show.

      I do want to address ‘Jesus is Love.’ The improv itself was really moving and powerful and it was a highlight of the show for me. However, I also winced when she said the n-word. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it being used by artists for provocation, but I think the fact that it was used exclusively as the only derogatory word made it a little misplaced. If she had said “with a faggot” or “with a slut” or other equally offensive words to describe the people she was describing then that may have been more understandable. But it did seem a bit off color to me. Overall though I think her message was very moving and I really enjoyed that bit of the show.

      I really hope these NYC shows are available for digital download!

    35. teamjasen.com says:

      am I the only one that thought the sound was so low, like beyond low, i could hear myself whisper!! Amazing sets both nights in NY, but so anti-climactic in the volume that these amazing songs were performed in. Like the first night in NYC, I could not believe HOTEL, but what was even more unbelievable was how low it was, sorry I keep going on just a little sad.

    36. IsabellaR says:

      Spectacular, upbeat, amazing Tori show on Friday in NYC. Santa was on fire and Tori was so cute and fun. I was 6 rows back and there were a lot of empty seats down in front, so I helped myself to a 3rd row seat towards the end. I also got up close and personal for the encores being pressed against the stage. Bouncing off Clouds was explosive to me and a friend I made at the show, we made eye contact with Tori and took lots of pics. This was by far the best Tori concert I have ever seen, this was my 9th show. Everyone in the band was dead on and fabulous. Matt did not miss a beat and the entire night was dead on! I must say the “n” word big NO-NO! There were a few people that were offended enough to think she was a racist and are no longer interested in her work. I understand she was just trying to shock her parents and make a point, unfortunately I think the point was missed.

    37. Tom M says:

      I went to both shows but I’m going to comment here. First off, as many others have mentioned, the sheer power of the Thursday show was amazing. Out of the gate right until the end. I was considering not going on Friday, thinking how can the experience top Thursday’s show (I know, I know…don’t say it). After some thought (and few smacks to the head), I ventured into the city.

      To be honest it’s hard to compare the two shows. They were completely different in attitude, groove and mood. Outside of the last four songs, which were the same both night, and the remix of “Professional Widow”, which was the bridge between the opening set and the set proper; the only repeated songs were “Big Wheel” and “Cornflake Girl”.

      I can’t really say anything else on that but obviously such different content will make for a different show and personally I enjoyed both, tho’ I would lean to Thursday if you force me to, the energy was driving force. I can’t recall that I’ve ever seen a Tori show with that kind of energy.

      Tho’ I’ve seen Tori solo, I prefer having the band there as an option to mix it all up. Matt Chamberlain is flat out one of the best drummers alive!

      Other thoughts based on other comments:

      RUDE PEOPLE: well this is a generalization but I see 40-50 shows a year in NYC and the kind of things that people are commenting are very common…incessant talking, Blackberry grazing, singing. At the Lucinda William’s show at Town Hall (a week ago) the woman next to me, in the front row of the Loge no less, decided to sit on top of her chair and block the view of the person behind her, a fight nearly ensued and there were bad vibes all show long (this woman made it her mission after that to annoy the person behind her-nice). Anyway, as one person said, smile and ask nicely. Distractions, sadly, are part of the culture now and some people just don’t know better, whatever the nature of their behavior.

      SOUND: I’m not sure what to say here. One person said the sound was terrible, but they didn’t say where they were sitting (I was in Sec 200, Row M Thursday-dead center and Sec 201 Row G Friday-right side). Another person said it was loud.

      On Thursday the volume level was very high at the start of the show then was backed off. Chamberlain’s snare sounded muted the whole night, and Evans’ bass could be muddy. I felt the the middle of the piano got lost from time to time, but overall they got it right. The Theater, generally, has decent sound (the “Gold Standard” is Radio City). Friday’s mix was more even from start to finish. Some of this difference was down to the “attitude” of both shows and the different places I was sitting.

      Loud? Huh? Any show I can go to, where I do not have to wear earplugs and where my ears are not ringing at the end, is not loud.

      CURFEW: All shows run by MSG (MSG, The Theater, Radio City and the Beacon) have an 11pm stop time. This message is clearly still not getting to the artists as I’ve seen the “it’s 11 and we’ve got to get off stage” thing repeated over and over the last few years (the only band that gets a pass is the Allman Bros. Beacon shows and this is obviously negotiated).

      Anyway that’s what Tori was referring to on Friday about “being kicked off stage”. The Friday set started later and ran a little longer than Thursday so they were right up against the 11pm deadline on Friday as they left the stage. I was not expecting a second encore, but somebody allowed it.

      Since the 11pm thing is not going to change then the shows need to start promptly at a specified time and we need to know when this is. This is not too much to ask I think.

    38. Jillian says:

      so many things…the show was beautiful. the jesus is love improve had me barely breathing, wanting more.

      i thought the sound of the show was beautiful…however REALLY low. i was all the way in the back, section 302. nonetheless, i though the theatre had amazing sound. you could hear everything as clear as day.

      rude people suck. i have never in my life experienced a worse show in dealing with people. there were these girls and a guy behind us that were awful. 4 people next to us asked them to be quiet. that didn’t work, so they ended up leaving. we told the usher TWICE and asked him to move them or tell them to shut up. he didn’t do anything. i asked them once and they obliged for about 30 seconds. my friend asked them nicely as well and the one girl proceeded to laugh in her face and sing at the top of her lungs. that’s when the 3 of us that were trying to enjoy the show were not happy. we told them about respect for the artist and other people…only to get laughed at. this all happened during “winter” of course. we moved in the middle of the song to new seats. by then, my heart was pumping so fast and my face was as red as a lobster. i hate the drama. we’re at tori, not a white trash screaming match.

      i loved the show, but it was definitely not something i want to experience again. i’d give up seeing her live if that’s what i’d have to put up with at every show.

    39. Clara says:

      October 12 was my sixth Tori show, and it was a total blast. I brought my mother with for the first time as well, and she had a really great time.

      I agree with one of the above reviews regarding the “rarities” show. The past two or so concerts I’ve gone to see have featured fewer b-sides and older songs than I feel that this one did, and that made this concert all the more enjoyable for me.

      However, I’m confused by all the banter going on about “singing” during the show. I didn’t have the misfortune of sitting behind or around anyone who shrieked loudly or chattered through the entire concert, but I did sit near some people who sang, and it didn’t bother me at all. For me, singing quietly really helps a concert experience, especially a Tori concert because everyone in the audience is so passionate about her lyrics and her music. It’s nice to hear people singing their favorite songs or being excited when Tori begins to play an old favorite because it echoes my enthusiasm about the show. I like to know that other people are as excited as I am to be seeing Tori, no matter how many times they’ve seen her before. For me, watching a Tori Amos concert as though it’s a 65 dollar movie is really unrealistic.

      To scream or mosh or riot would, of course, be inappropriate, but to sing quietly can’t be such a terrible thing.

      Again, I’m not condoning wild behavior, and it certainly sounds like many people had really unpleasant experiences because of the volume of some people in the audience. However, it’s my feeling that asking audience members not to sing at all is asking a lot.

      All-in-all, Friday night was excellent. I can’t wait for Boston tonight!

    Reviews are no longer being accepted for this show.

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