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1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Landmark Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 13, 2007
    City Syracuse, NY
    Venue Landmark Theatre


    Thanks to winter.cherry.tree for posting the setlist as it happens!

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Roosterspur Bridge


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Parasol
    • Spark
    • improv
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Northern Lad
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • improv
    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Never Seen Blue

    Band Returns

    • 1,000 Oceans
    • Taxi Ride
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available as a digital download (mp3 and flac) from Legs & Boots.


    Juarez (filmed by dividingcanaan)

    Rattlesnakes (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Spank That Ass improv (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Northern Lad (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Yes, Anastasia (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Never Seen Blue (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Taxi Ride (filmed by Robert Schrader)


    892 892 892 892 892


    1. timothy, louie and nicole says:

      Tori was like my sisters’ car tonite …on fire!!! This show was amazing!!! We’re still freaking out!! Crowd was sooooo great!!! Lots of dancing and tons of fun.

    2. moondrops_dragontears says:

      Tori played an awesome show tonight. The first improv was about it being homecoming and a man in the ladies room. It was so awesome. I did not recognize the second improv tho. She did start Taxi Ride over again after a flubber. It was very funny.

    3. Keirin says:

      Tori was AMAZING tonight. I’m still floating and I don’t want to go to bed because then it means the night is over. This is the only concert I’m attending this tour, and I am content to have seen the performance I did. The energy she has this tour is effervescent – you can’t help but dance!

    4. cristina D says:

      Clyde was kick-ass, i dont care what anyone says! i was super happy that she included Beauty of Speed and Roosterspur Bridge. She really belted it at the end of Roosterspur. From what i could see i think Clyde was wearing a grey flowing suit thing with white chunky platforms.

      When Tori came out she was back to her jittery smiley self (i was afraid she’d seem a bit tired, having played 2 nyc shows then this one all in a row, but nooooo, she was on fire.) i could not see her shoes but she had an incredibly purple sparkle jumpsuit on.

      Parasol was great with the band, and i can’t tell you how much i laughed during the improv after Spark. She started out talking about how apparently it’s homecoming in syracuse and that she hopes we have fun despite the fact that we’re missing the dance. BUT, “you’re now with a former homecoming QUEEN.” everyone laughed, then she said, “Guys do you KNOW what was going on backstage??” Matty shook his head and she told them to give her a groove. She started singing very hip-hop like (i’m convinced that woman can do ANYthing with her voice) about a man who was on the phone and trespassing in the ladies room. she kept repeating the lines “spank that ass…” “i’m gonna spank that ass!” it was hilariously amazing.

      Cornflake Girl was super fun, and i couldn’t believe it when she started playing Northern Lad. My highlight of the night. Got me very choked up.

      The improv during T & Bo was very somber but beautiful, something about “praying that the father can cry, the land has been taken, every night i pray and the mother cries too.” i didnt catch all the words but it was something to that effect. Anastasia came suddenly after that and my jaw dropped. always wanted to see her do this. I was hoping for Merman next but I love Never Seen Blue and was happy with that.

      The band came back and launched into 1,000 Oceans- i started to see the pattern that she was playing a lot of songs about her husband. The mess-up during Taxi Ride was awesome, she was super cute about it and I could see Matt and Jon laughing. During the second time through it when she sang the line “i guess on days like this you know who your friends are” she pointed to the audience. The crowd also cheered when she got thru the chorus successfully the 2nd time around. :)

      The rest of the show was predictable songs, but no less from perfect. After the first encore she gave the guys hugs- but i was laughing when i saw all the guys hugging each other too!! haha. Jupiter was breathtaking, but I was sad we didn’t get another song thrown in the second encore. i guess she couldn’t due to time restraints.

      The Landmark is one elaborate theatre but i was a bit disappointed with the stage. it seems a bit small, and we had seats near the front but all the way to the right. they had big black speakers up that were blocking my view of the drums. it also seemed like the tori and the piano were pushed a bit too far back. and i noticed the curtains/lighting were different (maybe the theatre couldn’t accommodate her lighting scheme?) The audience was great, but very loud, meaning there was lots of claps and yelling during her songs (like if she was doing a piano solo or hit a high note) which i thought was a bit over the top. but glad to feel that the audience was into the show and showing her some love.

      Tori gave her all, as usual and left me in tears… This was my last show this tour, and so i am very sad to have it end. I hope it’s not too long before she tours here again! Love ya Tori.

    5. Paul Atwell / talulaboi78 says:

      Tori was ON tonight! Things ran a little bit late so she didn’t take the stage until about 9 p.m. which was much later than the Albany show I attended. The theatre was beautiful and had an empty orchestra put that was separated from the regular seating. Tori’s bodyguard Smitty upgraded some people’s seats to sit in the pit and really filled up the front of the theatre.

      The crowd was much less rude than the Albany crowd, and it was such a good, high energy group! There was a good exchange between what we were giving Tori and what she was giving back. She seemed to feed off of our energy. Her voice and the band were flawless, and I loved hearing Never Seen Blue. She messed up the beginning of Taxi Ride and it seemed she tried to catch up but ended up just starting from the beginning. Knowing that this song is about Kevin Aucoin, at the end she kissed her hand and raised it up to the ceiling which was really touching. I also LOVED her improv about the man in the ladies room and how was she was going to “Smack that ass.”

      The meet and greet was great, and Tori was very charming. We continued a conversation we had in Albany about me going to Nursing school and how her brother Michael was also a Nurse Anesthetist. She told me that even though he has been gone for a few years, he is still with her and follows her wherever she goes. She got a little sparkle in her eye talking about him, and I empathized with feeling the same way about people in my life that I have lost.

      I met a lot of amazing people this time who I hope to keep in touch with, mainly an amazing couple who flew here from Norway for 7 shows. Tori just has such an amazing and kind fan base. It is always great to make new friends during the tour.

      I’m still high from last night despite a 3 hour drive home in the rain. This show is definitely on my top 10!

    6. Sarah says:

      My husband Tom and I were lucky enough to get VIP Platinum for this show, and we were definitely not disappointed! I thought Tori’s staff were very friendly; they apologized profusely for a few delays – but quite honestly I enjoyed the delays since we were able to meet and chat with 3 great folks who were are looking forward to seeing in Buffalo = )
      Tori soundchecked Taxi Ride and Concertina for us. As a non-musician I really enjoyed watching the process of working out the kinks in the songs. I thought it was cute that Tori had a bag full of her songbooks she kept referring to as well = )

      Since things were running late we met with Tori in the theater aisle. Smitty was with her, and Allie (the nice lady with the cute boots who organized us) took backup pics in case ours did not turn out. Tori was very gracious and compassionate – and tiny! It was truly a pleasure to not be smooshed at a meet and greet in the cold.

      The show itself was amazing. There were no huge surprises, although Never Seen Blue was a great debut- but the highlights of the show for me were the “Smack that Ass” improv with the band (too funny), Caught a Lite Sneeze, and strangely enough my least favorite song on ADP, Roosterspur Bridge. I mean she REALLY belted it out. I love when Tori surprises me.

      The amazing thing about this show was that she seemed to be having so much fun! The guys were beaming along with her too, and just that positivity was a pleasure to see. The audience was great as well – no interrupting of solo songs, and not a single person in my vicinity sang along (thank god). That being said it was clear we all were enjoying her performance immensely, and I do feel she was able to take what we were giving and give back to us.

      I am hoping to hear Datura, Mountain, Not David Bowie, Bug a Martini or Suede at the Buffalo show = ) I can’t wait!

    7. Robert Schrader says:

      My blog has been updated.

      OH AND CLYDE HAS A NEW WIG. Less oppressive bangs!

      And I have many new videos.

      [Ed. Note: they have been added above -- thanks!]

    8. Irene says:

      Wow Tori was AMAZING. This is my fifth concert since 96 and she just gets better over the years. But, WHO was the opening act WE LOVED HIM and I can’t seem to find out who he was….:(

      [Ed. Note: the opener was Yoav.]
    9. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Just got back to New York from Syracuse…oh my god that effing drive took forever for some reason!!

      My fave show this tour is either a tie between NY#1 or Syracuse!! Clyde is my fave and she did not disappoint last night!!! BOC as an opener reigns supreme…I think there is no better way to open a show. The Little Earthquakes – Juarez – Rattlesnakes combo is killer. Clyde is so adorable cute and shy. It’s amazing how much Tori has nailed each character as time went on…

      The jumpsuits with the wigs are clownish but I am slowly getting used to them. Admittedly, the purple jumpsuit with yellow heels and orange hair was very hot.

      The “Spank That Ass” improv before Cornflake was amazing and brought the house down. Anyone who was there last night is forever entitled to say they were at the “Spank That Ass” show.

      No mention of Claire, the ghost that haunts the Landmark Theatre…she did an improv about her the last time she played there, I think On Scarlet’s Walk in March 2003. No problem – “Spank That Ass” was much more entertaining.

      I couldn’t tell if she fucked Cornflake Girl up or not. I am pretty sure she was playing on the off beat because she couldn’t hear herself (she was signaling that she needed more vocal pretty much all night long). It seemed like she would catch up then Matt and Jon would try to skip a beat and catch up to her then they would be off again. Or they were just playing with each other. Either way, once they finally synchronized they were grinning and laughing at each other for a good part of the beginning of the song. Tori in general seems like she is a lot more flexible these past couple shows…she isn’t afraid to throw in a couple cutesie piano lines here and there. Seems like she is finally 110% comfortable with playing with the guys again.

      Northern Lad and Sneeze were great!! Parasol even rocked as well – seems edgier and angrier this tour.

      Improv before Anastasia wasn’t as cheeky as the spanking improv. Something about going to bed every night and praying for her father. Very beautiful. Anastasia and Never Seen Blue of course were gorgeous.

      1,000 Oceans and Taxi were nice surprises. I know Taxi was cut from the set list on Friday in New York so it was nice to see she made it last night in ‘cuse.

      On another note, it’s nice to see downtown Syracuse on the upswing. Looks like all the money they directed down there is really starting to have an effect. Some really nice restaurants and stores now. Some really gave me the impression that I was walking around through Chelsea. But I don’t know how you people live up there in the winter – it was too cold for me even in mid-October!!

      Alright, I need some rest! I will see you all tomorrow in the City of Brotherly Love!

    10. concertina says:

      clyde and tori were smoking tonight a brillant show and the best tori show i have seen since the 5 and a half weeks tour in 1999

    11. Chad says:

      Ditto to all the beaming listed above….

      ..all I have to add/comment on is the face that T looks fab in her glittery jumpsuits. She looks wonderful, dressed similarly to the rest of the Posse. While I have every respect for T in every way, her colorful shimmering outfits this tour are a nice contrast to other stagewear she’s donned in the past

      I got to meet David (?) who was on the WTSF DVD!!!

      and I saw Lukus and his boyfriend…. and I met a huge Toriphile who actually lives in Binghamton…

      [Ed. Note: Huzzah for Binghamton!]

      ...I saw Matt Page (ever so) briefly….

      ......I saw Jaime from VA/DC area… I was really not expecting to see him, a pleasant surprise, of course…

      It was really good to see everyone!!!!

    12. robbie bobby kenny says:

      ok so the show was incredible, tori was SO happy! i’ve never seen her so energetic and bouncy at a show, jumping around, doing silly dances, it’s worth mentioning also that when she came out as clyde, she was not tori. this is not just someone putting on a wig and a different outfit she really IS these different persona’s, when she comes out as tori, complete change. it’s amazing. as my friend t-bone would say “tori’s so f’ing amaaaazing!” ;) the theater was beautiful, the show was amazing. i can’t wait until buffalo to see her again! tori we love you thank you for a truly astonishing night!

    13. ScaryDan says:

      I came across to the US for 3 shows (Albany, NYC #1 and Syracuse) and, as far as I was concerned, she definitely saved the best for last.

      I had VIPosse tickets for this show, as did a bunch of friends, and we had a GREAT time. As much as there were delays with soundcheck, it wasn’t a problem, Allie kept us all well informed (time for more beer), the bag was great, crowd free merch shopping is much more useful than it might seem on paper, and seeing the soundcheck was really neat, especially as they were working on a song they haven’t played yet this tour – it’ll be good to hear how it sounds when it comes up! They held the doors so that we could do the VIP meet and greet, which was really good. For me, definitely worth the extra price on the ticket, I loved it and would do it again in a flash.

      It was great to finish on Clyde – my favourite ‘doll’ in concert. Juarez was fantastic, and Bouncing Off Clouds and Little Earthquakes are both top 10 favourite songs. And I don’t know what happened to Roosterspur Bridge while she was away, but it suddenly got guts! It had a wonderful kick to it as she belted it out.

      Getting to sit with a bunch of friends at a show always makes it more special, and we were up and dancing and had so much fun.

      If anyone heard someone yelling like a maniac when she started Parasol, that was me. Love that song live. The Smack That Arse improv was hilarious, the movements she was doing as well, crossing her legs around, motioning her arms, she was well into it. Caught A Lite Sneeze had an extended introduction which was great, and the two solo songs are two that I always like hearing live.

      It was a fantastic show from start to finish, and the venue was just wonderful. I too met the couple from Norway who were wonderful people, and doing more shows. I had the pleasure of sitting a few seats along from them, and coincidentally meeting them in the bar before the show – I hope they have a lot of fun on the rest of their tour and that I run into them again in the future.

      Well, until she comes to Australia again, I’ll live in the memory of this show. Not too bad, all things considered :)

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