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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    DAR Constitution Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 26, 2007
    City Washington, DC
    Venue DAR Constitution Hall


    Thanks to Jason Schlemer for sending us the setlist!

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • In The Springtime of His Voodoo
    • Devils and Gods
    • Almost Rosey
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Parasol
    • Hotel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • improv – a house divided
    • Bells For Her
    • Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • Leather
    • Jackie’s Strength

    Band Returns

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Concertina
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Pancake

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Hotel (filmed by purplemo)


    900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900


    1. katie says:

      Well, we all thought Isabel would come out tonight, and she did. I wasn’t too excited at the prospect, but she won me over big time. BIG TIME. Both Isabel and Tori were downright fierce tonight, and some weird little gems popped out (Hotel … Spring Haze … Tombigbee … Scarlet’s Walk … Jackie’s Strength!) I wasn’t going to go tonight, but I’m glad I did. My 14-month-old son enjoyed it immensely, too! I mean, from second row center, who wouldn’t? The star-spangled jumpsuit was the sh*t. And oh, people, the drool that comes out of that woman’s mouth when she’s playing hard and singing her heart out – how I had forgotten. Anyway, I was not disappointed.

      Thank you to everyone in the front few rows who abided having a baby up there with them – and thank you thank you thank you to those special girls who scored me that great ticket!

    2. Michael Kelly says:

      Well. I just got home from the show, and I must say, I’m left with nothing noteworthy or exciting to say. It was a lukewarm show. No frills, nothing new, same old, same old. It’s probably my own fault, I listen to Tori way too much to be excited by songs like “Jackie’s Strength” and “Leather” solo… or “Precious Things” with the band… I’m over it.

      Obviously Isabel opened. That was cool, but expected, being that it’s DC.

      But really, everyone’s been reporting how great Tori’s voice sounds, and how intense the shows have been and I really think the opposite. She didn’t sound that great, and I’m really disappointed with the night. It was a yawner.

    3. J.W. Mahoney says:

      The first time I saw Tori was in 1994 at the Warner Theater, just down the street from DAR, just her and the piano, and her parents, sitting close, admiring but amused by some crowd negatives at the concert’s end. Winter that night was killer. That night Cornflake Girl was done with recorded tracks added, and it worked. Tonight she did it again with her new/old band, as much in full voice as she was 13 years ago and the song meant as much. Serious art embodies a deep quality of belief, in something or other. Tori tonight was in as full a communion with what makes her music believable as she has to be. Her trance is real. As real as Bob Dylan’s, Patti Smith’s, John Lennon’s.

    4. Jason Schlemer says:

      Tonight’s show was terrible. It couldn’t have been more “phoned” in. Isabel was smoking hot in this purple dress concoction. People don’t seem to like her as much but I gotta tell ya, she is really hot. Loved that. Scarlet’s Walk which I thought would be good is kind of a bore. I miss Tubular Bells with Devils and Gods, but the added verses are really good. Setlist was a snooze. Nothing interesting or special. Improv about a house divided was good. She really got into it. Close to a whole song. Not as structured as the “You have the ocean improv” but still pretty damn good. Bells for Her is amazing. No real theme or agnedas to the show. It was kinda flat. But Tori looks amazing and her voice is amazing. I was just hoping for a more unique and interesting setlist.

      The venue rearranged the seating and everyone got to be closer than they actually were listed on the ticket due to the stage being built out so far but it kind of ended up sucking for us people who ended in up in the second and third rows. Due to stage of Constitution Hall being so high when Tori sat behind the piano you couldn’t see her. All I saw all night were eyes. Sure that contributed to my hating of the show. She also seemed to be playing it safe for the family members in the audience and she was really kind of impersonal for being in her hometown. She hasn’t played a good show in DC since the SLG tour. It was day the US began attacking Afghanistan and it was one of the most intense shows I have seen. Since then DC shows has really been a lot of standards, and lacks any uniqueness that some of the other cities get.

      Lastly, the rushing of the stage at the encores is just…..I’m over it. I know it is sort of tradition but at this point it is the same crazy camp of people at each show and they act they have never been to Tori show when they go every single night. They also always get front row tickets from Smitty so they have been in front all night anyway. It just kind of seems rude because they don’t let anyone else in front ever and a lot of those people in the back only go to one show so it would be nice if they got a chance.

      I pray to God she does a second leg.

    5. Adrian says:

      I hate to agree with the negative postings, because I worship all things Tori, and this was my 11th show ever, but last night was such a letdown for me. It was as if she recycled the last three shows she’s done in the area. From “Bells for Her” to “Concertina” I was like, wow, it’s 2005 and 2003 all over again.

      This is not to say there weren’t some nice moments. “Voodoo” was kicking and the “Big Wheel”/“Parasol”/“Hotel” combo was great, and I love the longer version of “Devils & Gods”. And even though I expected the songs, the second encore was lovely.

      I don’t think it helped that it was pouring rain going and coming from the show, and the nearest metro was about 7 blocks away. And I feel really bad complaining, as anytime seeing Tori is an experience, and she’s gotten me through some really tough moments before.

      I guess that’s what we all get for expecting so much from such an amazing performer. I think someone said it earlier, about how when you listen to her stuff so much, you expect every performance to be earth-shattering, and as anyone who’s ever done shows will tell you, you have good and bad days, and most importantly, you can’t please everyone.

      I’ll see her again and again, in hopes of a better show, but after last night and the subpar Pier Six show in 2005 in Balt, I just feel a bit down. It’s telling that “Cornflake Girl” and “Scarlet’s Walk” (with its rhythm flub) were highlights last night.

      Oh well, it had some good moments. And the sparkly jumpsuit made up for the headache I got during “Code Red” that started earlier with the psycho-lights of “Widow” (which rocked musically). Was seriously bummed that she cut “Sweet Dreams.” Sigh, I’ll stop being a picky fan and just say that I adore her and she did a good job last night for the most part.

    6. Mike says:

      I hadn’t seen Tori since 1997 until last night and I thought the show was excellent.

    7. TomJ-DC says:

      This was my eighth tori show and I thought it was one of the best i had seen—new arrangements, great song selection, awesome musicianship from t & her boys & Bo., awesome outfit, mellow-happy tori, double encore, good venue (but parking & downpour made it challenging). Tori just gets better w/ age.

    8. Jeffrey Anne says:

      I agree with the “lackluster” comments above. It seems the last time we see her on the tour, it always ends on kind of a low note. Tori seemed kind of detached tonight. No conversation whatsoever and just standards. We were pretty sure Isabel was coming tonight but were holding out for Pip. I mean, there has not to be a lot of anger playing in a venue just blocks from the White House.

      Leather and Jackie’s Strength (which I adore) were predictable as solo songs. I had to physically leave during Leather to prevent me from shouting out “Nooooooo!!”. You can call it Leather Tourette’s. That damn song is so overplayed and seems to show up everywhere I go.

      I was hoping for a miracle on the scale of Talula but it just didn’t seem to happen. And I was surprised Sweet Dreams didn’t come.

      Other than Tori seeming not to be emotionally invested tonight, there seemed to be only two minor technical screw-ups. Her and Matt were off-sync for the first Scarlet’s Walk chorus but this was quickly corrected by Matt. And Tori seemed lost in the beginning of Almost Rosey (she forgot the “oh oh oh, hey hey hey” part and went right into the lyrics).

      I agree with the comment about Tori not giving DC a great show since the SLG Tour in 2001, with perhaps the exception of the debut of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” in April 2005. That first show in October 2001 was magic. I just remember Tony and I in the Lincoln Memorial that day before the show with about 3 other people. The entire city was deserted and it was a beautiful Saturday in October. People were still shocked and in fear. It was so creepy. And that show definitely responded to what was going on. Magic.

      Now some positive comments. She is Tori after all. A lackluster Tori show is still a Tori show and likely to be better than most other concerts anyway. I love the lantern prop she adds to Scarlet’s Walk. Kind of ghostly. Overall I think Isabel is kind of creepy and sexy at the same time. I wonder if Isabel is some kind of reincarnation from the “Time” death character from SLG. They seem like cousins. I also really like Tombigbee, especially with all of Dan’s guitar work. Voodoo was also very fun.

      I will also say AGAIN that I LOVE Parasol this tour. Very intense. The improv before Bells about a divided house was great but I found it odd that it came before Bells and not Haze. I wonder if she made a mistake. Usually, the long political improv comes before Spring Haze. And it seemed especially odd since Bells has that really long intro anyway.

      Everything else was pretty standard and mellow – probably due to all the family in the house. Although I was pretty surprised she stuck two fingers almost into her vagina for the “vortex” line in Pancake… Ahh, you can bring the girl back to DC but you still have the same dirty girl…

      Becca and I are almost tempted to drive to Detroit tonight but we know we cannot. Our time has passed. It was a fun run. Have fun everyone else on this tour! You (generally) will NOT be disappointed!

    9. andrea says:

      i’ve seen tori several times and this was by far my worst experience. after the isabel set things quickly went downhill. others will disagree, but i just didn’t feel any energy at this show. she barely interacted with the audience, the setlist didn’t include any debuts, and the songs from bells for her through 1000 oceans dragged. i left during pancake to eat a granola bar since the encore songs were identical to philadelphia. i eventually returned to catch hey jupiter, which was quite beautiful and a highlight for me. i especially loved the emotion in her voice when she sang ‘i know he isn’t you.’ i also enjoyed code red (a very intense performance!) and concertina.

      overall: predictable and unremarkable.

    10. Meredith says:

      “A flag on a pop star”...

      Yes, Isabel came out to play in DC, but it could of been Pip. Her Dad was in the CIA so there was a good chance of her making an appearance. Still, no surprises there with Isabel. Voodoo, Tombigbee, and Scarlet’s Walk with the lantern were all very strong in Act I.

      I whispered to my husband that Tori will play in her stars and stripes bodysuit for Act II, and what do you know I was right! (not surprisingly though)

      Big Wheel/Parasol/Hotel was mesmerizing. Bells for Her and Concertina were muddled. I like the sparkle star background when she was singing the verses of Spring Haze. Cornflake Girl, Leather, Precious, and Bouncing were all crowd faves.

      Pancake’s song lyrics were self-referential with her wearing the flag last night and that was cool.

      Overall, some moments transcended; others were a bit typical, but still it’s Tori doing her last tour for a while. She will always be my all time favorite musician and personality. She is the best, and in Washington last night, she was just mediocre not all out stellar. Glad to know it made it’s way onto Legs & Boots so I can get a copy as a memoir.

      On a side note, I left my seven week old daughter Evangeline (Evie) with my mother-in-law so I could attend the show with hubby. She was born on 9-5-07 and has the same birthday as Tash!

    11. Maree says:

      I’ll agree with others that this wasn’t my favorite setlist. And I was definitely hoping for more fire/passion from Tori tonight, since we were literally less than a block from the White House. The jumpsuit was fun, but I wanted more. I’m surprised how little she talks to the crowd these days.

      However, I also think her voice sounds amazing, she looks fantastic, and the band kicks it. I’ve now seen her twice with the band and twice without, and I think I prefer her with the boys. The dimensions it adds to the uptempo songs are so worth it.

      Spring Haze, Hotel, and CFG were highlights. But there were honestly some really boring choices in the set too. Parasol & 1000 Oceans were particular snorefests.

      Next time bring the heat, Tori!

    12. Diss says:

      This really was a “mediocre at best” type of show, which is a big disappointment when you only get a shot at seeing Tori every couple years.

      What was the problem? It wasn’t the performance on a technical level. The band was tight, Tori sang beautifully, played beautifully, etc., etc. but the PASSION was lacking and the setlist was, well, very weak in my personal opinion. I know that varies from fan to fan, but it was one of those disappointing shows where NONE of my personal favorites (many of which she’s been playing on this tour) appeared.

      I think the lack of dialog hurt as well – Tori basically said nothing to the crowd except for a few brief snippets.

      But perhaps some of my experience is colored by the HORRIBLE crowd that was around me. So many absolute and utter imbeciles seem to attend all public events these days. I’m just so sick of the idiocy and disrespect shown by so many people these days at these kinds of events. It just ruins it for people for whom the music really means something and the people who want to LISTEN to that music and experience it in that kind of setting.

      Back to Tori. She looks amazing. So fit. And her voice is still incredible. One other complaint, though, was the sound. I wish the band had been louder, and especially the guitar. Could barely make out anything the guy played all night, and it sounded interesting. But Matt Chamberlain is just incredible, and they really are a well-oiled machine at this point. And maybe that’s the problem. They should be less of a machine and more of a living, breathing organism. I hope the other shows convey a bit more passion than this one. Sadly, I won’t get to find out, so here’s hoping your experience was better than mine this time around, in ALL aspects.

    13. NJ says:

      I had never seen Tori before and was really looking forward to it. A friend had almost assured me that some of my favorites would be played, but unfortunately, he was wrong. “Winter”, “Silence All These Years”, “Crucify”, none of these were played, and I know many in the area I was in were disappointed by this. Many people left early, and were complaining about the song choices as they left.

      Over all, I was let down by someone I was told was an amazing performer. That does not mean I won’t see her again, but only if it is her and the piano.

    14. DMC says:

      1. Tori’s star-spangled jumpsuit
      2. The solos
      3. Performance art weirdness

      Didn’t love:
      1. The band totally overpowering all the beautiful soft elements of Tori’s actual singing
      2. Isabel in general
      3. Politics over passion

      Performance art weirdness, especially:
      1. The lantern
      2. The robot-doll-walking-while-seated thing before Scarlet.

      I think I love the lantern, not so much the robot.

      I took a friend who is just now getting into Tori and I think she had mixed feelings, though she said she enjoyed it. She said she loved Tori’s solo performances, but that the rest of the concert felt a little monotonous. She also said she’s never been to a concert at which the performer spoke so little to the audience. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I like the band all right, but it often overpowers Tori’s voice, and it seems like she puts a lot more effort into sounding good when she sings without accompaniment. I appreciate the extra effort. And I really wish she had had something to say. Everyone deserves an off night, though, I guess.

      Very rock star, though. She moved a lot more this time than at any other performance I’ve seen.

    15. Becky says:

      I really have to agree with the posts. I adore Tori, but last night was blah. I think that I just need to go elsewhere to see her. Her DC shows are very predictable and I always feel let down with them. I saw her as Clyde in Boston last week and have never seen her sillier, sexier nor more into it, it was amazing. When I see her in Philly or Chicago, she seems more focused and “on”.

      Isabel came out last night and for me, it was the best part of the show. I love Scarlet’s Walk, but was hoping for Father’s Son instead of Tombigbee. Hotel was right on and she was great. I have seen her about 20 times and have always gotten Space Dog and Cornflake Girl, so I was hoping to hear something else. No Space Dog! Cornflake Girl made her appearance, but as my cousin said, “If I could play that on the piano like that, I would play it every time, too.”

      When she tours with the band, I realize that she has to take into consideration what they like and what they play well, but it was lacking of the little bit of Tori personal time that the fans yearn for. You just wanted her to say something more than the meager home town shout out. I just wanted some songs with a bit more emotion. I feel she wants to feel like a rocker chick and while I like her that way, I love her as the piano playing solo Tori.

    16. Kate says:

      I really do not understand where all of this complaining is coming from with the other Tori fans. I’ve been going to see her since the Boys for Pele tours (alas, I missed the others b/c I was still in high school and not allowed to go to shows). The DC show was the best show I’ve seen in years. She looks fantastic, still plays a fierce piano, and sounds amazing.

      I thought the show had a very high energy about it. I thought the setlist was really nicely varied (and I was glad she played so much of Choirgirl for a fellow line stander, Josh, as it was his first Tori show ever).

      I was presently surprised at the whole show. I should’ve been totally bummed because I spent four hours standing in the rain in the hopes for a meet and greet, but instead I was just happy to be at the concert. It was sold out and some people didn’t even get in. Maybe some of you should have switched places with some of them. Sounds like they may have better appreciated it.

    17. Meredith says:

      Ah….Show number 6 in the 16 year love affair with Tori Amos. It was raining cats and dogs in DC and it was a 15 minute walk from the metro station to DAR Constitution hall. No parking at the venue….sorry.

      Also there was no Meet and Greet…..for the first time if you didn’t buy a “special VIP ticket package” you were unable to wait around to say hello to Tori, snap pictures or any of that good stuff we did in the past.

      I knew for a fact that she would be Isabel and open with YO GEORGE. It was DC after all and we were right near the White House. Lets tell him T! :) She came on stage smoking and it looked very unnatural to see Tori with a cigarette. She played an extended and very beautiful version of Devils and Gods and Tombigbee was a very nice surprise. When she went backstage to change into “TORI” there was a fantastic light show with the Professional Widow Interlude….Tori came out in her stars and stripes garb and the audience went nuts. She kept shaking her ass at us….hilarious. I think at this point if Tori farted in the mic the audience would go nuts and call her brilliant. That is one thing I hate these days….I don’t think Tori is humble anymore, in the fans eyes she can do no wrong or average….everything is so wonderful and brilliant….and we’ve been telling her for years that she is so fabulous that she goes up on stage and knows even a mistake will come with rounds of applause. Does this mean she doesn’t have to try to wow us anymore? I feel the performance was very planned and very staged and I miss the spontaneous things that used to happen at shows…it takes away from the magic. The plus was that she did have the band with her and the energy they create makes for a fantastic show! You do get your money's worth on the show and set list always. I just feel she is like a Vegas act now vs. a dinner theater act. I’m sure its not all her idea and I’m sure the record company and management came up with all the brilliant ideas. I really like the one where you can go online and buy the “bootleg” for download after the show. Whatever. if I buy something I want a hardcopy…..I am so tired of things just available for download. What every happened to collecting things and having them on a shelf? I like doing that.

      I’m sorry to go off on a rant, Tori, I love you I do. You are my girl, you changed my life. I wouldn’t have met Neil without you or survived my insane mother or had your music to hold my hand through an abusive relationship.

      (btw I have to agree that the Pier 6 Baltimore show was a snoozer, very bad)

      “BUT THE YOU I KNEW IS FADING AWAY”- Tori Amos, Digital Ghost.

    18. rebecca says:

      What an amazing night. We had VIP platinum and it was an incredible experience – even better than I expected! We got to the venue early, and luckily there was an overhang by the box office to wait under because it was pouring rain (we were soaking wet already from the walk from the metro!). They brought us inside a bit after 5pm and we lined up in the vestibule for check in. While they checked everyone’s IDs and handed out the tickets & gift bags, we could hear Tori’s soundcheck pretty well. After the ‘crowd free merchandise shopping’, they opened up the bar and we just hung out and waited for Tori to let us in. This, however, was not annoying at all! We enjoyed our drinks and talking with other EWF while we listed to Tori play some of Isabel’s songs as well as parts of Hotel and 1000 Oceans. Everyone was excited and in good spirits so it was really pleasant. It was a bit after 6, I think, when we were let into the venue for the soundcheck. Tori had left the stage and it was a few more minutes before she came out again. We all cheered for her, and she greeted us and said ‘this is not a performance, this is just practice’. And she then proceeded to play THE BEST versions of Horses and Secret Spell I’ve ever heard. I hope one of them shows up on the official boot! The platinum VIPs were then ushered into a curtained area to the side of the vestibule to wait for Tori. And then I got to meet her for the first time :) It was fantastic!

      There was only one negative about the VIP experience – the venue itself had no food and there were no restaurants or cafes very near to it. We only had ~1/2 hour from when we met Tori until the show started, so that wasn’t enough time to get any food, and it was a pretty long stretch (4:30pm-11pm) to go without. So if you have platinum VIP for a future show, I encourage you to pack a snack!

      There have been a bunch of comments on the show already…I thought the show was really solid and it sounded great. Vodoo, Parasol (LOVE IT with the band!), Concertina, and Hotel were highlights for me, but frankly none compared to the soundcheck songs – they were the best of the night!!

      I also want to thank Chris, a platinum VIPer I met at the Boston show, for all of his helpful info and especially for being so nice to me at a show I went to on a whim by myself. It was great to meet you Chris! and I was so happy she played Digital Ghost for you that night :)

    19. JWM says:

      Just some last comments. Concerts are fluid experiences for both the audiences and the players, but all of us are under the influence of the time & place. That rainy, full-moon night in Washington was not a happy evening, too full of an oppressive damp, and here in the Heart of Darkness the vibes haven’t been great for years – hence the last Great Concert was in October 2001…

      I had a good seat, and another Toriphile as a seatmate, who had somehow brought a camera. We both apparently had no problems with the show, considering prevailing conditions, accepting that some songs worked better than others, some desired songs weren’t there, and some were, as usual. We seemed to take Tori as she was. Tori Amos has been gifted and cursed by a very great vocal and instrumental talent, and that she does what she does many nights a week for several months is astonishing. You try it, you guys who thought she “phoned in” the performance.

      Yes, “Scarlett’s Walk” was silly and flubbed. The solo piano work happened in a kind of vacuum. But damn all, Tombigbee was hard and serious, Big Wheel was a little unconnected, but Parasol came through fine. 1000 Oceans happened in another vacuum. She always knows how these things go, performers do. Bells for Her was transcendent.

      And the encore was really, really respectable. I’ve never seen a more transported Tori than in her Precious Things that night. A huge force came in with her, not the least effects of which was its telling her to just give it all away, considering how unjoyful the evening was (as reported elsewhere). This surrender stayed through the entire encore. I’ve listened to what she’s done in other places, and only in DC was she forced by the darkness of circumstances, the low energy of the night and the venue, to go where she went. Bouncing Off Clouds came off, that night, as fierce an entreaty as that song’s ever made for getting Past This.

      Of course, we aren’t, yet…. Her improv itself is worth buying the show for – and this encore.

    20. Stinky says:

      As much as I hate smoking, I was so excited to see Isabel come out defiantly holding her cigarette. Why? Because Tori’s really into her role as Isabel, and that was what made her New York Pip show work so well. She sang the first two lines as if she were being interviewed, and we were asking her what she thought about Bush, and she made these sarcastic comments in response. I though her voice sounded great. I thought most of Isabel’s songs sounded better than the album versions, whereas I though Pip’s “Smokey Joe” didn’t do the album version justice, and that’s my favorite Pip song!

      When Tori came on stage as Tori, she was so perky and vivacious. People have to remember that Tori is a doll as well, and aside from the improvs and chats with the audience, she is putting on an act (Act II). And Tori loves playing with us…we complain that we want to hear old songs, so she plays more of the old songs, and then we say she performs too many of the old songs. Or the wrong songs. So she plays other songs. Then we say, “but I wish you would have played this song instead…”

      This show made me realize what Tori’s doing. A woman comes up to her and tells her to write an album about the war. She never needed anyone to tell her what to write about before this. None of us told her to be inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and although many of us loved the Beekeeper, many more of us complained that it wasn’t the Tori they wanted. So she listens to this woman, and tries to meet our demands, giving us the edgier sound we requested, returning to her rock-n-roll roots, and creating these “dolls” as our playthings as an artistic concept and a theatrical spectacle. She plays a wide variety of her best-loved songs and the most popular ones from the new album. Performance-wise, she might not be perfect every night, but I think at this point, any of us who are not into what’s going on these shows with the dolls might as well give up. This is Tori at her most brilliant, and this is what Tori does now. If we still aren’t happy with her, and long for the Tori of 96 or 98, she will never quite satisfy us. She is an artist who is always evolving whether we like it or not, and if we don’t evolve with her, we’ll be disappointed again and again.

    21. Lisa says:

      I think her voice sounded the best it has EVER sounded. My husband and I loved the entire show. He was especially thrilled with Matt’s drumming while I was 100% focused on Tori, who gave her best performance yet, with this being my sixth time seeing her. She is at her peak. If anyone took pictures from the show, I would just love to see them. Thank you!

    22. Jennifer says:

      If Tori would have played down the street then I think she would sounded better. It is clear that the Hall was under construction and thus they had a make-shift stage. I am sure if it would have been the regular hall she would have sounded better. Tori is still a Goddess but the acoustics in the place were just simply awful. I was in the middle in the 9th row and she was just drowned out by the drums and guitar. It is so hard for me to admit but I also have to agree the usual power of Tori just did not shine through tonight. Her parents were sitting very close this time around and it almost seemed like she toned things down for them and was rather shy. There was simply not enough dialog and the beginning was just simply weird. I am thankful that she did finish the show off with some killer songs. Tori, I still love you no matter what but please bring back that Spark to DC.

      As for the promoters, you are really killing us. Between the VIP mess and the massive bootleg propaganda, please leave sacred Tori alone.

    23. wendi says:


      After a long 15 year relationship (and countless live shows), Tori has finally, for the first time, dissapointed me with a live performance. Here’s the thing…. the girl was working her tail off. She was going through all the motions of putting on a great show, and I guess, for someone who is not as “tuned in” as a long-time fan that’s seen her before, it might have actually been a good show. To me, however, it was hands down the worst Tori concert I’ve ever been to.

      Isabel looked lovely – the dress was great. The first, and biggest problem for me was how obvious and literal the whole thing has become. From the woman who brought us “racing turtles the grapefruit is winning” and a whole new language of “tori-speak”, we have an album with almost no real metaphors, and a show with absolutely no suprises. Of course it was Isabel. And of course she had to wear that godawful obnoxious flag jumper (btw – it is against codes to use the american flag as clothing!). The problem is, if you’re going to say something to King George from right across the street – you’d better do it with some conviction and passion. I can think of some better words to use than “I salute to you commander and I sneeze.” I sneeze?!?!?!

      Anyway, more on the literal path… the lamp during Scarlet. Seriously? Did she really need to lift a prop lamp just to drive home the fact that she said “lift your lamp”? It felt like we were being treated like idiots – like we couldn’t connect a and b without a guided tour and props.

      All I could think throughout the whole show was how much (especially in the flag jumper) she reminded me of fat Elvis in his notorious Vegas shows. A caricature of herself…. Still ridiculously talented, and still working her butt off to entertain, but somehow, something has changed, something has been lost under all the staging and costumes, and it’s kind of sad.

      Sorry to be negative. I wish I didn’t feel this way.
      Bring back the stripped down girl and a piano. This rock n’ roll glamourpuss nonsense has gone too far.

    24. Nicole says:

      I agree with the person who said that Tori’s piano was drowned out by the bass and guitar. I was in the 6th row in the center and had a difficult time making out her piano in the songs with the full band. I don’t want to complain about the set list because I am always grateful to be able to see her live, but I definitely was hoping for songs she ended up not playing. Almost Rosey was super awesome, and Cornflake Girl too. Even though we’ve all heard that one a million times, it really does showcase her overall talents and she seemed to be having a good time with it. I also expected more conversation from her and for the show to be more political, as other people have mentioned. I had platinum VIP and that was a very memorable experience. Being able to sit wherever you wanted for the soundcheck, and the meet and greet was awesome. Although, since there were a lot of people there for the M&G I felt kind of shuffled through when it got to be my turn. My friend and I were about halfway back in the line and the first portion seemed to take their good old time with her leaving the rest of the line to have their time cut in half. I asked her to play Humpty Dumpty and she was like, “oh my goodness, wow”...I asked her if she gets requests for that very often and she said “no!”, with a chuckle. I thought it would’ve been perfect for the T&Bo portion of the show, and a real treat for old school Tori fanatics but no luck getting that one. But overall, the VIP experience was pretty well organized and the lady guiding everyone through (whose picture is also in the ADP program) was really sweet. I feel very fortunate to have had the VIP after all that chaos when they went on sale and people having such trouble during the checkout process. It was TOTALLY worth the $150.

      The stage rushing is completely obnoxious and I wish that people wouldn’t be so rude. Is it really necessary to run up and then stand directly in front of people sitting down, completely blocking their view? Have some couth. There are some very cool people at Tori shows, but also some VERY irritating ones. I also agree with the person who said they’re sick of digital downloads and that the Legs and Boots should be available for hard copy, for those of us who like to add that to our collection of Tori stuff.

      Even with all that being said, Tori is still such an amazing performer with a voice so wonderful, especially live. I wish I was able to go to more than just the one show in my area when she comes around. How do people manage to have the time and money to go to so many different Tori shows all the time?? Can’t figure that one out.

      I managed to get a slew of awesome photos so I’m happy about that too.

    25. Marty says:

      I’ve been an insanely devoted Torifan for 15 years. I saw her on the Little Earthquakes Tour, and met her then. But last night, My Tori was absent. The sound was terrible, the setlist was terrible. Why does DC always get the WORST songs?? I’m sorry to say it. After a similarly terrible set for The Beekeeper tour, I was hoping (praying) for redemption. But this was just…blah. Like the others said. 1,000 Oceans and Parasol were great. But otherwise, we were all roasting in that cramped place, we were all soaked from rain, and we deserved a refund of what we paid. Terrible! That’s it for me. It’s a shame she couldn’t go out on a better note.

    26. Quiana says:

      I have to disagree with the negative post regrading the DC show. I thought the show was awesome, and that Tori was full of engery. The set list was perfect to me. Who cares about her not talking much, she’s a singer. Her job is to perform and entertain, and that she did.

    27. Lorraine Eakin says:

      Of all the posts, I agree with JWM the most. I’ve been many Tori shows over the last ten years, some amazing (UDEL ’98) and some mediocre (Merriweather ’03). But “mediocre” is a relative term in Tori-land, and I think after seeing Tori pour out heart and soul into previous shows this tour (Albany and Syracuse come to mind for me), people expect amazing energy every night. The fact that a 44-year-old woman sings and plays the Bosendorfer for two hours every night, low-energy or not, is itself noteworthy.

      After the Syracuse show, I went back and looked at the setlists of the first four shows (Albany, NYC1, NYC2, and Syracuse), and she did about 65 different songs in four shows. I find the setlists of this tour refreshingly different (the dolls help), especially compared to LottaPianos, which was very stagnant for me.

      Admittedly, D.C. was not my favorite show of the tour. But long before I passed the 20-show-mark, I realized that I have to stop waiting for my perfect setlist, and I have to enjoy what each show offers as it comes. If I see one improv, tour debut, or song I’ve never seen before, I can leave happy.

      I had never seen Scarlet’s Walk before, and fortunately Matty Chamberlain managed to cover her ass after she missed her cue in the first chorus. Still good to see.

      Tombigbee was fierce. This is the best I’ve seen. She emphasized the “here” in “From here to Oklahoma” by pointing to the ground and then pointing west, adding a growl of “I’m coming after you!” between “Oklahoma” and “Tombigbee.” Hotel was also a highlight – the piano shown through the band and really rocked out. The improv has haunting and beautiful – too good for Bells? Probably, but who cares. It was chilling.

      Post T&Bo, the best thing for me was Concertina. The synth adds a lot to the song, and the band was tight.

      And Precious is growing every night – the band is having more fun with it and adding more before and after each verse. It’ll be 15 minutes long by California, I swear.

      I’m hoping the audience in Pittsburgh will feed her a lot of energy, and her fire will reignite. Halloween’s as good a time as any! Although I don’t think we should be holding our collective breaths for Ode to the Banana King again…

    28. Lauren says:

      The setlist was a little disappointing, although there were some numbers that really stood out. I thought Leather was beautiful. Unfortunately there were the usual losers in the audience who are only there to see a show. It was evident that a lot of people didn’t know the music. I could have done without the dancing buffalo blocking everyone’s view to my left.

      But Isabel was mesmerizing and Tori just gets better with age. All in all a good night despite the doom and gloom outside (and the bronchitus seated to my right).

      Pleeeease let there be a second leg!

    29. Richard Handal says:

      What can I say about this elixir? An old friend of mine has an expression: only wonderful. I will add this to that: spectacular.

      I made no notes except for times. It began at 8:36, the main set ended at 10:21, and the concert, the start time of which had been moved up by half an hour only two days before, was over at 10:46. Tonight’s Yo George sounded especially plaintive—even mournful—and was richly expressive. I know how Isabel feels about this country, and about the way we’re being held hostage by a gaggle of violent, psychiatrically- impaired patriarchs, and Constitution Hall being only three blocks from the White House certainly helped bring home the sensibilities of American Doll Posse.

      In the Springtime of His Voodoo was next. What a casual, rolling version it was. Pure sensual pleasure. Much smiling ensued.

      Scarlet’s Walk is an iconically Artemis song. The stagecraft of her swinging a lantern to her side during the “you just lift your lamp/ I will follow/ her on her path” sections served to emphasize this. (I love the pun of “on her path” sounding like “honor path.”) Artemis was a goddess of the moon; a lightbearer. She was known as a goddess of childbirth, because for nine days, she precociously helped deliver her own twin brother right after she had been born, and she was called the “helper in pain, whom no pain touches.” Artemis was the only goddess to go repeatedly to her mother’s aid. She was the earthbound goddess of the moon, so distinguished among the trinity of moon goddesses, of whom Selene ruled in heaven, and Hecate in the underworld. Go back to the album Scarlet’s Walk, and consider the narrative of Scarlet as she sought redemption for this country and healing for Mother Earth, and you’ll understand how much Scarlet was an embodiment of Artemis.

      For my money, if Tori had performed a concert solely of any of these versions of Tombigbee, Scarlet’s Walk, or Bells For Her, it would have been worth the price of the ticket. Bells was grand, immense, and as finely rendered as I’d ever heard it. The long instrumental introduction created a stunningly intricate architecture out of gorgeous, circuitous chord changes, all of which led inexorably to home. My music teacher friend sitting next to me let out an audible gasp when the main body of the song finally came into view. One or two other songs began with expansive new introductions, but not like this. And over the span of some of the songs, there was more in-your-face psychedelicism than I ever heard all together in a single concert.

      At least as important for me at this concert, was the life put into the songs. A signal aspect of her method is to gently and continuously vary her dynamics up and down in a cyclical fashion, much like breathing. Within each instrumental phrase, one is drawn to experience the rising and falling as their own. This is life itself holding the tension of the opposites. A MIDI file playing on with inexorable rhythmic precision can have energy, but it can’t have such life as this, because it can’t breathe; it can’t live.

      Even Leather was heartfelt. That isn’t the norm, so I always dread Leather when it comes, and I’ve heard better, but it wasn’t a hollow, pandering version. And there was an incremental slackening of focus for a while somewhere around halfway through the proceedings, but I can’t deduct enough for that to bring this concert below an A-. It’s probably the best post-Caton era band concert I ever attended. The guitar seemed important here and there, even. What a polar opposite in comparison with the Philly concert of the 15th!

      I note that the recording of the Syracuse concert was eventually released after all. Were some surgical edits made during the delay? Had they ridden the train off the rails with overexuberance in Syracuse, and then decided to pull back in Philly? Honestly, in Philly it was as if they’d had a meeting or something, and there was an understanding to play it safe. Now, I’ve seen Matt and Jon follow her dutifully into the void, so maybe that kind of thing was what was going on in Philly. But this D.C. concert demonstrated that there’s no reason for her to fear putting it all on the line, even if a recording of the concert is going to be released. Conversely, there deserves to be fear OF playing it safe.

      As far as I can tell, that was it for me on this tour. I wonder when the next one will be.

    30. Happy Phantom383 says:

      i loved the show…the setlist was amazing and all of the people bitching about the concert are really not true fans and they need to shut up…ive loved tori for 14 years, ive been to many shows and i thought the DC show was awsome…i think everyone complaining should quit bitching and apreciate what tori did at the show. she is an amazing performer and she came through for us in DC. the vocals and piano solos were right on and the improv, a house divided was spectacular and heartfelt!

    31. Jamie says:

      This is the only show I get to attend this tour, and we drove all the way from New York City to see it. Despite pouring rain, terrible traffic on 95 getting to DC and then no dinner because the show time was moved up and traffic held us up, I still wouldn’t have had it any other way. I think she’s fantastic any time I see her, and I’ve seen her about 15 times now over the years. I think some people are jaded because they might go night after night on one particular tour. Well, personally, getting to see only 1 or maybe 2 shows per tour, every two plus years, means that every show is special and perfect for me.

      Friday night her voice was intense and I thought she was playful, sassy, fiery. Loved the outfits. Loved the band. I loved the songs performed. I was so pleased to hear “Hotel” and “Jackie’s Strength”.

      I have never been disappointed by a Tori show and I don’t think I ever will be. I’d sit and watch this woman sing the phone book, and beg for more.

    32. Erica says:

      The weather played in part to my huge disappointment at the DC show. I have only been to one other concert before this and although the music itself wasn’t anything to complain about, it certainly would have been nice to know that the show time had been moved up. I never received any word from ticketmaster. Needless to say, we arrived late due to the rain and metro walk, soaked and none too happy to begin with. The seats didn’t have much leg room at all. The performance was mildly entertaining. Half way through I asked my husband if we could just leave because I was so bored. Played on my sidekick for most of it. A real snooze. Not worth the money or my time.

    33. Melissa Cox, www.MythicaMusic.com says:

      I went to see Tori @ the Tower in Upper Darby (Philly) 2 weeks earlier, and I must say that the Philly show was worlds better than the D.C. show. But that could have just been because it was the first of the 2 shows I saw and it was more of a shocker for me the first time…. but I think Isabel was beautiful, despite what people say. I think she was very “witchy” with the lantern and her red dress and long blonde hair… perfect for coming up on Halloween.

      I just have to vouch for Tori right now as a fellow musician. Alot of you posted here that the show was boring. But please give Tori more credit than you are giving her. Very few (and I mean VERY few) artists still have their voices left at Tori’s age (like Stevie Nicks…she used to sound like an angel, now she sounds like a dying cat). Tori kept her voice, her physical fitness and her artistic integrity over the years, which is more than a lot of musicians her age (or even younger) can say. So let’s cut her some slack. She’s a mom now, which really puts a lot of stress on her physically, and she’s not as young as she used to be… she just can’t do as much on stage with her voice or body as she used to. It’s unfair to compare the 43 year old Tori to the 20/30 year old Tori. She’s trying her best.

      While she’s trying her best, she’s also trying new things with her songs (the new arrangements of Parasol and Tombigbee were really awesome). You can’t knock her for reaching out artistically and trying new things with the lantern, her wardrobe, her musical arrangements, her choice of song lineups, etc.

      Anyway D.C. was great…not as great as Philly, but still great. I give her props.

      Check out http://blog.myspace.com/mythicamusic for pictures from the Philly show. And feel free to check out my band, Mythica – Tori’s our biggest inspiration lyrically, though not as much musically (we’re Celtic Rock). www.MythicaMusic.com or myspace.com/MythicaMusic.

    34. doubletake says:

      I also attended the Philly show the week prior, and Philly did have a better set than the DC show did. You can almost guess what she’s going to play when she comes around DC because it’s her hometown. There are just certain songs she likes to play here. DC was a good show though, I managed to smuggle my camera in (unlike Philly where I complete forgot it).

      Here are my pics, for those who are interested. You guys can make your own minds up about the music with the bootleg. ;)

    35. BlackRaspberry says:

      I thought the show was phenomenal. I don’t understand where the reviewers that called it boring are coming from. I’ve seen her twice before this (in DC and Baltimore during the two Beekeeper tours, and not counting the hundreds of YouTube videos I’ve streamed of the good ol’ days), and I thought the Baltimore gig was a bit of a snoozer. But the energy of this show was up the entire time . . .

      Or at least the entire time I was there. My one gripe from this performance was that it started a half-hour early, and if an email was sent about the change, I didn’t receive it. So the combination of rain, and lack of parking near DAR kept me from seeing the bulk of Isabel’s set (I arrived towards the end of Tombigbee). I then, about two days later, saw the posting on toriamos.com that the show time had been changed.

      But that aside, the performance was energetic, her voice was probably the best I’ve ever heard it live, and she seemed to be having a load of fun, which made me feel the same way.

      Props to Tori for the show.

    36. Vicki says:

      OK, I have to say, I get totally annoyed when people criticize and say Tori’s performance was boring or whatever. I make it a habit personally of going to one or 2 shows a tour. I live in Maryland, so what I do is go to a show in DC/MD, and usually one in NYC since my family is there. Every show I have seen I enjoy and live for. Even when she sings songs that I am not particularly fond of, I like it. Because, I could always just not be there at all. Yes, I do agree that people need to STOP rushing the stage at the encore. I was in 6th row and I couldn't hardly see anything during the encores because of people standing. It’s rude, and you also should consider Tori’s parents/family were there and they sat farther back than I did so they probably couldn't see at all. That’s not fair to her parents especially who are elderly and probably do not get to see Tori as much as they’d like. Anyways, I thought the show was awesome, the meet and greet was awesome, and even though Ali said that they were running very short on time, Tori took her time during the meet. I respect that in an artist as high as Tori. She truly puts everything into being a musician and an overall whole person, and she should be praised, not condemned, for doing what she loves, especially when it brings happiness to so many people. Oh, and by the way, there was no restrictions on cameras at DAR, so I got some great pics and video snippets from a few songs. I would go to that venue again anytime.

    37. Chris Stewart says:

      I was lucky enough to get to see Tori on the first Madison Square Garden show of the tour and was absolutely blown away by Pip! It was my first show in NYC (as I’ve only recently moved there) and everything about it was amazing! I was so excited to bring my friends to see this show in DC where I have seen her play multiple times… and I felt bad afterwards about having raved about a show they didn’t get to see.

      The DC show this time around, unfortunately, matched the weather outside. We all knew we would get Isabel – and I was okay with that (she’s not my fav) but there was so little energy in the performance. My friends all agreed.

      While Tori has definitely brought out her warrior voice, the piano was missing… felt jilted by the drums (amazing as they are) overpowering her and the set list was just blah. Maybe it was because I got to see the far superior NY show or maybe I’m just getting older. I was glad I didn’t shell out the extra dough for VIP tickets. Our seats were great without! Sure, I missed the sound check but it really didn’t make that much difference. She’s getting pricey and its upsetting, though I know it isn’t her fault.

      Major problem I had and my friends has was with the venue itself – while it really is beautiful the security didn’t do anything to stop people from waltzing in and out at their leisure. I wish the bar had closed when the show started because I missed a lot of good moments being blocked by people who were on their way to get a drink. No one seemed to mind that almost EVERYONE showed up late and took their sweet time finding a seat. It just ruined the whole thing for me and I’d been looking forward to this for a long time. Those of us sitting SL near the exits had a better view of stragglers than of Tori!

      I never thought I’d say I was disappointed with a Tori show – even the Baltimore show at Pier 6, I thought, had a lot of fire!

      I’m one who prefers her solo… I come to see this woman bare her soul – not be drowned out by a band!

    38. ali says:

      i thought the show was fabulous. i wish she had done teenage hustling or you can bring your dog, but other than that i have no complaints. the sound was good, she and the band seemed to be really in sync, and her voice was amazing. she wasn’t just singing, she was belting. there were several times when she literally gave me goosebumps. it was the best i have ever heard, even better than the scarlet’s walk tour at radio city.

      tori, you are a goddess. whenever you make it back to the baltimore metro area i will be there.

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