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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Fox Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 27, 2007
    City Detroit, MI
    Venue Fox Theatre


    Thanks to UsKidsKnow and ladydecember for the setlist!

    During “Black Dove”, Tori left the stage to remove her corset. (Thanks for the clarification, Ms. Packard!)

    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • My Posse Can Do
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Black Dove
    • Crucify
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Honey
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Baker Baker
    • Cloud on My Tongue
    • Carbon

    Band Returns

    • Horses
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Dragon (posted by lorenzo001)

    She’s Your Cocaine (clip) (filmed by thorndike)

    Dragon (filmed by thorndike)

    Cornflake Girl (filmed by thorndike)

    Cloud On My Tongue (filmed by thorndike)

    Photo Sets


    1. Mike Z says:


      I thought tonights show was excellent. My favorite of the tour so far (out of 6). The Fox Theatre in Detroit is the most beautiful venue I’ve ever been in. The sound was awesome. I was surprised to see an opening act. I didn’t catch his name, but this guy was something else! He used his acoustic guitar like a drum at times, and echoed it back into some feedback loop for the rhythm track…very original sound and a wonderful voice. Very weird music…I can’t really describe it.

      Tori was full of energy tonight. Sexual energy! A lot of writhing and touching. Maybe not the deepest setlist, but she rocked out a lot of favorites. Spark, Sorta Fairytale, Big Wheel, Cornflake Girl, Horses, Precious Things, Cloud On My Tongue. We only got the first 2 verses of my favorite song of all time, Black Dove January, when she stopped and said her corset was too tight. She told the band to “play something” and ran off for a few minutes. Hilarious. She came back, apologized (it’s quite alright Tori), and said she was playing one of her all time favorites…Crucify. I was hoping she would finish Black Dove…but oh well. Its the “one that got away”!

      The rest of the list is a blur right now.

      I just want to commend the crowd in Detroit. At least up front in my section, everyone was rather quiet and only made noise at the appropriate times. I had no “drunk talkers” around me, definitely not like in Boston a few nights back! These people seemed to know what a Tori show was supposed to be. Kudos to Detroit, your bad rep is undeserved.

    2. Craig Wolf says:

      Awesome time. The show was great!!! My 11 year old daughter has a long time relationship with Tori, so she was glad to see her at meet and greet. She asked Haley what she wanted to hear and she replied “Baker Baker”. Well she wrote it on her hand, and later when she was talking to me she mentioned that Haley asked her to play Baker Baker and was that her favorite song? I said possibly, but she was born to it! She was like Oh yes I remember that story!. So during her quiet time she played it for her. I was soooooooo glad. She’s your Cocaine was a highlight for me. Thanks

    3. Sarah Packard says:

      Hey…she didn’t change during “Black Dove”; just went backstage to take her corset (underneath her green outfit) off as she said it was too hot (it sounded like she said “humid,” not sure though). She came back out with the same outfit, just without the corset. :) The actual costume change was during Prof Widow…

    4. Casey says:

      I was at the Detroit show last night, and I believe Tori left the stage because the corset was “choking her” not because it was simply too hot. I can’t imagine Tori Amos leaving the stage because of the heat. She was singing the first “On the other side of the galaxy” line and missed the second line. You could tell she was struggling so she just said “Wait! Stop! My corset is choking me so I need to go take it off.” She then told the band to “play something…anything” and proceeded to leave the stage for about 3 minutes. A very interesting moment! No one seemed to mind, though.

    5. Beyond The Pale says:

      It was one of if not the best Tori show I have been to. She was so alive, energetic, happy, etc. She hardly sat on her piano bench because she was dancing so much and grooving while playing.

      Santa came out and kicked a*#. Her songs were so strong and, well, kicked a*#! I, too, wish I could have heard “Black Dove” in its entirety, but… I couldn’t play in a corset either. True to Tori “style,” she was so cute and funny about the whole thing. She came back out and played “Crucify,” which seemed fitting in a way. :)

      T & Bo was great. I love her Bose, esp. the lower register… so rich and full! I wish the bass had been turned down a bit because it was hard to hear the Bose.

      Jon did play the upright bass. I wish he would play more songs on it, but it is a real sweet treat when “Honey” comes out.

      “Code Red” is one of my favorites from ADP and I liked hearing it live. “Precious Things” is one of my two favorite songs of all time and I was so psyched to hear it.

      I saw her play at the Detroit Opera House in April 2005. I was not aware of the name change, and was pleasantly surprised it was the same venue. Good acoustics, comfy seats, and very unique/interesting décor.

      I was looking forward to this concert since it was first announced that she was going to tour again. It was definitely worth waiting for. The whole thing seemed, still seems, so surreal. I can’t believe it is over.

      I recommend getting to the concert in time to hear Yoav, the opening act. He is quite good. He sort of reminds me of Howie Day in a way.

      Thank you Tori, Matt, Jon, Mac, Yoav, and everyone else involved with the show last night.


    6. Jamee says:

      i was at the detroit show last night and all i have to say is that it was absolutely divine. it was great hearing “she’s your cocaine” for the first time this tour and from one of my favorite dolls, santa (along with pip and isabel). i had a feeling it would be her, if not pip. she always seems to be in a naughty mood when she rolls in to detroit and santa certainly accentuates that.

      i loved “black dove”- i wished that she would’ve finished it but of course when her corset is sucking the life out of her, whose to blame?

      “honey” is one of my all time favorites and i’m so glad tori brought her out.

      t&bo time was great. “baker baker” and “cloud on my tounge” aren’t usually big hits with me but after hearing her solo versions, it blew me away and brought me to tears. “carbon” was just as good- solo is definitely my favorite over the album version, now.

      “spark” was nice to hear. it was my first time hearing the song live.

      “code red” live blows the album version out of the water and the lighting and color schemes complement it well.

      “precious things” was effin hot.

      the show overall was fantastic. the lighting and stage setup was very nice and the colors and lighting complemented each song.

      santa is one sexy lady and tori obviously showed alot during her detroit stay. i can’t wait for her to come back again.

    7. Dorothy says:

      Fantastic show! My first since Lottapianos tour. Let me start with some more info about She’s Your Cocaine. Great performance! BUT for the first bridge she went straight to “but is it true that devils end up like you” instead of “if you want me to, boy I could lie to you.” She went from there to the end and so the song was about 1/3 shorter because of it. But it was still great!

      As someone else already mentioned, she stopped Black Dove because her corset was choking her. I guess she had one on for Santa and didn’t have time to take it off? She stopped the song right when she turns around to her piano to belt out “on the other side of the galaxy.” She belted it out once, but then was too out of breath to get the second one and that’s when she stopped it. She went straight to Crucify and did not finish Black Dove.

      The absolute highest point for the show for me was Cloud on my Tongue. I’m sure the boots won’t be able to capture the beauty. There was an echo sound effect during the “circles and circles and circles again” part, so it was like her voice tinkling down from the sky while she sang over it. Really beautiful!

      At the beginning of Siren she went at the piano for at least two minutes, just having a great time. It was so fun to watch. She really got into it! And she did a long intro to Honey.

      The crowd was very blah. I was seat dancing the whole time and stood up for the encore, but I didn’t see much movement going on around me. And when I was hollering “don’t you fo-get!” during Big Wheel, it sounded to me like I was the only one. I didn’t care, though :) Great show!

    8. sarah says:

      the show was great. unfortunately i sat behind two drunk girls who decided to ‘catch up on old times’ and talk through the entire concert. very irritating! i paid my 45 bucks to hear tori, not them. the set list was pretty good. code red is amazing live. i was quite suprised. siren was beautiful as always. tori left the stage in the middle of black dove because her corset was chafing her, not choking as others have reported. a very fun moment. all around good concert.

    9. Renee says:

      The only word to describe this show is amazing! I had secretly wanted to see Pip, but now I am so glad Santa was there. What a sexy lady indeed. I was rather disapointed with the meet and greet and have no one to blame but myself. She almost never comes out in the rain and especially that late in the day so I had given up and lo and behold there she was . But our seats were sooooooo terrific. I also wish she’d have finished black dove. But the rewards Siren, Carbon! Baker Baker, (thank you 11 year old girl) I really enjoyed my posse can do. I didn’t know the name of it. Very jazzy. Tori may be 44 but she is definately an milf in my book. She is at the height of her career and the performance is one I will never forget. I plan to go to the Cleveland show and am praying the inconsiderate drunks from Tash’s birthday party are staying home.

    10. Ben says:

      This was a very amazing show. However, after looking through most of the other flashbacks, it looks like she has done lots of covers and improvs, and in Detroit she did NEITHER. I really think those are two things she does very well and I was a bit disappointed not to see either. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    11. Ryan says:

      Just wanted to add that the original setlist was supposed to be Sister Janet instead of Cloud on My Tongue. She was also supposed to play Tear in Your Hand after Precious Things, but cut it due to the 11pm curfew.

    12. mark says:

      I thought the show was great. I was a little disappointed that we did not get all of Black Dove, but oh well Crucify was fantastic. My sister was with me, as we both love Tori. We have a competition with out parents if we can see Tori more times and closer than they have seen Neil Diamond. They have seen him 9 or 10 times in Detroit. My sister nearly blew my eardrum out when she started playing Baker Baker. I will have to relay the story behind how it ended up on the play list. What an awesome story. My daughters asked me to tell them if she played Parasol or Sleeps with Butterflies, but were happy with You Can Bring Your Dog. Just a little clarification, the Fox Theater and the Detroit Opera House are two seperate places and are the best places I have seen Tori Play. I have to agree about the crowd. It seems every time I go to a Detroit show, people are more interested in getting drinks then watching Tori. How is that possible. We had people next to us show up 1/2 hour into Tori’s performance, then they had to get up and get drinks. ARGH. The highlights for me was Carbon, Body and Soul, Dragon and Spark. I am always amazed with her shows and love that Detroit shows always include something different on the setlist then anywhere else. Thanks Tori.

    13. Heather says:

      Just to correct a previous comment about the Detroit Opera House. While the decor in both places is not only historic, but absolutely breath taking, it is not the same venue as the Fox theatre. The fox is right across from Comerica Park, and the opera house is a few blocks away…...

      I’ve seen every Detroit Tori show since ’99 and this was one of my favorites, it would be my dream to see her more than once a year, but ah well….we can all dream, can’t we?

    14. Courtney says:

      The show was great. I was hoping it might be Pip, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see Santa. I was rockin’ out to her whole set. Tori is such a wonderful person. We were at the m&g and she talked to everyone. I feel she is genuine in her concern for her fans. I love Tori, as i am sure you all do.

      The crowd wasn’t too bad, except for the dude who kept getting up for beer(?) in the front row and then would kinda stop in front of Tori. I loved it when she was singing “you can bring your dog” and that idiot was right there as she was singing that line and she pointed at him. He had to have gotten up at least 4-5 times.

      I was in DC and that was a great show for it’s own reasons, but Detroit was “Rock City”

    15. Sour Kraut says:

      The Detroit Opera House is a different venue. The Fox is just around a corner and a couple of blocks down but it’s larger and more ornate. And yes, it is a great concert hall.

      That said, I have a few bones to pick with the Fox and its hounds…er, staff.

      The show was very clearly weakened by venue policy. Tori and the boys put on a very good(note absence of the word ‘great’...we’ll get to that) show, but were very obviously kicked off the stage at 11 PM on the DOT because of venue rules. Multiple songs were cut from the setlist and for an artist who regularly plays 2.5 hour shows vs. only 2, it really hurts the momentum of the the way a set builds up. If you’re wondering why Tori didn’t finish her(amazing) rendition of Black dove, well—there’s your probable answer. I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the lack of interaction, covers or improvs; but when there just isn’t enough time, what can you do? I’d even bet money that Bouncing Off Clouds would have been added to one of the encores if venue management hadn’t been there scowling at the clock. Though to be fair, it’s not as if venue curfews are some carefully guarded secret of the entertainment world. It might not have been so bad if the sound mix had been a bit better for the sides of the audience.

      This was my 2nd show of the tour; my first was the Oct. 12 NYC concert and—I’m sorry—there’s just no comparison. The WaMu Theatre was a packed house of rabid fans, Tori’s parents were in attendance & introducing themselves to half the folks down on the floor, and we were treated to a 2.5+ hour show complete with multiple extended intros and a pair of improvs including the stunning ‘Jesus Is Love,’ which you can watch on the show’s Tour page. The WaMu folks tried to give them the hook at 11 PM, but Tori & Co. stayed on until almost 11:30(Thanks, Tori) anyway and only cut one song from one encore.

      Much of the Fox crowd was enthusiastic but there were a lot of empty seats in the back and the balcony, and even a few up front by my 9th row perch. Quite a few folks in my section were first-timers who bought tickets from ToriFans who apparently bailed out on the show to go drinking. As nice as it was to chat with the newbies and welcome them to the Fold of the Red Goddess—where’s the fanbase, people? I know Detroit doesn’t have 7 million souls like the 5 Boroughs, but if we can fill the Fox for Bjork with a crowd that practically blew the roof off…I’m not saying you need to spend every moment thrashing in ecstatic glossolalia, but do you have to sit there with your hands folded? An awful lot of folks there just weren’t that into it. There are Rotary Clubs that get more hyped up, and with far less booze. I’d call them Zombies, but a zombie audience would have been far more exciting: moaning, thrashing and pushing relentlessly toward the stage to feast on the flesh of the living.

      As for the stage rush: it seems to be wearing thin with some fans and well—point taken. But those of you who were in the center and made it down? Be thankful. I’ve never down in front before and when I moved closer for the 1st encore I got to stand there for all of 5 seconds before an usher/security goon poked me in the back and pointed me back to my seat like he was training a pet. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem if anyone else on the left side went down there with me but…like I said: Rotary Club. A young couple tried the same thing a minute later and got pestered away as well, and you have to wonder if Tori & Smitty’s word is getting out to the venue people or if they just ignore it.

      But I don’t want to dump on the concert itself too much; Tori put on a very good show with(as always) some moments of truly otherworldly beauty; it’s just unfortunate the atmosphere and pockets of the audience kept it from being what it could.

    16. Lisa071573 says:

      After the red-eye flight disaster from hell, I made it to Detroit in the morning in time to do some sight-seeing in Ohio and drive back to Detroit for the show. The Fox Theatre was really a beautiful venue with a gorgeous ceiling (about all I was able to get a picture of from the weird angle of my seat to Tori) but with really odd, cramped seating in the orchestra pit. I’d been really hoping for Isabel, but Santa more than made up for my initial disappointment. The lighting effects alone really make Body and Soul. I wanted to jump up and dance when My Posse Can Do started! :) My Posse definitely does, and Santa was playful and adorable for it. She’s Your Cocaine was a huge shock and I didn’t even recognize it until she started singing. Dragon was lovely (although I still don’t get the “Candy lies” part) and Secret Spell wasn’t bad… I’m not a big fan of that song but it’s not too bad live. :P You Can Bring Your Dog was nice and rocking and a good closer for Santa’s set.

      It’s a good thing I’m not prone to seizures, ‘cause that Professional Widow lighting is really hard to watch… it’s probably like an eclipse: best viewed from the corner of your eye and not full-on directly.

      I always enjoy Fairytale and was just getting in to Black Dove when she announced she had to run and take her corset off. When she came back out, she sort of crossed her arms coyly over her chest, as if to hide the fact that she was bra-less. :) Honey and Siren were great, and Siren had a super-long piano intro. At this point I was starting to realize she was running pretty late, and would probably have to cut her encores a bit short, especially after adding in Crucify after the corset removal. I was surprised that we got three solo songs, although most of the time it’s been an improv and two songs, so I suppose it evened out, but I would have taken an improv (or Sister Janet, which it was supposed to be) instead of Cloud on My Tongue. Baker Baker seemed different somehow, more thoughtful or restropective than usual and Carbon made me cry (my cousin, who was a downhill ski racer most of her life, committed suicide in September at the family dock on Lake Winnipesaukee where our grandfather’s antique Laker, The Loon, used to reside). I find Carbon terribly sad now, but I was very grateful to Tori for playing it. It felt like a little gift…

      I was happy for Spark and I adore Code Red, and I’m so glad it kicks so much ass live. As Tori was running really late, the encores were cut short and felt a bit rushed, but overall, it’d been a great show, so I was satisfied with the encores we got. A good show for my 75th time seeing Tori :)

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