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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Palace Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 28, 2007
    City Louisville, KY
    Venue Palace Theatre


    Clyde opened this show. Thanks to josh for the setlist.

    Act I (Clyde)

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Upside Down
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Little Amsterdam

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • “girls in the Navy” improv
    • Space Dog
    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Glory Of The 80s


    • “you can’t take the girl out of the South” improv
    • Take Me With You
    • Over The Rainbow

    Band Returns

    • Amber Waves
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Father Lucifer (w/ Steve McQueen bridge)

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is NOT available from Legs & Boots.


    Southern Girl improv (posted by tonberrygreen)

    Amber Waves (posted by ekuangel)


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    1. Missred says:

      First and foremost- this was the best day of my life next to my wedding day! The meet and greet went very well and I met the coolest bunch of people! There was only about thirty of us and I finally got to meet Tori for the first time and it still has not sunk in yet.

      The concert was fab as well. I will in the second row pit seats and when stage rush time came I got right up in the front and had my hands on the stage- a wonderful night!

      I was happy to see Clyde and I can’t complain about anything really. The drums were a little loud, but for the most part- I will never forget this day-

      To all the great people I met today- you guys rock! Thanks for taking back up pics of me and T when my battery decided to die as soon as Tori came out!

    2. Justin L says:

      Tori was Clyde tonight in Louisville and therefore opened with “Bouncing Off Clouds”. Her voice sounded mature, strong and controlled. The venue had great acoustics and the band rocked but did not dilute the power of her voice. She didn’t talk to the audience except for remarking before Cornflake Girl how she wished that she could take her Louisville fans on her tour bus with her (“What are you all doing ‘til Christmas?” I think that is what she said.) Louisville fans must have been much more energetic than the “New Yorkers” b/c she commented on this. Her improv was about “taking the girl out of the South” but “not taking the South out of the girl”. And with a Southern motif, her song choices made references to the South and racism (the “brown man” in Lil’ Amsterdam and “black boy” in Upside Down). Tori played some same songs from her last tour in Louisville (during Scarlet’s Walk): Little Earthquakes, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (much stronger than last time) and Amber Waves. Highlights were Juarez, Upside Down, Little Amsterdam, Space Dog, Tear In Your Hands, Glory of the 80s, Take Me with You (during T & Bo section), Spark and her debut of “Father Lucifer” during the Encore (although a lot of stupid people left before the encores thinking that the show was over). Besides being routine performances, Code Red and Precious Things were intense and incredible.

    3. HappiieeePhantom says:

      All I can say is WOW! Tori was in top form tonight. Absolutely amazing. Her voice was so strong. She was in really good spirits and she did a beautiful improv during T & Bo about how you can take the girl outta the south but you can’t take the south outta the girl and it also mentioned going back to where her mother loved and cried. We got to hear Take me With You so I was super happy. She did Somewhere Over The Rainbow during solo time as well. The only problem I had was the guy 4 rows in front of me insited on putting his hands up in the air and waving them at the end of EVERY song and blocked my view. Other than that the show was wonderful. Sorry, I just drove two hours home and I’m not quite coherent!

    4. Mathew says:

      Clyde came tonight. She was the doll I was hoping for. The show seemed like it had a lot of pele, which is fine with me. Clyde closed her set with little amsterdam. Tori’s set included doughnut song, and had father lucifer and hey jupiter as encores. I think everyone was happy when tori played take me with you during t&bo. It was fab. Then she played over the rainbow and the boys came back for the rest of the show. Amber Waves was played first when the band came back. (I believe this was the only scarlet’s walk song tonight) Tori seemed to be having a good time, but she wasn’t too talkative. She played one improv about how you can take a girl out of the south but you can’t take the south out of a girl, and it went on to say something about being where her mother was. Oh and glory of the 80s was played too, I can’t quite remember where. I love that there were 2 venus songs. (Clyde’s kick ass juarez.)

      The meet and greet was small and tori took her time and talked to everybody. It was one of the longer m & g’s i’ve been to. Excellent venue, and a lovely show.

      Oh, and I SWEAR she had butterfly written on her hand at the meet and greet. Could it be coming?

    5. holaticktock says:

      Yes! Last night’s show was everything I hoped for and more! I was hoping for Clyde because all of her songs are awesome. I did miss Rattlesnakes, I was hoping for that. Other than that, it was setlist from the gods! Highlights for me where Space Dog, Beauty of Speed, Code Red, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (wonder why she assoiciates that song with Louisville?), and Father Lucifer (with her lovely hand gesture at the part about the girls who eat pizza and never gain weight). Oh, it was just fantastic!

      To the fans who where dancing in the aisle during the costume change, I’m glad you had a wonderful time; you where so cute! To the snooty booties behind me whose comment amounted to something like “They’re at the wrong kind of show”, if you can’t dance at a Tori Amos show, at exactly what kind of show CAN you dance?

      It was awesome, thank you Tori!

    6. Frankie says:

      This show, being my first, was absolutely worth the long wait. I still can’t believe I saw TORI, her Bose, the boys in the band & met some of my favorite GirlSongs….it was just a magical night. Clyde was lovely, & watching Tori practically skip back onstage made my night. It was just WONDERUFL. Sad it wasn’t recorded for Legs&Boots…..but I have a hunch it was recorded by others ;). I hope, I really would like to re-live last night OVER&OVER again.

    7. Amanda says:

      FANTASTIC! the m&g was small, everyone was polite & respectful. i requested Beauty of Speed & was thrilled to hear her. let’s see, i know it is like picking a favorite child, but highlights that really shook me out of my chair= Glory of the 8o’s!!!! Juarez, Code Red, & i hadn’t heard Upside Down with the boys before- definitely one of the best shows i have been fortunate enough to attend. oh yeah, & i’m so glad the gentleman requested Take Me With You!

    8. torilove101 says:

      What A Show!! Tori was in top form tonight, with a strong set list full of classics, I can’t even count them all. Lets just say it was worth the 4 hour drive my best friend Kelly and I endured to see the show all the way from STL.Which Tori is not coming to Again, anyone know why? So back to the show, It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Tori’s voice was clear and powerful,full of energy, and just plain rocked! The highlights have to be Tori’s set Space dog,Take Me With you, and My favorite Spark. Too bad legs and boots is not covering this great show Tori played for Louisville.

    9. Lithamoon says:

      This was my third show, and probably the best! We were in the balcony, and at first, the lights were blinding all of us. Gorgeous light show, don’t get me wrong, but that bright strobing in our faces was pretty intense.

      I was very pleased to hear Little Amsterdam and Take Me With You!

      It’s really too bad this show wasn’t recorded for Legs & Boots. Her voice was in top form, and the songs were all excellent!

      I’m looking forward to the Indy show this Friday!

    10. Mikewhy says:

      On Sunday night, October 28, 2007, Amanda and I saw Tori Amos at the Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY. This was the sixth time that Tori has come to my hometown of Louisville, KY. It had been over two years since I last saw her, and I was really looking forward to it.

      This would be the first time I saw Tori in concert since I retired from updating thedent.com. For the first time in 13 years, I would be seeing a Tori concert as a regular fan in the audience. I wondered what it would be like. My life has been so hectic lately with me staying busy with other hobbies and concerns, and with me still battling several health related problems. I was initially not in the mood to worry about seeing a concert. But I did miss Tori so much, and wanted to see her again with Amanda. Despite not being active in the Tori online community as of late, I still love her music intensely.

      I did avoid going to the meet and greet. While I love to say hello to Tori, I really felt like I did not have anything to say to her this time. I think a part of me is still feeling guilty for retiring The Dent as well, although I know in my heart it was the right thing to do. Plus, I have had such wonderful experiences meeting Tori that I felt that maybe I should allow others to have a better chance. So I did not attend the meet and greet. Amanda and our friend Carolyn did attend, and they said it went really well. It was increidbly laid back and everyone there met Tori. I was happy for Amanda and Carolyn, and they both got great photos to mark the occasion.

      I showed up in front of the Palace theatre around 4:20 and met Amanda and Carolyn. We walked to the Spaghetti Factory to eat. We had dinner with Dona and her friend and had fun talking about Tori and the tour. I also got to meet many people both before and after the show. Some of them were people I had not met in years and some were new people I always wanted to meet. I did not feel very social early in the day, but I quickly started to get back into the swing of seeing Tori shows, and before the end of the night I was having a great time talking with everyone and being social again. It was good for me to get out and forget my health issues and just enjoy talking Tori again. It was so good to see you all. :)

      We skipped the opening act so we could talk more with people. Finally, it was time for the show. Tori played for nearly 2 hours and 15 minutes, and it was a really spectacular show. Tori was in incredible form, and her voice sounded really powerful. The venue, The Louisville Palace, is a great place to see a show like this. It is beautiful and has great acoustics. Our seat was about the 7th row or so a little right of center. I could see her very well and there were no really irritating people near us.

      I will not give a complete review, but just post a few thoughts. (You can find the full set list here.) Tori has a guitarist this time (Dan Phelps) in addition to Matt and Jon, and he gave the songs he played a different sonic texture that was really nice. I still prefer the solo shows, but the band was really enjoyable.

      Tori came out and did the first six songs as Clyde. I did not have a huge preference on which doll to see, although I feel no strong desire to see Isabel because I would likely find the smoking thing to be an irritating distraction. I like Clyde’s hair the best of all the dolls, and I enjoyed hearing Bouncing Off Clouds and Beauty Of Speed, which are both awesome live. At first, Tori’s voice seemed lost in the sonic mix, but by he end of the first song they seemed to get that fixed. The lights at first really hurt my eyes as well. But that is because I have ultra sensitive eyes, and by the third song my eyes were adjusted and I was fine. Upside Down was achingly beautiful, and Little Amsterdam had me thinking of the first time I heard Tori play this song in Louisville, which was also at the Palace in 1996. While I loved the 96 version more, this one was still excellent.

      When Clyde left and “Tori” appeared, there was so much energy in the theatre during Big Wheel! It is such a fun song to watch live. I was deeply moved to hear Dougnut Song, for it has always been one of my favorites. I was glad to get quite a few Pele songs tonight. That seems compatible with my mood lately.

      I found the entire Tori and Bo solo performances to be moving. The “You can’t take the girl out of the South” improv was every bit as good as her recorded songs, and extremely pretty. Take Me With You was one of the highlights of the show for me. It sounded gorgeous live, and the piano playing was mesmerizing. I also loved Over The Rainbow, even though she did perform that before in Louisville. I loved how emotional her vocals sounded on that song.

      I was surprised to hear Spark and thought it sounded great. Code Red was the perfect song to end her main set with, filled with pasion and impressive piano playing. Finally, I was surprised to hear Father Lucifer. I really like the version she plays with the band this time. This was another classic from Pele.

      Despite suffering from significant sleep deprivation all day, I stay wide awake and alert through the entire show. (If you knew how easily I fall asleep now days, you would know how impressive that is. I was really into this concert!) The show had an quick pace, and was a true joy from beginning to end. I wish I was more musically inclined and could give a more detailed description of how the evening was sonically. All I can say is that the band was really together and sounding good, and Tori’s vocals sounded perfect to me. I loved the energy of the show, and the slower numbers when they appeared were deeply moving. I was sad that Tori only spoke to us once, but that seems to be the norm at Tori shows these days.

      It was just good to get out and enjoy a really wonderful Tori show again with many friends I have not seen in a long time or with friends I have met for the first time. It was an incredible evening. Amanda and I are going to see two more shows during the current tour. They will be in Indianapolis and Milwaukee next Friday and Saturday. After those shows, I will have seen Tori perform 93 times. After all that, I still find Tori’s music to be incredibly moving and important in my life. That is something I do not think will ever change.

    11. Amanda (Novinha) says:

      This was my 44th time seeing a Tori concert. This was my third time seeing her in my hometown of Louisville and I was so thrilled she was back here. The meet and greet was incredible. I had all but decided never to do one again after the last tour. I was just getting sick of being stuffed into the barricades for a glance at Tori’s hair. But I was told they were different this time around and it sure was. Every single person who was at the meet and greet that day got a chance with Tori. It was a very respectful meet and greet. When poeple met Tori, they would move out of the way and allow those behind them to move forward. Tori was pulling people forward toward her and she met everyone. And I was so happy that she was not wearing that wig. She is so beautiful, she doesn’t need that thing on her head. ;) She looked really gorgeous.

      Finally, it was time for the concert. Our seats were quite good. I had a great view of Tori from our row F seats. The crowd had some annoying people in it. There was the pole dancer, the random clapper, the picture takers and pot smoker. Interesting, but none of them were near enough to me to have any negative impact on my show at all. The people in my immediate area were pretty decent. Yay! I also want to say how strange it was that Mikewhy and I did not have to write down the setlist for posting to the Dent later. ;)

      Just a few comments on the show: I was SO happy we got Clyde. I like her quite a lot. My only sad thing is she didn’t do Roosterspur Bridge, but that’s okay. What she did do was amazing. ‘Clyde’ was wearing purple and some belt with a bird on it. I loved the purple, but the bird not so much. I hate those wigs, but Tori was so gorgeous.

      She was so bodily expressive during Juarez, doing crazy body movements. I loved hearing Upside Down, it’s one of my favorite b-sides. Beauty of Speed had a very colorful stage as we saw “the colors changing.”

      I had no idea until just before the venue doors opened that Professional Widow was just Tori going off-stage to change into her ‘Tori’ wig while the band basically had a jam session. That was odd, not a high moment for me. The lights were awful, shining and flashing brightly into my eyes. Lights don’t normally bother me, but I had to put my hat over my face toward the end. Also, this was just an excuse for people to get all impatient and start hopping up and down and doing crazy stuff. It felt like we had to re-settle when she came back on stage as “Tori.” Tori was all sparkly in gold when she came out.

      I have not listened to anything live yet, so if I say something that’s “well duh” then I apologize. ;) Big Wheel was fun, I admit. During the MILF part, she let the audience shout out “Don’t you forget!” I am not normally for the audience participation, but I liked that. The pole dancer would not sit down for this song. Thankfully for the people behind her, she did after the song ended.

      For some reason, Space Dog was not a surprise. I enjoyed it a lot, but I felt it coming on. Tear in your Hand was a big surprise for me. I have not heard that song in a long time and I really enjoyed hearing it again. It was like a rush of LE memories.

      Doughnut Song is Mikewhy’s favorite from Pele and I know he was happy to hear that one. It was really beautiful. I’m really glad we got Doughnut Song. And Glory of the 80s was great. I am not too fond of it on the album, but I really like it live.

      Then on to T & Bo time. She pulled out this long improv. It was so long, I thought it was a song that was either a cover or a song didn’t recognize at all. When we asked our friend about it, she confirmed it was an improv and apparently, she’s been doing long improvs like that lately. I want a recording of that one she did in Louisville, it was so beautiful. Then I totally recognized the piano notes for Take Me With You. I love this song and I was so happy to get it. It was amazing live, so beautiful, one of my biggest highlights. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was incredible as well even if she did do that one when she was in Louisville last time. What an amazing solo time we got.

      The first notes of Spark, I thought, Oh no, my friend needs to be here. She wanted this last time Tori was in Louisville, it was on the setlist, but not played. This time Tori played it and my friend has moved to Edmonton, AB. I thought of her all throughout the song. It was great. I’ve always loved Spark.

      Then it was a beautiful Code Red, which I had not heard live yet. The lighting was appropriately red on stage. I really like this song and happy to see it on every set list because I was looking forward to it and I was not disappointed with the live version. Amazing.

      Time for the encores and everyone stands. I had a much harder time seeing when everyone stood up, but a lean to the left just a bit and hope the couple in front of us doesn’t move their heads together and I’m good to go! I expected Precious Things and loved it. She played an amazing Precious Things at my first Tori concert in 1996 and so it will always have a special place in my heart live.

      Then I saw her pull out some lyrics. I thought, Oh, a not so common song now! Father Lucifer was great and such a surprise! This sounded amazing. She did give us the finger. And it was the common Hey Jupiter, which I loved a lot, to close the final encore and the show.

    12. kristina and miss shelby says:

      I do not have much time to write so I am gonna make this short and sweet. My 5 year old daughter Shelby has always liked Tori, she gets it from me of course! Within the past year Shelby has picked up playing the piano and her love for Tori has grown even more, sometimes she drives me a little nuts with it. When I heard Tori was coming to Louisville, which is 45 minutes away, I knew I had to take Shelby. I ended up getting Pit tix, dead center. Shelby had the perfect view and was amazed at the show. It was so precious to see her get so excited, telling me over and over how beautiful Tori is, and watching her sing all of her favorite songs (which is most!). I had already planned for my and the hubby to go to the Indy and Nashville shows – needless to say I have had to buy extra tix for the Indy show so I can take her and he has been booted for the Nashville show so she can go, lol! I cannot wait for tomorrow and hopefully I can make one of the meet and greets so my daughter will get to give Tori a hug – all thru the Louisville show she kept asking if she could! I am sure she is probably one of the youngest to ever attend a show! If you see us, be sure to tell lil miss Shelby hello!

    13. Michelle says:

      Just wanted to start out saying that “girls in the navy” is not an improv; it is part of “space dog.” That being said, I have never seen Tori so happy as she was in Louisville. She smiled a lot and was dancing almost the whole time. Everyone’s energy was great, and this was one of the best shows I’ve been to—a lot of fun and very upbeat. I had a great time!

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