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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    State Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 01, 2007
    City Cleveland, OH
    Venue State Theatre

    Pip opened this show. Thanks to jason and Mike Q for getting the setlist to us.

    Act I (Pip)

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Blood Roses
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Tear in Your Hand
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Northern Lad
    • Take To The Sky


    • “we need to make a change, we need to be saved” improv
    • Cool On Your Island
    • Leather

    Band Returns

    • Concertina
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Hotel

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter



    1. David says:

      The theme of tonight’s show was the preciousness of baring witness to the blood that can run through another human being’s veins. Tori entered the eerily thumping atmosphere of “Cruel”, and what a fucking bitch she was. From the blunting howls of “cock cock cock” to the massive seizure she went into at the peak, she was a teeny tiny force that ain’t no one could even begin reckoning with. And it didn’t stop until the lights came back on 20 songs later. By the tail end of “Hotel”, I needed to remind myself, “This is not an acid trip”. And this is how you can spot a true artist my friends: when you’re not only deeply moved by beautifully composed pieces of work, but when you simply look at the artist herself, and you can see that her path right up to the here and now is a masterpiece in and of it’s self.

    2. Amy (LauraPalmer) says:

      First off, I was expecting Yoav to really suck – and he totally didn’t!! He was actually very talented. I love the live looping he did with beats from his guitar. Very cool.

      So Pip rocked it tonight. I was hoping for either her or Clyde and I was so excited when Pip came out. She wore a fuschia outfit and her rubber tights. The only thing that sucks about Pip rocking so hard is that it sort made Tori’s set seem kind of bland… While Tori’s vocals were great, I felt the setlist was lacking a bit. Oh, well.

      I also want to add that the lights for the show were awesome! As are Matt, Jon and Dan. Excellent musicians!

      One final note – I thought I would not like Hey Jupiter as a closer but it was really beautiful.

      Overall, I enjoyed the show – especially Pip. I guess I was just hoping for a few surprises in the setlist.

    3. Julie says:

      I can’t remember the line up but I would have to say that was the best show I’ve ever seen of Tori. Pip was the the one from the Posse tonight and she was absolutely incredible. I had a feeling she was going to play but wasn’t sure, but I am so happy she played for us Ohioians!!! She nailed every note, and did a lot of add-lib within songs when she was Pip. It was just a fanastic show.

    4. Valerie says:

      I have very little time, but had to give my impressions before leaving for work, bleary-eyed and still in a daze.

      Typically, for me, Tori’s Cleveland shows are a little more laid-back, so I was hoping to get rocked. I was not disappointed.

      The highlight for me in Tori’s set was Take to the Sky, during which she improved, “If you don’t like me just a little, boy, why do you take it — take it in the morning, sugar… take it after tea-time… oh, you take it in the evening, baby, when supper is set out… you take it after dinner, when the meat is still warm….” — something like that; I’m not doing it justice, but you will hear it on the Boot.

      During Blood Roses, when she finished singing, “God knows I know I’ve thrown away those graces,” and turned back to the keyboard, she paused for a moment and put her hands to her chest, grabbing the fabric of her dress and sharing with the audience a heart-wrenching, angry glance that said, “I’ve been broken,” — they totally understood. Then she continued playing the song.

      I met a lot of great people at the Meet & Greet, and they know who they are — thanks for keeping us company! Tori was so sweet; she came out sans wig and I really didn’t say much to her, but she was great and stayed out there, I believe, until everyone met her.

      The best part of the show was Smitty upgrading our seats to front row. It’s our only show on the tour, so that experience was pretty much the icing on an already superb Tori cake!

      My friend took 200+ photos, and I hope to post them soon!

    5. Wyatt says:

      Tori was amazing tonight. Pip was rocking the shit out of her set. “Blood roses” took me by surprise. It was nice to see Pip. After a day of my best friend and I at a crazy-ex-boyfriend asshole’s parole hearing…Pip was perfect. Out of the eight times I’ve seen her since ’98, this was the best, I never thought she could top the time I seen her in Akron on the plugged tour. She did. The sound was great, lights beautiful. Highlights: “Blood Roses”, “Cruel”, “Concertina”, “Spark”, “Cool on your Island”, “Leather”, “Hotel”,and “Bouncing off Clouds”. I wish I could see all the dolls, nice how Tori can switch them on and embody them. Thanks!

    6. Darla says:

      I have seen Tori in concert in her early days and I have to say she never disappoints. She is just amazing, vocally she was right on and played a lot of her old stuff which was so great.. I enjoyed Pip she was so angry and raw. I was so thrilled that she played Take to the Sky. I would say this was one of my best Tori concerts.

    7. Jenny W. says:

      I was at the Cleveland show, I got really awesome seats 8 rows back. I really got a cool perspective !

      I loved Pip's rage. I took my boyfriend who had never seen her live and I was going on and on for months on how awesome & unforgettable she is live and after this show he said I was totally right. !

      I loved how the set list played off of Pip then Tori herself. It was an amazing night and I was happy to see some of my childhood/Tori friends there :)

    8. Holly says:

      Amazing day! First I finally met Tori, I did my first meet and greet since liking her since 96. She was amazingly wonderful and very sweet. Met some very sweet people at the meet and greet – Tori fans rock! The show – I finally had front row seats and the show was just amazing. Pip rocked out and I loved the T and Bo session. The whole day was just amazing! I am off to download the concert – I cant wait to hear Cool on Your Island again!

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