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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Murat Center

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 02, 2007
    City Indianapolis, IN
    Venue Murat Center


    Jessica notes that “Scarlet’s Walk” and “Virginia” were soundchecked before the show. Libby adds that “Mother Revolution” and “Black Dove (January)” were also put through their paces during the soundcheck.

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • In the Springtime of his Voodoo
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Sweet Sangria
    • Tombigbee
    • Almost Rosey
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Liquid Diamonds

    T & Bö

    • improv
    • Crazy
    • Mother

    Band returns

    • Virginia
    • Space Dog
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds




    1. Dennis says:

      Seeing Tori for the first time since the Summer of Sin was wonderful! She’s still on top of her game, having more fun than I’ve seen her have with the piano, and she sang a beautiful memory about a boy who wore a “Purdue” shirt and how she thought they could have had a life together in Indiana, and the crowd went wild, of course!

      Absolutely perfect!

    2. Amanda Lawson says:

      This was more than a concert. It was a life-changing experience. Being a Tori fan for more than 15 years (yes I’m 30) I of course expected the usual perfection. But this concert completely exceeded those expectations. My view from 4th row center was spectacular and let me just say that the Murat is absolutely perfect for Tori. I’ve seen Tori live about five or six times before this, but I have missed her last three tours. I’ve held on to my little iTunes presale code since June, so baby I was ready for this.

      I totally didn’t expect to see Isabel, but it makes complete sense that’s the character she chose. Indiana needs a little political wake-up call. Miss Isabel was way sexier than I had originally thought she would be. She came out smoking a cigarette, HOT. Her boots and outfit were freaking amazing as well. Being a singer myself, I was almost relieved to see that even microphone problems happen to the best of them. At the beginning of Yo George her mike was off, but in the middle of the song it came back. It didn’t matter though because once the concert began, I was frozen with anticipation.

      I am going to be one of those dorks that goes through song by song. :)


      Yo George – simply captivating and a perfect opener for Isabel. She was icy and intense.

      Voodoo – didn’t this start with “The Wrong Band”? Just checking to see if I was crazy. This was delightful and fun.

      Sweet Dreams – this has always been one of my favorite older Tori songs. The words are hysterical and she really had fun with this, but she was still in full Isabel character. She never lost that.

      Sweet Sangria – Okay, this is one of my favorite songs off of Scarlet’s Walk and we had so many songs off of that album. This song has so many layers and the melody is so pretty.

      Tombigbee – very cute

      Almost Rosey – absolutely fantastic. I always forget how much I love this song until I hear it again. She sang the shit out of this one.

      Scarlet’s Walk – I can’t really type about this song without crying. While holding an old type of lantern, you could picture Isabel/Tori making her way across the country. As she sang the song, she swung the lantern back and forth. I felt like I was traveling across the country with her, seeing everything she saw, and it was breathtaking.


      Big Wheel – when Tori came out as Tori, the energy completely shifted into pure fun. She was as light as I’ve ever seen her, smiling and waving to the audience. She is adorable playing this song, period. Plus it’s so damn catchy you can’t help but move along to it. Oh and we got the gold jumpsuit last night. LOVE IT.

      Sugar – This song is simply put, phenomenal. It has such a huge presence and when she really lets go, the song just takes you over. You can’t help but catch yourself in a comatose stare when she plays it.

      Black Dove – magical. A personal favorite and one of those songs that takes me a while to shake off.

      Cornflake Girl – what can you say about her except, “Thank you.” Who doesn’t love this song? I do however miss Caton’s guitar, but ya know…..

      Bells For Her – Absolutely haunting. She seemed pretty emotional during this one.

      Liquid Diamonds – I’ve seen this one recently in the setlists and I was eternally grateful she played it for us. It automatically takes me to a beautiful dark place that I really don’t want to leave.

      improv about Indiana – adorable. She sang about a boy she met in Indiana that wore a Purdue shirt and she asked him why. Also how they walked a mile and she could see herself settling down and starting a life with him.

      Crazy – speechless. This is my favorite song off of Scarlet’s Walk and I’ve never heard it done better. What beautiful lyrics.

      Mother – I immediately was transported back to being fifteen or sixteen years old and playing Little Earthquakes over and over again. The song made me cry then and it makes me cry now. Does anyone know how Tori’s mother is doing by the way? Anyway, she really sunk her teeth into this one, taking her time with the lyrics and showing us a very vulnerable side of herself.

      Virginia – lovely. A very special treat. I had missed Scarlet and we were fortunate enough to hear a few songs from her.

      Space Dog – I had to crack up during this song because I think the new guy on guitar may have made some mistakes, but it still sounded amazing. I saw Matt and Jon laugh as if something was going on, but I couldn’t tell what exactly. I saw Tori sort of guiding the new guy a couple of times, very cute. This song is so fun.

      Code Red – beautiful red lighting (obviously). I really love this song because it’s so urgent. It immediately grabs your attention and holds it until the end. Very intense.

      Precious Things – I have to say of course since it’s one of the best Tori songs ever, it wasn’t as intense as it usually is. BUT, everyone was standing during the song and it was kind of hard to get into it like you usually would. But let me say also that hearing this song live ALWAYS takes me back and always creates an energy that keeps you fascinated.

      Bouncing off Clouds – PERFECT ENDING. I’ve seen in the past setlists that she’s been closing with Hey Jupiter and I was sort of glad she didn’t last night. Everyone was up and dancing during this song and ending the show on a lighter note was amazing. She just seemed so happy to be there and really had fun with this one, smiling and flirting with the audience.

      The sound during the first half of the show was a bit questionable. I felt like the drums overpowered the piano a lot and her vocals needed to be brought up a little. But during the second half, it was back to perfection like we’re used to. AND THE LIGHTING....Jesus it was beautiful. Whoever does it deserves an award because it just adds this ethereal quality that is perfect for her. The backdrop was simple yet dramatic and the “star lights” are just stunning.

      Tori Amos is not just another singer/piano player. She is a legend. My emotions ran the gamut from the fifteen year old that was clueless to what the world is all about, to the thirty year old I’ve become. Every song took me on a different journey visually and emotionally. I’m even a bigger fan now than I was when I was fifteen and I didn’t think that was possible.

      Just a note to the people taking pictures. Please don’t stand up for a long period of time, and take pictures. People are sitting behind you and you are cheating them out of parts of the show!! The person I’m talking about was probably drunk, but come on. Have you never been to a show before? And what’s with people getting up in the middle of the show? So rude!!! It’s not like we’re at a high school play here people. Have some respect for the performer and for the people around you. Okay I’m done bitching. :)

      One more thing about Isabel, Tori should seriously consider acting as a second career because she literally became another woman. I know that’s the point, but I know how hard that is to do and she nailed it. Not once did she break character as Isabel. Her body language, her voice, and her aura were all completely different. VERY impressive. Do some movies Tori!!!

      I did not stay after the concert to catch a glimpse of Tori. Did anyone else see her outside? They said it would be a while before she came outside so I decided to go to my car and get warm. If anyone has stories about that, please post them. It was 11:30 when I started to drive home, so I figured Tori might just want to get onto the bus and go without having to meet and greet again. But as gracious as she always is, I’m sure she was accommodating.

      Oh and the opening act, I LOVED his music. I was totally captivated and will be purchasing one of his CD’s.

      To Tori – thank you. You have once again changed me and inspired me beyond explanation.

    3. Justin says:

      i was hoping for ‘body and soul’ tonight, and as soon as isobel made her way on stage I was a little disappointed. but she made up for it. when tori took the stage in the gold jumpsuit – it was hilarious and great. tori made up for the somewhat lackluster opening set, although sweet sangria is one of my fav. songs of all time so i was thrilled she played it. also loved ‘crazy’. lots of songs from scarlet’s walk.

    4. Jessica says:

      Last night was my first Tori Amos concert after being a fan for five years, since I was 13.

      The concert was absolutely amazing. Her voice was perfect, the set list was perfect.

      At the Meet and Greet, before the show, I requested Mother, and got it! Tears were streaming down my face throughout the whole song.

    5. Ashley says:

      After a few hours of digesting last night’s show I have to say I didn’t feel it as much as I have in the past. Isabel is not my favorite doll, so I wasn’t really excited to see her. Her mic problems early on really broke my heart, but Isabel handled it remarkably well, by not stopping the song, and just repeating the first line. I will say though, Isabel’s boots were totally hot!!!!!!!

      Tori did look ravishing in her jumpsuit, I loved how it seemed to change colors with the (beautiful) lighting.

      I’m really sad we only got two songs from Pele..as she is my favorite. It was my first Tori CD, so I am partial. Liquid Diamonds was wonderful…I find myself in phases where I crave that song, so I put it on, turn it up as loud as I can get it, and just listen to it over and over. That and Sugar were my highlights (closely followed by Space Dog, a song I hated until I saw it live at my first Tori show…at the Murat on 11-30-98, now it’s in my top 5). Tori hit every note perfectly during Sugar. The intensity of that song moves me physically every time I hear it…

      As for the pre-show meet’n‘greet. It couldn’t have been a better experience. Everyone was so well behaved, and polite. My friend showed up late, and I ended up meeting some very nice people. Unfortunately to save my self the embarassment of forgetting a name or two, I hope those I met from Buffalo, NY, and Manchester UK, made it home (or to the next stop) safely. Hope Indy gave you a good impression, and you’re welcome any time. I actually got to meet Tori for a moment, and of course I acted like complete idiot and forgot everything I wanted to say to her. She signed my copy of “Piece by Piece”, and told me I look wonderful in green. I got a photo, and I’ll send it later. I maintained my composure until I called to tell my husband…then I lost it and started crying like a crazy woman. (He couldn’t understand what I was saying, he heard me say something about ‘sign’ and thought I said I wrecked my Scion). Once I took a deep breath, he could understand much better!

      To everyone who was at the meet’n‘greet, thanks for making it such a wonderful experience. It was such an amazing change of pace from the behavior of past meet’n‘greets.

    6. Amy B says:

      My second ever Tori show and it was worth every penny, every mile, every stand up and crunch back so some dill hole could slip out and gas up. I wanted more Pele music, but otherwise, this show could not be improved upon. I will go back, again, and again, and again.

    7. Joel says:

      It was my first Tori concert…EVER! I am only 16…

      Everyone was so polite at the Meet and Greet. Many were thrilled to know it was my first. And I met the most amazing people. Loueez (girl's name, can’t spell) was flipping hilarious! So if you are reading this…YOU ROCK! We both were seeing her for the first time.

      I MET TORI! I told of a dream I used to have and how it all came together at some point (very ironic) and when I was done she looked at me and said, “That is amazing!”

      And I hugged, picture and asked for a kiss on the cheek, so we kissed eachother on the ckeek…my lips touched her cheek and wig!!!!!!!!! And she was looking SEXY!

      During the show, when the mic didn’t work, I think that made her try harder when it came back on, cause she kicked that songs ass!

      Same with Sugar, I lost it!

      And Mother…wow. Wasn’t expecting it! and it was amazing, that is final.

      Code Red…wow.


      her voice was PERFECT! Every note! She belted, she got high, low. I have listened to many bootlegs, and I think this one, her voice was best.

      Afterward everyone was like, “That was the best show I have seen of hers, ever!” So I felt very lucky to have seen a show that was that good!!! Well, at least what they say, but I believe it!

      It still hasn’t soaked in.

      I got LOTS of videos, good quality. Of the opening and of the show. So pop by youtube one of these days to see them.

      [Editor's Note: I'll add them to this page once Joel posts them on YouTube.]
    8. Brandi D says:

      Friday was my fifth ever tori concert, and i have to say that at past concerts i have experienced chills, goose bumps, and have been drawn to awe and tears. Last night i got none of this. I have to blame a lot on the crowd, talking and walking in front of people for most of the show, but i think that the crowd’s lack of compassion and respect for tori definitely led tori to put on a not so moving performance. Tori is an absolute angel, she has basically written the soundtrack to my life as i’m sure is the way most fans feel. The show was not horrible, because tori is not capable of a horrible show. As always she is stunning, cunning, and unbelievably talented, but the energy was just not in indianapolis last evening. Best wishes to everyone at her up coming shows i hope your experience is as precious as all of my previous ones.

    9. Carolyn says:

      I was lucky enough to get a platinum VIP ticket to this show, and let me tell you I would do it again. It was definitely worth the money. I loved the crowd free merch shopping and I was very excited to receive the tour program with the gift bag. Tori and the guys had their own private soundcheck for about an hour and a half, and then we were allowed to come in, sit wherever we wanted, and see her and the guys practice two full songs. The very first two orchestra pit rows filled up fast, and there weren’t that many of us; about 40, maybe. If I would have moved faster I could have easily gotten one of those in-your-face, very close seats, but I was happy enough to be sitting for two whole songs in row A. It’s the closest I’ve ever seen her perform. She did Mother Revolution and then Black Dove. I could not have been happier that I got to do this. Then the platinum people were taken down to an empty dressing room where Tori came in and we each got a short turn with her. Time was really running out, so I said hi and that I was shocked/very happy to see her in person, she signed my copy of Piece by Piece, I got my photo with her, said goodbye and left. More time would have been nice, but then again don’t we all wish we could have just one day with her? Of course we do. The show itself was amazing with the star lighting on the curtain behind Tori and the band, and all the other lighting effects for the various songs and such. She was having the most fun I’ve ever seen her have at a show, and this was my 7th show. Plus, the setlist was really good. I forgot to request “Gold Dust,” and I wish I could have seen her do Body and Soul as Santa, but I was certainly not disappointed with what I got! The whole performance kicked ass! I was in the 8th row (H), seat 10 in the middle Orchestra section. She was dead center in my view and this was THE best seat I’ve ever had for one of her shows. Hands down. Besides the soundcheck thing. Okay, I hope I didn’t bore all of you! Have fun at the future shows!

    10. Michelle says:

      I have to agree with Bradi D. The crowd response was pretty poor, in my opinion, especially after the wonderful showing in Louisville. I really think that it affected Tori’s performance. Don’t get me wrong; she still played a lovely show, but there just wasn’t that energy like there was in Louisville. Tori didn’t seem as happy or excited and she didn’t dance half as much. But I really enjoyed the Isabel section, which was surprising because she was the last doll I was hoping for (I was feeling like Pip that night, but Tori knows what she’s doing). I still had a great time and thought Tori was beautiful!

    11. theEvilAngel says:

      The show was really excellent. Tori was in great voice! I took a bunch of photos, and you can view them on Flickr.

    12. Justin B says:

      A magical night indeed…

      I was among the few lucky souls to acquire Platinum VIP tickets. The entire VIP experience was handled very well, with the young woman organizing it being very cordial and helpful to everyone. Though a bit expensive, I would definitely buy VIP tickets again! Tori was her normal gracious self and though seriously pressed for time due to a prolonged sound check, she still wanted to converse with everyone there… she is a Goddess, indeed.

      This was my 147th time seeing Tori and though I enjoyed the show immensely, I cannot place it among my all-time favorites. Tori has always said that her shows are a “give and take” of energy with the audience, and I truly feel that the majority of the audience was not giving her what was due. In fact, the energy transference seemed to be a jumbled mess! For example, directly in front of me two young ladies were DANCING to “Mother” (which I never thought was even possible) during the T*Bo segment, yet sat down through songs such as “Cornflake Girl” and “Bouncing”... WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?!?!?

      Anyway, Tori put on an excellent show (all things considered) and I eagerly look forward to Tori Show #148!

    13. Teryll says:

      I’m a transplant from L.A., so this was my first time seeing Tori perform in the midwest. I’ve seen her on every tour since Boys for Pele and perhaps I’m just used to the shows, but this performance wasn’t as dynamite for me as past tours.

      I was really looking forward to the show, as I know she’s put on some killer setlists in the midwest on past tours.

      The set and lighting was beautiful, no doubt. She’s always made simple and classy choices for this area of the show and I think it fell into line with what she was trying to accomplish with the tour. Lighting for each and every song was breathtaking.

      I do agree with others that the sound was not the best. She sounded great vocally, but the mix was weak overall. Couldn’t hear the guitars all that much and the piano seemed very muted too, or at least in the background, more than usual.

      I was surprised at all the song choices from Scarlet’s Walk, but was nonetheless pleased to hear Sweet Sangria. I was hoping for a tune from The Beekeeper, but alas….didn’t get to hear one.

      I think for me aside from the sound issues, the highlights were:

      Sweet Sangria
      Black Dove
      Liquid Diamonds
      Bouncing Off Clouds (which is SO good live) and
      Almost Rosey.

    14. Ernie says:

      Ok, I have learned from experience that a Tori show only feels as good as the people sitting around you. Like the Chicago show during the Summer of Sin- thanks to the TMI girls behind us, talking about everything under the sun, I found the whole thing, well, not very memorable. But I do know how Lindsay would elope, if she found a man.

      So, when I read that people found Friday’s show lacking energy, I have to remind myself that just because my section was quiet, respectful, and full of that “yes!” vibe, that doesn’t mean everyone else was lucky enough to have the same experience.

      I normally rate Tori’s energy by how many times she does that little bounce thing on the bench, but Friday night, she seemed to hover above it. In all the shows I’ve seen, I’ve never seen her run around the stage making airplane arms… the first-timers with me wondered if she was that wacky all the time.

      I thought it was a great show. I thought Tori really rocked the whole thing, and given the number of times she threw her head back, clenched her teeth, and just played the heck out of the keyboards, she really seemed to be bringing it. And really, the setlist was pretty upbeat, compared to some of the other Isabel setlists. “Yo George” is a totally different song live, if you’ve not heard it. It’s a lot grittier in person, like the opposite of a fan letter.

      It was just a totally different Tori experience than the previous shows I’ve seen, and I’m still pretty blown away!

    15. Genevieve says:

      This was an amazing show. Virginia, Sweet Sangria, and Liquid Diamonds were highlights for me. We got a good showing of Scarlet’s songs, which are always beautiful. Someone brought out a lamp for Tori before “Scarlet’s Walk,” and she swung it back and forth, as though walking along a path, during the chorus. It was really nice.

      When Tori said hello to the audience before Cornflake Girl, someone in my row shouted “Tori’s Piano Bar!” and Tori stopped what she was saying, looked in his direction, and said, “What?” He repeated it and she said, “I can’t understand a fucking word you’re saying! But I love you anyways. But I’m going to talk now, so, zzzzzipp!” (made a “Zip Your Lips” motion across her lips). It was very cute, though it probably just made the rude shouter feel vindicated that he got somewhat direct dialogue with Tori.

      I have to agree with Amanda above, the people who stand up and take pictures the whole time are just rude (and I think we are talking about the same person here…also the shouter, incidentally). I realize everyone is excited about the show and that’s wonderful, but please remember that other people paid for their tickets too, and be courteous! Same thing for audibly singing along…the people next to you (or several rows ahead of you, in some cases) didn’t pay $50+ to hear you sing.

      Overall, though, love the energy that Tori (and the other dolls) are bringing to these shows. She looks like she is having a great time, and it makes it fun for all of us too!

    16. Amanda (Novinha) says:

      The concert was good. We sat in row D in the left section (which was actually third row in that section). This was my second show this tour. Tori came out just a tad later than she did in Louisville. I have been following set lists the last few weeks and really loved the songs that Isabel plays in her set. So I was happy that we got Isabel (since I already had my preferred doll, Clyde, in Louisville). However, there were two things that were really irritating about Isabel. I was not thrilled to see Tori smoking on stage. Call me a prude or boring or whatever, but I do not think smoking looks “cool” I think it looks stupid. I also really hate those wigs a lot. The Clyde one is okay, I guess. I have gotten used to the ugly Tori orange one. But Tori with blonde hair just does not look good at all. At times, I felt like I was watching someone else with Tori’s voice.

      The sound was not as great as it was in Louisville. To begin with Yo George, there were some obvious difficulties when we couldn’t hear her at all for the first few seconds. But she picked it right up quickly and people cheered when her voice finally came through. But I also thought the piano was really quiet. I especially felt this during Precious Things. She came out to perform this during the encore and I felt like I could barely hear any piano at all. Maybe it was where we were sitting?

      I really enjoyed Isabel’s set though. The songs she sings are among my favorites. Voodoo was a lot of fun to watch her perform. Sweet Dreams has always been a treat to hear live, and one I don’t really listen to all that often, but is still a favorite b-side of mine along with Tombigbee. I was hoping to hear Tombigbee again live. I heard its live debut in 2003 and really love its upbeat energy. Almost Rosey is my favorite song from the new album and I like it live even better. Just before Scarlet’s Walk, Tori turned to face us, bent her elbows in a 90 degree angle and began doing some robot style dance. It began to look so silly, I couldn’t help but giggle. While she was doing this, a guy came from backstage. He placed a box with black cloth on it in front of Tori between the piano and keyboard. Then he placed a lamp that looked like a lantern on top of the box. Tori began to sing Scarlet’s Walk (one of my favorite songs from the album). When she got to the line, “You will lift your lamp” she literally picked up that lamp and swung it back and forth as she sang the chorus. She did this every time she got to this part.

      After the Professional Widow costume change, Tori came back out as Tori and went into the standard Big Wheel, of course. I am not fond of this song on the album. But I guess it is fun live. Tori is all grins during it and that is fun to see.

      I can’t get enough of Sugar live. Bells for Her actually had me confused at first. She began with a really really long piano intro. It took me a fourth of the way into this to know what song she was about to sing. The piano intro was really beautiful as was Bells for Her. Liquid Diamonds has always been one of Mikewhy’s favorites, so I was happy that he got that one. When I looked over at him, he seemed very pleased as well.

      For T & Bo time, she played an improv about a guy wearing a Purdue shirt and something about Indiana. I like when she does a bit of customization for the place she is performing in that night. We got yet another Scarlet song for the first solo. Crazy was beautiful. She then began playing the piano for the next song. My friend thought it was Flying Dutchman and gave me a little poke, “Flying Dutchman!” I thought there was no way she was playing that. I have wanted to hear that for 5 years and have pretty much given up ever hearing it live. But no, this was not to happen. It was Mother. However, I was not at all disappointed at Mother, my favorite song from Little Earthquakes, and it was beautiful.

      When the band came back on, she began with another Scarlet song, this one perhaps my absolute favorite from the album, Virginia. I don’t think I’d heard this one live with the band yet (only solo), so it was a treat. I adore Virginia.

      As we got to Code Red, I noted the time and it was pretty late. I listened happily to an incredible Code Red live. I love that this song is a staple on this tour because I get to hear it at all three shows I see. This is an incredible song live.

      She left the stage and everyone stood up, of course. Most people in front of me rushed the stage. The venue security looked confused when they did this, but people pushed forward. I stayed where I was and with two empty rows in front of me, had a fantastic view of Tori on stage. She came back out for Precious Things, where I was disappointed in not being able to hear the piano well. Then she went back again and returned with Bouncing off Clouds. I’ve actually grown quite fond of this song lately. I was expecting Hey Jupiter next, but Tori left the stage and house lights came on. Wow, a new ending. I really really like Bouncing off Clouds to close out the show. It ends things on a much more upbeat level.

      This concert was Scarlet heavy. I was fine with that. Scarlet’s Walk is my favorite Tori album. Someone pointed out after the concert that there was an American Indian art exhibit somewhere near the Murat Theater. Coincidence?

      While this concert was filled with many of my favorite songs, I still liked Louisville better. There is more to a concert than its set list. The songs are special by themselves, but Tori’s performance gives them their power. I felt that she gave more power and emotion to the songs and she performed in better Louisville. I loved this concert in Indianapolis though and was so happy to hear some of my favorite songs live at this concert.

    17. America says:

      This was my 15th or 16th Tori show. I’ve never been lucky enough to travel the country following her around like some people, but I have seen as many as possible in Ohio and Indiana since Under the Pink. This was my boyfriend’s very first Tori concert. It was definitely an experience for us both!

      I thought the show was phenomenal! Tori seemed in fantastic spirits. The set list was a perfect mix of her wonderful music. It was everything I could have hoped for….ALMOST.

      I was incredibly disappointed in the crowd on Friday. What’s up, Indy? People were all over the place. I understand if you must make a bathroom trip, but leaving to get another cup of beer is simply unacceptable. The two girls behind us were chatterboxes. I had to pull out my mean face, which I HATE to do. To make matters worse, there was some commotion going on about someone singing along too loudly…or SOMETHING. All I know is that in the end, someone called another person the “f” word and I am NOT talking about a word that rhymes with “duck.” I was absolutely APPALLED. There is NO environment in which it is okay to use such an ignorant word, but using it at a Tori concert is downright unimaginable. Focusing on all of the negative energy surrounding me really put a damper on the whole night.

      As for my boyfriend, he was amazed and curious and loved every minute. “What is T&Bo?” “What is going on NOW?” “She is playing two instruments…AT THE SAME TIME!!” Oh to be a Tori virgin again!!

    18. Jennie says:

      I was so excited to see Tori again after missing the last couple tours. This was my 5th Tori show, and I was thrilled to score VIP tix. The meet & greet was awesome, and Tori was so nice in person.

      I was so happy that she is touring with a full band again and could not wait for the show. I was, however, hugely disappointed in the set. I was really hoping to see any of the other dolls. There is nothing that beats seeing Tori live, but this was by far my least favorite show. As with the earlier posts, I would have loved to hear more from Pele and far less from Scarlet. I also noticed that many of the songs she has performed that night she has also done at her last few shows in Indiana. I was really hoping to hear some different selections. The crowd in Indy is never as responsive as other places, but hopefully she’ll keep coming back. I won’t be making any of the other shows, so I am glad that I can get bootlegs of different sets.

    19. Jeff says:

      The positives:

      Interesting opening act, great crowd, awesome light show (except for the shining into the audiences eyes), and a very nice venue.

      By far the highlight was the 3 songs she played alone in the middle of the show.

      The negatives:

      From some of the reviews I’ve read about the other shows it appears the sound mix is a global problem!! It isn’t distorted or anything like that but the drums and bass are so much louder than the piano, guitar, and vocals that on several tracks you couldn’t even hear the piano or make out the words. This from row 20, center stage!!

      The band was pretty good but the overbearing back beat made so many songs sound the same. The transitions in volume you hear on the albums was really lacking.

      Maybe it’s just me but I think the piano and vocals ought to be tops, above everything else…I mean that’s who I came to hear!!

      For $50 a ticket and a 2 hour drive, you’d think they could have a sound man that has better ears. Is he sleeping with the drummer or something?

      Would have enjoyed a little more audience interface from you Tori…Sorry, but the show I saw several years ago in Cincinnati was much, much, better…Fire the sound man!! (quickly)

    20. Craig says:

      I love Tori, I really do…but this show was boring. Bored to tears. ;\ Sorry Tori, probably wont see you on tour again, but I’ll still support you by buying your albums!

    21. Renee says:

      This was my fourth Tori concert and one of my least favorite, not because of the music, but because of the crowd! I witnessed a small fistfight in the row ahead of me (the ushers did nothing) and people were CONSTANTLY getting up. The energy of the crowd was very weird. I usually feel more energized at a Tori concert, but the crowd was really bringing me down. I will travel to a different city to see her.

      As for Tori’s music, it totally rocked out when she came on to do “Big Wheel!” I would have loved to have heard “Putting the Damage On,” but I did get to hear “Sugar,” “Sweet Dreams,” and “Black Dove” which I absolutely love.

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