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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Riverside Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 03, 2007
    City Milwaukee, WI
    Venue Riverside Theatre


    Thanks to missy for texting us the setlist! “Strange” was a debut but Tori messed it up so badly, she stopped playing it, sang a little ditty about how badly she had screwed it up and then went into “Carbon” instead.

    The show had only one encore.

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Upside Down
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Roosterspur Bridge


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Pancake
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Lust
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Winter
    • Strange (cut)
    • Carbon

    Band Returns

    • Horses
    • Father Lucifer
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand


    This concert is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Upside Down (filmed by ribbonsoflithium)

    Strange/improv (filmed by ribbonsoflithium)

    Carbon (filmed by ribbonsoflithium)

    Strange (filmed by andyyesitisandy)



    1. Mary Richards says:

      The Riverside Theater is a very nice place. But they do know how to cram a lot of seats into a relatively small space. Not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world, especially if you have long legs like me. We were about 45 minutes early, but we got to know a nice couple who were sitting next to us – a librarian from Platteville, WI. and her husband Sam. It’s amazing how socially inept I can be. We never exchanged names at all. I only know her husband because she referred to him a couple of times. Anyway, this was their first Tori Amos concert. The opening act was a guy named Yoav (Yo-uv), who did some funky things with his acoustic guitar. He only played about 4 songs, and then we waited for a bit before Tori came out, around five minutes to 9, I think. She started the night off with Bouncing Off Clouds, in the persona of Clyde. I really enjoyed the show a lot. It wasn’t the best Tori Amos show I’ve been to (and I think this was my 15th or 16th one), but it was a lot of fun. Here is the setlist, with a few of the highlights for me:

      Bouncing Off Clouds
      Little Earthquakes
      Upside Down
      Beauty of Speed
      Roosterspur Bridge
      Professional Widow (costume & instrument change) – Tori left the stage, while the guys in her band jammed out to a remix of Professional Widow, and her crew switched her keyboard for an organ. She came back out wearing a bright pink sequined jumpsuit. Only Tori… :)
      Big Wheel
      Cornflake Girl
      Siren – It took me a while to identify this, since I haven’t listened to it in a while.
      (the band leaves the stage, and the T&Bö light comes on)
      Winter – I always get a little teary-eyed with Winter. It was a beautiful performance.
      Strange – Apparently Tori was unsatisfied with her organ-playing on this song, because she stopped after a short time and said “I fucked this up so bad!” and then started playing a bouncy improv with the words (paraphrased) “I fucked this up so bad. If I try to continue singing this song, I will laugh my ass off, so if you want to hear it, you’ll have to go home and play the record” and so on. It was funny. Then she turned around to the Bösendorfer and played
      Carbon – I was soooooo happy to hear this song. It’s my favorite from “Scarlet’s Walk,” and one of my favorites in general. It’s a beautiful song, and I don’t think I have heard her play it live before. It was lovely.
      (the band comes back)
      Horses – I thought to myself hmmmm, another song where she mentions Neil. I wonder if she’ll play Tear In Your Hand too.
      Father Lucifer – This seemed like a speeded up version of this song.
      Code Red
      (Tori & band leave, then come back for “first” encore)
      Precious Things – Always a favorite live.
      Tear In Your Hand – So she played three songs that mentioned Neil tonight. I wonder if he was there. He lives in Minneapolis, which isn’t exactly next door, but it’s not tremendously far away either. shrug

      And that was the end. I am not sure why we only got one encore. She did play for about 2 hours though, so I guess I shouldn’t whine. I was just not ready for the show to be over. But then, when are you ever ready for the show to be over? Another thing is, she didn’t play a single song from “The Beekeeper,” which of course is my husband Jason’s favorite Tori album. It was a big night for “Little Earthquakes” which got seven songs played, and for (of course) “American Doll Posse” with five. But “Under the Pink” was completely ignored, as was “The Beekeeper,” as I already mentioned. She also didn’t play one single cover (which is okay, just not what I was used to). Anyway, I realize Tori’s not my jukebox. We truly did enjoy the concert, and look forward to seeing her on her next tour.

    2. Jace Allen says:

      This was my first show of the ADP tour, and I was pretty excited to see Tori. It’s been 2 years since the Original Sinsuality Tour, and I was ready for more. I had never been to Milwaukee before, but it’s a pretty easy drive from Chicago. The Riverside was a nice classic venue. We were in row K on the left side. Even though that’s nearly halfway through the alphabet it felt like we were really close to Tori.

      I had mixed feelings about her opening act, Yoav, although I must say he was must better than that Matt Nathanson guy she used last tour. Yoav was really talented on the guitar and used it to make some innovative sounds; it was almost like a guitar beat box or something. His lyrics, however, were pretty bland. They lacked any sort of nuance or metaphor, which are some of the things so many Tori fans get off on, myself included. The highlight of his short set was a cover of “Where is My Mind?”. You can’t go wrong with the Pixies.

      I was really hoping for Clyde, because I generally like the songs that she’s been playing on the tour. “Bouncing Off Clouds” is not very deep, but it had a lot of energy and got the show started off on a good beat. “Little Earthquakes” was good, but coming so early in the set it was kind of a downer and wrecked the momentum she had built up during “Clouds”. “Juarez” was the main reason I wanted to see Clyde. I love this song and really wanted to see it live. Her hand motions for the “spill your seed” line are priceless. “Upside Down” is an okay B-side, not one of my favorites, and she plays it so often I was hoping for something more rare/unique. To be honest, I don’t like American Doll Posse because I think it’s her weakest album lyrically, but “Beauty of Speed” and “Roosterspur Bridge” were both fine.

      The Professional Widow remix made good filler for the costume change, but I wouldn’t really count it as a “song” played. Then came Tori in all her sequined pink jumpsuit glory. I couldn’t decide if it was hideous, gorgeous, or a bit of both. I assume the jumpsuit was designed to make for a quick costume change, but it was so baggy in all the wrong places and certainly not flattering to her tiny frame.

      “Big Wheel” really got the crowd going again. I enjoyed this version of “Crucify”. It seemed much slower than the album version, but still just as edgy. I’m so tired of “Pancake” after hearing it on every stop of the Scarlet’s Walk Tour that I’d be happy if she never played it again. Plus, on that tour I was lucky enough to hear her do “Pancake/Ohio” in Cleveland that now the song just sounds broken without the “Ohio” bridge in it. Next was the obligatory “Cornflake Girl”, another crowd pleaser. This was my first time hearing “Lust”. It was beautiful. “Siren” is one of my favorite B-sides, and even though I’ve heard it so many times I still love it. “Winter” was so soft but powerful, I could feel the frost begin to envelop the theater. I was so happy when she started “Strange” but according to her, she fucked it up to badly to continue. Her improv after that was great fun. I’m glad to see they kept in on the “Bootleg” she’s selling. She redeemed herself with a powerful “Carbon”, one of my favorites from SW. “Horses” seemed a little lackluster, but her up-tempo “Father Lucifer” was great. I’ve never heard the band play it like that before. “Code Red” was better live than on the album. I was a little disappointed that she just did one encore, but it seemed like she really wanted to get out of there. She performed the standard “Precious Things” and “Tear in Your Hand” then the house lights came up.

      It was a shorter show (only 19 songs not counting the botched “Strange”) and was a little heavy with material from LE and ADP for my taste. I would have liked to hear something from Pink and Choirgirl. Overall it was a fun show, but there was nothing too remarkable. I’m hoping she kicks it into gear for her upcoming Chicago stops.

    3. Bee says:

      Tori was really wonderful last night. She came out as Clyde (very shy, hiding her face with her arms and walking slowly and deliberately to the piano). The first song (Bouncing Off Clouds) sounded gorgeous and very wistful from Clyde. I’ve never heard Little Earthquakes live and it was a great surprise; again, really introspective and wistful. It was with Juarez that my socks were knocked off! Her voice, muted anger and hand motions/signals were amazing. Very intense for me. The rest of Clyde’s set was really good——especially Upside Down and Beauty of Speed.

      When Tori came out, in all her magenta glory, she was visibly more energetic and playful. Big Wheel was really fun and she let us sing the “don’t you forget” parts! Other highlights from the middle section for me were Pancake (really brooding and intense) and the back to back Lust and Siren (they are really good together). For Siren, she had a pretty long, intense piano solo before starting and she was very into it, standing & rocking back and forth as she played.

      The T&Bo section was a revelation. This woman is so incredible; she ALMOST doesn’t need a band. Winter was gorgeous and really heartfelt. She took her time with it and seemed to feel each word and note. The Strange mistake was so funny. She giggled and yelled, “I fucked this up so bad!” then went into her little improv. The crowd laughed and went wild with it! I was kind of glad she moved on to another song since Strange is a bit flat for me. I was THRILLED to hear Carbon. I did not recognize it until the first words (and I think I wasn’t alone because once she sang “Carbon made found her at the end of a chain,” the crowd went nuts. It was beautiful and seemed really urgent.

      The guys came back and Horses was played—-sounded great with the band. Father Lucifer was also good. Code Red was the bomb! So dark and groovy and angry. It was a great way to end the first set.

      The encore was short and sweet. Precious Things seemed a bit more laid back to me, not as driving and fiery. It also seemed a bit quick. But it was nice to hear nonetheless. She seemed to really enjoy playing Tear in Your Hand. She was smiling a lot and grooving along.

      Her voice was perfect. The piano playing was stellar and her presence was just so powerful, both as Clyde and Tori.

      P.S. I forgot to mention the wonderful lighting during the show! The colors were mesmerizing and the lights and symbols that showed up during Juarez, Crucify, Beauty of Speed, Lust, Siren and Code Red especially were just awesome! It really added drama to the show.

    4. Dennis says:

      Tori is still right on top of her game, she ruled the crowd, so full of life, so playful, and entirely devoted to the music. With each show, Tori delivers a mystical night fit for Dionysus!

    5. Steve says:

      I thought the show was incredible!

      I’ve been to four other Tori shows and this one was the best. I was glad to get Clyde, am I the only one craving a solo version of “Drive All Night”? The lyrics and the melody are actually quite good, it’s just the “twangy” guitar.

      Anyway, far and away the highlight was the solo Winter which took my breath away. I loved Code Red live too! The “I f*&Ked up” improv was really funny. I can’t wait to get the legs and boots to hear what she said because the crowd was too loud to hear it all.

      I wish she would have done another encore, or at least have the T&Bo longer, but I guess that’s trivial if that’s all I have to complain about.

    6. Valyum says:

      Other info I don’t think anyone mentioned:

      The M&G had maybe 100 people there, and they eventually put up some small barricades where people huddled around. It was a pretty place outside the theater…it was on a Riverwalk, so there were boats and piers and pretty water which made nice background shots. A woman held up a sign saying Liquid Diamonds. Smitty said she was only going to stay for 1/2 hour, she stayed for 1 1/2 hours so she could meet everyone…so sweet!

      Highlights for me were Upside Down, Beauty of Speed, Lust, Siren, Winter, Father Lucifer & Code Red. Not because they were my fav songs, but her performances were excellent.

      Winter – people screamed way too much, but she actually seemed to feed off of it cuz she gave such a heartfelt delivery. The girl next to me was crying.

      Lust – had different lyrics for a few verses…can’t remember what she said tho but it was very pretty.

      Father Lucifer – Some drunk guy started swaying during the Steve McQueen verse, and thought Tori was singing right to him at the end …he stuck his arms out when she did as if they were doing some kind of Star Wars energy field exchange and he was just scary.

      Also, before she introduced the band, she said she ended up in a hospital in Milwaukee once, and a lesbian nurse stuck her with a needle. But that’s when Marc decided he thought she was hot, so she will always remember here cuz that’s when their love began. awwwwww

      I’ll email a few m&g pics in a few…I’ll try not to include anything of people close up in case they don’t want their pic on here…

    7. Amanda (Novinha) says:

      We found our seats quickly. They were not bad at all. We were far left, just like in Indy, but we were row K this time. It was actually better to be a bit further back. The view was better. I was clearly able to see between the two heads in front of me.

      We got Clyde. So for my three concerts, I got Isabel once and Clyde twice. While it would have been nice in one way to get three different dolls, Clyde is my favorite of them, so I was happy with Clyde again. I was also hoping for Roosterspur Bridge since I didn’t get it in Louisville.

      Of course, Clyde came out to begin the concert with Bouncing off Clouds. I noticed she was wearing white with a black and red pattern on her clothes. It was okay. But her shoes were what I was really staring at. Did someone get a picture of those shoes? They were crazy. It looked like white high heeled platforms. They looked huge almost dominating the entire outfit. I don’t know how she can play in those things.

      She played Clyde with a similar set to Louisville. I love the Clyde songs though, so I was fine getting some of those repeats. However, I thought the emotion and sound were better in Louisville. The piano was really quiet again like I experienced in Indy. I also thought the bass was too loud at times. But I loved the songs. I love watching her during Juarez. She seems so expressive during that song. Upside Down is one of my favorite b-sides and I don’t ever get sick of that one. I love Beauty of Speed and she does this one so well live and I’m quite fond of the lighting during this song. I was super excited when Clyde closed her piece with Roosterspur Bridge. I really wanted to hear this one live. I would have rather had this one song than get a different doll I had not had yet.

      I’m still not fond of the Professional Widow thing. The lights are just awful, I think. It gets worse and worse, flashing in my face. I have to put my hand up at my eyes and lights never normally bother me. Even the guy in front of us had his program up to shield his face.

      Finally Tori came out to do Big Wheel. She was smiling and pranced to her piano bench and stood there facing us. She began clapping. At first, it looked like she was clapping a rhythm, but then her claps became random and made no sense. The audience kept the original rhythmic clapping until she began singing Big Wheel.

      I’ve heard Crucify and Pancake several times live. But I had not heard them in a while. It’s always nice to hear things that I haven’t heard in a while. Lust was another one that had been a while. I can’t even remember the last time I listened to the Venus album. I think sometimes we hear a song so much, it looses that emotion. It’s nice to take a bit of a break and come back to those to feel that emotion again. That’s what happened with me and those three songs at the Milwaukee concert that night. I can never hear Siren too many times live. She did wonderful on this.

      The T & Bo section began with a shocker for me. I never thought she’d do Winter. It’s been a while since I heard this one. It’s been one of my favorites back in 1996. It was nice to hear this again. I realized as she sang this that she never did an improv for us. She sang Winter really beautifully and it just seemed to last a long time. Then she turned to the organ and began Strange, one of my favorites from Scarlet’s Walk. I was happy to hear this. And then we got our improv. She apparently messed up Strange, stopped singing it and instead launched into an improve singing, “I fucked this up so bad” over and over. She sang that if we wanted to hear it, we should listen on the record. Leaving Strange incomplete that night, she turned to the piano and went into a beautiful Carbon.

      The band returned with Horses. This was the first song I ever heard her perform back in 1996 (okay technically, it was Beauty Queen). I didn’t think I’d like Horses much with the band, but it is really good. The band just adds that little extra in the background and Tori takes most of it with her piano and voice which I was happy about. I also enjoyed Father Lucifer and Code Red again.

      I noted that it was again late since she once again got a late start. I thought we’d likely only get one song per encore. She came back for her first encore and sang Precious Things. I was expecting her to leave stage then, but she went right into Tear in Your Hand. As she finished that, the band came toward the center of the stage, Tori hugged each one of them, waved at us and ran off. I thought for sure she’d come back out for Hey Jupiter, but the house lights came on. So Tear in Your Hand ended it for us that night. “Time to wave good-bye now” and it was as this was my last concert for this tour.

    8. AmyWaz says:

      I was at this show with my two nieces and my sister-in-law – people might remember us since my nieces were the only kids at the meet and greet.

      The show was great as usual, but I did want to mention one little tid-bit. Last night in Chicago, Ally (Jon Evans’ wife) said that Tori was wearing shoes that a fan had given her a few nights before. Anyone at the Riverside must have noticed those shoes that Clyde was wearing! They were huge wedges! Anyhow, thought that was cute that Tori just happened to wear them. Ally said this fan gives Tori shoes every time she meets them. Adorable! :)

    9. Adam says:

      I’m actually the guy who gave Tori the Louboutins she wore as Clyde in Milwaukee. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have attended the show, so I would really, really appreciate if anyone could send me any pics they may have taken of her in the shoes (purplemonkey200@comcast.net). Thanks in advance!!

    10. Bernie Marsiglia says:

      This was my 16th show and I was with a close friend who just recently has started to appreciate Tori’s work. Our seats were mid-balcony and we had a good, clear view. The Riverside is a beautiful theater and there truly is not a bad seat in the house. Clyde was our Doll for the evening which is what I had predicted. Anyway, my thoughts follow below along with the set list.

      Clyde’s set:

      • Bouncing Off Clouds: Great song to open a show with. Lot’s of positive energy
      • Little Earthquakes: Ah, my favorite song from the self-titled debut album. I can never hear this enough in concert. It was a flawless rendition reminiscent of the original version.
      • Juarez: I really, really LIKE the acoustic version of this that gets hammered out live as opposed to the electronic-hard-to-understand-what-she’s-saying original version on To Venus And Back. Lots of work went into recreating this for a live performance and you can tell. A good song with a good message and she rocked it.
      • Upside Down & Beauty of Speed: Both of these songs were nice to hear and I do like them but I don’t think they work that well live. I would have rather heard Clyde sing Mary and Rattlesnakes instead but this was cool.
      • Roosterspur Bridge: This is one of the standout tracks on ADP in my opinion and it makes me cry when I listen to the studio version so I naturally broke down a bit to hear it so well executed live. My friend who doesn’t quite get the whole Toriphile thing yet was, I think, a bit surprised at my reaction.

      Tori‘s set:
      • Big Wheel & Crucify: Pretty standard performances. A bit mechanical but Crucify was mellow and not so angry.
      • Pancake: A great socio-political song and from my second favorite Tori album Scarlet’s Walk. I love this song live and she hit it perfectly tonight.
      • Cornflake Girl: Oh GOD TORI PLEASE STOP playing this song live. I understand why she does but let’s be honest: The people supporting her are primarily the Toriphiles who didn’t get into her when this was a top-10 hit in the early nineties. Pack it up and put it away for awhile. She typically doesn’t bother with this when she performs solo though so we get some reprieve then.
      • Lust: Not a strong choice for live performance. I have always liked the MUSIC better than the LYRICS which I find cryptic and hard to interpret (even for a Tori tune). I actually think this is one of the weakest songs on To Venus And Back. It was my beer run.
      • Siren: Mmmm, yummy. One of my top ten Tori faves. So sweet to hear it live. Gorgeous.
      • Winter: I never tire of this gorgeous classic. It was beautiful this evening.
      • Strange (cut): I don’t know why she bugged out. It sounded fine to me and I was so psyched to her another Scarlet song but….along came Carbon which happens to be my favorite song from Scarlet’s Walk so a happy boy I was. Crystal clear rendition, excellent tone & pitch. A slower, more contemplative version.
      • Horses & Father Lucifer – BACK TO BACK. Love it. BFP is my favorite album not only by Tori but in general so this was nice.
      • Code Red: This is my second favorite song from ADP and she rocked the hell out of this. I could listen to it over and over again. It reminds me of FTCH. It could have been on that album easily.
      • Encore – Precious Things & Tear in Your Hand: PT was no surprise and while I am almost as annoyed at hearing this as I am with Cornflake Girl, she does always make it feel fresh and tonight was no different. TiYH is my overall number one favorite Tori song and it always will be. It is very, very personal to me (even my nearest & dearest don’t know why and never will) so I never tire of it. I really don’t get my panties in a bundle when she delivers only one encore. I look at the show as a whole.

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