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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Auditorium Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 05, 2007
    City Chicago, IL
    Venue Auditorium Theatre


    Santa opened the show. Thanks to Jason Schlemer for the setlist.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body & Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • “love Chicago” improv
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog
    • Raspberry Swirl

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Concertina
    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Your Cloud
    • Take To The Sky


    • “everyone knows the trouble I’ve seen” improv (on Hammond)
    • China
    • Cooling (“Brambles” bridge)

    Band Returns

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Hotel (flubbed)
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Body & Soul (filmed by tnskiper)

    She’s Your Cocaine (filmed by tnskiper)

    Everyone Knows improv (filmed by tnskiper)



    1. JASON SCHLEMER says:

      She was in a great mood. You could tell she loved the Windy City. Well, she straight up said it. Seriously rockin in Take To The Sky. Best version of Cooling I have ever heard. Tons of energy in Code Red.

      She couldn’t have rushed off stage fast enough, like she had somewhere to be. Where did she have to be people?

    2. Scott says:

      This was my first show this tour, although about #15 since ’98 shows.

      Body&Soul – Great!
      She’s Your Cocaine – Definitely a Santa-fied version. Very sexy and fun.
      Dragon – Beautiful. Some mini improv before about how Santa loves Chicago.
      Secret Spell – Eh. I don’t really like it on the CD. Seeing it live didn’t help.
      You Can Bring Your Dog – Ok I guess. Not a favorite.
      RASPBERRY SWIRL – Amazing! Definitely worth the wait. She danced around in circles a few times on her way off the stage.

      Big Wheel
      Concertina – Yeah. I enjoy other Venus songs more.
      Tear In Your Hand – Fun enough.
      Your Cloud – Really really bland. I think this is a tour debut, but blah.
      Cornflake Girl – The usual. :)
      Take To The Sky – Awesome! Some amazing end portion, replacing the “I feel the earth move” about taking it at breakfast, lunch, tea time, and in the evening.

      Improv. She said “Here’s something I’ve cooked up” and then told some story about “my mom called me today and reminded me of this song my dad used to sing. she faxed me the lyrics.” And then sang “Everybody knows the troubles I’ve seen, everybody knows even Jesus” and had written a version about stolen elections, 9/11, and an Obama and Hillary namedrop in there.
      China – Very pretty. Would have preferred something else.
      Cooling – The brambles verse totally takes the song to another level. It’s really spectacular.

      1000 Oceans – Ok. She was killing me with the ballads.
      Hotel – Lotsa fun, but slower/less energy than I remembered. She totally got off the beat and just stopped with “I fucked it all up. Start again from the 2nd verse!”
      Code Red – It really is amazing live.

      Precious Things – Fun as always.
      Hey Jupiter – Pretty.

      I think we got screwed on encores cause of Hotel getting messed up. Oh well. Hope tomorrow’s set is a little more interesting!

    3. andrea n says:

      santa’s been my least favorite doll for a while until at some point today when i realized i REALLY wanted to see her. so glad i did. santa ROCKED. she was fucking beautiful. the auditorium was packed and she pwned that shit. body & soul, you can bring your dog – not favorites of mine but they were so awesome. i adore dragon on the album but live is even better. this is why i’m glad i haven’t listened to the bootlegs – i didn’t realize she sped it up like that. dan phelps is fantastic. i was absolutely bown away. and, um, RASPBERRY SWIRL!!!!!!!!! OMG. everyone in front who knew what it was right off the bat stood up and then everyone stood up and it was a DANCE PARTY. at least in the front. maybe not as rockin’ as ’98 but the rosemont horizon lends itself more to a dance party than the auditorium, just saying. it was amazing.

      after big wheel i turned to my friend and said, “i don’t care what else she plays.” seriously, she could have farted the phone book and it would have been fine with me. she was just on. i was in milwaukee on saturday and, while that show was more emotional, this one blew it out of the water. she did a fantastic improv as santa about how much she loves chicago – said that all the other dolls wanted to play but she won. can’t wait to hear it again on the boot.

      other highlights included your cloud, which i never figured would be a highlight. the tempo was faster and it was intense and gorgeous. also take to the sky, with the great “why do you take it in the morning” improv.

      and then secret time – okay, i know it doesn’t sound like the greatest song selection but seriously they were the best versions of china and cooling i’ve ever heard. hands down. the brambles verse is amazing. and the improv before china… wasn’t really an improv. she said she talked to her mom today and her mom asked if she still knew the words to a song, i couldn’t make out what she said. for a hot second i thought she’d said “fire on the side” and freaked out. i’m not so up on the christian traditional music but it was a version of “nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen, nobody knows but jesus” with the lines completely changed – she had them written down, it was “everyone knows the trouble i’ve seen, everyone even jesus” or something. on the organ, very dark, about stolen elections and 9/11. it reminded me in a weird way of a piano recital which is why china right after made sense. maybe that only makes sense to me, and i can’t really explain it, but it seemed like she was weaving a story with those three songs.

      and then a thousand oceans, which i’ve never seen live and so was quite pleased with. she fucked up hotel and to be honest i wasn’t blown away by it. i wanted it to be more like code red, more wall-of-sound. maybe there are better versions from other shows. code red continues to blow me away. managed to get up front for the encore, wished she’d done more than just the one. jupiter is as gorgeous as everyone’s said. hey, if she needed to take it easy on the encores so she can rock it out tomorrow, that’s fine with me. (turns out there was a 10:30pm curfew at the theater, grr.)

      can’t WAIT for tomorrow. hoping we get pip. the vic is a grungy beer-drenched rock room. i can’t see pip not being into that.

    4. Chris Q says:

      Tonight’s show was really great. Santa was totally awesome… very cute and sexy and her set was a lot of fun. She’s Your Cocaine was f’ing hot, Dragon really came alive and was particularly fantastic I thought, and the debut of Raspberry Swirl was exciting, although I’m sure the versions to be played in future shows on the tour will be better.

      My opinion is that Tori played a beautiful set, of course… even from the gallery seats (literally like, five or six stories up..very high) I could tell that Tori was into the show. She said they love Chicago and she meant it! I was feeling her energy and what some might consider a lackluster setlist was actually quite moving. Concertina rocked, and Tear in your hand and Your Cloud were really nice.

      Highlights as far as Tori’s voice is concerned were definitely the songs from T & Bo.. this show’s China and Cooling = amazing…!! I rather enjoyed the improv, or traditional song played on the organ. I think she name-checked Obama and Hillary… or was I just hearing things?? The lights during Hotel were very well done—perfect colors.

      Sad that the show was so short… Precious Things and Jupiter went really really quick… but there’s always tomorrow night. Overall, a wonderful show and my only disappointment was the relatively short set.

    5. Jenn says:

      This show was amazing. I had the best seats I ever had so far for a Tori Show. I had purchased Gold VIP, so I was at the venue really early. While they were getting the VIPs organized in the lobby, we could hear Tori and the guys jamming around a bit on a few songs. Jon Evans' wife was the gal who was in charge of the VIPs so that was pretty cool. Finally, we were able to enter the seating area to watch some of the sound check. We were able to sit anywhere for this so I was 4th row center and in complete awe. She played Digital Ghost and Spark for us and then the Platinum VIPs were ushered off for the meet and greet.

      As for the show, Raspberry Swirl was phenomenal. Tori was really into this show physically, swaying and shimmying her way through it. Code Red is really great live. I was hoping for Pip, but I have a new appreciation for Santa. Tori wore a cute green dress w/ gold straps and it was smokin’. Wish I was going to the Tuesday show :(

    6. Jay says:

      Loved the show! It was only (?) 2 hours because Auditorium (or Chicago, not sure which) has a strict 10:30 end time for all ages shows on “school nights.” Had the same experience at another concert there in June.

    7. Michelle says:

      SHOCK AND AWE! This is real shock and awe, Mr. Bush. If we had Tori and the girls on the front line we would have been done with this idiotic mess in Iraq. Using brains, talent and pure energy gets way more done guys. When Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death” which did you think he wanted?

      The show was absolutely breathtaking. Tori is one of the few artists out there that has such a catalog of work and we get to see it played out in so many different ways. Like a painter who can paint a still life and with a stroke of the brush can show you the same scene in a totally different way. Like light refracted through a prism. I enjoy the many different concepts and styles she takes on. I love her alone at the piano and I love her pull-out-all-the-stops theatricality with her band.

      Tori never stops exploring different aspects of her musical world and constantly pushes and challenges us intellectually, musically, emotionally and spiritually. What a treasure we have in a box that has no bottom. Thank-you Tori!

    8. Jace Allen says:

      Even though she’s not my favorite doll, I was really hoping to see Santa. I think she’s perfect for Chicago and I guess she felt the same.

      • Body and Soul- I never paid much attention to this track on the album, but seeing it live was so much better. It was sultry and rocking.
      • She’s Your Cocaine- sexy and great fun. she cut out the “don’t need one of these to let me inside of you” which is my favorite line of the song. oh well
      • “This is My Town” Improv- I love that she loves Chicago.
      • Dragon- my favorite track from ADP. even better live
      • Secret Spell- Don’t like the song; don’t like it live either.
      • You Can Bring Your Dog- Hate this song. It sounds like it’s about bestiality or something. I expect better from classy Santa :-p
      • RASPBERRY SWIRL- total redemption. i’m so glad she debuted this.
      • Big Wheel- eh. fun.
      • Concertina- my least favorite from Venus, plus I’ve heard it so many times before
      • Tear In Your Hand- One of my favorites from LE, no matter how many times I hear it. Seemed a little odd so early in the setlist though. I’m used to it toward the very end.
      • Cornflake Girl- I’m tired of this song, but I understand why she plays it so often. At least she rocks it out every time.
      • Take to the Sky- My fav LE B-side. I was hoping for the “I Feel the Earth Move” bridge, but I guess then she wouldn’t have been able to put it on the bootleg. I was please to hear the “take it in the _____” bridge.
      • “Everyone Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”- sweet and clever, and any excuse to sing about how Bush stole the election is fine by me
      • China- she did a fine job
      • Cooling- best version I’ve ever heard. it was so powerful, I could feel the notes reverberating around me
      • 1000 Oceans- first time hearing this. it sounded a bit more jumpin live. i liked it.
      • Hotel- it was ok until she fucked it up. after she recovered, it sounded even better than before.
      • Code Red- Kinda like “I Can’t See New York”, I didn’t have an appreciation for this song until I heard it live. Now it’s one of my album favorites.
      • Precious Things- same as Cornflake Girl, but at least she rocks it out
      • Hey Jupiter- I’m not sure if you can call this the Dakota version since she all we got of the “I go from day to day” bridge was “and he isn’t you”. I was bummed about that. Maybe if she hadn’t fucked up Hotel, she wouldn’t have been in such a hurry.

      Overall, this was an amazing show. Even the songs I don’t like (mostly ADP) were rocking. One of my favorite Tori shows ever and a great companion to the solo show she did here for the Original Sinsuality Tour. Can’t wait to see what we get at the Vic!

    9. Stephen says:

      My 3rd show of the tour and by far the best.

      Santa has become one of my favorites after seeing her in Detroit and Chicago.. a great way to open up a show. So much energy and sass.

      China, Cooling and 1000 Oceans made my night.. so intense and beautiful.

      Always a treat to hear Tear In Your Hand.. and even a better treat hearing it mid-setlist.

      Take To The Sky.. another highlight of the night. Saw hot and so raw and FUN.

      Look forward to another great and final show for me tonight!

    10. Dennis says:

      This may be the best show I have seen the woman perform in the eleven x’s I’ve seen her, she is a F*cking force of nature. An Evening With Santa was all it could have been, and so much more. There is a lot of love for Tori in Chicago, and I think she really felt that love from everyone yesterday.

      Tonight is the ROCK SHOW!

    11. Angie says:

      Santa is pure hotness. And so much fun. Rasberry Swirl was a surprise, of course. Secret Spell was pretty incredible live.

      I thought the setlist was a little stale, but that’s just personal preference. Tear in Your Hand and Cooling were my highlights.

    12. AmyWaz says:

      WOW – that’s all I can say about the show – but I’ll tell you more about the VIP access.

      When we walked in we could hear Tori and the boys doing sound check. The songs that I heard and recognized were:

      You Can Bring Your Dog
      Secret Spell
      Raspberry Swirl – they practiced the crap outta that one!
      Space Dog
      She’s Your Cocaine

      And then we got to see 2 songs which as mentioned above were Digital Ghost and Spark.

      As for the Platinum VIP, it was the best experience I have had with Tori and I have met her several times. I showed her a video of my 2 year old daughter dancing to Bouncing Off Clouds and she was just amazed. So much so that she made me show it to Ally (Jon’s wife) and Chelsea. She then wrote my daughter a really long “note” – 2 pages long! :)

    13. jay says:

      the reason tori could not do another encore was because the theatre had made her end at 10:30. i was amazed at her energy! she was on fire! someone above hit it on the head with how the whole place turned into a dance party during raspberry swirl, it was almost like a rave in some sense with the awesome lighting the show had. the problem i had was with the theatre!!!!!! they set the tone when my brother and i walked in and a woman in her most bitchy voice told him that he could not finish his coffee he had brought from outside. {he had like a few drops left, plus 7 dollars for a cup of coffee? does a blowjob come with it?}

      the ushers were kind however. then after the show was over some old man came over to me and my brother and literally pushed my brother saying ”that’s the way out!” while we were just trying to button our coats near the front door. interesting enough not fifteen minutes later after we got a cab, we passed by the theatre again and it was empty! i have never seen that at a tori show before. seriously guys i know you have to get home but lighten up, we paid to be there!

      but tori made it all worth while for me. i can’t wait for tonight at the vic!!!!!! bring it on pip!

    14. Cynthia says:

      Code Red was perfect. My personal highlight. Hotel was still wonderful (how cool is it to admit she messed up a little and then keep going, and still pull the thing off). Take to the Sky also very cool with funny little improv bits about the mail and at tea time. Just the one encore, but hey, it was Monday night for her as much as it was for anyone. Big Wheel was cool and full of energy, and Concertina was beautiful as always.

      This was my fifth Tori show and I still have an awesome time, every time.

    15. Melissa says:

      I loved the show! The only issue was the usher practically assaulting me for having a camera, even though nothing was posted that said I couldn’t, and they checked my bag and saw my camera in there. The usher shoved me in the back. Kind of silly. But other than that, the concert was delightful.

      [Thanks for your video links! I've embedded them above!]
    16. Chad says:

      I guess I am the only one who thinks this, but I thought this show was terrible. Here is why…

      The bass player. Who is this guy? Does he think he is a lead guitar player? I've never seen a pro bass player kill a groove like he does. How many notes do you need to play man? Swapping out basses was an especially nice touch, POP!!! BOOM!!!!!! Pathetic and unprofessional. Tori, a new bass player would be great.

      The guitar player, don't know…I couldn't hear him. Was he playing?

      Tori, was fantastic as always. Too bad she picked such a terrible bass player.

      Chamberlain, awesome drummer.

      All in all a total disappointment for me. I've seen Tori a number of times and if this was the best show of the tour so far, ouch. I love Tori, always will, but the Auditorium Theater show was a total disappointment. And I have never seen anyone run off the stage so quickly. And the screw up in Hotel, uhh…are you serious? That should never happen.

      Ah, the good old days, Pele.

    17. Torilove101 says:

      I just want to clear up that last night's show was Awesome!! In every way Tori/Santa rocked the house. It was easily the best show on the US Tour so far in my opinion. I did attend the Louisville show which was super, but Santa is by far my favorite doll. All of her songs were great,including the debut of Raspberry Swirl, which I have to say I have never seen some many people dancing at a Tori Show. And then her improv, wow is all I can say, then China, my all time fave, Cooling was a great treat as well. 1000 Oceans was beautiful as always, then came Hotel another favorite Tori got a little mixed up which was actually kinda cute, and hey she is human after all! The song was still fierce. Code Red knocked my socks off! The only thing that was a downer was the short encore section which I think had to do something with the venue rules. I was hoping for extras since we all know how much T loves Chicago and we all love Her!

    18. Bernie Marsiglia says:

      OK, big, big night. First, my best friend (who almost always accompanies me and is not quite a Toriphile but close) bought us 2nd row center seats. This is the closest I have ever been to my Queen and it was a magical night that I will never, ever forget. Second, this was an above average show overall. Third, while I identify with Isabel the most I do LOVE Santa and thought she was a very appropriate choice for show #1 in Chicago. Fourth, she performed Raspberry Swirl for the first time in F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Finally, she performed my closest and dearest friend’s favorite Tori songs (China and 1000 Oceans) which I felt he deserved for shelling out for these seats and for waiting so patiently, concert after concert, never having heard these gems live. Anyway, my thoughts follow below along with the set list.

      Santa’s set:

      • Body & Soul: The PERFECT opening song and one of my favorites on ADP. This song is SO much better live than on the album. It was Santalicious!
      • She’s Your Cocaine: You know, FTCH is a very solid piece of work and a critical period of growth for Tori musically. This song was always under rated and I adore it. It so much reminds me of old-school Kate Bush (i.e. Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak, Babooshka, and The Wedding List). Nice, clear lyrics live (unlike the album version). Much slower and sexier live as well. Brilliant.
      • Dragon: My second favorite song from ADP (and to think it was almost relegated to being a bee-side!). It was gorgeous and the piano was fierce. Cute improv beforehand too.
      • Secret Spell & You Can Bring Your Dog: I think these are very likable songs and contribute the overall success of ADP as a whole. If marketed correctly, Secret Spell could be a commercial single success (but I think she stopped caring about such things a long time ago).
      • Raspberry Swirl: OK, I have never met a Tori fan who doesn’t LOVE this song. I could go on and on but I shall spare you, the reader, and say that it was get-up-and-shake-your-ass FUN! Very provocative and sexy as well.

      Tori’s set:

      • Big Wheel: Standard, solid. Good audience participation.
      • Concertina: This, Spring Haze and Glory of the 80s are my favorites from TVAB so it was lovely to hear Concertina tonight. I have never had the pleasure of hearing it live and thought she did a great job. The truth does truly fall between the 1st and the 40th drink…
      • Tear in Your Hand: This is my overall number one favorite Tori song and always will be. It is very, very personal to me so I never tire of it. Even my nearest & dearest don’t know why I connect so much with this song and they never will.
      • Cornflake Girl: Oh GOD TORI PLEASE STOP playing this song live. I understand why she does but let’s be honest: The people supporting her are primarily the Toriphiles who didn’t get into her when this was a top-10 hit in the early nineties. Pack it up and put it away for awhile. She typically doesn’t bother with this when she performs solo though so we get some reprieve then.
      • Your Cloud: OK, this tune and Scarlet’s Walk are my favorite songs from SW. To boot, SW is my second fave Tori album so I was a happy boy.
      • Take To the Sky: One of my all time favorite bee-sides and it ALWAYS rocks live. Tonight was no exception. Atlantic records SUCKS. This should have been on LE. What I REALLY miss is when she used to infuse it with Carole King’s I Feel the Earth Move or her own Muhammad My Friend when sung in concert.
      • China: Gorgeous, clear, and reflective. A truly beautifully written song and so nice to hear it live. I haven’t heard it live since 1992.
      • Cooling: This song is personal to me and I love it. With or without the brambles bridge it doesn’t matter. My heart swells when I heard the opening notes on the piano. The concept is so…sadly true.
      • 1000 Oceans: I personally find this one to be a bit sappy and one of the weaker songs from TVAB but I like it. More importantly, it is a special song for my best friend and he really loved hearing it live. She did a nice job with it. I like it with the band versus solo.
      • Hotel (flubbed): Oh so what? So she flubbed it a bit, big deal! She finished it and it ROCKED and I love hearing this song live. Cut her some slack. It is not the easiest song to sing. The woman is a musical genius.
      • Code Red: This is my second favorite song from ADP and she rocked the hell out of this. I could listen to it over and over again. It reminds me of FTCH. It could have been on that album easily.
      • Encore – Precious Things & Hey Jupiter: PT was no surprise and while I am almost as annoyed at hearing this as I am with Cornflake Girl, she does always make it feel fresh and tonight was no different. Hey Jupiter is from BFP, my favorite Tori album and my favorite album in general. SO…I always LOVE to hear this song and think it’s a perfect ending. Like most of the songs on Pele, it is pretty personal to me so I go to another “place” in my head when she sings it. I really don’t get my panties in a bundle when she delivers only one encore. I look at the show as a whole. “No one’s picking up the phone…guess it’s me…and me…” Ugh. Heart rendering indeed.

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