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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    The Vic

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 06, 2007
    City Chicago, IL
    Venue The Vic


    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Teenage Hustling
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • The Waitress
    • Me And A Gun


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • Almost Rosey
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • Winter
    • “i can’t fuck this up” improv
    • Happy Phantom

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.

    Photo Sets


    Cruel (filmed by jameskernan)

    Me And A Gun (filmed by jameskernan) NOT for the faint of heart

    Fat Slut (posted by TIGBEE1)

    Me And A Gun (posted by TIGBEE1)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by noedir)



    1. Rodney says:

      This is just a brief review, a full-length one will follow tomorrow after I get my jaw surgically put back on. This was my third and final show on this tour (Buffalo, Chicago #1, and tonight’s insane show) and it was not only the best show I’ve seen on this tour, it’s the best show of all 15 I have seen dating back to the Dew Drop Inn tour. Yes, it was that good. Not only did the set list make it good, but the individual performances of nearly every song were nothing but riveting. Pip’s set was heavy as usual, but considering that “Me and a Gun” was one of the heaviest songs from Pip’s set says a lot about this unique performance. I can’t put into words how the song was transformed, but it was more haunting than any a cappella version I’ve ever heard.

      If you download only 1 show from the Legs & Boots, DOWNLOAD THIS SHOW! (A real review to come tomorrow.)

    2. Mike says:

      Tori was amazing tonight. The vic is a very small venue, with standing room only, and you could tell she really fed off the audiences energy. Pip’s set was one of the most intense I have seen. Tori was crawling on the floor, simulating sex with the mic, and let off more curse words during cruel than I thought possible. The live performance of Me and A Gun had pip rubbing a butcher knife over her leather tights, singing along with a deep guitar bass… towards the end she pulled a gun from the piano and was holding it to her head before pointing it at the audience. Amazing…but also somewhat uncomfortable. Other highlights included Code Red and Hotel (which she messed up again). She also did an improve about how she is getting older and fucks things up sometimes. All together an amazing show I will not forget and can’t wait for the CD.

    3. wookashek says:

      no words… ok, fine. there are some words. but it’s hard to explain what just happened at the vic. after the show, particularly after pip’s set, i felt completely castrated, as a man. the fact that she wore the album cover black tight leather pants was one thing. that she bent over backwards to the audience for an extended amount of time was another. but people, then she played “me and a gun”... with a band. and pulled out a knife. and kept rubbing it all over herself. and then brought out a gun. and pointed it at the audience. we were scared. and confused. and sort of excited. but most of all scared. oh yea, and then she played some songs as tori. the end.

    4. disappointed one says:

      First and foremost: I love Mrs. Hawley. Really. Truly. And have for about eight years.

      The music was really great (what I could hear of it)…

      …but that was one of the worst shows I’ve been to—of all time. I’ve seen a lot of shows at the Vic and it’s not my favorite venue—it’s mostly a yuppie version of “dive”— But Holy S*** that was really bad—even by Vic standards. (For the record, if you think The Vic is a “dive” … WHAT?! It really, really is not. Sticky Floors? No. Jam Productions is a nice neat clean corporate machine, guys … this is about ten worlds away from CBGB’s.)

      The audience was dreadful.

      A friend of mine thinks that because a lot of people that could and would pay 50 plus for a Vic/General Admission show saw the smaller venue as an invitation to be rude. Well, it’s not. I’ve been to punk shows with pits where people are far more polite. And actually listen to the music!!! (Isn’t that what you paid for?!)

      Whatever the reason there are people out there who need a serious reminder of the one key rule of gig etiquette: … SHUT UP! I did not pay to listen to you sing every word, bitch about your friends, bitch about your drink, or give a lecture on how much you love a line in Winter. Yeah it’s a great song, can I listen to it please?

      Did I just pick one f***ed show and/or a bad section of the audience?

      Anyway, I really wanted to hear a live version of Hotel. I did and then I left. It was great, she messed up a bit, but picked it back up nice and neat and finished it well. Then she went into Code Red and I left.

      I’m a live music addict and I’ll tolerate a lot at a show, but that was horrible.

      The music was great but I was thoroughly disappointed by my fellow “fans.” But I don’t blame the Goddess Amos or her very talented boys.

      P.S. Me and A Gun. I personally think the dramatizing wrecks the songs impact. I prefer the raw, simple version. She (Pip) picked up the knife during the “slinky red thing” section and the gun after that. She pointed the gun first at her chin. She ended, “I must get out of this,” pointing the gun outward. The theatrics don’t thrill me at all. I think, her music is strong enough without them—but that’s my opinion.

      P.P.S The opener was pretty good.

    5. Nicolette Caldwell says:

      I can’t even begin to explain how much of a satisfied Tori fan I am at this very moment. “Her” performance tonight was above all the best I have ever witnessed since my first show back in 99’. Pip/Tori were absolutely amazing and had me melted on the floor nearly the whole entire time. During the tour I was only able to attend yesterdays show at the Auditorium theater and then of course tonight, but ugh… tonight … I just don’t know what to say. Maybe the words will come and speaking of words. I was sitting further towards the back where there are a few tables in front of the bar just because I am fairly short and didn’t want to have to deal with trying to peak over tall peoples shoulders the whole night and anyway, needless to say there were these group of people standing in the isle and they were talking very loud as if they were just hanging out at some bar. I waited a while to see if they would stop, but eventually it just became absolutely ridiculous. So, I thought it over and decided it wouldn’t be entirely rude of me to just ask them to bring there conversation to another part of the bar. So I said, “Excuse me, do you think you can maybe talk somewhere else”? Well the girl with the fo-hawk decided replied with, “yea I am listening too, bitch”. I was absolutely shocked that another Tori fan would behave in such a manor, considering that this night is a rare night for all of us to experience. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on this one. Either way I am one satisfied girl at the moment.

    6. Scott says:

      Yeah, tonight was way better than last night, even excluding the Me And A Gun thing.

      • Cruel – This has to have been the most intense version of Cruel ever. The ending was her improv-ing about “you can fuck me but i’ll cut your cock off” or something. Only foreshadowing I suppose.
      • Bliss – Also intense. Great.
      • Teenage Hustling – Exactly what I expected. Great.
      • Fat Slut – She sang this on the floor on her knees.
      • Smokey Joe – She started playing the piano on her knees, and eventually got to the bench. Excellent.
      • Waitress – Very good, as expected. I expected her to walk off, but then they dragged a mic for her and she stood up while the band started…
      • Me and a Gun – Um. Wow. The band started playing, and I was expecting Blood Roses. Then Pip said “5 am” and paused for some more notes. I though “wtf? only one song starts with that, but no.” But yes. She did not do the Carolina/biscuits verse, and maybe left another one off as well. She did first verse and chorus, and then grabbed this gigantic (totally real) butcher’s knife. She rubbed it all back and forth on her leg, while singing. I seriously expected her to jump into the crowd and kill someone. Then she put down the knife and took out a gun. She sang and pointed it forward. It was more growling with anger than singing almost. The theater was perfectly silent. It was absolutely the most intense performance ever. If I was in the front row, I would have been scared for my life. As good as the mp3 will be, be sure you watch the video that will likely eventually surface. She left after, with the gun, and Smitty ran on to take the knife offstage lol.
      • Prof Widow
      • Big Wheel
      • Sugar – pretty standard. enjoyable as always.
      • Almost Rosey – I don’t know why people say it’s bad live. The last verse does drag on a while, but it was pretty good actually for the first 2/3.
      • Cornflake Girl
      • Liquid Diamonds – Excellent.
      • Caught A Lite Sneeze – Great. A little low energy at beginning but it picked up.
      • Winter – Really really beautiful. She had a lot of the loud throat Tori somehow.
      • Happy Phantom – She started playing and like went to turn the page for lyrics, but fucked up. And sang a pretty solid improv about fucking up the song that a sweet girl requested. When she sang the real song, everyone sang along. It was really cute. When she asked “will I pay for who I’ve been?” everyone kept shouting “yes!”
      • Digital Ghost – Pretty moving.
      • Hotel – Average. She messed it up again, in the same part. Don’t know why we got it again.
      • Code Red – As amazing as tonight’s show was, I think last night’s Code Red was better for some reason.
      • Precious Things
      • Bouncing Off Clouds – Excellent. She again did the loud throaty Tori voice for a lot of the song, instead of the high voice on the CD. If you like that voice, this is probably one of the best Bouncing Off Clouds out there.
      • Hey Jupiter
    7. jason says:

      this show was the best show i have seen in all my thirteen years of tori shows. the knife and gun during” me and a gun” was shocking . but that’s the point. pip was saying that she WILL “get out of this!

      it was a dark angry and scary female character who took the stage in the first act. i think that threatened some. good! it’s supposed to!
      tori did all my faves , alot of which i was not expecting! {digital ghost,sugar,caught a lite sneeze}
      while the first chicago show was off the hook, this was a down and dirty, no hold barred nc-17 rock show!
      and WILL be the best of this tour.
      tori loves us in chicago, we know it and love her back!!!!!!!!!

    8. toridroses says:

      I got there a bit after 8 thinking that Yoav would still be playing…much to my annoyment and surprise Tori was well into Smokey Joe. So pissed I missed Cruel and Teenage Hustling. Seriously did I not get the memo? Last night she didn’t go on until 9…

      I knew Pip would come out tonight. The Vic is exactly her kind of place. Small and seedy with a rough crowd. It was pretty well packed…I’m 5’4” and I didn’t wear heels (doh) so I couldn’t see sh*t. Seriously I paid 50+ bucks to see Tori’s left eye peeking out from between random bobbing heads. What a joke. And there was NO getting through that crowd, trust me. They were brutal. Finally I made my way upstairs where I found a place to stand in the very back of the balcony, which was at least still closer than I was last night in the 14th row at the Auditorium.

      Pip was extremely hardcore which I enjoyed immensely. I don’t think she could have gotten away with that whole Me And A Real Gun thing anywhere else though. This was just the right time and the right place…it was intense. For a second I was wondering if she had lost her mind and was going to open up a round on us. Thank God she put the gun down and got off the stage instead.

      Her voice sounded great tonight. CALS was a huge highlight for me. Happy Phantom was a cute lighthearted little ditty to throw in. She wasn’t as hardcore during Hotel as I wanted her to be. It even seemed like she might be losing her voice partway through, but maybe it was cause she f*cked it up again. Code Red is incredible live.

      All in all I’m glad I came out, and this was probably one of my favorites in 10 years (lately anyway), but the whole general admission thing is a crock. People turn into rabid vultures packing the stage trying to get as close as humanly possible. Ahh, I guess I just miss the old club tour days…so much more mellow…

    9. jedi101 says:

      Tonight at the Vic was absolutely wonderful. Much better set list than Monday, and better venue (Auditorium Theatre is awful). Any show with Winter is a good show. End of story. Great opener with Cruel, and then right into Bliss, just set the tone for a great night. Caught a Lite Sneeze was beautiful as well. I totally feel all of the rest of you about idiot people shutting the hell up during a show too. If you want to talk, stay at home. Nothing ruins a Tori show experience, where you get lost in the world of the songs, like that. But nevertheless, a great show. Only maybe cause Horses was played in Milwaukee does that show get an edge.

    10. Alexander Dust says:

      I loved the new “Me and a Gun”! A-mazing. Blogs…are great.

    11. Dan says:

      WOW! This show was incredible. Everyone had the feeling it was a “Pip night” based on the venue and sure enough. Everyone was shocked by what she did with Me and a Gun. Looking around, the people near me were slack-jawed and wide-eyed wondering “Is this really happening?!” All of this after Pip threatened to “rip your cock off” during Cruel.

      I think overall the crowd was great and highly energetic. We all knew this was a special kind of show and most everyone behaved. The people around me were especially fantastic, everyone was very friendly and respectful.

    12. Chris Q says:

      Pip is something fierce! Her set was nothing short of amazing. Everyone needs to see Pip play. Smokey Joe was really really well done tonight. I (and nearly everyone else) was shocked by Me and a Gun, especially when she busted out the knife, and then the gun.

      Tori’s set was really strong, Sugar was utterly fantastic, definitely a highlight. I tend to think Winter is overplayed but it was flawless. It seemed like Tori might have been crying during it, or was otherwise very emotional at the end. Happy Phantom was great fun. I don’t know what the fuck up was on Hotel, because she stopped mid-vocal and said she messed up but it had been great to that point. She’s crazy! Download the bootleg! This was such a great general admission show and it had a very different vibe than a regular tori show, in my opinion.

      I talked to some people on the floor who said that everyone was super polite. It was mostly very quiet where I stood as well. Yeah, people talked at times, particularly during Digital Ghost, which I thought was strange, but I didn’t think the crowd was bad.

    13. Zero Point says:

      An amazing show. Some people have posted some sorted comments concerning “Me And A Gun” but I really think that these people need to really put themselves in Pip’s position when it comes to the realization of this song. Tori has always sang this song as “Tori” and has shown a certain person’s point of view when it comes to the song’s beautiful but horribly sad lyrics. Pip has a different take on this song and people are ignorant to that. Did you hear Pip’s performance in Boston? Did you expect anything less than a gun pointed at the world or a butcher knife degrading her own thighs? Pip is angry. She has a right to be. Don’t take it personally but think of it as being a part of her world. She wanted to include all of us and that should make you feel extremely welcomed and special, not uncomfortable.

      To be honest, I really think that “Tori” has felt the pressure to hide under the covers of her of her rape and always singing “Me And A Gun” about a gun-point rape when it was actually at knife-point. Pip was able to share the true story of that tragic night and I hate to think that anyone was mocking this or writing about their insecurities with how Pip presented it. You should really thank Tori (and Pip) for being able to be so honest and open about such a horrific event in their lives.

      Be a “real” part of the undeniably magnificent American Doll Posse experience and try to honestly take on the personas of Pip, Santa, Tori, Clyde and Isabel. I know Tori does.

    14. Jason Schlemer says:

      Let’s just talk about Pip.

      Pip slithered out bad-ass and went into the most intense and aggravated version of Cruel I have ever seen. I first I thought this was good fun, like the rest of the dolls, but then when she started yelling “you can fuck me, but I’ll rip your cock off,” I knew this was for real. She made me feel really uncomfortable, but there was something exhilarating about it. I had this image of her swinging my dick in her hand laughing, and I was kinda scared. She maintained this energy throughout the rest of her set. The writhing and convulsion on the ground during Fat Slut into Smokey Joe was killer. Then during the “A songless robin she became….” part of Smokey Joe I thought if there was a man up there for her to choke she would literally be doing it. Uncomfortable, but you were transfixed. And then it happened….

      This dark ominous bass line began and Matt was drumming something dark to match. She stood there like she did in Cruel and I knew something different was about to be played. Then she said “5AM” and I knew the night had just become historic and this would be a pinnacle of the tour. Just when you got used to the idea that she was doing Me and A Gun with the band then it gets crazier. Out of the Bösey, she pulls a butcher knife and rubs it, almost sharpens it on her rubber tights in a sexually violent sort of way before taking the knife up to her throat and then hold it right it front of her face. She didn’t flinch. It was so serious and murderous. She really did want to rip my dick off and she had a knife to do it. I was kinda scared, but I couldn’t believe she was doing this. Then she puts the knife down and pulls a gun, holding it to her chin then pointing it into the audience. Intense to the xth degree.

      Pip’s energy tonight was lethal….I seriously mean the word lethal. I have never seen a Tori Amos show as aggressive since the Dew Drop Inn Tour. This is my second favorite show of all time out of 35 or so.

      Oh yeah, Tori was good too.

      (She was really happy to be playing in the venue and really enjoyed the energy. She was “on” and really connected with the crowd, which happens less and less these days. She smiled and laughed the whole time. Which is kinda weird given that one of her “archetypes” was about to kill me 15 min before.

      Me and a Gun worked in this context. I have mixed feeling about the “sacredness” or fragility of the song being turned into a revenge piece of performance art. I have yet to decide if she denigrated it. I liked the version she played tonight a lot, but it was not about rape or sexual violence. It was about murder. The music was great, but its like taking something that is meant to be good and making it evil. There was such a defiance in Pip, such a convincing aspect that murder in this context is right, even if it is a metaphor and that is why it was uncomfortable, but you can’t argue it was definitely bad-ass.

    15. Matthew M. F. Miller says:

      Performance art is supposed to be challenging, and any vital artist will take the time to reinvent and cast a new light on a previous creation. Me & A Gun was an eerie statement on the effects of distance, maturation and time on a traumatic event. The anger and the thick, dark arrangement were uncomfortable to hear, but this was a definitive statement of her career. Penis as weapon is a terrifying visual. It wasn’t an easy moment, but who said every piece of art should be easily digestible? It was brilliant.

      The rest of the show was incredibly solid and more energetic than last night. Happy Phantom was buoyant and both Liquid Diamonds and Caught a Light Sneeze rocked a great groove. I also thought it was bold and audacious to try Hotel again, and when she flubbed the exact same spot it was a perfect imperfection. I love mistakes.

      22nd show and easily one of the 3 best I’ve seen, if for the artistry and club setting alone. Excellent – download this show.

    16. Jace Allen says:

      A few quick thoughts on last night’s extravaganza: First of all, I wanted to see Pip, even though I wasn’t sure I’d like her that much. She seems to be the most “showy” of the Dolls, and I was afraid it could get real hokey real quickly. Holy shit, I had nothing to worry about! She rocked that stage like a woman half her age. Tori, erm, Pip looked so hot last night, I could swear she was in her 20’s.

      Cruel was great. After seeing how Pip could harness all her raw power and belt it out, I knew this was going to be a great show.

      Bliss was a little darker than the album version and more hard rock. I liked it.

      Teenage Hustling- sooo angry and darkly amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to the album track again. It pales in comparison.

      Fat Slut was okay. I prefer to think of it as an interlude rather than a full fledge song, but it fit the moment just right. And her writhing performance was spot on.

      Smokey Joe might be my favorite ADP track, and hearing it live did not disappoint. The only thing I missed were Pip’s overlapping, conflicted vocals, but that’s not really feasible live.

      The Waitress rocked out more that I’ve ever heard it before. It really is the perfect song for Pip to “cover”.

      Me and a Gun- I doubt I can lend anything new to this discussion, but I will volunteer this: before tonight, this was my least favorite Tori song. Granted, the lyrics are great, but it was acapella and soooo slowwww. Well, Pip made me a believer tonight. I can never pass over this song again. Like some have already said, it’s amazing to consider that this has been boiling inside Tori for x number of years, and she was finally to channel it out through Pip for us last night. And for all the naysayers who weren’t there, I feel the need to say this: while the video(s?) already popping up on YouTube are appreciated, the frenzy that went on last night with MAAG simply can’t be recorded and played back. It lives in that theater. I’m actually a little nervous to hear the boot, for fear that it won’t measure up.

      Sugar-this was my first time hearing it, and it’s one of my favorites. she really delivered a rocking performance.

      Almost Rosey- I have to disagree with everyone who says that this song is terrible live. I mean, I don’t like the song to begin with, but being album/live has nothing to do with it. But this performance was 1000 times better than the album version. The lyrics were much more forceful and punctuated, as opposed to the flowing, saccharine feel of the album version.

      Liquid Diamonds-always a pretty song. Tonight wasn’t the best performance I’ve ever heard, but it was still nice.

      CALS- I thought it started out a little fragile, but it really picked up as it moved along.

      Happy Phantom- Another first for me, I love this song and I love what she did with it. The improv before it about “not gonna fuck this up” was classic too.

      Digital Ghost- I always thought this was a cheesy song about WoW and MySpace addiction, but it sounded a lot better live.

      Hotel-tori, tori, tori. if you’re gonna play this song for the second night in a row, don’t fuck it up AGAIN! I really like this song, but I didn’t need to hear it again, especially since the first night’s sounded great once she recovered. I would have much preferred to hear Pandora’s Aquarium.

      Hey Jupiter- now here is one song I’m glad she re-played at the Vic. We got the full Dakota “cupboards” part twice, and she really belted it out toward the end. I was so glad to hear this, and it really redeemed the shoddy version she had rushed through the night before.

      Now I gotta go and let the Auditorium and Vic shows duke it out for my favorite concert of all time.

    17. John Shirey says:

      What an amazing performance by Pip. I find it pretty silly that some people were scared during the brilliant and historic Me and a Gun. Are there some fans out there that really believe she had a real gun and would shoot it ? C’mon now. I love the Vic and always have for over 20 years of shows there. I had no problem walking in 5 minutes before she started and walking up 20 feet away from her with a perfect view. Gotta love General Admission. Loved the whole show but Pip's set was especially brilliant, amazing and breathtaking. Thanks for the great and intimate show Tori and Pip !!! And boy was Pip a DIRTY GIRL!!!

    18. Sarah says:

      Wow! Shiri from New York summed it up for me. That was my second word for it but the other one is more coarse so I’ll refrain. I have seen Tori in many different modes and this one made the biggest impact on me (and—from what I observed—the audience as a whole). Definitive statement. I did not expect to ever find myself made incredibly uncomfortable at a show, but now I have been proven wrong.

      In working with survivors of trauma, I think it’s important that we continue to acknowledge that it “doesn’t go away.” In fact, the process for coping with something as jarring as sexual assault continues and evolves as time passes. This new POV (emotion) proves that Tori’s music can continue to be relevant, powerful, and surprising.

      The crowd reaction is telling of how very uncomfortable Rape makes our society. The laughs, often interpreted as a sign of anxiety/discomfort by those working with trauma survivors, from people in the audience only backs up the assertion that MAAG (performed in this way) is very effective and disturbing. Tori made her point, and I have never seen performance art effect an audience in such a visceral way. The very literal, sexual, angry way she chose to portray the act of rape and residual effect startled me. The image of knife as penis and stabbing penetration was so shocking that I first felt assaulted/insulted. The gun and the sense of rage turned on herself and then the audience. Channeling rage into performance art.

      Physically, I have never had that reaction at a show—by anyone. I hazard to guess that this impact/experience was not mine alone. Although cliché, a gut reaction, is the only phrase I can come up with. My adrenaline was coursing from the moment I realized that she would indeed do the entire song. Although my physical reaction mirrored terror chemical/muscular reactions, I don’t feel that is the right word. I haven’t really read anyone’s thoughts yet but I hope someone has put to words more eloquent than mine how last night’s performance felt.

    19. Rodney Donovan says:

      Even before the tour started, I knew I had to see Pip. Last month’s Buffalo show was beautiful in the mysterious and introverted ways that are Clyde and I reveled in hearing some of my favorite POSSE tracks, “Bouncing Off Clouds,” “Code Red,” “Beauty of Speed” and “Big Wheel.” The next show on the tour I experienced was the November 5 show in Chicago, which, thanks to a doll named Santa, was dripping with sensuality. While Santa’s set, and accompanying tone, varied drastically from Clyde’s, it was as enjoyable in its own right. Santa treated me to another of my favorite POSSE tracks, “Body and Soul,” as well as her sassy rendition of “Raspberry Swirl,” which has been noticeably absent from shows for a long time. But the Nov 6, 2007, Chicago show far exceeded any expectations I could have had. Part of that was due to the venue, which is much smaller and more intimate than her usual venues, with most everyone standing on the ground level; the other part was due to Pip.

      “Cruel” is the perfect opening for Pip and her performance of it last night was so fierce that listening to her sing, “I can be cruel” sounded like a vast understatement, as it seemed like she was ready to behead someone in the front row. I knew there would be anger, rage and adrenaline, but Pip was so full of all three I was expecting her to spontaneously combust on stage at any moment. “Bliss,” while not as angst-ridden, was another powerful Pip performance and much darker than the album version. “Teenage Hustling” was everything I expected and an incredible song to experience live. “Fat Slut” found Pip writhing on her knees on the stage. Considering it’s more of an interlude than a full-length song, Pip managed to ooze a fair amount of anger for such a relatively short song. Then came “Smokey Joe” which started out with Pip playing piano on her knees. While it was the most subdued song of Pip’s set, it was still relentless in its emotion. “Teenage Hustling” and “Smokey Joe” concluded everything that I had to hear from POSSE, so I was ready to come down from the “Pip high” and enjoy the rest of the show. But no, Pip then launched into “The Waitress.” The juxtaposition of Pip’s anger while howling, “I believe in peace, bitch!” packed a more powerful punch than most of the numerous renditions I had experienced live. “The Waitress,” “Cruel” and “Bliss” shall forever belong to Pip.

      No sooner was I thankful for having experienced Pip she did it. The unsettling and powerful bass and drums began and Pip stood at the microphone when she groaned “5 a.m.” The first time I thought I misheard her, but she said it again: “5 a.m.” followed by “Friday morning.” At that point I knew that as an audience, we were about to be held captive to something beautiful in its fierceness, intimacy and tragedy. With the line, “yes I wore a slinky red thing,” Pip reached into the piano and grabbed an incredibly large butcher knife and started wiping it across her thigh. The initial video posted to YouTube conveys the atmosphere and emotion to an extent, but it’s unfortunate that it was shot directly facing Pip. Being to the side of Pip when she placed the knife between her legs with “does that mean I should spread for you…” allowed me to see more of a profile of Pip with a knife for a penis, which was chilling in its symbolism. Shortly thereafter Pip discarded the knife and grabbed a gun from the piano with the final occurrence of “Me and a Gun and a man on my back.” Pip pointed it at her throat and then into the air, well above the audience, before the lights went off and Pip stormed off the stage.

      I never feared for my life or for those of my fellow spectators considering Pip had just previously proclaimed that she “believes in peace,” but everything about the performance was uncomfortable, which I imagine was the desired effect. For the first time, partially thanks to the effective props, Tori more accurately depicted her own experience, channeling decades’ worth of rage through Pip. Tori’s a cappella version of the song is about her as a victim and survivor, but Pip spun the situation filling it with anger and symbolic intention of murderous revenge. With that solitary performance, like Jason Schlemer said in his review of the show, the night instantly become historic and a pinnacle of the tour.

      As if Pip’s performance wasn’t enough, Tori came out and gave a stellar show. Having heard “Sugar,” “Cornflake Girl,” “Caught a Lite Sneeze” and “Hey Jupiter” numerous times before, I was moved by the emotion Tori poured into the particular performances of the songs. Personally, I have not cared too much for live renditions of “Caught a Lite Sneeze” since the Dew Drop Inn tour, but last night’s performance was electrifying. “Hey Jupiter” was longer and captured more of the original feeling of the song than many recent performances. “Happy Phantom” was a surprise and a treat and offered me a new appreciation of the song. Even songs that aren’t favorites of mine—“Almost Rosey,” “Winter,” “Digital Ghost”—were excellent due to Tori’s performance of them last night.

      The only lowlight was “Code Red.” It wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t match the caliber of the versions from the previous two shows I attended. I can’t begrudge the gang for that, considering that nearly every other performance last night was nothing but riveting. Not only was last night’s show the best show I’ve seen on this tour, it’s the best show of all 15 I have seen dating back to the Dew Drop Inn tour. Pip/Tori, Matt, Jon, and Dan gave a unique and stellar show, which may never be rivaled in quality or intensity of any future shows I might see. That’s OK though, I couldn’t ask for a better final show to remember the tour.

    20. nicole says:

      i still have a knot in my stomach from last night’s “me and a gun.” love her.

    21. Noah says:

      The great thing about The Vic is that if you happen to be around people who are talking, or you can’t see, well MOVE TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION! You aren’t automatically entitled to a crowd that behaves exactly how you want them to.

      That said, the show was insanely amazing, and if you didn’t have a good time it was your fault. There, I said it. I think Pip would agree. And then possibly tell me to fuck off. Such is Pip.

      Me and a Gun recontextualized as Pip killing the rapist was so freaking brilliant; I think what people were freaked out about was the performance had not a hint of irony behind it. She was in the moment and fully committed to the character. It was a brilliant and weird moment of pop/performance art that I’m so honored to have seen live.

    22. Stephen says:

      I still have chills.

    23. DENNIS says:

      An evening with Pip, Tori, and ultimately, Dionysus. This woman is full of fire, she is full of life, and she is a walking waking symbol of the power that exists in the world, the power that each of us has to turn death into life, to change tragedy into triumph and she blew the doors off of The Vic. There is a lot of love for Tori in Chicago, and I think she could feel that, as she reciprocated. Dionysus may have passed away twenty-six years ago, but Chicago saw a piece of him last night, live and in the flesh.

    24. Still reeling says:

      First, for Disappointed: I think I was right next to you, and those little girls right in front of the light board, giggling and cavorting like teenagers were really flipping annoying – and no they did NOT shut up once. But then I remembered the first time I went to a Tori show (OMG, at the Vic, in 1994….), and all my giddy energy then; and the miracle of Tori continuing to attract a vibrant, young audience in the midst of those of us who have been supporting her career for all its full length… and I had to just cheer them on. Yeah, someone should remind them it’s a Tori show, not a playground – but whatever, you’re only young once.

      Pip was a curiosity – I haven’t kept up with the personas she’s been introducing via ADP, but fully expected something of the sort, and found myself considering the safety of those in the audience – or perhaps, wondering whose rape/murder was being channeled into this seething, sexual caricature writhing on stage. Clearly MAAG was amazing – going from an almost religious rendering (piano, hushed girls crying, dead silence in a theater), to an absolute boycott of the song live for – what, 10 years? – to last nights theatrics was a hell of a shift – and the theatrics were a bit over the top but when has anything from Miss Amos not been over the top?

      For everyone saying the energy was high – I don’t know that I agree with you. Pip was nuts, and lots of anger and energy seething from the stage there, and Tori was all bubbles and Rainbow Bright (thanks to whomever referenced Cher’s imminent arrival – LOVE the golden cheetah outfit) but overall this show – outside of its edginess – was seriously lacking in energy. The band gets better and better each time, and I think the arrangements are tight and were built with the acoustics of the Auditorium in mind – very full and rich – but outside of the natural hype all of us seeing this show in this location offered…. I didn’t really feel a connection. When did the stories disappear? The chattering and talk? The interpretations of classics? I want to hear more tales of the songs, their arrivals and departures, the pleasure of music making and the angst that brought on the songs specifically. Even at Millennium Park 2 years ago there was musical craft, not just rousing noise…..

      Someone noted that last night, she had more connection with her audience than in recent shows past. That’s kinda sad.

      But all that said – I’m addicted, I’d do it again and again. And Me and a Gun has a new place – perhaps Pip can re-record it, with Tori’s permission of course, and give us that loaded, bass driven, percussive anger to enjoy again and again…..

    25. Tyler says:

      This was my third and final show of the tour (Milwaukee and both Chicago shows.) It was my 8th time seeing her and was unquestionably the most emotional performance I have ever experienced. I can only re-state what has been said above. The intimate venue was amazing, and Tori loved it. And very interesting to experience an entire show standing. When I heard the word’s “5 am” come from Pip’s mouth I was so blown away I could hardly even react. My mouth dropped and I was consumed. Absolutely brilliant. Pip’s version exposed more of the feelings of anger and revenge that exists in that song rather than emptiness Tori tends to convey. I really feel that I was blessed with an evening of Tori Amos history. Thanks to Pip and Tori for making this a night I will never ever forget. Other major highlights of the show for me were Tori’s version of Almost Rosey, Sugar, Happy Phantom and it’s Fuck-Up improv, and Digital Ghost. Hilarious that she screwed up Hotel in the same place as the night before and admitted it to us all again. Don’t worry Tor, we were right there for you! Thanks for throwing in a show at the Vic, it was truly once in a lifetime!

    26. Jimmy Ferrin says:

      For my review and more photos of the show, go to my blog.

    27. Rachel K says:

      FUCKING AMAZING!! My 3rd show for the tour (Milwaukee & 1st Chi show, which after seeing that I decided I HAD to see her at the Vic). I was so hoping for Pip as I had seen my other 2 fave characters. And she was there and she was raging. First shock of the night came with Cruel and her rant at the end about “I’ll rip your cock off!” We should have all known what we were in for. All the Pip songs were really really great and after The Waitress I already felt fulfilled with Pip.

      BUT THEN...the band starts playing this dark sinister base groove and we’re all wondering what’s next. And she sings “5 am.” HOLY SHIT! At that moment I knew it was going to be something like nothing we had ever seen before. The grit, anger, rage, vengefulness that came out of her rocked me to my core. I was still coming to terms with the knife when the gun came out. I will admit for a split second I thought maybe she would “shoot” it and they would just have a sound for it but of course that would have been taking it too far. There is no way that she would ever do that. It was a very real and scary depiction of a victim’s rage. This was the perfect venue for her to express this. She is brilliant, genius!

      As far as the crowd goes, I felt a mixture of things. I was most annoyed with people who kept holding up their phones to take pics or record shit. We don’t want to see your fucking phone screen we want to see Tori. Once in a while I can understand but don’t do that constantly, it’s really rude. I was fortunate to have some kind guys next to me who let me and another girl stand in front of them so we could see. And as far as talking goes, I think when you’re in that kind of venue you have to expect it more although sometimes it was annoying a bit.

      Other highlights (besides everything Pip did) include Sugar, Digital Ghost and Happy Phantom. I am so so so so so glad that I decided to see this show. Incredible and definitely a historic one for the record books!

    28. Shrara says:

      wow….tori was totally off the hook last night as pip. we saw her the night before and she came out as santa and she was full of life and energy. pip, being heavy anyway, it was a very deep, full of anger and just pure anger, the way i saw it. it was great, it was tori at her best in my opinion. i was shocked when she pulled out the knife and the way she was moving it across her body…my brother’s jaw next to me had dropped. then when she ended holding the gun to the crowd, it was so emotional. she’s been great this tour, really coming out and giving it her all. both of her set lists on monday and tuesday night in chicago were AWESOME and i’m so glad i got to her both times.

    29. Michelle says:

      Did I say last night was “shock & awe”? Must have been major foreshadowing for tonight. If Pip didn’t clear out her throat chakra for holding back things that should be said, I don’t know what would! Was I afraid or nervous? No, must have done enough theater that it didn’t throw me for a loop. Was it intense? Yes and well it should be. Why doesn’t the victim get to express her anger and pain in a safe environment in order to get over being a victim? I hope Tori got some catharsis out of this. I feel lucky to have been present for this show as it was great from beginning to end!

    30. Alison Zemell says:

      I was in the front row center for Pip’s performance. What is not visible in the video is the sheer intensity. It is impossible to explain. There was a look of crazed horror in Tori’s eyes. I’ll include a photo so you get an idea. First the song with the band, and then her performance, and then the knife, then the knife to her throat, and then the gun all were progressively disturbing. When it was done we all just turned and looked at each other, speechless. There were some who were moved to tears. This version affected people in a way the other has not for a while. The shock was part of the effect, so probably it should not be repeated; however, it was completely worthwhile for this show. Why shouldn’t Pip be allowed to reclaim the song in this way?

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