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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Northrup Auditorium

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 07, 2007
    City Minneapolis, MN
    Venue Northrup Auditorium


    Thanks to Robyn for sending us the setlist!

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    • Devils and Gods
    • Almost Rosey
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Pancake
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Graveyard
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Silent All These Years

    Band Returns

    • Putting The Damage On
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert will NOT be available from Legs & Boots.


    1. tamifide says:

      Highlight of the show:


    2. Lisa says:

      The lighting for Tori’s tour is utterly fantastic! Tonight was just awesome. The setlist, however, was predictable—or maybe I shouldn’t have been checking setlists every day on Undented, because I’d lean to my husband and say “and now I bet she’ll play _______” and was right pretty much every time. Nothing new or exciting. Code Red was by far the best performance for all of the band, Tori, and the whole lighting design. Jackie’s Strength was a nice treat, too. I’d hoped for Sugar (my favorite), but since she played that last night in Chicago, I doubted it would show up, but hearing Jackie’s Strength live was almost as good. We could tell Tori’s bored with Cornflake Girl but HAS to play it every night—she was rolling her eyes at Matt several times during it.

      We were disappointed that Tori never once said anything to the audience other than introducing the band and saying “It’s just us” before T&Bo. I also couldn’t understand either improv, even though we were in aisle 12. We had trouble hearing the improvs in Northrup last time she was here too, maybe it’s theater-specific.

      Isabel was terrific, though—she’s hot! More feminine than I’d thought before. I loved her entrance onstage, posing with a cigarette in her flowy purple (or black?) & white floral dress, purple tights, and bone-colored boots. Fun! (I’d been nerdily charting Dolls for the past few weeks to figure out who’d show up tonight, and just like most of the songs, I knew I’d see Isabel beforehand!)

      I couldn’t believe all the people getting up to get drinks…in the middle of Code Red or Silent All These Years. Also, there were these two girls walking up and down the main floor center aisle stealing peoples’ seats if they got up for a minute. Maybe I haven’t been to enough concerts, but I wish people would just sit in the seats they paid for (and STAY there) instead of being walking obstructions.

      There was also a woman in our aisle who brought her 5 or 6 year old child to the show. My husband and I said after that we’d both immediately thought of about ten songs that we wish Tori would have played to teach that mother a lesson (Father Lucifer with the middle finger, Prof. Widow in the full version, Blood Roses, etc.). Naughty thoughts in our aisle! :)

    3. Chad says:

      I went to the first Chicago show and also the Milwaukee show. I loved these shows but tori tonight played some really great songs. I love Pele and Scarlet's Walk, my fave albums, and she hit a lot of favorites from them both. She played Scarlet's Walk, Pancake and Tombigbee. Loved them. Isabel was great. Very cool to see her character come out live. I was able to see 3 girls. All but Pip I will not see live. What was interesting about this show was the auditorium was almost a third empty. I guess all the Tori fans moved away from Minnesota in the last couple of years. I wish this one was tapped for Legs and Boots. A hot and awesome set.

    4. Holly says:

      I expected Isabel, and sure enough..Isabel. I was sitting up front and saw the lantern sitting next to the keyboard before the show (so that kind of gave it away). I was upset at first, as Isabel isn’t a favorite of mine. However, once the show got started, the character really came alive.

      The show itself was just okay..but overall, I wasn’t really feeling it. Tori’s voice sounded great and her and the band worked well together as always..but something was missing.

      I was upset she didn’t really talk to the audience at all except to say hello and then to introduce the band. This was new for me as at all the other past shows I’ve gone to she’s been very upbeat and talkative.

      The highlights of the evening for me were Silent All These Years and Tori’s brief front row guest.


      None other than Prince himself. Him and an entourage of about 4-5 people sat up front for about one song but it appeared he was getting upset with the cameras and left with his bodyguard shortly after being seated. The other people with him stayed behind for a few other songs but they eventually left early as well. Ah, the difficulties of being a rock star.

    5. Ben says:

      Excellent show, as always! My only complaint is that she didn’t play a single “Beekeeper” song, which is especially disappointing because she didn’t come to Minnesota on the Original Sinsuality tour.

    6. Robyn says:

      Unfortunately, this show wasn’t completely sold out, as a lot of her shows are, so almost the entire balcony area was empty. Hope this doesn’t make her think twice next time about coming to MN. :(

      I for one happened to have seats in the balcony, and after Yoav’s opening act, the ushers came around telling everyone up there we could move down to the pit area with everyone else – per Tori’s request. In fact, the ushers said she wouldn’t start the show until all of us moved on down. How great is that? So, my “posse” and I were able to sit not even 10 rows from The Goddess herself. Almost feel bad for the people who paid premium prices for the pit seats, while us balcony people were actually allowed to have pit seats @ balcony pricing. Ouch.

      Tori, as usual, is absolutely amazing. The show started off with her walking on stage as Isabel, casually smoking. So awesome, so Tori.

      I can’t believe she played Graveyard, woo hoo! Talk about a rarity. All the songs were gorgeous, but she did seem tired. The only talking she did to the crowd was to introduce her band – bummer. Silent All These Years nearly brought tears to my eyes, as did Doughnut Song, and Hey Jupiter.

      Towards the end of the show, the security guards didn’t mind people going up to the stage (not a whole lot of people knew that, from what it seemed), so I was able to get right up to the stage – not even 10 feet from Tori – and she came over to touch hands of the audience. I think this is the only concert I’ve ever been to that actually allowed people to go right up to the stage, without the proper tickets. Very cool.

      Overall, it was a great concert, and I thank Tori for doing such a great job (despite being tired). Only other complaint I’d have is that I had no idea there was even a meet & greet, though I guess it was at 1pm. How do people usually find out about this kind of stuff? I tried looking it up, but had no luck. Oh well. Hope she comes back soon!

    7. Amanda Brrrr says:

      I was really wishing for Santa…but figured that was far fetched. But Isabel did not disappoint, watching her strut on the stage was really exciting. She had such a strong “don’t mess with me” sort of attitude, loved it!! And she looked super hot!

      Tori then came out and her voice sounded amazing…but I really wished Tori would have said something to us…anything. I sort of felt like she was there, but not really present. I figured after the two wild and crazy shows in Chicago..Minneapolis might get a more mellow night. The encores seemed really rushed and she ran off the stage sooo fast. What’s up with that?? Anyways I still dug it and will see her any time she comes to my city!

    8. Wesley says:

      An experience not to be missed. Clouded in character, Isabel and Tori really shined.

      I must say I have seen 8 shows now and this would rank in the top 5. I’m sad she didn’t speak to us and you could tell she was down-tempo and (hate to say it) BORED? Was it because the Northrup was practically empty?

      My one comment would be not to play Cornflake Girl if it’s as boring for you as it is for me. (I for one can live without hearing it for the 10,000 time.)

      I have seen her in Chicago and in Minneapolis over the years, my favorite is still the Chicago Thanksgiving show on Scarlets Walk.

    9. Jessica says:

      I thought that the setlist was perfect. It was my fifth show and my first Silent All These Years, which has been my favorite song since 8th grade. In fact, she played my top three. It had crossed my mind earlier in the day that she may play Siren, just a random thought, and it happened. That song rocks live. Graveyard was very unexpected and welcome, as was Tombigbee. Doughnut Song almost brought me to tears. I brought my ma to the show and she loves Cornflake Girl, especially live, so I was excited that it happened for her. I was not disappointed that no Beekeeper was played except for the fact that it is my ma’s favorite Tori album. It is my least favorite and was my least favorite tour (I caught it in Denver). It was a perfect setlist, and I was also glad that no covers appeared. And the lamp with Scarlet’s Walk was very creative. I wish that there had been a third encore, maybe a Muhammad My Friend?

    10. Angie says:

      Well of course it was great to see her. I haven’t seen her since Duluth in 2003 so it was beyond a treat. I loved her entrance as Isabel with the cigarette it was pure awesome. Her vocals were really amazing tonight. I’m really disappointed it’s not going to be part of the boots & legs. Those who weren’t there are really missing out on some quality Tori singing! Black Dove was amazing vocally as well as Siren. Code Red was amazing as well as was Almost Rosey. Jackie’s Strength and Pancake were such a delight! It was a really mellow concert though which I can understand since she was in Chicago 2 days straight. But it was sad cause there was really no interaction from her with the audience and that is one of the main things I was looking forward to. She introduced and band and then said a it’s just us now when she was solo on the piano. And that was it. The crowd was 1/2 feeling it 1/2 not. There was no standing until the encores and even then there were still lots of people sitting. And lots of people were getting up during some of her classics: silent all these years and Jackie’s Strength. That really dissapointed me. I really hope that she still comes back to Minnesota. It’s worries me. The encore was very rushed. It seemed like she just wanted to be done. Which is understandable after a busy schedule this week but still it was a let down for me. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing to see her but it was kind of a let down concert to me. Too mellow & no audience interaction.

    11. Powell&Pressburger says:

      I had second row off to the Right of the stage so I didn’t get to see Matt on drums at all. but i could see Dan Phelps play and could see Jon a bit… and of course I could see Tori’s head above the piano. I have to say the crowd was just weak and weren’t very excited and add to the fact it wasn’t as packed as her previous stop during Lotta Pianos Tour… but I also blame Northrup Venue for the poor seat placements while selling tickets. The computer was a mess when tickets went on sale and it would pull you for example row 12 in the center then if you tried again you would suddenly get center row 4 for instance. and there were so many gaps. Tori went on stage after what was a 15 min. delay, she asked that the floor be filled as much as possible and clear the balcony as much as they could. Isabel opened and I was sort of hoping for her since Pip opened the previous night in Chicago. It was a decent show and I loved all the Scarlet’s Walk songs performed. I hope eventually her and the band perform WEDNESDAY for one of the Legs and Boots shows I love that song a lot. i i i e e would be awesome Live seems like a great Isabel song or maybe even Pip but not sure. Tori didn’t really talk to the audience and I have a feeling there were so few encores mainly due to the fact the crowd wasn’t feeding her energy during the show. Siren was a surprise I didn’t think we’d get that song at all. Every one was great but yeah the crowd just wasn’t there. I hope this stop doesn’t force her to not come here again.

    12. Mr Slippery says:

      A great time. The performance was fantastic. Even CFG was very well done, despite that she probably is just a bit bored with the song. In fact CFG is a real demonstration of how she is both a pro and a real artist. CFG is a totally solid song, and she could certainly record another top notch song in the same style, and the song would be a hit. But she’s done that and has moved on artistically. For many of her fans, though, she does the song and does it well.

      It was hard for there to be a real connection between Tori and the audience, but that was not so much because of her or the audience. The venue is just not the best, even if it were packed, and it wasn’t

    13. tjk says:

      I place a lot of the blame for the poor attendance and hurried nature of the encores on the venue. Tickets were only available via Northrop, and while I am far from a Ticketmaster fan, they do have a much more far-reaching arm for sales. Also, the show ended promptly at 10:30, and the lights couldn’t have been brought up faster , which leads me to believe there may have been a “curfew” as lame as that sounds. I was sitting next to the soundboards and know for fact that Bouncing Off Clouds was to be played before Hey Jupiter. Why would she cut a song, and that song especially, if she weren’t rushed for time? I can’t verify any of this of course, but some possible explanations…

      For shame on Northrop and the fans who didn’t show if it costs us a MPLS Tori show in the future.

    14. Jamie says:

      The show was very good overall, however, I do feel that something was missing. She didn’t seem to be feeling the crowd at all. I was one of the people sitting in the balcony, and when the ushers told us that the show wouldn’t start until everyone moved to the main floor…excuse me? They claimed that Tori requested it, but this seemed very odd and un-Tori-like to me. I’ve been to 8 shows so far, I’d probably put this one in the top 3 for set lists, but my all-time favorite show is still the last one she did in Minneapolis, where she closed out with Purple Rain. The crowd was infectiously excited, and loud, and you could tell Tori was way more into it than the show this past Wednesday night. Again, set list was HOT...although I probably could have done without Cornflake Girl. Seems this is a must-do for every show she performs, but I’m sure she gets tired of it. I really enjoyed Graveyard, Putting the Damage On, and FINALLY! I got to hear Hey Jupiter for the first time live!! So that was a sweet surprise for me, personally, eeking it in the very last song.
      Fabulous set Tori, one of the best. I just hope the semi-empty balcony doesn’t prevent you from coming back, we do love you here!

    15. Angel23 says:

      I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this show. I’ve seen Tori play in MN 5 previous times, and this was the 3rd show I’d seen at Northrup, but I’ve never experienced a Tori show that was as lackluster as this one. There just wasn’t a lot of energy, and it felt like she really didn’t want to be there. I had 2nd row center seats, which were great, but she didn’t do much to connect with the audience and I think that was part of the problem. The singing was amazing, as always, and I was pleased with the song list. But overall, it was the least favorite of all the Tori shows I’ve been to.

    16. Jess says:

      I thought I would finally come in here and post my thoughts on the show. My husband and I got there extra early and were in the 22nd row…further away than I would have hoped for. I knew we would not get Pip or Santa but Isabel did a super nice set. Really there was nothing I would have changed about what she played or how she played it. I was most impressed with her vocal and the guitar..such a change from the SW tour. I was very pleased to hear Voodoo, and Tombigbee was outstanding. All of Tori’s hand gestures and dramatic playing really drew me in.

      For Tori’s set my mind started to wander, sadly. CG really needs a break again! Siren should also take a rest. How nice to hear Graveyard, though: her T & Bo section really was good. Code Red was my favorite song of the night…finally Tori had my husband’s full attention. :) Donut Song was quite unique with Tori arched back to play both keyboards…she must really have a good core to pull that off. And finally, Black Dove was stellar…sounded as good as the Jools Holland version, I think. I just think this show had too much of a “lull” in the middle and she should have picked things up right before & after T & Bo. When she has a doll that doesn’t “rock” as hard as Pip the rest of the show should be more up tempo..in my perfect world. ;) I keep reminding myself that Tori works her butt off to do all these shows and I just need to be grateful that she is the awesome performer she is.

    17. wintertamale says:

      OMG!!! I loved this performance!! Nearly started crying when she began playing Graveyard!! Siren was also incredible!! I was totally oblivious to the fact that Prince was there. I overheard one of the security guys say ‘The Purple One’ was there, but was so caught in waiting for Tori, I did not realize he was just a few seats away!!

    18. Dave says:

      Like many of you, Tori’s music has been very dear to me for many years. I suppose sometimes you experience something and it simply resonate with you. My experience on the night of the Minneapolis concert was a little unusual, and I thought I might share it for you others there that night. I suppose I sort of personally feel the venue was just right…

      When I heard that a new album was approaching I was bubbling with anticipation. I was not only interested which direction she would take this time around, but I was thrilled that perhaps this time I might see her in concert again. I saw her on one other occasion 8 years ago in LA and she was astounding. For the last several years I’ve been tooling away in medical school and never in the right place. So when the show was posted for Northrop Theatre I jumped at the chance. As a resident, time feels like an over-manicured shrub. If you trim a little sleep here or a little eating time there you might pull off the semblance of a normal life- generally you are left feeling a little bare. But the night of the concert I was free and unshackled by the loaming threat of the next call. It all happened about 15 minutes before the show as I walked out of the hospital doors towards the concert hall. My pager let out its call. I looked down to see the message that a young boy was in a terrible emergency, having ruptured a vessel in his chest, he was suffocating and exanguinating all at once. I spun around and raced through the doors and up the stairs. Soon I was moving in the spinning chaos of a crisis. Everyone begins moving with urgent desperation in hopes of catching that thing you see quickly fading away. Into the OR we burst and moments later we were inside his chest searching for the wound that was draining his life. At my level you focus on doing exactly what you are told. I pushed away the swelling feelings digging their way inside me, and instead focused on little things. Keep that hand still, don’t pull too hard, keep that field exposed, hold that lung back. In the end they asked me to massage his shivering heart in my hand in a last effort to bring it back. Through all of this I felt more and more detached; farther away from all the things that I identify as me. When they asked me to close his chest so that his parents could say goodbye to their boy whole, I felt nothing, only cold inside at the core.

      I had seen a child die before, but this was different. I walked away feeling mechanical. I was somewhere stuck far away in my brain. Everything was happening by itself. Stand outside. Check watch. Funny how those hands, usually as still as glass, shake like that. Walk across campus. Get that ticket. Plan to drive home holding that unfulfilled paper. Walking through the doors of Northrop I could hear the drifting sounds of drums and guitar. While talking with the usher I heard her song. Hardly believing the concert was far from over, I opened the doorway and stood inside. As I stood listening and watching the lights flicker over the room my thoughts began to be drawn out. Kissing that girl I adored, flying to New York, fighting with my brother, cleaning my first apartment, wedding day, my daughter’s eyes looking up at me, holding the old woman’s hand as she passed. I could feel warmth returning to my fingers as the words of those familiar songs unfolded. I listened and felt normal. There I was again. As it all ended I walked up to the stage and watched as she sat playing and singing in the very spot they first told me I was a doctor. She looked down and smiled at the end of the song. I knew I was just a nameless face in the crowd, but for a split second I felt that smile on me and I could not suppress my own. I had not realized how much Tori’s music had woven into my life over these years. She will always have my greatest thanks for that night.

    19. Tom Zuhars says:

      I’ve seen Tori every time she has come to Minneapolis since the beginning (-Little Earthquakes-FineLine-First Ave) and I must say I was not let down by her performance tonight. I thought she had incredible energy! Both myself and my partner, his boss and his wife enjoyed an amazing set list which I was very proud of. I’ve hesitated from drowning myself in her every move, perhaps that’s why I was so pleased. Highlights for me were Graveyard, and especially Siren. Mostly, Space Dog (my all time favorite). I thought she had it going on! The lighting was INCREDIBLE! I was sad that she didn’t speak to the audience very much, but was more sad to hear the people sitting behind me talking OVERLY LOUD SO EVERYONE COULD HEAR THEM “I told her this was the first time I’ve met her an she was ungracious”..FLOPS! I hope Tori knows she has a true and dedicated following in Minneapolis. I do miss the old days when you could quickly meet her before the show and she’d play a request or two. Anyways, I thought the night was amazing. Let’s hope she stops choosing Northrup, she needs to remain playing the STATE Theater as her venue!

    20. Justine says:

      Very good, I drove from Winnipeg, Manitoba to see her. It was very worth it. My favorite was when she played Scarlet’s Walk. That is a great song live.

      So for my first Tori Amos experience, it was amazing, and I hope it won’t be my last.

      Also, didn’t she play Me And A Gun? I really thought she did… maybe I was dreaming it.

    21. Giovanni says:

      I’ve been a crazy fan for over 10 years now, but had never attended a concert (living in South America doesn’t help when you like Tori)... so attending this concert meant the world to me. I could barely sleep the night before out of sheer excitement.

      I think she was excellent, all in all. However, I realized that night what I had been reluctant to accept these past few years (records?)... namely the fact that my “fandom” has evolved from utter obsession to a form of milder love, dedication, respect and captivation. I expected to cry and to bawl my eyes out with every song, but tears did not come. I enjoyed the whole night, though, and could barely take away my eyes from her.

      The setlist was interesting. I was absolutely stunned to see Voodoo, Doughnut Song and Putting the Damage On live… true, incredible surprises! I wish she would have played Caught A Lite Sneeze since that’s my favorite from BfP but oh well. Graveyard was sweet. In my heart I was hoping for Flying Dutchman to come. Next time I guess. And I know why all of you suggest she should give Cornflake Girl and Precious Things a rest… but believe me, this being my first time seeing her, I could not have done without them! SATY was great too. And it makes me sad that she was supposed to play Bouncing Off Clouds and didn’t!! That is my fave song off ADP in the moment.

      I do agree with the general feeling expressed here that although she played and sang beautifully, she didn’t really seem to be there. She was probably tired from Chicago (x2), I guess. The audience was, for the most part, also cold. There were people walking in and out constantly, and around me I could even see bored faces in the crowd. I felt silly to be mouthing the words to every song while everyone else around seemed so detached. Oh well. Next time I’ll get a seat in the center… I was on the left wing and could not see Matt at all… even seeing Tori’s face was difficult from where I was (and I had 5th row tix). And yes, it sucked that the auditorium was 1/3 empty. Very sad. Prince was there?? WHAT?? Never noticed, damn!

      All in all, it was magical for me, still… but I really look forward to seeing her again. She seems to have shown so much more energy in other places, if the reviews are any indication.

    22. Autumn says:

      I almost don’t want to write how I felt about it because it’s not really positive but I have to agree with the rest, it was disappointing and uninspiring.

      Someone mentioned the last show she did in Minneapolis when she closed with Purple Rain, the one Ben Folds opened. I went with my mom (her first time and not really a Tori fan) and my best friend, Bethany, who’s hard core like me. I remember thinking it was an awesome show but during the encore, we got so close, we were able to rest our arms on the stage and it was looking through her piano at us, both Bethany and me thought she just looked tired, we felt really bad for her even though it was an amazing performance all around. And I have to say the same about Wednesday nights performance. It was technically really amazing, her voice was clear, her song selection was pretty good over all, but the performance felt really forced, especially the silly Scarlet’s Walk, lantern thing. Normally her sexually is so fluid and that night, it was so not. but maybe it was like people said above, she had somewhere to rush off too (perhaps the purple palace for a late night jam session) I’m sure she was exhausted from back to back shows, but it did remind me of something she once said about being in Minneapolis. She had a miscarriage (i think during the CGH tour) on her way to perform in the cities and then had a row with her husband so she took a walk and discovered her favorite coffee ever, Dunn Bros Coffee (does anyone else remember this??) So, maybe, even though I think she loves the cities, maybe brings back too many bad memories, it’d be a lot to process.

      I totally agree with the whole Northrop/Ticketmaster issue. I was really upset about it because I kept checking back at Ticketmaster for weeks before I wisened up and checked on their website. I didn’t know they started selling on their own and I blame the empty seats on that, entirely. And also, definitely prefer the State over Northrop, I’m sure she’ll switch after this, that Ticketmaster thing was probably too late to change and perhaps she was pissed about it as well, it’s her money they screwing her out of with lack of ticket sales.

      My personal favorite that night was, of course, Putting the Damage on, probably in the top 5 of Tori favs and Code Red, my fav off her new album. (I’m still learning to love songs off ADP, it’s taking awhile coming because I was so put off by The Beekeeper.) Even though I’m a little sick of hearing Silent All These Years live, it was probably the best version of it I’ve heard yet, definitely appreciative of that. I can’t believe she didn’t play Bouncing Off the Clouds, maybe it was a matter of principal for her. ;-)

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