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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Lied Center

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 09, 2007
    City Lawrence, KS
    Venue Lied Center


    Clyde opened the show. Thanks to Karen and 1971Rhino for the setlist.

    Act I (Clyde)

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Girl Disappearing

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Sugar
    • Cornflake Girl
    • “excuse me, I need a little help” improv
    • Mother Revolution
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze


    • Frog On My Toe
    • Mother

    Band Returns

    • Virginia
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by 1971Rhino)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by jameskernan)

    Juarez (posted by 1971Rhino)

    Little Amsterdam (posted by jameskernan)

    Girl Disappearing (posted by jameskernan)

    Sugar (posted by jameskernan)

    My Thingie Fell Off improv/Mother Revolution (posted by jameskernan)

    Frog On My Toe (posted by jameskernan)

    Virginia (posted by jameskernan)

    a sorta fairytale (posted by jameskernan)

    Code Red (posted by jameskernan)

    Precious Things (posted by 1971Rhino)

    Hey Jupiter (posted by 1971Rhino)

    Precious Things (posted by boyfortori)


    1. Alexander Dust-Ferrin says:

      The sound check might have been the most memorable experience. Tori looked adorable in that number. All in all….a GREAT show! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    2. 1971Rhino says:

      Incredible show! Fourth time I’ve seen Tori this one reminded me a lot of the first time in ’98 at The Brady in Tulsa, OK. Lots of classic Tori with lots of energy.

    3. Jimmy Ferrin says:

      Check out the blog.

      Last night was Tori's Lawrence, KS show - and it was amazing! Heather, Michael, Nancy, and I drove down late morning (we were running behind schedule, thanks to me and my organizational skills). I showed off my rapping skills for everyone in the car and gave them a taste of what a male Lil' Kim would sound like. At 5 p.m. we got to the venue because we had VIP tickets. Heather and I had platinum and Michael and Nancy had gold. What does this mean? Well, we get to view a portion of Tori's sound check (she checked Spark and Concertina - which she goofed up on a bit - but was still very good), you get a goody bag that has the tour program and no hassle merchandise shopping. For Heather and I we also got to have a meet and greet with Tori. It was so nice. The VIP people were fantastic. They were friendly, didn't make us feel rushed and were totally laid back. John Evans wife (Ali?) was really cool too. While waiting to talk with Tori in a side room, we all chatted about the protesters. John Evans and Dan Phelps walked through to go see them and came back a short while later. It seemed awkward at times because people were opening their heart up and everyone was five feet away. When it was my turn I couldn't shut up. I'm a talker. I told her (the usual, I'm sure she hears it all the time) how much her music meant to me, especially during the death of my father. I went on to tell her how bad ass her show at the Vic was in Chicago. She said it needed to be done. I told her I was glad I caught Me and A Gun on video so everyone could see. her eyes got big, "You're that guy?!" "Yes!" "Ali, come here - this is the guy who filmed the You Tube video." She helped up the poster flat and said to me, "Did you know it was #2 most viewed?" I said, "Yes, did you know it has over 175,000 views?" It was funny in a way. Then we talked about the importance of that performance. How she was glad one of the dolls (Pip) could portray it in that way - not as a victim when Tori sings it. But in a way where she is taking a stand against rape and violence. She went on to say how she was glad it made people upset and uncomfortable because we have all become so conditioned and comfortable with rape. We've become numb to it. We wrapped it up after a couple high-fives and hugs and I quickly asked, "where is Not David Bowie?!" She smiled and said, "We are practicing - it will come!" The show was so good. It was my first Clyde show. My favorites were Little Amsterdam and Girl Disappearing, it was gorgeous. Mother Revolution was amazing, strong and powerful. I felt it fit very nicely since the protesters were outside earlier. Caught A Lite Sneeze was really strong as well. Virginia, Fairytale and Code Red together rocked! I was hoping to get one more encore, but she ended at 11 p.m. Jupiter was lovely as always. I never get tired of it. I think the crowd was good for the most part. You'll run into rowdy people everywhere you go, but this show wasn't bad. What was bad was the drive home. All I wanted was a Diet Coke from McDonald's (and maybe a $1 double cheeseburger), but we passed the only open one in between Lawrence and Omaha. I still made it, thanks to a couple Lil' Kim songs.
    4. Dominic says:

      Tori was having a great time tonight. At one point she said that Lawrence reminded her of home, and that she enjoyed her stay yesterday on her day off. My wife and I really noticed how playful she was throughout the whole show. She was smiling the whole time, and despite what others have said about her appearing “bored” lately, she looked at ease and definitely in tune with the crowd. I found Lawrence to be a great place to experience my one and only show for this tour—my 13th show since 1994.

      I was happy to see Clyde, who creeped onto stage spying at us through what looked like 3D glasses. Later, Tori came out wearing a blue-green jumpsuit that made her look like a Mermaid (her orange hair helped cement this image in my mind). Every song she played sounded electric—and, though it may sound overstated, flawless. This was not a performer going through the motions. Even songs that don’t usually speak to me as much (Little Amsterdam and Juarez, for example) were breathed new life. The piano on Juarez was the perfect touch, and Amsterdam was like I’ve never heard (and this song is one of my most heard songs in concert). I hope the boot captures this electricity when I finally download it.

      The highlights of the show were, of course, Mother Revolution, Frog on my Toe, Mother, and, also surprisingly, Hey Jupiter. Mother Revolution was stunning (I was really hoping for some Beekeeper songs, though I asked her at the VIP meet and greet to play “Orange Knickers” or “Playboy Mommy”—hopefully I will hear it soon in boot-form). Frog on my Toe was transformed into a beautiful elegy—must more depth here than the studio version, which I still really like. Frog was just amazing; I died hearing it. Thanks for whomever requested it.

      Although there weren’t as many “surprises” as I hoped during the show, the performances were so strong, so flawless, so lively, and ultimately much too short, that this night turned into one of the best times I’ve ever had at a Tori show. It was just what I needed as my wife and I navigate some tough times, which was really my reason for wanting to do the whole VIP thing. At the VIP meet and greet, Tori was beautiful, and took her time with everyone, making the extra dough well worth it. I don’t think anyone felt rushed (which I worried about since my wife and I went first, and didn’t want our long chat with Tori to hurt someone else’s chance at the end of the line). But my wife and I had Tori’s full attention. My wife was most surprised by how personal she was with us. After sharing some personal news with her, Tori looked us right in the eyes, shared some very personal information of her own, gave us some great advice, and signed my Under the Pink record for my 30th birthday. It was also a lot of fun meeting the great people as we waited for the soundcheck. Thanks for calming my nerves, guys. Enjoy your future shows, and keep updating for the rest of us!

    5. Trevor says:

      I saw her in Boston in August 2005 and thought that I would never see another show quite like that one. I was wrong, she rocked KANSAS! I am so incredibly thankful that she chose to stop off in KS during this tour. There were protesters outside of the doors and everyone just walked by them, because after all, nothing comes between Tori and her fans! It was spectacular!

    6. Heather says:

      I had a great time at the show. I was really excited to hear Sugar, but it wasn't as powerful as i expected. Frog on my toe was awesome! how exciting. And Mother was done very beautifully.

      The meet and greet was fantastic… we had a really small group i was told (i’d never been to one before) and all the people i meet there were very very nice!

    7. Lannachi says:

      Beautiful Show. Much more energized than 2005 in Denver. She looked lovely. I am very happy that she played “Frog on My Toe.”

    8. Martha says:

      Raw! I just can’t ever contain myself being seated. Sorry if I fell off the ship…Everyone rocked! Oh, and what about that whirly whistle?? * HAHA!
      You guys are great! LOVE

    9. Melinda says:

      Tori was flawless, as always. Despite the heinous picketers outside the concert hall, she had only positive things to say about Lawrence. She said that Lawrence “feels like home” and that “the world looks pretty good from here.” The show itself was high energy, yet contemplative, and Tori’s voice is as strong as it was when I first heard her live on the Pele tour 11 years ago. Mother Revolution was especially powerful for me, as I have a 2-year old son, and Frog on my Toe was a great surprise.

      Oh, and Yoav, her opening act…phenomenal.

      Does anyone know what music was playing before the concert began? My friend and I were practically dancing out of our seats!

      Peace to all.

    10. Autumn says:

      I have seen Tori probably 9 or 10 times starting with the TVAB tour and this was probably the BEST performance I have seen thus far, with the only exception being the SLG tour, Minneapolis but that was just her an her piano, which I’m highly partial too and it was pretty hilarious when she really screwed up Concertina, adorable, anywho.

      I saw her on Wednesday in Minneapolis and I was really disappointed, it was lack luster and uninspired so I was a bit tepidatious about the Lawrence show and trying to hide it from my friends (not very well) who I was going to the show with, who were also long time Tori fans, one of whom was a tori concert virgin. But I think that day off in-between really paid off for her plus it was a sold out show and a great crowd. It didn’t hurt that we had awesome seats, a perfectly unobstructed center view of our crazy Tori in all her glory.

      There was nothing really surprising about the show songwise, EXCEPT for Frog on my Toe, which happens to be my personal anthem, that an a Sorta Fairytale because I’m half Native American and I always felt her connection with us Natives, “we all grew fat when the white man came”, LOVE that line, hilarious but true! and “I knew that he was looking for some indian blood” Anyways, we hung around a little after the show and saw that there were a bunch of natives sitting in the orchestra section, probably half of that section, I didn’t realize there was a Native American college right in Lawrence, so I’m sure they were apart of the meet and greet and that she was playing for them, she even went up to them after she finished the encore and touched their hands but in my head, I’ll maintain that it was just for me, she knew I was there and that was my proof. ;-)

      Anyway, what I thought made the show amazing was the energy, she was just ON and happy, really enjoying herself, nothing seemed forced, the band looked like they were having a blast, or perhaps they were just laughing at the old guy in the white coat acting like a crazy fool who was eventually escorted out. Besides Frog on my Toe, Sugar is always especially fantastic live and Code Red was a great closing. She totally redeemed the Minneapolis show for me.

      I do want to say I really appreciated the audience, I was shocked and surprised that they stayed perfect quiet during the long end notes of a couple of songs when it seems in the last couple of years, people are jackasses, shouting and cheering inappropriately, it probably helped that there wasn’t alcohol allowed in.

      It was a perfectly fantastic show, words cannot do the experience justice, we were all just reeling from the afterglow the entire drive home and into the next day. Of course, it would have been nice to have a little longer or intimate encore/T&Bo but I can’t imagine how exhausting this tour must be for her so that issue isn’t a complaint, we always want more from our Tori.

      I’m so glad I drove the 10 hours+ to catch it, it surpassed all expectations and a special Thanks to my friend Tracy for sharing this together, I’m so happy you finally got to hear your Precious Things.

      until next time…

    11. Elaine says:

      There is so much I could say about this concert- it was my first time meeting Tori (we met her in Omaha too!), and we just went to the normal meet & greet. I had said that I knew she was working on Datura, and wondering if she was close to ready. T explained that they had to wait for the flower track to come in from Martian Engineering for the loop behind her vocals on stage. I nodded and agreed that Datura had to be difficult… she smiled and nodded in agreement.

      The show as a whole was very sacred. She had said to my friend Shelley at the meet and greet that she’d had a Native American blessing before the show (which is where she got that little medicine pouch around her neck), so the entire experience felt holy, just beautiful and protective. In the first few rows of the venue where the family who had done the blessing, (I assume) and before T took the stage, we saw Tash run out with her nanny and say hello to the family. She has her mama’s smile and her hair is long! When did she get so old, haha!

      And yes, Tori had warned us at the M&G that the Phelps Army was showing up. I expected worse, but they really just stood there holding their signs and looking around. I think that they understood that we Tori people are way beyond that sort of tauting, for the most part. Still hope that no one out there thinks all of us Kansans share their unfortunate sentiments. :\

      A simply beautiful, magical night. Thank you Tori!

    12. Tressa says:

      It has been nine years since I’ve seen Tori live (Plugged tour in 98) and wow, how life can change in nine years…for both of us. You can imagine my excitement as I sat in the third row!!! waiting for her to come on-stage. The smile on my face was giddy, almost like a little kid in a candy store. I tapped my feet and wriggled in my seat like an impatient, excited child on Christmas.

      Also, I don’t know why, but I had always wondered what other Tori fans were like…perhaps because her music is so underground…not mainstream. Well, I got my answer…Tori has the best fans ever!

      I saw a MILF with a toddler on her hip…so brave, so beautiful.

      I saw Tash get escorted in to meet someone sitting up close to the stage right before the concert. She was sooo very sweet! That was extra special to me because my seven year old was born only two months before Tash. They are so close in age and resemble each other in so many ways…it is neat!

      I had wished for Clyde…Clyde is my favorite…Clyde was the card I had placed in my handbag…And out comes Clyde! I nearly cried.

      When she started with Bouncing some of the fans threw their hands up in rhythm with the song. Now when I hear it, I see the hands. :)

      Little earthquakes took my breath away. I have always been in love with that particular song! I have a three month old and yeah, trying to cope with him sometimes…it “doesn’t take much to rip me into pieces”. lol…Also, I could have sworn that she looked right at me during Crucify. Another message?

      Mother was so lovely…as well as Mother Revolution. I couldn’t shake Mother from my head after the concert…still can’t. I hum or sing it aloud constantly.

      My favorite part by far was when she was clapping her hands together playfully right before Big Wheel. I overheard someone behind me comment…“She’s so cute.” I couldn’t agree more. And the little green sequin-y jumper…adorable! There are so many sides to Tori…it’s neat to get to see all of them, especially her playful, child-like side.

      Fairytale was special and like a present because my husband and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on the 6th and that is my song for him.

      Sugar was a wonderful surprise and Frog on My Toe was jolly good fun. It got me a gigglin’. :)

      Encore: I’ve never really had a soft spot for Hey Jupiter, but her choosing Precious Things as one of the two songs to end on was haunting for me because Precious was the song she started the show with 9 years ago. End where we began…Like always, everything with Tori is full-circle. :)

      I am still glowing from the embers of this show (as well as the Omaha show). Tori-phoria! Husband will kill me, but I am trying to figure out ways to go to yet another. :-P

      You build a beautiful fire, Tori, my dear, and we will always come…always. Thank for a glorious experience. I will cherish it in my heart always. Much Love, T

    13. Amy says:

      I saw Tori about five years ago in Saint Louis…I have to say there were songs off American Doll Posse that I really missed because she didn’t perform as those particular “characters” this night, but it was still an amazing show. The “Excuse me…” improv was wonderful. The most amazing moment for me was during Mother…myself and my friend were sitting in the 2nd balcony, and it was so beautiful that she and I and several other complete strangers sitting around us all cried throughout most of it. My friend excused herself to get some tissue from the bathroom, and brought some back for me and the crying girl sitting next to us. It was truly some kind of communal, shared cathartic moment.

    14. Diana says:

      It was a phenomenal show. No two ways about it. My best friend & I went to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was such a special night. Seeing Tori with girlfriends is one of the best experiences ever.

      This was my second time seeing Tori live. It’s hard for me to compare the two shows, but suffice it to say they were both gorgeous. Compared to the other show I went to this one was much more spiritual and intimate.

      It’s wonderful to have the chance to soak up as much Tori as you can during such a seemingly short show. Sigh, I wish I could see her once a month!

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